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all praise and thanks are due to a loss of ohana, water Allah

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Na Ma to whom and we praise Him

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Allah home and so

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on oming sell

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the bow Octavia Jalali Wally Crum hyena what are the hidden, Doris?

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I extend to you the peace and blessings from Allah subhanho wa Taala these words will be extended to you in sha Allah in the paradise. I say to you, as the angels will say to you, a salam o aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Nasser Bay, did you hear them?

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I set out MADI Kumara to LA.

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For real for real. My nazira and I have a small idea. And what better way she she? Imam suhaib. Webb got it started in the best way to keep it real, right. So why not go the next level? Let's actually practice together. So I'm going to set four very basic tones. And then I will ask you to take part with me. Now let's be real. When I request something from you, I'm asking you to do it. So I am asking my beloved sisters, you will wait for a few minutes, brothers. Let's get the let's get the ball rolling. What was the first thing he mom sohaib spoke about? What was the first thing before he talked about repentance what he talked about? Please don't waste my time.

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Sincerity before sincerity.

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Do it duru

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sending Peace and blessings on the Prophet peace be upon him. So we're gonna say this all together. Sisters. Y'all were in the back of the mustard like 20 years ago, and y'all made it all the way up next to the brothers. Okay, so we don't have to put you back. I want you to earn your spot. Okay, so can sisters. That's not you.

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Sisters. Can you say obey the law?

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Okay, not bad. Brothers. Can you say law?

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together? You will repeat the word law.

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Y'all are someplace Connecticut people. Your heart is as cold as the snow. Let's try that one more time. I want to see her sign that your heart is as cold as the snow.

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Thank you.

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Everyone together a lot.

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Yeah, miskeen like I'm asking you for donations now with a pump with a pump. I want to hear it with a pump.

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Press your tongue pressure thing slightly.

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let the air out of the pump was Selim.

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Beautiful like them his your sound everyone said the word hiss. You feel it? His was Selim.

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uncles Can you sit up for me? Sit up, sit up seriously seriously, because you're gonna say Allah Nabina I want you to say

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man, I'm coming. I'm coming. Don't worry. I love

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now suck it into your mouth like a gobstopper holding your mouth. Naveen you

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were heavy.

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Now pucker your lips like when you see his face you would kiss it.

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I'm going to hear the whole thing together and I don't care if you don't understand anything from my talk. I will have instructed over 500 people to do it and my life will be perfect with me in Salah. You're going to take a deep breath through your nose when I'm done not now.

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A lot law home mouse

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Allah Nabina

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Wahhabi na

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pucker your lips, we'll have

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some allamani with some.

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That's the best thing that we could have done. That's the ultimate form of doba. So we will highlight four things and then I'm going to try this I am nervous. We're going to do this together. four stages of Toba, you're going to quickly write them down and then we're going to get in on like Donkey Kong. Number one stage of Toba. If you all lane writing down I have no idea what you're doing. A grand scholar, Mufti of Allah His heart came and spoke to you in English, you didn't write down. A chef who's I'm studying with is going to speak your angle and write down. So now look, miskeen just pretend. Okay, try it together. First stage of Toba sisters. Do you know what it is?

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Before sincerity is? What is sincerity? In a word, it is accepting what you did was wrong. Say it. When I talk to my parents disrespectfully? A lot that was wrong. Number one, except what you did was wrong. Many of us are in the middle of smoking or hanging out with our friends or listening to music and something really hot arm happens and what do we say? stuff for love.

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It was one of those say what you're doing is wrong. This is the first stage of tober number to say as a feudal law, let's try it together. Everyone blow through your seat and say s del fee. pucker your lips rule law,

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as tell Pharaoh law.

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Number three, replace that bad deed with a good deed. Right? To replace that bad deed with a good deed. So I said a lot of what I do late at night on the internet and no one knows about it's how long that girl on the screen was somebody's sister. It's how long

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Allah forgive me, and then replace it with touriga. Number four is what Allah subhanho wa Taala says 11 times in Surah Hood

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was stone.

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ku is the first three steps. The fourth step is the Oba doba means Allah. I'm so sorry that I did it. I'll never do it again. And here are the steps I'm going to take to never repeat that mistake again. A lot here is the net nanny and the firewall that I'm going to put up here is the text I sent to my friend, I'm not going to smoke anymore. Here's the words I said to my girlfriends, and I told them, I'm not gonna buy it with you guys anymore. It's not important. The fourth step is Toba. And in order to get close to Toba, the greatest snowball not too far, the greatest form of repentance is the lower of the.

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With that being said, My beloved sisters, I encourage you to stand up.

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Please stand up. Brothers, uncles, churches, churches, gender, gender T, ammo, whatever you want to be called. Papa Bear, please stand up brothers.

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There are four forms four forms that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to hold his hands for draw before you all stand up. It's okay. I will ask. There are four ways that are suited lots of law how to sell him raise his hands number one, when he held his hands up for supplication for the area. He lined his wrist bones to his collar to his clavicle bone here. So sometimes we make dua like this. You ever seen a guy in the street saying give me some money?

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Do you give to him? You don't give anything to him? You raise your hands like this. But there is one more time if you want to everyone just raise your hand Allahumma

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elohiym knee

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pucker your lips Roche de

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la me

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mean shed enough see.

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Can you take 10 seconds just take 10 seconds you don't know what you're doing right now. It's the most powerful weapon that we have asked Allah for 10 seconds. Let me just set up 10 seconds.

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has to be a law has to be a law.

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I said there were four ways keep making dua don't need to listen to me. Keep asking Allah Allah loves you in this moment more than anything. I asked you to do one thing, four ways to make dwad there's one more when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came out of five he was bleeding his sandals were making that Kotick sound from the blood. Where did he raise his hands then? The narration is Bukhari? He raised his hands here. Try it. No one will look at you. Make a haka. Turn your hands to a law as

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say a stuff for law.

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Say a stop for law.

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Now say a stop for law with a smile on your face for the narration in the sound books of Hades 30 how law a law becomes delighted when the believer says a stone feudal law more than someone who lost their camel in the desert say a stuck through the law with pain and stay at once because a lie gets happy Stubblefield law

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now you will hear you open up your air passages here you're going to do this once with me friends and I will leave you alone with your hands up this expands your lungs completely take a deep breath in through your nose everyone

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one more through your nose

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one more in your mouth

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the whole day it now let it go a little little bit say a still feudal law with your hands up everyone repeat after me. Although

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I am going to ask you twice I said say

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friends there's the only chance we get to do this is that acknowledge? Raise your voices let the ceiling be heard. Oh zubi law he

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counted on your fingers he mean as Shane Lonnie

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now say the word near say Neil Raji.

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19 letters make them count Bismillah

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you're gonna you all know this surah it's already you know it just counted off in your mouth. Either.

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Bring your tongue or your mouth bring it out either.

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Now, remember the pump use the pumps a noun

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five sounds you're gonna make all five sounds separately make all five sounds separate. See? See what

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you're saying? Fuck. You have to pop this on. Everyone say *.

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Listen, listen.

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You feel that?

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With me? What?

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counted off on your fingers doesn't hurt. Now you're asking a lot. Ask a lot. Read the duyne Bahati. It's three pages long. Priscilla's hands were up for 45 minutes. Well, ah a de

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Yeah, do Hulu

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empty your diaphragm completely. I want you to hear the bass. I want to hear the bass listen to it till I finish. Feed the nail

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in through your nose into your nose for sub B.

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be handy.

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make this word count was

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I can't hear the HA was stolen.

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Allahumma inni

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Allah we asked for your love. bombing you have a book and the love of those people who love you borrow money you carry boonie either how big and the love of actions that will take us closest to your love. Allahumma inni as a Ducati Jana, Allah we asked you for paradise. Wha wha la hamin bowling wireman. What are you becoming another one La La minto the woman and Allah protect us from the Hellfire before you put your hands down. Do your arms hurt? Yes they hurt right your shoulders hurt. When it hurts make dua for overseas know when it hurts when those kids don't have a place to live or sleep. When you light up who got tonight when you backbite about your friends. When you do

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head on tonight make it hurt. Make it hurt and say Allah Subhana Allah and

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in Siena

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Allah Amina Lena is one gamma Hamilton

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vena cava Nina.

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To help

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Na na na

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na na

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na na na

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na na

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take 10 seconds ask a love for what you need ask for happiness ask that this moment never be replaced or banana to say

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hello llama outfit or ham on the fader I mean, has to be a law has to be alone I

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found little semi aquatic warlord underbar di dunia while

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they were funny masimo what his name is?

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Put your hands down.

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It hurts, right? Don't say I didn't ask you to say

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my topic was the weapon of the believer.

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That's your weapon.

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It's there always. It's there at the back of a club. It's there when you're dizzy and you've taken too many hits of strawberry Kush.

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It's there when you backed by it. And you know what you said about your girlfriend was wrong. It's there when you yelled at your wife because somebody yelled at you.

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It's there when you miss the prayer knowingly it's there when you made fun of that person that you had authority over it's there when Alon wants to tell you that he loves you. I request you to do one thing for Allah.

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Make is still far say a star for the law.

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But don't say it's sad. Remember how Schiff said he said we kind of feel like Islam is this thing where you get Saturn the Saturn you are the more religious you are. You are maybe got caught up in the moment I'll repeat my narration and I'll give it to my teacher.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said he had

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a law becomes happy.

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A law becomes delighted when you say a style feudal law more delighted than when your car breaks down under the Jersey Turnpike. And you're all alone. And you're sitting there and all of a sudden you turn the key and the turn the pops and the car turns on you know that happiness sisters you know that when you're all you're, you're out alone in the car battery dies and all of a sudden it turns back on. When you ask forgiveness from Allah. He becomes more happy than when we lose our camel in the middle of the desert. Don't say a stuff through law because you're a bad person. Say a stop through law because you are the only creature that makes a law happy. What are the crow law aka

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don't lose. Don't lose do our young men. When times are tough, raise your hands my sisters when times are tough when your husband's nying on your ear because dinner is 10 minutes late, a little long. 20 times in the Koran Allah describes is too far. I don't have the time to go through it. But if you felt and I mean if you felt something back there all the way to the wall in the orange sweater at the back if you felt something it's

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a nobody behind you bro and no one behind you.

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I encourage you do I can be done anywhere. When you're at the tip when the buddies here when the gossip is coming out when the hot on Monday music is right here. Say a stole flew to LA experienced something like you have just now. I have never experienced this in my life. I will always remember you all for this because I've never gotten the chance. remember Allah B isn't Allahu Allah this surah will resonate with you for the rest of your life your tool is located on was set Amati camara de la

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before I complete I will this Ramadan for two hours a day every day inshallah we will be covering 10 of the Quran. This Ramadan any read for Ramadan students from last year. No was one log at someone waving at me. Okay Swan Allah. Last year we went through the first 10 bars this year we're going to go through the 10 first tenets. If you need more information. I have fliers with me. If you think this part what we did was amazing. Wait till we read Koran together. Does that allow an AQL online.com was that Almighty Allah tala