Wisam Sharieff – Arabic Sound Series #3

Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the four letters in Arabic, including the first one being the mouth of Pac Man and the second one being the first word of the third one. They give examples and instructions for practicing each letter and encourage viewers to leave comments. The speaker also mentions a video about the pronunciation of certain letters and encourages viewers to leave comments.
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Salam Alaikum, and welcome to the third installment of the Arabic sounds. Today we're going to be tackling four letters. They look very similar, and they're pretty easy to write. What I'd like you to focus on today is the difference in the sounds, I'm going to say them correct. But I'm also going to say them wrong. It's a video at the end of the day. So what you really need to do is kind of pause it when you you can't tell what the difference is. So the four letters that we're doing today, first, the first letter, it looks like, I don't know, it looks like the mouth of Pac Man. It's the name of this letter is dal, dal. So let's take some examples. First, I want you to tap your your

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tongue behind the top teeth. Try it with me that the Dan, Dan? Great. Now let's take it a step forward and see how far we can get with this. Can you say bad then? bad then? Can you say? Do can you pack your lips and say, Do Now let's try the name of the first prophet. Add. It's got an olive in it, it has an olive, and it has a doll. So try it with me. Add them dama. Now we said we practice them incorrect. So let's try it wrong. Make the dial into a D and your tongue is gonna kind of curl up and hit the top of your mouth. This is what I don't want you to do is say dum, da da. You see it in the English language. If someone's name is Adam, you say da da. I'd like you to touch your tongue

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behind the top teeth and say add them. Add them. Okay, excellent. Let's try the word. Add the bell Ra. Add the add the bell Ah, it bounces. You don't know why. But I say you roll with it. Add the bell. Ah. So we have the Elif the doll, the BA and the Ross coming right up. Try it again. Add the bell ra add the bell Ra. Great. The next sound doesn't necessarily exist in the English language. So I want you to practice it like we practice the third boat, that simple sound, bring your tongue out to the same spot right here at the edge. If you want to do the exercise with me, you're at home, no one can see you don't worry about it. Lick the end of your finger. Okay, I got it. Now. Very good. I

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got it out of my mouth. Lick it one more time. Okay, got it out of my mouth. Now I can use it. Keep your tongue out and say the zipper, say zip tie the word vibrato. If you put your teeth together, what's gonna happen is you're gonna get it.

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We don't want a buzzing sound. So let's try it again. Bring your tongue out of your mouth.

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kind of rub it back and forth. And now let the air vibrate or let the sound vibrate the zipper. Zipper. Excellent. Now the name of this letter, it looks like a doll with a.on. top of it. Is that is that? Zell? Fantastic. Now what we're going to do is we're going to put into a few examples. Let's try Z care raw, that cow raw, that cow ah, I think you feel pretty comfortable with that. The only thing that you need to realize is this is the second sound that doesn't exist in English. So the first one was simple. The second one was that my only little advice before we go and I've seen this in 1000s of students across all of the classes. You're looking at me and I'm going VIP and my

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tongue is out of my mouth. And I have a gut feeling that some of you are bending your tongue. And the middle of your tongue is coming out of your mouth. So make sure your tongues out. You got it and save the IP. Excellent. Zach out all. And let's take one more. The key rule, the key rule. Great. We only have two more letters left. And this next letter looks like a comma. You know the things you used to separate a list. Let's try it together say rah, rah. It's like what a lion says. Raul. It's the way you eat your steak raw. The issue here is I don't want you to open your mouth. I'd rather you not do this. Whoa. Don't use your lips to pronounce a rah rah. Now, a lot of times people don't

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realize, but the letter ra they pronounce it with an ASEAN rare rare. So let's try it together. Say the fish is rah rah

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Raw, you take your tongue and say, Robert, rolling raw. Great. So this commerce makes the sound raw. Let's try it again. Let's try the word. Bring your tongue out that care raw. That raw, raw. Excellent. And I'm sure you can see that the mouth really isn't owing here to make the sound. It's the tongue that's being used to say, all all raw. So let's try a simpler word that you recite every day. Our raw ma nu ra E. Ra heme, try it with me. Ra, he, you've got your mirrors that make use of them. The last and final letter is like the word buzz in English. It's I think it looks like a semicolon. It's a raw with a.on top of it. It's a comma with a.on top of it's like a semicolon, try

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it with me say the word buzz, buzz. Got it. Now let's try it together. Zack outlaw. Now that's not a word, but you hear the difference. Zara Zara. It has the buzz in it. Now. What do we pay 2.5% Every year we pay Zeca Zeca. So now you hear the difference between the zipper and now the word zipper. Let's try one together. Zachary Yeah. Zachary. Yeah. Good. Let's try the word Zeca Zakka.

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And here's a here's a simple one. Try the word it is all it is all.

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It is all great. So thus far nothing has asked us or nothing has demanded for us to pucker our lips or to oh our lips. The word is to oh our lips. I'm hoping that this video is starting to help you out. And I pray that you are benefiting from them. Please make sure to record yourself and have your mirror with you. I'll see you in the next video was salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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