Habib Bobat – Quran Gateway Series Part 2: Wahi

Habib Bobat
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the discovery of the Quran and use of it in various forms. The use of divine guidance and revelation is emphasized, as it can lead to mistakes and mistakes. The importance of knowing the origin of life and the weight and intensity of the Prophet's actions is also discussed, along with his actions and actions in shaping the world. The segment emphasizes the importance of not interrupting the message and the use of the word "has been released."
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Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to Robbie's era Islam International. My name is Javier Baba it is Quran gateway series and this is episode number two. If you've been following in the last episode we did the introduction to the series and we mentioned that why we need to bring the Quran into our life we also discussed in which period the Quran was revealed, and what were the circumstances surrounding the revelation of the Quran at that time, we spoke about the fact that the world was engulfed by darkness. We spoke about the fact that there was a lot of ignorance in the world, people were living in Jah helia people will consume of Haram, people would drink liquor would

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bury their own daughters alive, people whose fight to fight one another for trivial matters. So this was the condition at that time of the oma when the Quran was coming down. And what the blessings of the Quran Allah subhanaw taala reformed the entire galaxy of Sahaba that in the end, the Koran left them, rather your loved one whom World War One, they were the chosen servants of Allah subhanaw taala. We made mentioned last week that the Quran made the lowest of low people become the highest of high people, the novelist of all people in the creation of Allah subhanaw taala. After the MBR Liam was Salatu was set up. So this was through the Baraka in the blessings of the Quran. And last

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week we also mentioned that when a person has caught on in his life, then his life will be reformed. The Quran is the ability to solve our problems even 1400 years later, we also looked at the popular names of the Quran, that was Al Quran which appears 61 times in the text itself, alpha recon at Tenzin, a vicar, Al Kitab. These are the five, the five famous names that we discussed last week. Now today we move on to another discussion, and that is why and in English, it's known as revelation.

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Now the Quran came down through the medium of war Hey, and so it is important for us to understand the concept of washi. How does it work? And how did it come down to Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. So why he in its literal meaning, it's referred to a swift form of communication. And Allah subhanaw taala use this medium to communicate with his prophets. A soft form of communication is regarded as why and this is important for us to understand.

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Now, why he is also the strongest form and the highest form of education and knowledge.

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Allow me to explain. As humans we acquire knowledge through three means and three mediums. The first medium is through our five senses.

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The second medium of acquiring knowledge, is through our logic and reason. And the third medium of acquiring knowledge is why and why he is the strongest form strongest form of acquiring knowledge for a human being.

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And that's because why is divine number one, number two, it is flawless. Number three, it's eternal, as opposed to the the other form of knowledge, acquired knowledge through our senses, and through our logic, continuously changes with the progress of time. Today As humans, we make a discovery, and we claim a certain thing. And then we study a little further, or we go into more research and into more in depth. And then our our study our research changes again, and then redo a certain study, and somebody else does another study. And this study could be different to our study. So this contradiction at times also. But when it comes to why, and when it comes to divine knowledge and

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divine revelation, it is flawless.

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It is divine, it is eternal, the knowledge of a law does not change. If a law has made a certain claim, then that claim remains till the Day of piano. It does not change. Human Research changes with time. I'll give you a simple example. When they discovered the ninth planet when they discovered Pluto. Then they said, You know what, this is another planet and then after

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After a while they they changed the opinion, they said, You know what, Pluto is not a planet, but it's a dwarf planet. So this is human research, it changes with time it changes with the the era, maybe 50 years to come 100 years to come, the research will change as opposed to now. So human knowledge is limited number one, number two, human knowledge is capable of, of errors, and it's capable of mistakes.

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And number three, human knowledge changes with time. So these are the differences between human knowledge and divine knowledge. And that is why divine knowledge is far more superior, as opposed to any other form of knowledge.

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And we also have to understand that our senses are limited. Our logic and our reasoning is also limited. I give you a simple example.

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I want you to close your eyes, and I want you to stand by a car and with your eyes closed, are you able to gauge the color of this car,

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it's impossible,

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it's virtually impossible for you to gauge the color of this car, with your eyes closed. Even if you use your logic. Even if you use your reasoning, you still will not be able to arrive at a conclusion. And you could not safely say that Listen, this car is blue, black, white or red. So you realize that your understanding your reasoning is limited. For you to gauge the color of the car, you need to use your senses, you need to open your eyes. By opening your eyes, you're able to realize the color. And by feeling the body of the car, you realize the smoothness and the texture of the material of the car. And by driving the car, you're able to experience the drive with the car.

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So here you are using your different senses. But just looking at the car,

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you cannot tell with certainty who made this car. And here you can see it, you are going to apply your logic. So you see that your your five senses are limited. You can see the car, you've driven the car, you felt the drive, you felt the texture of the body, you felt the interior of the body. But these five senses cannot tell you who manufactured the car, who made the car, who assembled the car who made the parts. Here, you're going to apply your logic. So where your senses fail you, that's where you apply your logic. And now your logic is going to tell you that there has to be somebody who who bought the scar, who designed the scar, who manufactured this car, who assembled

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this car, and who put this car together.

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Here you're applying logic, but you can't tell certainty who it is. So you understand that your knowledge is limited. your five senses are limited your logic in your reason, his reasoning is also limited. And that's where where he comes in. That's where divine guidance and divine revelation comes in. Where our logic ends.

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That's the starting point only for revelation. So can you believe how powerful he is? And how powerful divine revelation is.

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And that is why we say divine revelation is not limited. It's Unlimited, because it's the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala ultimately, and our logic, our reasoning cannot work cannot function beyond a certain limit. So we are limited in our understanding. So that is why Allah subhanaw taala has sent down why hate to this world. Allah has sent

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war hate to this world so that men can can be guided.

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We understand that this is the world, but we don't know where it comes from. We don't know what certainty Can anyone sit in here with certainty tell us? What was the nature of the world before it was created? What were the circumstances surrounding the nature of this world when it was created? Number three, what is the objective of life? Where did we come from? Did we evolve from one species to another species? What is the objective of life? And where are we heading to our logic and our five senses fails us here. They cannot guide us. They cannot provide

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The answers here, and that's where where he comes in, and where he tells us, where did the world come from? What were the circumstances surrounding the creation of the world at that time? What's the creation of human being? What's the the ingredients of our bodies? All this the Quran is governed covered. And the Quran has covered this because our five senses and the logic and our our reasoning cannot, cannot provide these answers. Only ye and only the revelation of the Quran can provide these answers. So Allah has identified where we come from. Allah has told us what is the objective of life, and Allah tells us that the way our outcome will be and where we will be when our

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eyes closed. So we know we come from whether the Chanukah coming to rob some I mean not far from the Malala ratio from somebody who should come from Malaysia kulu ha, Allah created you from the ground. And then Allah made you into a drop of sperm. And Allah made you then a blood clot. and thereafter Allah subhanaw taala made you a human being taking you till your death. So Allah, Allah highlights for us. The origin of life, Allah highlights was the origin of humans. And Allah identifies for us the objective of life. And a lot tells us where we will be. And these answers come through ye and revelation through the Quran. These answers cannot be gauged by our five senses. And it cannot be

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gauged through our logic.

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So this morning, I'm arguing the importance of way in the world and the importance of, of divine knowledge in this world. When humans were left to their own intellect, listen to this. When humans were left to their own intellect and look at the disaster, there were people who used to circumambulate, the Kaaba, there used to be people who used to make the wife of the carbon naked.

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And the logic that they would present is that, you know, we are full of sins, we are drowning incidents from head to toe. And so the only logical thing to do is to make the off of the cabin naked. And so men and women, young and old, would also calculate the cover with the nakedness. And this was the logic that they applied. So here we understand that when, when humanity is left at the sheer mercy of their own intellect, it's bound to happen that they're going to be in destruction, because they're going to apply the own intellect. Now that you have a basic understanding of what Hey, let's go into more details. We've mentioned that while he is a swift, a swift transfer of

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information, that's the meaning of why. And we also discuss the importance of Jorge. Now let's look at the different mediums to reach Allah subhanaw taala communicates to the MBI Lima Salatu was Salam. And these are all these forms are known as ye

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mcenany Bashar in and you can learn mahalo in Korean army war or a job Oh, Euro sealer soon and for your heavy evening, he may usher in the hooligan Hakeem, Allah says, I speak to my prophets, through one of three ways. I speak to my prophets through one of three ways. Number 111. I directly inspire the heart of the Navy. That's one form of war Hey,

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oh, me what I hey, job. The second form is, I speak to my Navy, but behind the veil, that's also why the first one is also where he where Allah inspires the heart of an OB, Allah puts the message in the heart of the debate directly. That's also why the second form of where he is where Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks to the Nabhi behind the veil, only wore a hijab and this is mentioned in the Quran, where Allah subhanaw taala is communicating. But there's a veil between him and the Prophet. The third form of washi, which is the most common one of yours, a lot of surah Allah subhanho wa Taala sends down an angel and here we are referring to zebra la salatu salam, and he was

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the official messenger of Allah subhanaw taala would bring down the way of Allah subhanaw taala to the prophets. So the third form of communication, which is also where he is that Allah subhanaw taala uses the medium of an angel and that is divrei salat wa salam. So we have discussed

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three forms of war he

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will he will Allah subhanaw taala directly inspires the newbies heart.

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Number two, Allah speaks to the newbie, but behind the veil. And number three, Allah speaks to the newbie, but through the medium of an angel with a lot conveys a message to the angel and the angel comes down to the world and he communicates it to the Prophet of the time. So these are the three forms of communication when it comes to war. Hey,

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you are listening to rob.

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It is good on gateway series, radio Islam International. And this is part two and the discussion is all about wahi revelation. And as we mentioned that we're here is a soft form of transferring information from one end to the other end. Now to discuss the weight, the weight of what he wore, he was very heavy, and it was very weighty Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam would describe where he coming down as the reverberating sound like the gong of a bell. I shall do loaded on has given this narration when when he would come down on the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his breath would seem to stop,

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his radiant face would turn pale, and the front teeth of the Prophet of Allah with shiver.

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And this was because of the intensity of war he

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and the Prophet of Allah would perspire profusely, even in winter, even in winter when the Prophet of Allah would receive where he, he would perspire profusely, because of the intensity of worry. And she says that the perspiration of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam would fall like bowls falling down from his body. So Hannah law and another account here is mentioned of Zaid bin saboteur, the lowdown on how that once the Prophet of Allah was relaxing, and resting in the lap of Satan as at a low tide. It is at that time the Prophet of Allah sallallahu Sallam started to receive revelation. And it was so, so severe and so strong, that zadara the low doll and thought that his ties were actually

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going to break because of the intensity of why. So you see how powerful he is, how weighty where he is, and you understand the intensity of why then at times the profit or loss on the long run a system would have it easier. Where say you did algebra Li salatu salam would come in a form of a human being. And most of the time said in algebra salatu salam came down in the form of death here can be the hare Coby was so happy twice, with a profit of a loss of a lot is that I'm so sad in algebra in his original form, two times. One was when the Prophet of Allah requested himself and the other one was when the Prophet have a low end for marriage. One more thing that I want to touch on

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before we end of today, and that is that doubts? You know, people can ask the question,

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what if somebody interrupted the way while it was coming down? jabril le salatu salam is coming down with ye from Allah subhanaw taala to Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, what if, what if somebody interrupted that way and transport transmission? What if somebody changed the way altogether that doubt remains?

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So to answer that doubt, and to clarify that misconception, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the Quran, layer a tea Hill Barthelemy mania day when I'm in a hallway, when we're he is been sent to Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, then no interference, no interference can come before it or even after it. So when dubray salatu salam comes down with wahi to the point, it's revealed to the Prophet of Allah, and even after it's revealed, no one is he no one can infiltrate that message. Nobody can interpolate the message and nobody can cast any doubts to that message. It is divinely protected from before it comes to the earth. And even after it reaches a sort of loss and are highly center.

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So what he is very secured, where he is protected by Allah Himself. In the Zen of vicara. We're in the hula half Eagle also indicates to this Allah has taken the responsibility of seeing that the way he does not change at all.

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There has been no interpolation to the Quran. Its recitation, its meaning. And it's the series everything has been preserved by Allah subhanho wa Taala. The jinn would eavesdrop. Allah subhanaw taala would give them an ICA instructions. And then the melodica will then discuss amongst himself. I'm talking about general instructions and then they will discuss among themselves. Allah has asked me to do this etc, etc. The Jin creation would go up to the doors and they would eavesdrop. They will try to figure out what's happening. The law speaks of this in the Quran. Wanda Kanako minha McArdle is someone familiar Sameera earlier Judo, she have a rassada the jinn themselves attest to

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this fact that previously we were able to eavesdrop and you're able to find out what's happening in the world and what is to happen. But the minute revelation started to Rasulullah, salallahu alaihe salam, everything seized. We are no longer able to pursue this matter any any further. We cannot eavesdrop at all. And a loss of heritage speaks about this in Nicaragua localization, the sama adonia masabi. How would I learn how to do militia when when a gene tries to eavesdrop than a law sense behind him a meteorite or if I may say in simple terms, a loss of habitat a sense behind him a shooting star, that shooting star is destined to attack. And to finish off that Jin, which was

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trying to eavesdrop. So a year you understand how secure where he is? It brings us to the end of today's discussion. In a nutshell. What he in simple terms means to swiftly transfer information from one end to the other end.

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And then we discuss the importance of why, why is divine, it's eternal, it's flawless is compared to our five senses, and is compared to our logic and our reasoning. We also discussed this morning

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that where he is the highest form of knowledge, we also discussed it Allah subhanaw taala speaks to His prophets through one of three ways. Either he inspires the heart of the Nabhi either it speaks to him from behind the veil, or either Allah subhanaw taala sends down an angel. And number three, we discussed the weight of Jorge, when it used to come to the Prophet of Allah. It used to be so heavy, so heavy, that his breath would seem to stop, his body would shiver, and the front teeth would also shake because of the intensity of war. Hey, we also discussed the secure nature of Huawei. And that's where we ended up this morning, may Allah subhanaw taala give us the

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understanding. Remember, all these programs are podcaster and a website you can log on to WWE dot radio Islam natira today, go under my name, and under my name, you'll find a category called series. And there you will find Quran gateway series, and you'll find all the episodes there. So I want to live cattle

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