Omar Suleiman – Ramadan 2022 – Judgement Day #25 – Sincerity Shines and Hypocrisy Blinds

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The importance of holding onto the Prophet sallamaal and not showing up for worldly benefits is emphasized. The upcoming ridden " Diagnosical" event will bring together people from all walks of life to discuss the spiritual teachings of Islam. The event will include a " Diagnosical" event where people will show off their shin and sh bird, receive reward, and discuss the use of "naughty wa" methods to create a shadow of fear and a barrier between the Light and the Speaker. The CEOs are trying to convince believers that they are doing better atman and that they are doing better, but they are still suffering their punishments.
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sadena has a struggle in this life. The Prophet SAW Salem described days that gets so severe that holding on to the dean is like holding on to a burning hot coal. And the reward for holding on to the dean when things get exceedingly difficult is 50 times the reward of those who preceded you. And so on the day of judgment that burning hot coal is going to be replaced by what by light in your hands. You sacrificed dunya for the sake of this Deen now on the other hand, those who exploit Deen for the sake of dunya are in the worst state. So if you're doing the deeds of the Hereafter, but only for worldly benefit, you don't show up on the day of judgment and expect reward for these deeds

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The prophets lie Selim said that on that day, the people would be summoned, along with the idols that they used to worship one after the other. So everyone is standing in front of what they used to worship. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Yes, teen out of Guna, fair, cool, mentum Quran, then our Lord will come to us. And we will hear him say, Who are you waiting for? Now we don't see him, we just hear His voice. So they would say we are waiting for our Lord. And he would say, hon, come, I am your Lord. And they will say, we are going to stay here until our Lord comes to us. And when our Lord comes to us, then we will recognize him. So because they can only hear him,

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and they can't see him yet, and they see everyone standing before their false gods. They're listening and they're staying put. And this is actually a beautiful reflection of Samaritan and Walton that we hear and we obey. So this is a praiseworthy trait of the believers, that we're going to wait until we know that it is Allah Subhana Allah to add, commanding us to move, and we will stay in our place until then, and then they say Hatta number ILEC until we see you and we can confirm for you to janela who yelled hug so ALLAH SubhanA, Allah to Adam manifests Himself to them, smiling and laughing and the prophets lie, some said, they unplug equal be him and Allah Subhana Allah takes

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them with him, and they would follow him. Now at that point, every person the Prophet size, and I'm said whether a hypocrites or a believer would be given a light and they all make their way towards the Ceylon towards the bridge. And then the filtration process starts May Allah subhanaw taala not filter us out alone. I mean, I will say there will be a lot of time and who said I heard the Prophet size and I'm say that our Lord will lay bare his shin and of course, all of this is in a way befitting to him and far away from our imagination. But the prophet slicin Um, said that Allah azza wa jal in a way that's befitting to him will lay bare his shin and then all the believers, men and

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women will make sujood they'll prostrate themselves before him. But there will remain those who used to prostrate in this world just out of showing off. And when those people try to make sujood when they try to prostrate the prophets license said their back will be as stiff as a rod yolmer yoke chef one sack with their own either sujood Fed is totally your own what Allah azza wa jal tells us in the Quran, the day that they will see what Allah azza wa jal reveals of himself to them. And they are called to sujood. They are called to prostrate, and they're not going to be able to, and they used to be called to prostrate for the sake of Allah in this world, but now they can't. And then you

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have scholars who taught one thing, but they did the opposite. And the prophets lie, some describes to us a very scary scene that they're walking around, and their insides are out. And they're dragging them. And people are surprised. Because they say, did it you used to tell us to do this and not do that? Weren't you one of those who is teaching us? And he says yes, but I used to do the complete opposite of what I taught you may Allah protect us. And so this is the hypocrite of those who preach or of those who teach, and in private, do everything in contradiction of what they used to teach the people and you have all of those like them. And when they come to Allah subhanaw taala

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on the day of judgment, He says to them, and all of those who are using the religion to seek attention or to seek the reward of others. It humble in Edina comes from Tirana for dunya on guru, healthy donor and the home does go to those that you used to show off to in this world and see if they have any desire to see if they have any reward to offer you today. So it's not just you were standing in front of the idol or the false god, those people that you were acting for, and seeking reward for Allah knows your heart and Allah knows why you were doing what you were doing. Allah says go to them, Go to that person. See if they can help you today. See if they have anything to give you

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today. Now there's a very important turning point to

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Understand, when it comes to the scene of the Day of Judgment, the Prophet saw some sawdust that at this point, the heavens and the earth, the place of assembly, all of it is rolled up, it's gone. At this point, it's only hellfire, and the Sirat the bridge over, and then John and then paradise. And there's this entire scene happening before the attempted crossing over the sloth, which in many ways is the final major course of this day. And then you have this parable and sort of the buckler where Allah azza wa jal talks about the hypocrites method whom can method Illa distill or the narrow salam ala atma hola who the hub Allah has been already him why Tanaka home fee Laurel mountain la you will

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see rune Allah subhanaw taala says that the example of them are like those who kindled a fire and then once it lit up everything around them, Allah azza wa jal took away the light and left them in the darkness where they could no longer see on the map and proclaim Rahim Allah says something very powerful. He says, notice that Allah says the burning stays, but the role the light is gone. So it's like the light of the fire is gone, but now they have to suffer the consequences of the fire that they themselves kindled. For the believers. Now they have their light after the sincere struggle when they were holding on to that burning hot coal and dunya. Now this is going to be replaced for

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them. And in certain Hadith Allah subhanaw taala sets the scene. Yo, let me Nina with me naughty Yes. No. Rohan. Bina ad him Robbie. IMANI was Sherlock and William Jana, to integrity men tactical and how Harley Dena fie. That ICA who well Phil's loving, on the day when you would see the believing men and the believing women, their lights proceeding far in front of them and in their right hands. And it is set to them which schlock women do good news for you today. There are Jannati gardens beneath which rivers flow and you will live there in forever. And this is the great success now of the London was little the Allahu Taala and who he describes as he says that the light in

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front of you is because react Malika, in accordance with the level of your deeds, just like your shade in the initial standing was in accordance with your deeds. So now that the lights are off, it's dark, it's not the sun anymore, it's dark, and people are seeking a light. Their charity extends the light in front of them. The way that their charity extended the shade above them in the beginning of this day. And he said well, the Allah Tala, I know that some people have light as large as a mountain. Some people have like a tree. And for some, it's just the size of themselves, meaning it's like a shadow, the space that a shadow with Occupy, but in lights right in front of them. As

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for the right hands, what do you think is shining in their light hands? It's their book of deeds that they're still holding on to from when Allah azza wa jal gave them their book and the right hand may Allah make us amongst them Obama, I mean, so you've got your book and your right hand and it's shining to an extent and then you have some light in front of you. So as they are proceeding forward, the hypocrites who have been benefiting from the light of the believers next to them, they realize that they don't have any light anymore. And they're starting to get left behind. And then at that point, as the believers are going forward and the hypocrites are being left behind, the only

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according to Matthew Horner, when when Anthea Klaatu Leila Dina Armand and guna Nakata Bhisma Noriko PRG Aurora come fell to me So Nora Babu Reba Dana whom be sued in the whole Bab Bellino who will feel Rama wah wah hero whom in Kibera Hill adda. On that day, the hypocrites both men and women will call out to the believers men and women and say on Verona wait for us. Nakata Bhisma Noriko let us benefit from your light, P and RG are whare third temiz Rura. The believers who are going ahead are saying go back and see if you can find the light. And then at that point, a barrier is erected between them. Allah says that inside of it is mercy. And outside of it is punishment. And now the

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hypocrites are panicking.

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You're not doing a homonym Nico miracle. They call out to them and say where are we with you and I'm gonna code Malcolm. Now realize this language is very intentional the hypocrites in Medina that we're pretending to be believers to take advantage of the situation. They used to say to the believers when they would see them that in America, we are with you. And then they'd go and they'd say the same to the enemies of the prophets lie some. So now this time, it's not working. So these are the worst types of hypocrites. So the believers call back out, Bella, Anakin confer tantrum and full circle. What's our Buster or Kabataan? Well, what Kamala and Annie had to jam Rola was or

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Camilla hill or or they will reply Yes. But you allow yourself to be tempted. You were hesitant, you are doubtful, and you are deceived by all of these false hopes until finally the Command of Allah came. I

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In the deceiver, the chief deluded or being the shape on tricked you in regards to your Lord. And it's at this point that the believers look back and the hypocrites are extinguished as well. So they have no lights and they are suffering their punishments. And the believers are moving forward with a barrier erected behind them, and the bridge in front of them. And Allah azza wa jal tells us in sort of a heading that they call out a lot better atman Milena and Rana Wellford Alana in the gala Cooley shaitan Kadir, our Lord, complete our lights for us, perfect our lights for us. And forgive us, we all have things that we're afraid of, and you have power over all things. So as they are going

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forward, and they're holding on to their lights, and you're hoping that it doesn't extinguish and you're hoping that the light in front of you stays at least at what it is. You're now about to get to the initial crossing of the slot.

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the bullet meant was, you know, for whoever he or Asia to roll with

When the heavens and earth are rolled up, everything will be blanketed in darkness. As people walk across the thin Sirat, or the bridge to Paradise that’s stretched over Hell, their only source of light will be glowing from the believers, shining according to the deeds they had sent forth. And that is where the Most Just will separate the hypocrites from the illuminated righteous.

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