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Before him a lot when a man Christian man came carrying a letter from his king. And then he said Where is the house of the Haneda? And first of all, he saw a huge mustard. And he went to the minister and he said, Is this the house of the halifa is in Oh, this is a monster. But come in, you know, they will give you the one exception to the Shahada. And they said, okay, where is the house of the honey? We say, well proceed go that way. And he continues and he saw this little house

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and the man his hands, you know, why know this lady? Her hand is in the middle of all, you know, making a homeless adult, she's mixing water with flowers, all this and the man is in the roof of the house, you know, fixing the roof. And then he said,

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I don't see any pants behind anyone back to the house of the halifa.

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They say you just came from that was not the halifa

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he didn't believe in so he's just got as the guy in the house. Where is the honey? So he came? He said Where is the honey kannamma Rahim Allah came down with the Marie Han, Pashto, you know, symbol sandals, and his wife. From first she was born until he became a halifa. She never did anything for herself. She's now making the bread for the family.

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So what did he do? Yeah, that's right. That's what he You see, in La nucynta work is that I have enough that desires aim high. Every time I achieve something I say no, I'm not satisfied with our aim higher than this. So he aimed

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to become the governor of Medina. That was his goal. So he got then he said I desired to move the daughter of the honeybee Altima. So I got it. And then I decided to be the honeybee of the oma I gotta say now my dad is gender.

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So he came down and he came and took the role and the path that will lead him to gender, not the powers, not the servants. Not you know, oh, he said this role is the one that leads me to gender. I want to come back to this. So he is the one who's telling us of one among the best deeds is the one that you do Mujahidin with the nerves in everything if you enjoy things.

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Imagine the level of Man will not be to the point

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or average average.

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I will just fall back on the money yeah. I went and so I haven't been here for ieta who Yaki Boca and Kathy Robin The man is weeping is crying

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for call to marry you kick correlator Monica nappsa hoomin and mocha he cannot control himself is shaking his crying you know when you boil the person you probably don't we don't cry like this but the sisters on you know when they cry and earthquake and all this you know when that situation the person

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for whom to whom? We're NEMA. What is your problem? Did you want to lose one of your children? Your father died to your wife what happened and you lose four on

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Danny, leave me alone and he continued crying. He said but I insist I want to know. He said I miss family last night.

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I miss family last night. And that's how to lace our shot. You crying once Of course you were late last night. So I wanted to make him feel better. So I said to him, he

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Allah subhana wa tada gave you the night off.

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Give you the night off

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your intention. And by the way, if your intention is to get away with it, you will receive the reward anyway. But he was so sad that he did not take that opportunity and stand in front of the law. So he said, I won't give you the night off. Come on, I won't let you rest at night. Got a document. They say Don't try to fool me. He said he continued to cry and I could not change his mind couldn't understand him crying so I left him

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for what for Salah pmla that he missed from families that he missed.

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now see her see all the brothers and I'm sure the sisters also on the other side. People are sitting here majority of us are young.

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Yeah, we used to see Mashallah young man. We all young

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and this is the time this is the time if this is your own, do

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Hi, I'm Dr. Molina and you struggle do when are you going to do

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I always have a Syrian Rahim Allah. He used to say yeah Masha Shabaab do

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Masha Shabaab or young people strive

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undo he had struggle with the Avada were bad euro

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and benefit for me is young from your strength work tenemos shabby, better calm should be better. And you get you know, utilize and take advantage of your young age before you get all of the antigen.

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He said now

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stand up for family before it's too late

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for him no matter what. Aaliyah Nina in order to feel happy.

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There is no night. Except that passage in I witness except I recited 1000 1000 I imagine 1000.

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1000 is

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as a long night for a lot of us.

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And so if you only thought of him or her long, he used to wake his students up. And he used to say to them, all we are Shabaab

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or young people stand up Sonoma shabba. Hey, Emily, while you're still young.

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What do you what are the people tell us finishing education while you're still here? My right. Get a decent job. So you can have you know, what do they call a decent retirement?

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You know, work hard now while you're young, so you can rest.

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Before the retirement they used to say, per diem and later while you're young, because when you grow older, you won't be able to do it.

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So Panama, and it's so big, they were successful. Indonesia and Africa, in in, in Nevada, in education, you know, we were needed that time. We were the center of the source of light and education at that time. And they were focusing on eBay the more than the physical, the other education. And nowadays, we became focused on all other education except the rebel overload. And we became an avid Aqua.

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We became the followers of people,

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Yanni Subhana, Allah.

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And he said, Yeah, what are you trying to teach the young people that you know, drop out from school and read 1000 a night?

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I'm not saying that. I am saying do it.

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This and that books, because you can do them both. They did it

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in more, you know, civil lifestyle, so we can do it in Sharla on the left hand hand,

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one of the wives, one of the ladies she went to visit the house of a moment, I was at a

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tutoring Loza.

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I told you this story a long time ago, but I'll tell you again,

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Rahim Allah from the roadmap and Hadith

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from a method Hadith among Simona Imam Al Hadi ameerul momineen Hadees, our fifth fit pattern fit attempt or

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of the headaches

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and in his time, there was a

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problem between an oma Weir

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and an embassy.

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And the Ibis people suffer at that time.

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He was able to take over the Islam Islamic State and become the halifa

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his Uncle Ali

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he took over

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theory and that area

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and he wants to the masculine omo method Oh, huge mystery.

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And he said this is not a mistake. And he used it for the horses, stables for horses. So handlebar mustache, just because the messy the old

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and he killed 30,000 people in that day.

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and he became

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the governor of the city.

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And he sat on the throne, his throne.

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You know Muta. cabramatta Jeff Martin said house. Herman You are a loony.

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Who can go against me? Who would oppose me?

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Yeah, who would dare to say anything about what I did? I kill 30,000 Muslims. Anybody who spoke I killed him.

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person who wants to die He would oppose me.

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And he has his soldiers as advisors are always for call Lana alum.

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We only know what metal would oppose you.

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Carmen called outside.

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He says you have an army's in armed weapon, no weapon. What is he do his army.

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Cut it up, bring him. So they went to soldiers.

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his son opened the door. And he saw two soldiers with swords and the sun patent for Canada.

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The soldier here and they're going to take you to the Amir and he's going to kill you.

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And the father calmly said to his son,

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in one and the doctor. He said.

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He said your father

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snapped that honor, to the point that he would be killed for the sake of Allah.

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And then he went

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in cage. And he took a hostel for janazah. And he put his strong

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And he stood in front of the mirror. And he grabbed his beer.

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He grabbed his wife, great beer,

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Pokhara I was

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in lambda, can you

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If you won't say the truth today, then when

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you have no excuse in front of allies in grabbing you shaking his face himself. You have no excuse in front of a lot if you don't see the house, and he walked. And he went to the palace of the Aneesh

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the sorts in drone,

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they ready to kill him assassinate or short, cut his head off.

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And then he walked. And he stood in front of the mirror.

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And Amir said and he or you

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fell harder and he said,

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Yokozuna, so that people keep saying calling me yoga. And he doesn't care. Keep calling me Jose.

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He from

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ohana Myrtle food and water. Let's see

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what the manatee Sakina zoo. What do you say about the wall that we took and the blood that we show people that we kill?

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Sorry, I'm sorry. He said what do you think about the people the wealth that we took 400 oza in kernaghan Allen? For his sir.

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We're in kind of hot ramen for EPA.

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Really sugar coated? niobate man, you know, where How much are you giving me a salad from the beta man, you know, give you a fatter cash photo. You know hamdulillah we don't even go to run a man nowadays. We have moved to Google right on the spot give you whatever you want. Hold on, hold on. Just ask. He said what he said is harder than some accountability. And he was harmed in a lot with certainly punish

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your Hulu Fatah. And then he found and he started moving on his throne looking shaky himself and he cannot said and he said and the loser Ah, they gather their thoughts because they did not want them to get to them because they were certain that he's gonna kill me and say and the soldier he drew his sword and he's ready to strike. And he said and I took my hat off my head and I say if you want to hit it hit it right say to my neck. I don't want any mess Sharla I want to go to Jenna quick handling.

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And then

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he asked him another question.

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What do you say about the blood I wish

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I had gotten a fuller and fuller and fuller and fuller and just the kidnappers lightheaded the membrane Muslim.

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He said and he gave it a narration the chain of the narrator's and he went executive narration of Abdullah nobis because he's saying I'm about See, he won't take it now because of the live numbers. They go to the source and he said not know the soul of a woman is not allowed to be

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a call of Fatima, the same thing happened people got it. And then then he said go

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now this man knows I Rahim Allah, he's giving us nnessee here.

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I'm sorry, his wife

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was visited by another woman.

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And this was known to the side of Hina they have a special place for Salah in their house, women in Rwanda.

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So the lady who came to visit she said to the wife of Rosa, way back to you, you let the kid urinate the place over the sujood of your husband. She says some Hannah law No, this is his tears every night where he gets up from sujood that's his tears.

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That's the tears that what the ground

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from sudo Rahim Allah

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Allah Subhana Allah for our eyes and we there is no snow shovel here is a piece of rock. And unless this just this move, this will not move. So we need to work on that.

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I'm running out of time, but I want to tell you a few things and inshallah that would help you to stablish pm and then we'll talk about what can stop you from pm which is a massiah Now let us do if you do this hamdulillah via avoid Marcy, what else can we do?

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Don't overwork yourself during the daytime

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Don't overwork yourself during the daytime and some of the brothers Mashallah they work Work hard physical try to not to do this if you don't have to work hard don't work

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on it try to limit that second equity filter

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take a ruler during the daytime if you can

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I do during the daytime

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and even the kuffaar companies nowadays

00:17:10--> 00:17:18

they suggesting some of them already implemented this that they should give people time for Kira office

00:17:19--> 00:17:23

and now some of them as a matter of implementing that they will put back

00:17:25--> 00:17:55

in the office building and people will go on to sleep and rest for 20 to 30 minutes and come back fresh because they realize for those individuals who take a Lula they do they work better so they said well in I want you to do your best but since you're not getting paid well you can give me your best home our facilitate for you I will make that available for you so take a rest 30 minutes 20 minutes and they come up fresh.

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I Luna Luna is a nap that you've taken a nap during the daytime

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I said I do not asleep

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some of the roses are three hours later is up yeah she does not

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feel that either with Helen interests you know I know what it is like you know you rest your body just close your eyes and just this is a Lula urine snow noise known for Kiruna

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don't eat too much or drink too much. When you eat too much and you drink too much then you become lazy and he became heavy and you won't be able to get especially before you go to bed so if you want to eat your dinner at six o'clock make light dinner in his sleep right after Salatin Asia or I'm sorry, in just eat light and then with our guarantee you you will feel like in the last panel

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we talked about not committing a massiah during the daytime

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also, the number four is number four number five,

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number four

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sleep, go to bed right after salata Dasha,

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prayer son, if you married, you know full your wife talked a little bit, you know, and if you put your wife in the same program, and so we got to do same thing together. Then she would asleep right next to you and they get to 4pm and then but if she's in a different page, different program, then she will say Well, you've been out all day long. You've been working. I've been working I didn't see you You didn't see me. So let us spend some quality, time.

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quality time means she will talk and you listen in quantity

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getting us in trouble.

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But if you say we both on the same program after Salatin Asia we sleep and then pmla Masha Allah, he can talk as long as you want after we finished pmla 10 that would be a lot easier a lot easier be in the last panel these are the tips that I would say

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that you should do plus also 123 more things quick

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and this is really really really important for this assistance and that is

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since you will maintain the physical part

00:20:46--> 00:20:54

you know not eating much sleeping taking payloader in all this also work on your heart

00:20:56--> 00:21:04

sleep and you have no help no any animosity no ill feelings towards anyone

00:21:05--> 00:21:06

just stay with pure heart

00:21:08--> 00:21:10

you know you have to understand

00:21:11--> 00:21:15

you can never find a friend or

00:21:16--> 00:21:20

a partner or companion that is perfect

00:21:22--> 00:21:27

they don't exist unit perfect therefore you can never find someone that is perfect

00:21:29--> 00:21:31

but don't be like fly

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be like be any be the little bees you know it's different see the fly fly a fly what is it what do they do they fly fly fly all over the place and they land on the nastiest spot

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and if you have a little cut on your body and it's a wound that fly even if you have nothing on it will look you will go fly all over your body and you will land that little cut

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What I mean is like your friend don't look for that little cup and land on

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and then magnify and then build assumption around and assuming that this is what he said this is what he said no, just let it go.

00:22:20--> 00:22:21

Let it go.

00:22:22--> 00:22:41

bs what do they do? They fly over garbage. They skip they see you know solidly skip where do they go they find the most beautiful thing flowers and they not only that, but look at the result one will bring back honey

00:22:42--> 00:22:44

and other women bring back filth

00:22:46--> 00:23:13

right the flower bring filth and Susan will bring forth in that flight itself is a film. So he keeps you know fight finding faults on your Muslim and then you yourself would be like that fly. But if you'd be like that be just you will be pure. bringing something as analyzed so sweet. And exactly the moment should be like be always sweet in his talk in his behavior in his approach in

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numbers the second thing

00:23:20--> 00:23:25

live your life as though this just last night. Tonight is the last night

00:23:27--> 00:23:37

not tomorrow night. Tonight isn't last night. I'm gonna die I'm going to meet my Lord, by the sunrise. So I wanna I wanna I want to get ready.

00:23:38--> 00:23:46

Exactly the same thing with a method and exactly the same principle. What we do what do we do when we we have a job interview tomorrow?

00:23:47--> 00:23:54

Where do we do the papers already? The files are ready you know I'm dressed sharp you know random hamdulillah and maybe that day

00:23:55--> 00:24:05

off come to the most What happened to your beard? Yeah, I was just cutting there and all officers are is right here. Let me do all together you know, in alila

00:24:07--> 00:24:17

Mashallah, we always have that excuse always. Every brother isn't what happened to you beer. I was just getting the Barbara Mashallah. And next thing that I was thinking and next thing that I know he was shaving my beard.

00:24:19--> 00:24:25

I can't come to you with one side. VIERA, I have to do both. So that was a job interview.

00:24:27--> 00:24:30

So this is a lie that you're going to meet tomorrow.

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00:24:34--> 00:24:48

learn the benefit. And we've been talking about the benefit of family. If you have these three things in Sharma plus the physical things insha Allah insha Allah, you will establish pmld but I will say if What if you

00:24:50--> 00:24:52

don't aim 1000 I

00:24:53--> 00:24:57

don't aim that you know overkill, especially for the brothers who can read Arabic

00:24:58--> 00:24:59

And if

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00:25:05--> 00:25:06

20 minutes

00:25:07--> 00:25:12

you're gonna quit or no, just something that came.

00:25:13--> 00:25:35

Naturally they said in an errata antiqua first and in the mastaba if you want the people to listen to you ask them to do somebody capable of. So if you want this nurse to listen to you, ask somebody can do for you something simple, and then you're actually inshallah you can go from the law department as it always was.