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Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah brothers and sisters. Welcome to the fifth page of Surah Yaseen for Quranic reading circles. EQL online is really focusing on giving you the ability to recite the Quran, but not just to recite it but to recite it confidently and feel like there's someone right by your side, to hold your hand and to be able to in sha Allah take you through some of the more difficult parts. We're coming to the last two pages of Yacine. Today's the fifth, what I really want you to focus on now is that you're practicing and you're building some type of fluency. Your objective isn't to memorize Surah Yaseen at this 100 speed, but your objective is to start seeing

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what letters do you skip over? Do you remember in the last page, we skipped over olive and lamb together, we skipped when Cian had a connecting hold, we had to skip a few letters. I want your eyes to start getting comfortable with the letters that you're going to skip. So inshallah let's get started at the top of our page, there are some sounds that we are working on the letter ball law board, and we're also focusing on floating the N sound like in the word uncle or Inc. So start out by saying applications Apple's alphabet

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rule zubi he mean, shame on you. Raji rah, rah, G.

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Say the word ink in Canada. You would say in Canada, but now you're gonna say ink in Ghana? Eel soy had

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he that

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was he that?

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Either who? For either whom? Jeremy rule day No.

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war. Rune for either home Jeremy role role last day in more

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Barun pocket more. More rune checking your breath more. Water rune iron number that was 52 and our starting 54 That was 53 We're starting 54 commit to the lamb fell yo man fell to mela pucker and bring your tongue out to LEM who loves to Lemuel do Lemuel Neff, Susan che and let's break it down together fairly Yeah. Oh man. laughs LAN dual Lambo, Neff. Soudan, che el Wila.

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You're going to pucker left for the TAT and then bounce the Jeem to Giselle Na, to Giselle na. E Illa. Man goon tomb said naturally Gundam float the noon going to commit da Malou Moon iron number 54 fell yo man. Love to Learn More nerf super che

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nerf super che Oh ALLAH to Giselle na, na complete you're known to design now to fly to Giselle na e love

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to da MaryLu

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Can I in number 55 Enough all nasal sound in in Na Na don't cut yourself short and say not not. In US ha jen na de Yo Ma fi fu Huiling now you have the word shoe Wu Lin The next letter is fast so she separately fee. Shoe Hulin now bring floatel noon floaty and sound shoe wielding

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Ke Ke dokie Hoon. Fan ki Hoon fie Shu GuLing fan ki Hoon. Let's try

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Do that again not sounding as clear as we want it to. In else Ha, Jen and dealio Murphy shoe Wulin ki Hoon. The lamb with two lines on the bottom is followed by fat. So, Lynn fair, Lynn fair before it was coming out kind of like a K sound. That's we don't want to sound like in cabinet. You want it to sound separate so that when you hear it, it's the beauty of the of the proper pronunciation and actually contains all the letters so when I say shooting fat Lin I can hear the fat coming up. Shooting Thank you hone. Pucker home more as was jus whom fee. Lila lien. We Lally lifted up, we Lally in Allah, Allah or E key. You're going to stretch for four hours or E key mode. The key goon

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mode their key

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is number 56. Home why as why'd you whom PHE V Lally I ll or E Ki Moon tacky goon proceed more tacky goon left home starting I have 57 left home fee ha. Funky hatoon Funky hands to to follow home while at home.

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The rune yet

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yet the rune lair whom fee have funky hand to Allah Who

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yet that rune. Hold those memes hold the w's while oh who's um yet the rune is number 58 Salah Moon Salah Moon ser la Moon say it out Salah Moon off is going to float that and sound Salah Moon Oh lamb meal wrong Bill Rahi short iron let's say out the word Suleiman Bo LEM mill Rob Bill Rahim. So what we're going to do every time we see the W hold the sound, Salah

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bola M mill. Rob below Brahim mill Rob, Bill Rahi. Team 59 One Zuli Yo Ma. Au Hal. Don't drag it but hold it. A you have Mooji Moon

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one one times Zulia OMA au Halle Mooji E. Moon pucker E O. More JD Moon Moon JD the moon is number 60 A little bit it's going to be longer. So take a deep breath as you're going LM Ah, we're going to bring Elif and iron together that was incorrect. So let's bring the Elif ah and then I want you to commit to the iron LM

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ah ah to Le first part of the throat and then commit to the iron ah ha Ah

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II lay ELA

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Bernie dama let's take it again.

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Ah heard the e la KU Mia Bernie dama

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dropped the noon commit completely to the top of your mouth. And Allah. Allah Tao boo doo shake

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is on a LAN

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boo do share you on in now who let go my do whoo I'm Mubi in in now who Laocoon do watch um Mubi in the whole idea together this word here that seems a little difficult it's a lift the nine ah had ah had um I heard the ELA coo Mia Bernie dama Leung

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whoo douche boo do shade on in now who love go do

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movie in Iowa number 61. Wha? Knee and then commit? What a near boo doo knee ha the sleep at all boom most the key most tap the top most del key team back of the throat well Ania boo doo knee and if you're having trouble with design complete the knee say what I need what I need and then you're going to have the iron in the middle. What I need now almost like you're coming off the noon what I need now boo doo nee have sleep at all. Most 30 Excellent. We're gonna go 60 to wile out by the wall or the

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wall La La Walla Walla Walla either our boy lambing comb mean Come floated main comb GB Lang Kathy law, GB LAN Kathira floated again. GB Lang Kathy law lunk learn Kathy law.

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Asylum Alpha LEM, the cool new Open up your mouth and lifted da de lune da de lune FL M Dankook. New CLI, CLI back at the throat excuse me back at the mouth. Da KI KI stays in the mouth never any guttural sound. Tao de lune

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I number 62 Walla border owl ball ball apples awesome. Owl Lord lambing comb GB Lang Kathy are on Flm Tengku No. De Lune i a number 63 ha ve he so first part of the throat then tip has he done now Mulethi no places have pronounciation as a 100 series student there are things that I really do expect you to know the letter than I don't want to spend every time we see it to say bring your tongue out. So I would make a list the letter the three boats the third boat with three boys the zipper like this one and the letter of law the Lambchop with a dot. You should have that as a list and be like okay, this is the time where my tongue is gonna come out that way we don't have to

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address it each time has the he Jahan Jehanne

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Lanti good to go quantum now floated going to to do to to do

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fill up the air is low HELL YEAH. OH MAN be man. Doom tech fool rune is 64 is low. Hell yeah Wilma Bhima coin tomb.

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Tomb ClickIt deck. Full rune let the air naturally pass through your mouth deck full rune. I am number 60. We're now

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going to do 65 l yo man. l yo man. l yo mama. Now, the more noon is happy, Ha is awesome. So don't say no no, don't say no. Try out say not now. No, pull it back to the third part of the throat and leiomyoma now d mu Isla lifted up and the tongue goes up to Isla where he is

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why he him was to leave Munna were to leave Munna a de him what ash blow out that chin. What ash had do what ash had to our julu whom? Our julu whom our julu Who'll be man canu our julu home stay home with me. Now I want your lips to touch for the home. Just let them vibrate home. Be home Bhima can no yak see Boone ClickIt yak Cebu

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the whole idea let's try it. Maybe let's try from what that shadow maybe not so much take off. What ash had do. l do LU.

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B man Kanu yak see Moon

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excellent we're now going to start I a number 66 If I or number 65 was lengthy for you make sure you take a quick job back and read it through and yo man now the more I'll

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have for he him he him want to leave Munna

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ad him what ash hairdo julu Whom all julu beam can or yak see Whoo.

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I number 66 Wilo Natia

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wallow Nahusha

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Whoo. Love bomb mess. Nah, so it's gonna be la Thor Thor Thor. TAPit Tata Tata, loud blomus Nana Isla after the noon come up and lift up the iron. Don't say almost nah, nah, nah, Allah. You need him while ownership.

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Hola, la ball ball mas na

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Are you need him? Now when you get overwhelmed or concerned about Elif anion next to each other? Go back to previous lessons. Go back to wait didn't we just do this in what hon Dooney we did this in a nearby dunya and we did this right before two when we said I'll or eKey we're starting to see Elif an icon next to each other. So on this page three times. I ll lifted eye level or IQ. How about the one that seems really difficult. Lm R lf the nine so LM ah had our HUD I live on ah heard. And here we're on Yanbu Dooney and in today's case are right now Isla Ah Are you need him just give it an extra second. Ah uni him. let the air out first the bow who's who slid off or first the bow bow slid

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off Botha and

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bounce it. You Bursley rune you burn sleep rune fill up the air and then just let the eat out. Sleepy rune while ona sha

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Allah bombers na Allah ah you need him first decibel boost sleep at all law. Now don't stop honestly. rotta first turbo boost sleep at all

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off and you will see you soon. I am number 67 Again with the wallow wallow Naresh Shah who wallow Nash

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all self now whom Lam Marcin then bring the hot in Lomasa cell cell pull it to the back of your throat llama cell know whom Isla Americana de him McGann D him him from us Delta ru Delta ru firmus del la rue firmus the same place that that thought alto del bomb pa o Moodley Say it with me Moo side of your tongue Li Li Mobley yellow Mobley yellow Mobley yellow Wila yell or de Rouen famous doubt or who Moodley yell

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yell or do your own Moodley yell why love more Lee yell?

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It's in your nose and when it comes out it's out of your mouth. Will li yell Wila yell or do your own? I 68 Woman No. Me? No I mean who? No neck keys who? No neck keys who feel you all? ought to take some time give this worth its time. Commit to them feel Hall Say it with me without knowing you're not Phil Hall. Phil Hall Phil Hall Hall

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Phil Hall Hall if when we stop so you see that noon with the W mean with a W connect and hold them both woman nor me? Who no neck keys who feel or

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feel all the lamb with the Kinect. Both of them are going to demand a little bit of commitment. So I'm going to be Phil coke. Feel oil or no moving of the lips necessary. It's the inside it's the mouth and the tongue that are doing most of the work. I've

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Yeah, I'm committed. Yeah, the loon fella Yeah, the Loon is number 69 to finish out the page.

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One I love

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who share all a lot going on here. Why am I Lemna? Who? I Lemna who? Why am I Lemna who skipped over the two letters I live in lamb commit and spread the sheen. I love now who's here all again commit to the line. Share all she share it all share all one young belly

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with that little baby meme third time we're seeing it. So let's try it together. We saw it in in the last lesson. Once your lips to vibrate, warmer say yum yum belly yum bah Lee now let your lips vibrate a little bit. Yeah, um, Bell Lee. Yeah. Belly left who and if you wanted to stop wama Yun belly laugh

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in Hua in Hawaii eating the Roomba, Vic Roomba. Vick room while or? No more be in the crew Alcor. I know I'm Mubi in. Excellent. That's aisle number 69 Now we will read 70 Let's read 69 together what am I learn now who's

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share all all ye Ma Yun bells Lila who in Hua Illa Vic rune now we're going to connect to the while the guru Welco or no I'm Mubi in is 70 the end out the page Li Yuan Vera li Yun Vera now if you've got it floated the Euro the Euro man cannot say it with me man Ghana now say monk, man Ghana man Ghana. Hey yo Hey yo Yeah, he why he why he man Canna Hey yo

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ya hate or hate call back here mouth why hate or complete the E wire hate coil why yeah hate coil Oh Lu Isla Isla now connect to the land Isla Caffee ed in Isla fidi in Li un zero ramen Kana Hey yo, yeah Hey, girl hate, all hate all Oh Lu I'll

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feed it in May Allah subhanaw taala accept our recitation of Quran and make you an advocate of Quranic literacy for your QRC page five of Surah Yaseen, this your brother was Psalm Sharif signing off for our last page tomorrow, expecting that you've gone through this lesson, you really put some effort, as much effort as went into producing this for you. I'd like you to give me that much effort so that you you can experience this and when we get to our next QRC Surah you're going to be that much more fluent, you'll be that much more comfortable in sha Allah for AQL online. I'll see you on the final page in sha Allah. Allah Hara was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.