101 Verses of Surah Baqarah

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100 And once you have bought

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this car for the first time to

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open up those lectures

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are wubi lie he means shade blonde yield Raji

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Walla Walla pada

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elaida I am

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the ye na What are

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you learning? I am Tim Bedi nine

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one my yuck food will be

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sukoon homos sofa ha WADA

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Allah mourn it is totally fine to get tired of crying while

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pain is weakness leaving the body let's do this one more time to be him

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further devil more law almost all law especially if you're tired turn it up for the last one one hour who Martha Boone and emo be mark and we are reborn with either the letter hula to see to feel or the Galo in nama normalcy hold

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in a womb whom will move said on our lucky Elias rune. What is out the Lana whom meno come

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to Galu. Although Mino gamma

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sofa ha

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ha. Now whom hoummos So far ha whoo y Allah ke love. wala ka na jana moon, like a boss. You did it and I know you're tired. It's exhausting. But that's what we're about. So if you keep it up, you put your dedication. I know you're headed places. Great job. Let's go over let's write the passage. If you haven't written the skeleton yet, go ahead, finish up write the skeleton and I'll see you on the other side. Know it by reciting Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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For those, it is not as easy as we expect. not expect. But we did the fun part, right. We read the first 15 pages. We read them. But yeah, we did every and we broke into little three spots. We did that. But now seven times, and then three by three and then being with you. It seems like a lot. Honestly. I think that three by three is the most fun part. Yeah, I mean, it is longer, but like you get to freestyle, but it's where your brain can shut off. Yeah. What are you though Kayla, hula hoops see, do you feel are the call on hold? Right? You're kind of you know what you're saying? You could be reading it wrong, you're dead. So there's a sense of concentration that has to be developed

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for three by three. So the world is out there doing the hearing for the first time and the seven times but the three by three to me. Take some effort