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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of not smoking and not drinking alcohol in Islam, as well as the rules for using mobile phones and the use of the "mcru para" rule. They also talk about the importance of highlighting information on Moore's Law until proven otherwise and give examples of chaos, including creating an analogy between phone and debt. The speakers also discuss the meaning of "hammer" in the Arabic language and the potential health risks of smoking, including potential damage to lung tissue and breathing. They end with a brief advertisement for a program on smoking.
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smilla okay, right so the previous chat have actually, chat messages have gone. I apologize for that. It seems that my internet connection dropped. Can you guys still hear me? Can you let me know if you can hear me? Let me know in the chat. If you can hear me now and see me.

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Can you guys let me know if you can hear me? Okay. Everyone's saying Oh, good. Okay. I don't know if this is going to be a different video or the same video. I have no idea how this works after I apologize for that the connection disappeared. Or the the internet connection. We lost connection. So there are five rulings right going back to five rulings, right number one wajib And fourth, and the opposite of that is haraam. Number two muster hub. And opposite of that is macro. And number three is MOBA. And then macro hora. Okay, so why jib monster hub MOBA, mcru para, is everybody clear on that what these five things are? Alright, so just summarize To summarize, just in case

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it didn't come through properly. While Jim if you do it, you're rewarded. If you don't do it, you're liable to sin. haram if you do it, you are liable to sin. And if you don't do it, for the sake of Allah, you're rewarded.

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So those two are opposites, most the hub, if you do it, you're rewarded. If you don't do it for the sake of Allah,

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you're sorry, if you don't do it, you are not sinful. The opposite of that is mokoro if you do it, you're not sinful. But if you leave it for the sake of Allah, you refrain from it for the sake of Allah, then you are rewarded and then in between MOBA doing it or not doing it is the same, it's either rewarded or punished in and of itself. So I hope that's clear inshallah. So, now, everything in the dunya has one of these five rulings, right. So obviously Salah, the obligatory prayers, they are fought, or you know, first of all, they can come under would you as well.

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drinking wine and getting intoxicated is of course Haram. These are mentioned in the Quran.

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And there are lots of different things right? Most the hub, as we mentioned, doing your Sunnah, prayers, voluntary fasting, giving voluntary charity, all of these are most to have their recommended if you do it, you're rewarded if you don't do it, you're not sinful. My crew things like looking around in your prayers. Okay, wearing a garment that is completely and fully read. As an example, right? These things are my crew, and then MOBA. For example, using a camera or you know, drinking from this glass is this cup is MOBA. Okay. So these are the five different things. Okay.

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Let me just

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Alright, so we still drive it seems. So now the question comes is what about smoking? Right? Where does smoking come into this? Well, the first point to understand so the first point, we've already understood that that everything falls into one of five categories, one of five rulings. The second thing to understand is that the general rule with regards to the donia is that everything is highlighted is mobile, until proven to be otherwise. Okay? The default ruling is that everything is mobile.

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are permissible until proven otherwise. So you need proof to make it haram or to make it mcru or to make it more starhub or to make it weijun. All right. Otherwise everything in the dunya By default, the default state is what is mobile. So if someone says, okay, what's the ruling on using a mobile phone? We would say the default ruling is what is mobile is permissible, unless we have a text from the Quran and Sunnah, or from other means, which I'll show you, which would allow, or which would change the ruling or which would take the ruling away from being MOBA to one of the other four rulings, right? I'll give you an example. Okay, if we take

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if we take

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you know, I don't know driving a car, it is mobile, unless proven to be one of the other four rulings, right. So let's take smoking. Let's look at smoking. Let's figure out what is the ruling with smoking. So this brings us to the third point, and that is that the Quran and Sunnah is there, they are there for us. And Islam is there for us until the end of times. They're not just there for the sixth century. They're not just there for the prophets I seldom and the Sahaba the Quran and Sunnah have mechanisms in place for us to learn the rulings about things that you know come up later on in life, you know, later on 567 14 centuries after the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So, what are

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these mechanisms? There are a number of different mechanisms, one of those mechanisms is a procedure

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called chaos, which in English means analysis or sorry, analogy, right?

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It means analogy. So, the basis of this analogy comes back to one thing that Ally's either he is, you know, just so he will not

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he will not differentiate between two things that are similar. And I'll give you an example of this, right? They asked basically looks at things that were not explicitly mentioned in the Quran and the Sunnah, or H Ma.

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And however, we need to figure out a ruling for that. So we might turn to pls and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself taught the Sahaba or indicated how to make class. So for example, when a woman she came to the Prophet, I sell them and asked that, you know, can I do? Hajj on behalf of also, you know,

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can I do Hajj on behalf of or must I do Hajj on behalf of someone who's deceased, a parent who's deceased,

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because they didn't do much so the prophets I sell him He replied, If he had a debt, would you not pay it off?

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The woman said yes, the prophets I sell and went on to say, but Dane will lie here are hubco bewafa. So it is more important to fulfill the the debt that is owed to Allah. In other words, the Hajj Okay, so this shows the importance of Hajj, by the way. So the promises here is making an analogy of Hajj with a debt. So the obligatory hedge, if you don't do it, then one of your,

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you know, children, for example, should perform that hedge on your behalf if you pass away if you had the ability to do it, of course, in your lifetime. So that is, so the process I'm here is showing chaos is making an making an analogy, an analogy between hij and a debt. So what is chaos chaos in in essence, I'm going to give you an example. An example works really well here and explaining to us, I'm going to try and simplify things. Of course, there are many details here that I can't mention in the short video. But, you know, I'm going to try and explain this in a simple way in sha Allah so that everyone can understand but just let me know in the chat box below, whether

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everything is clear so far, okay. So what is clear, chaos

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has four pillars, right? There are four things I can't move my thumb away. Let me try this hat. Four Pillars. All right. Number one, the awesome. Number two, the father. Number three, the Hong Kong

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Number Number four, the aisle. Alright, four things we're going to explain each of these four things right. Number one is the asset. This is the original

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No thing that we are making an analogy with. It's the thing that is mentioned clearly in the Quran and the Sunnah, right? This is called the what the apostle.

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I'm just checking with your life. Okay, we are still alive last time I was talking and I didn't realize we just connected, right? So that's the awesome All right. So number one the num dies the original thing that is mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah. Number two is the Father, and the Father is the new thing, the new thing, right?

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That we're trying to find a home for, we're trying to find a ruling for that thing. Number three is the hokum of the original thing, which is the the ruling and number four is the island. The reason for that the reasoning behind that ruling, which is in Latin is known as ratio decidendi.

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So I'll give you an example to make this clear. Let's take wine, which is explicitly mentioned in the Quran, vegetable hula Allah come to flee Holland, keep away from it, so that you may be successful. Allah calls that ridge. And the word kamar in the Arabic language literally means

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grape wine, grape wine, it's specific to grape wine, however, and Allah uses that word Kama in Arabic for great point. So if we took the linguistic meaning, we would say okay, all the other types of wine are allowed like date wine, or, you know, other types of alcohol might be allowed. Right if we took that linguistic meaning, however, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said kulu maschere in hamrun were kulu Camryn Haram, everything that intoxicates is a Hummer, and every Hummer is haraam. So the provinces M has defined karma differently to how the language defines Homer, the Arabic language defined Hummer as a great point, but the Prophet size element, the religion, he has

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defined harmar as being, you know, all types of intoxicant. All right, which also includes weed. It includes, you know, smoking marijuana.

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It includes glue sniffing it includes sniffing petrol or pain or anything that intoxicates any type of intoxication the prophets I seldom buy this scriptural text of the Sunnah. He has made it clear kulu moose Garin hamrun wa kulu hombre and Haram, every musket, every intoxicant, is a hammer, and every hammer is harder. Alright, so he's defined the hammer, the word hammer in the religion of Islam to be different from the language and this is the same as da da sorry Salah for example, the word Salah in the language of simply means to our supplicating but that's in the language but in Islam, it refers to you know, when you start with Allahu Akbar and those sets of actions Virgil door

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Arthur Maharaja and all the other Salas that we have, that is what is meant by Salah in the religion of Islam. So if someone simply says you know Allah give me money or give me this give me that give me Jana he does that five times a day he supplicates and he says all Salah in the language means do I know this is not acceptable because we must implement the word Salah in the religion, right according to the religious meaning when it comes to the religion. An example of this is imagine if you are in an you know,

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an aeronautical engineering class and you've been asked to design a wing

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and then you draw, you know, you've been told you must draw a wing and you go and draw the wings of a bird. Of course, you're not going to get the marks because it is understood that you have to talk in context of an aeroplane. So it means that wings of an aeroplane alright in that context. So

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so the word karma in Islam refers to what all intoxicants, but imagine if that Hadith wasn't there, right? If that Hadith kolomoisky and Hummer wakulla, Comrade haoran for the exercise of trying to understand the concept of chaos. Imagine if that Hadith wasn't there, right that every intoxicant is a hammer and every homeless harem, then hammer would still remain. At that point, it would only refer to Greenpoint. Okay. So if that's the case, for the purpose of this exercise to understand chaos, let's look at weed right or marijuana. We look at marijuana and say okay, is it haram or is it you know, what's the ruling on marijuana we could do the us and we would look at these four

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things of clear. So number one is the US. What is the assault it is Hummer grape wine or wine. What is the ruling on hammer is haraam? It is what it is.

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Is haraam

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what is the it is harm to consume? Why is karma haraam? So we've talked about arson, we've talked about the hokum the ruling of karma is in consumer is haram. And number three, the reason the ratio decedent the the, the reason why farmer is haram, it is haram not because it's wet, not because of its color. It is haraam. Liana, who you harm here aloka Jani it the word Homer comes from Hema Hema is a headscarf that women wear, right it covers and the word common riff you know, it's called Harmer because it because it's like a hijab. It's like a scarf or it's like a barrier between your you and your accent. Right? It makes it's a barrier to the African, right? Yeah, Jubilee, often, oh,

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you hamara actually, it removes your intellect not removes but there's a barrier behind your intellect in front of your intellect rather. So the reason that Homer is haraam? The reason is why is not because I swear it's not because of this color because of its color. It's because it intoxicates then we look at the farmer, if the farmer is what is weed or marijuana, then we look at this marijuana, this is the fodder and we say does it have the same eila does it have the same ratio? decidendi does it have the same that quality that makes that also have that hookup? Does it have that quality of intoxication? Yes, it does. It does. So therefore it must have the same

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outcome. It must have the same what ruling Alright. So therefore we conclude conclusively that marijuana a weed is haram. Okay. But what about smoking?

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Can we do the same process now of course with marijuana weed is haram anyway by the Hadith, which is kolomoisky and cameroun wakulla. hombre and haram as I mentioned that all in intoxicants every intoxication is a Hummer and every hominids harem that explicitly mentioned that explicitly includes marijuana, weed, etc, right? Very clear.

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But now the question comes What about smoking, smoking? We look at these things again, but can we make the ask Can we make an analogy with karma? Let's have a look. We said the oscillates calmer

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wine. The ruling is haraam. The hokum that I love the reason of that ruling. The reason why it's Haram is what is because it's intoxicant.

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Does smoking intoxicate, you know, it doesn't, it doesn't intoxicated. So we say that based on this PS, we cannot say as hot out based on this class. And so it goes back to the original ruling, which is everything in the dunya is halal MOBA until proven Haram, because Allah says in the Quran, who will let the jalila Kumar fill out the jummy and he is the one that has made for you everything in the earth. So based on this class, we cannot say that it is haram because this is not a valid thesis, because smoking does not intoxicate so it does not have the same ruling as Harmer, which is haram. Based on this analogy. However, maybe we can make an analogy with something else.

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Let's have a look. Can we make an analogy with let's say some slow killing poison? Right? What is the ruling on poison?

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Poison, slow killing poison or poison that harms you? Even if it doesn't necessarily kill you? What is the ruling on that? It is haraam. What is the ruling on that? It is haraam? That's the hukam Why? What's the proof of that? Allah says What are tunecore be a deacon illa taluka do not harm yourselves with your own hands. I don't use your hands to lead yourself into destruction. And also the prophesied Some said loud Dada one out there are there is no harm nor reciprocating harm. So based on these two pieces of evidence and more, we can say clearly that slow killing poison is haram. Okay. Number three, what's the reason for this? How come? What's the URL behind it? The

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reason for why slow killing poison is haraam is what it is. The reason is because it harms you and harms you a lot. Right? And so then we look at a cigarette. Does it also have the same ela does it have the same ratio decidendi does it have that same quality that

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Make slow killing poison pot up or poison that harms you. Hello? Yes, it does. In fact, the back of the cigarette packets in many countries that says Smoking kills even one cigarette, you can go on YouTube and you can check the experiments even one cigarette has a huge impact on your lungs. Okay. So based on this it is very clear that smoking is haram according to the stronger view among the lemma, and Allah mentioned very clearly when I told Coby ad Camila Toluca Don't you know, use your hands to lead to destruction right in another in a hadith the Prophet slicin said La da da, da da da da there should be nothing that you do. You know, there should be no harm no any reciprocating harm.

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Okay, we'll take any questions. If you have any questions, you can write them in the chat now.

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It is got cold.

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So brother

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so other Florida is saying that when they were younger, they went for Hajj. And I was planning that when I reach 55 or so I'll perform another Hajj. However, they heard in a lecture that or their brother heard in the lecture that there is no second Hajj

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The money is best spent on Southern fries actually. It's better you can do Hutch like remember the thing about Hodges el hijo Mabu Lisa who does own Illa Jana but as an accepted Hajj, there's no reward for except for Jana paradise. In another Hadith man hydromorphone will have me off, so kraja akiyo, we will add that for amo, whoever performs hij and he does not commit any sin or immorality. He returns like the day his mother gave birth to him meaning sinless, so of course, we sin all the time, even after Hajj. And that's why there are many people that like to do hygiene every single year, because they're worried about their own sins. So they want those sins forgiven. So it is

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recommended, of course to do hygiene as much as possible.

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Okay, awesome. Rob wolf says why do we hear a llama, mainly from Pakistan say that smoking is mokoro rather than haram? Okay.

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Some of the earlier scholars, you know, maybe 5060 7080 years ago, when the harms of smoking were not known. Right? They weren't known that much in those days. And so when smoking first came out, the worst thing that you could think of with regards to smoking, the worst effect of smoking that was known to people

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was the bad breath. And so many scholars performed chaos with onions and garlic, right to eat onions and garlic. You know, you shouldn't go to the masjid after eating onions and garlic. Because why? because other people are harmed and the angels are harmed from that bad breath. So onions and garlic eating them are mcru Okay, if you're gonna go to the masjid. And so based on this, many scholars said smoking is macro, because they looked at the acel which is onions and garlic. They looked at the hokum is macro, why is it macro? Of course, we're talking about raw onions and garlic, which have that smell, okay? Why is it my crew, it's macro because of the smell, and angels are harmed by

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that which humans are harmed.

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yeah, so that's the reason and then smoking does it have the, you know, a dis pleasant smell, of course it does is disgusting. And therefore, they said that they made class with onions and garlic, because the scholars of the past they did not know that smoking has, you know, very clear cut evidence that it harms a person's lungs, it harms a person, you know, it can cause cancer, it can even cause death mitt, you know, so many deaths around the world every year, they because of smoke, alright, so at that time, they didn't know this. So they could make a PS analogy with you know, onions and garlic for example, but now we know that smoking kills smoking is very harmful. And so we

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must also make the class with an analogy with something else that has similar properties, which is that quality of harming you, you know, significantly and therefore, we can make deals with smart slow killing boys.

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Another question comes from Karima what is what about the wasted money for cigarettes? Is this a reason to why is haram Allah while um I don't know if the scholars would use that

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to say that is haram but like I said it's enough to say that you you know it harms nasm cancer Salah molecule molecule so can we perform Hajj on behalf of a dead person? Yes you can as long as you have performed your own obligatory Hajj if you have done that because somebody asked the province I saw them the same question. If you have done that, then of course you can perform Hajj for another person as well. Okay, we have been streaming for quite a while. I don't know if this has come in two videos or one video I'm hoping it stays on one video. But if not, then we'll label it part one and two. I'm your brother applied this alarm. If you have any questions that you have, you can write

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them in the comments below and I'll try and look at those and then ask them in the next show. Insha Allah once again, I'm your brother apart this Salaam speaking to you live from the city of Mecca Mecca Tal makara ma Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh