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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah and welcome back. Here we are for the 7x portion. Open wide. Let it fly and know how to open up those hip flexors.

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Push the belly button out and roll the shoulders forward. There we go. I know clicks pops, it's uncomfortable. Let's tap your mic. I

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always will be in LA he Mina shade on your Raji

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is, for this past 430, like a really gloomy day, although it looks really dry, it's actually really cloudy and rainy. In fact, we got flood warnings up here in Dallas right now. So

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we're not no sound for us to resume recording. And as you can see, that room is dark. So we'll be resuming shortly.

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Started the 60 Day Challenge. So the gym was like, packed, packed. There were 17 people in the sauna and there were like 50 Kids in the pool, September, September 60 day challenge, you know, they do those challenges.

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Fancy Bureau, we can definitely take somebody I have no footage for today. And that just shows that I need to change the style through which I'm doing it because it's not. It's not an efficient system. Well, the thing is, you just need to get into the groove of your system. Yeah, but I haven't gotten into it yet. I haven't gotten anything since. Since Hutch. I've just kind of been like, but I think I can change my approach books. This is how we focus right here. Got the ring.

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Everything's good.

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What's your commentary for today? Ah, today has been no excitement, no pizzazz. No. Oh my god. We have to work so hard to just put your head down and get it done. Yeah, it's a grind day. Yeah, today. Yeah. Today's a grind day. Great day at the gym. But oh, yeah. forgot to turn off the AC.

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This thing is so annoying. So loud friends. All right, here we go. Turn it off. I did get warmed up for the first time. In the last Yeah, it was like 80. Yeah, we've got it all came down to degrees.

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Right? You guys do it? All right.

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I said I'm gonna have to love friends. This is Saturday 730. We're about to be overtime. And I think we finished 10 full pages. We are calling it a wrap. Tomorrow is a full day of recording. And to say that we finished more than half of Jews in a weekend. It's fantastic. turbans off to below for being able to set the set the stage to keep everything. This is not a terminal, it

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could be a great job. And

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we crushed it this weekend. We'll see you guys tomorrow. But this is that moment. I promise. There were so many times where I was like, Oh, look, we lost that I have to change the card. And I took my job off. And I was like, Yeah, I'm just gonna schmooze. And you know, how you want to stretch the timeout and not do the work? Yeah. And I was like, No, I'm just gonna, like, I got another cut. Right? Yeah. And I was like, Oh, we're done for the day. And that was like, an hour and a half ago. So or an hour ago. Yeah. So was that that you're gonna get slide? Right. Yeah, you know, technical difficulties. I couldn't work. We're good now. And now we're just going to find we have one meeting.

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And we're done for the day. Yeah. What do you think blah. How was your day? Yeah, I mean, just starting your day out with any kind of physical activity when you tired? It's because you're not moving? Yes. And when you're tired, don't take the nap. Yeah. Go ahead and run, walk, jog,

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roll, jogging. For everybody. Especially considering people don't know how to run? Yeah. So I mean, go out, walk, get on the elliptical. You know.

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There you go.

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Or watch a YouTube video on running. There's a whole bunch of people who will teach you how to run. What's that book? Well, first of all, I would say just look up, Pose Running method Pose Running method, USC, right. And the other one is Dr. Kelly stall, right? He has a book ready to run. That's it guys. That's it for the day. And now is to dump all that data onto the computer.