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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of embracing reality and changing behavior to achieve Islam. They stress the need for individuals to address issues such as drug addiction, alcoholism, and addiction to avoid negative consequences. The segment also touches on the negative impacts of drugs on individuals, including mental health and addiction, and the challenges faced by Muslims in society. The speakers emphasize the importance of finding non-M pizzas and addressing issues such as drinking and using "igrams of alcohol" to create "work ethic acts".
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After phrasing of loss of hundreds of Allah, and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi, WA early he was sending them continuing our journey looking at the bad moral values that some of us Muslims have always surrounded by.

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And the intent of this series is to a person to change themselves and to change their lives. Because the problems that we face on the on the face of this earth at the moment, the solution is a simple solution. All of us know the problems that we're facing, the difficulties, the trials, the tribulations, and today we face the various forms of lockdown that we find. The solution is one for federal Illinois law, to flee back to a loss of penalty or other, to repent back to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Subhana Allah wants the individual to change himself. In Nevada law, you heard the rumor be calm in Hatha Yoga yiruma Bm foresee him, Allah Subhana Allah never change the condition of

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a people until they don't change their own selves. Thus you find that sometimes we see a yachtie mufa solid, we see signs off the signs of Allah Subhana Allah and just like we find unfortunate for our knees, people who did not believe did not repent. We find there may be some of us we don't see the signs of Allah Subhana Allah and return back to him. Allah Your Honor, unknown afternoon, Dr. Amin Marwan Omar Ratan, familia Yato, buena vida de charoen down people see that maybe once or twice in a year, that we place some difficulties some calamities upon you, that you may repent back to Allah Subhana Allah or you begin to reflect and begin to ponder. Likewise another place no

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foreigners are certain made Allah mentions. Why don't they repent back to Allah Subhana Allah while you're stuck Pharaoh know and seek the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala all of this that we find around us are signs and symbols of Allah subhanaw taala one called the ruler takatori he, no one can estimate the estimation of Allah subhanaw taala no one can encompass Allah Subhana Allah, the grandeur the magnificence of Allah Subhana Allah hickmott Allah He barely ha the immense wisdom of Allah Subhana Allah no one can ever understand and will never, ever understand. And all of this is for men hekman li Subhana turanza wisdom of Allah Subhana Allah for the believer is the only one

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that returns back to Allah Subhana Allah as for these individuals that we find life for them, it just play an amusement and continuing their journey after has saved them a number haluk nakoma Bertha one nutcombe Elena toward your own. You think we created you in vanity, no purpose, no higher bill of costly no intent, just for people to enjoy their lives and carry on what they're doing. These people don't seem to reflect over the Ayat of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Subhana Allah sunnery him area Tina Phil FFT Rafi and fusi him had yet to be you know and know how we show them out signs everywhere around him the horizons are at another place no Quran Wolfie and fusi comm flr tavoussi

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rune within your own cells, we show you the signs of Allah subhanaw taala Why don't you visualize see the signs of Allah Subhana Allah. So believers are those individuals. The intent of all of these series have been following that these bad moral values inside our society, that we need to stay away from them, we need to change ourselves, we should just become it becomes a formality that many people with a good intent possible to come to your modem or they want to come back to the machine, but they must shed and the hope of the masajid it should be one of changing the individual at the core group in Allah Subhana Allah, bringing them close proximity to Allah Subhana Allah, reminding

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them about Allah Subhana Allah was the cure whom be a builder, remind them about the days of Allah Subhana Allah, that's what the machine is. That's what a Salah is in a sonata tenha and in fact, Shia he will move as Salah takes you away from alpha hische illicit misconduct, promiscuity, lewdness, wickedness. All types of evil actions are similar to how you shocks the prayer. It changes the individual. It's new peekaboo record light inside your graves. Light for you inside this dunya takes you away. We know Bulu Murthy Illa Nur takes you away from the realms of darkness to the light of Allah Subhana Allah only for the person who understands the magnitude and the power of a seller

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was there a newbie Sabri was seller, we're in Nana Kabira Illa Allah ha Shireen. seek aid and assistance via the prayer is going to be difficult, except for those individuals who have consumed in life so panatela caught a flathead moon and the down fee Salah team Kashi rule, the beginning of so to me noon, Allah mentions these 10 or so characteristics of the believing individuals, successful adults, individuals over

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cifa home. The first characteristic for these individuals are those individuals inside the cellar they find submissiveness those are the real believers, who are missing the house of Allah subhanaw taala. It raises the man give glad tidings to those individuals in the realms of darkness is in the early morning and the late night slot will facilitate arratia walking in the realms of darknesses give them glad tidings of Paradise, testify for them, that these are people of a man. Those are the real believers, who are missing the houses of Allah subhanaw taala, missing to come in to remember Allah Subhana Allah to raise the man to remember Allah Subhana Allah to change themselves. And as we

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find that these scenes that we're surrounded by, unfortunately, I find that some of us Muslims have time and time we've mentioned it's become common practice amongst us Muslims as well. we delve in the sins, the influence of the society around us, has crept deep into our hearts that we begin to behave like these individuals to Koran mentioned Roland Tonka Yahoo Duvall anisotropy emulator home, these people never be happy with you, until you don't follow the Miller Miller Kereama Ducky as a deep meaning, but following everything about these individuals that you find the invitations or the address since this speech to etickets everything about them, we find that many of us mostly begin to

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sway away, we begin to have the etiquettes of these individuals. The prophet Isaiah he wound as Manta Shabaab The Omen for men whom whoever begins to imitate a people he becomes eventually like them. Eventually you become like the people he begins to imitate. So by the Collie that we find some things that we imitate of these individuals, they lead us to begin to follow them to the path of Kufa of disbelief and rejection of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as we find, we as practitioners need to tackle mainstream issues that we're facing, because there's unfortunately, I hate to use such words. But as soup of superficial practice of Islam, is an external garment, or a garb that is not

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derogatory that people may dress as a Muslim people may approach themselves as being Muslims, but the inner core element, and I would not be extremely saying of many Muslims is corrupt. Many Muslims is corrupt living inside a Western environment because the influence of the society around us has crept within ourselves. That is just a superficial display of Islam.

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We find amongst us Muslims that you find we find serious problems that we find, whether it be problems of abuse, of oppression, of drugs, of alcohol, of gambling, we find addiction inside our society. Some of us may want to shy away from it, but we have some serious problems amongst our own Muslims speak to any of the IMA speak to any of the emails of HIPAA, they will highlight to you that we have physical abuse of men carrying it upon their family members, upon their children upon their wife. We have mental abuse being carried out upon people that we find excessive elements of drug abuse inside our society, alcohol abuse, and gambling that we find that exists inside our society.

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These are problems that we as Muslims, as massage we need to tackle. We shouldn't hide the fact that we have problems with our society. A person who lives inside a society tackles the society around them tackles the challenges we're facing inside our society. If we begin to turn away, then you find that this evil will begin to spread even more inside our society. That's in today's headlines that we find. And I believe in the amarin under nebia sellaronda and in Cumbria will may see that a prophet Allah shall be prohibited us made it haram to enter to any form of alcohol or any form of intoxication of gambling workqueue but he will obey raw Baku muscadine Haram in handy to suit an

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Abbe de that we find inside his head many times these topics that we touched upon

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the amount of times we spoken about alcohol, intoxicants, Roku, muscadine, heroin, everything that intoxicates the mind of the individual, tobacco, shisha drugs, all of this is more or less whatever it takes away the mind of the individual is a form of humor. Now you got to laugh at the early mob described as humor is whatever it covers shrouds the mind takes away your senses. Mascara Kathy ruffo callaloo Hara Emma Muslims, a Muslim that we find whatever intoxicating large amounts is forbidden such small amounts, then the profit as I mentioned, and Quba, Quba katusa, no, no Amina pebble is a form of drum that we find a specific shape of drum that we find is random as described,

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which is related to musical instruments. There are many times we spoke about this as well. So welcome on the 31st service number six wamena nassima Srila will howdy fi Leo Diller and Sevilla, we do work to the mufa series

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efficacy MMC you to be to Ruhlman for we acquire that they mentioned that what is now will Hadith evil person goes to the view it's not music lateral Hadith is vulgar speech, evil speech vain speech. Compare that to all of what most of the people listening today, rap music drill music, grime listen to the kalimat listen to the words that is people that they use

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Mandela Ohio for whitish explicit words that we find they use what Rasool Allah matana Allah motivation. The Prophet, I've never listened to anything which is immoral, never entertain anything is immoral never remain inside that sort about. So that's when we say that the youth are facing problems. This is the beginning of their indoctrination going into their mind into their heart, places inside their hearts. That's an abuse of the library in Massoud. He mentioned that the heart of the believer is a vessel it can't contain two things. It cannot contain so to remain the voice of Allah. Allah Allah Allah subhanaw taala and was so to shape on

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ahead of him is

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one of them will overcome the other side a person feels they is filthy hot. With these evil words it will overcome them eventually, that they begin to walk away from the voice of Allah Subhana Allah from the Quran of Allah subhanho wa Taala well houbara no Amina homophobia did have a Sha. Allah houbara is made from millet some grains,

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a type of liquid that we find alcohol that we find 10 million tons of produce in a year annual basis is the land of India, that they make this this wine they make this drink. This was mentioned by the prophet some centuries ago the land of habit shad used to extract from these grains and make this alcoholic drink that we find Roku skerin haraam that he mentioned every intoxicant is haram. But what concerns us inside this, inside this hadith is that Macy is gambling. And if you look at inside all the ahaadeeth repopulates love to Sarah, we look at the Quran, you find always the Quran and the Hadith mentions Alhambra will myself. It mentions alcohol and gambling together. Why does Allah

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Subhana Allah begin to mention these two evils together? Now, somebody will may say for what reason, because you find they go hand in hand. Wherever you find alcohol, you will find gambling, wherever you find gambling, find alcohol, or eventually, over time, you find both of these two things will begin to coexist coexist, one leads to another. That's the general den advice that we find. That's what Rama mentioned, a person should be careful of sins any sin. Because one sin is a domino effect to another sin. As we mentioned, many people will take drugs. The opening door of the taking of drugs is tobacco, cigarettes, prides itself is companionship, bad friendship sitting with people who

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have these evil traits that eventually begins to influence them that try these come in Shabaab era, how many of our youth how many of our youth are good individuals, but sitting with the wrong crowd, those of us are open to them, that they even they say themselves, if only I never was engaging such individuals doesn't have a genuine person will say, you had a teddy walk upon me, it has fallen kalila go upon me. I took such and such individually as a friend, Lacan golani, and a decree but the journey he took me away from the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala I was a person used to pray, I used to fast I should come to the masjid. This person, he dragged me away, he influenced me.

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Obviously, the sin is going to be upon the person themselves, but some element of influence override certain individuals. Because some of us are not strong characteristic individuals. We're not strong personalities. Wherever the wind blows, we begin to follow that path. A person should develop their personality, to be Shaquille cobia strong personality is very difficult to influence an individual who's a man is Ross is firm who believes deeply in Allah Subhana Allah that as I mentioned, a superficial government. How does that person delve into such evil sins because the man is not roseus the man is not firm. They just write about key local external issues, this and that and that and the

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other rock tissue and unfussy calm, focus upon you also have to be a strong personality, strong personality within your home, with your children, with your wife, with your family members. That's what a real personality is convenient, because how many people come to the MSA what is Islam that your children are practice that these people around your practice practicing? You think they should practicing Islam yell and

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curse has provided his own parents

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revise them curses them. You can throw humor makes taxied upon them. They're evil they're wicked is this is where the chef Verhaeren. You talk because sadhana is not here and he's a person of sadhana. But this how he treats his parents. This I speak to them was the home of a dunya maroof Koran says follow your parents in goodness, even happy to be disbelieving individuals. You leave them in that which is disobedience of a lawsuit penalty and other net if your parents or disbelieving parents was so Hey Mama fit dunya maumoon for remain in good companionship with them. Be good to them. What national Muslim moon the Quran says when akula Houma Finn will attend Hakuna kenema of kenema by

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Sita in the in the Naga when will happen in the Koran tell him at kaviraj No, I'm going to shut them off. Don't even say off to your parents. linguistically it has no meaning. It's a light word. It's just a touch, which is the sound of the of the of the lips. That's all it is. But the Quran says don't even say that to your parents. Lower the wings of mercy to your parents.

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Is pray for them. bakura Rob Durham Houma, Kamara biani, Sameera Oh Lord have mercy upon them. When they nourish me. They cherished me. They brought me up once as a young individuals. This is what Islam is.

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This what Islam is. Quran begins by highlighting this Buddha Allah Buddha in the year who have been well he Dania Santa, this was the teachings of Quran is that we forgotten many of us worship only Allah subhanaw taala then be good to your parents. No good to everybody around you. Friends around you people around you speak to them in loving words and kind words and humble yourself. Bring your humility, beginning with your parents. As you find that parents are the gates of Gen of paradise.

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If your parents are lost a person should be fretting should be disappearing should be upset that the two doors are broken of paradise. The NGO paradise has been blocked for that individual are making more difficult for their individual life because both these elements and hammer automation are detrimental or harmful for the individual individually, physically and mentally. study the effects of gambling the effects of hammer that we find

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people are taking drugs at them oh look at their personalities. Look at a personalities schizophrenia that they suffer from people talk about marijuana cannabis being a mild drug. studies have proven it kills your brain cells. It destroys them first, that's why many Shabaab they can't accept. Because the first problem that we're facing is to recognize your sin. Recognize it's an evil action not to defend it. To consider this is the first problem that we face inside our society, and the biggest evil that we face inside our society as Muslims. And many times we've mentioned this is the Muslims who begin to traffic these evil substances. That is the biggest calamity that we're

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facing inside our society. That Muslims now you have no law. They don't fear Allah subhanaw taala they worship the dinar, what their harmony, status, and their pride and their postcode. That's what they worship. And they're willing to infiltrate inside our society, these haram substances for the sake of their own greed of the wealth they want to possess. Once again, we shouldn't shy away from the fact it is rampant inside the society. People like us imams who don't even know people. we visualize it on a daily basis on the streets. Muslims are serving drugs, Muslims, trafficking drugs, Muslims, indulgent drugs, Muslim spreading other Muslims with violence and crime and even killing

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them. It's no exaggeration. This was the peak that we reached, where we are claimed to be Muslims. But we have no fear of a loss of amygdala, no fear of what the repercussions and people take these substances, the repercussion that we can see many of us 3040 years ago, like many of our friends that we could see, you could see them the state of these individuals of what drugs has done to them. And this is no exaggeration. Some of these people, you could see them on the streets, picking up cigarette butts.

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You can see them on the street, you feel sorry for them, that this is a person who's my comrade Macross fellow who studied with me who live with me who worked with me, this is what he has become, because of what the taking of these evil substances person feels upset. What has happened to this individual, and this is the masses of our community what we're facing, and we turn a blind eye to this. So that's in short terms both of these elements are an addiction.

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They are an addiction inside our society, the taking of intoxicants of drugs and gambling that we find is an addiction. Yes aluna Karen Humphrey will mention, Wolfie Hema Kabir woman as a nurse, they asked you about gambling and wine, say in them is a sin. What if

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Emma and his sin is far greater than the benefit, the smooth benefit that people may gain in other places and the Quran says sootel Maya versus 1991 Allah mentioned Yeah, you let me know. In the Malcolm rule may suitable unsolvable Islam, rich Sumit ominous shape on 4chan Ebola. Welcome to flown into Missouri to shaytani ut Urbana Kuma da ba ba ba philharmonie. Well Mason, we also document liquid liquid is solid solid well and to moonta hoon,

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even read this ayah inside the English language. There is no powerful kalimat inside the Arabic language which makes something haram inside the Quran.

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There is no other greater depiction inside the Quran. Allah you caught in Alhambra Mesa my Shere Khan malko fellowship. Allah equates alcohol intoxicants gambling with shape with copper. That's the finding other narrations that some elements authenticated mood mineral hammer can be the lesson now yet Hello gender. But the idea that you find a person who's addicted to alcohol

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is a worship of an identical statue. Why is that parable given inside the Hadith based upon this iron Santo Nanda had mentioned the person who's addicted to alcohol, and who generally enter into paradise harsh words. Why because the dangerous elements of these addictions that we find inside our society, and thus we find all of these actions inside this hadith inside the Quran, are all the filthy handiwork of the devil that a person needs to abstain from any boo, the Allah come to Flareon stay away from it, you may become successful individuals and may say Kala Mujahid tell me a bit about us. And make sure that you find a stick akumina user is taken from ease easiness

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because gambling in general I find is the person gains wealth via an easy use usage. We use it was so hula we do nicotine water tap in person with why he gains this wealth.

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People may think that it's a skill or whatever it may be, but it's it that's what it is. Any game of chance of risk that we find from either party or both parties that event is forbidden. That's what the forecast speak about the priest Islamic practice of course that we find a juicer that we find the cameras that we find that they will place lots and you find that six or seven of the parties gained a lot the share of the camera and the other three will be at a loss only which is nice, it is gambling that we find and today's world that we find the types of gambling that we find that exist may not

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be mentioned that if a person says the Hadeeth takamura Come let us let us come gamble together just just by game just by playing a game just says that to an individual we don't have a physical place to get the money. They're fun yet the sub dock that a person gives some charity expiation for either caribou Jagger Machado terima massiah. If just saying the word Come let us gamble is a sin. So how about physically taking part inside gambling is meaning that we find that we find what you should document victory and victory lane.

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This takes you away from the vicar of Allah.

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Gambling takes a person away from the vicar of Allah subhanaw taala. And as a side point of any game, in general is MOBA is permissible. But if it begins to contain these elements

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of addiction, of taking away from the dhikr of Allah to be haram and so many the gaming world that we find many people they play games, not how to feed value. But in the gaming world. They're playing a fee for fortnight, these war games that we find Ashura Surat Lysa mubaraka

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hours on end, grown up men replay these games,

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they will neglect their family neglect they chose neglect their work, neglect their religious practices hours on end they will play these games grown up men.

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Ignore children moment games like fortnight that we find that our children are playing it or mesmerizing them their mind.

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Games are allowed but if it takes away takes you away from the core of Allah, your aesthetic duties, your religious duties, your daily duties, it becomes Haram. It becomes forbidden for you.

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Anything that takes you away from the vicar of Allah Subhana Allah becomes Haram.

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Eve is something which is permissible because we haven't been

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placed on this world to spend our efforts to be playing games. If we're just to play games I understand raha me, Sir, sir, half an hour, half an hour in the weekend, a few moments, but this becomes the life of many of us. Then we then we speak about the Muslim Ummah, then we speak about how you're going to raise a peak.

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And Hema a Muslim on my people have asked me of high spiritual ranking, conviction, effort, tireless effort, that's what the Muslim oma is. Muslim. oma isn't just a lazy, oma complacent oma playing games passing their time, just speaking about the world speaking about the politics, in both striving and struggling and awakening this Muslim woman that we find an icon you find it creates discord and enmity, and you can have a normal bar. What is gambling creates animosity, hatred between people that we find. And then we find my nephew really nervous. People think that there's some benefit in some gambling that we find but it corrupts people and leads to immorality, as we've

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mentioned, as for a common form of gambling that we find inside our society. Yeah, now sweep the lottery that we find the buying of these these tickets. How many of us as most of you go inside the shop, buying these scratch cards, buying the lottery, they think nothing of it, spend a pound a maybe I may become a millionaire.

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Read the history about the lottery that we find. You know, some of us may think that maybe I'd become that nice. The first individual, the first individual won the lottery in 1994 with a Muslim individual 17 point 9 million today's term 30 million pounds.

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He won.

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Go and read his history, what happened to this individual called Reed Hastings history? What was the end of this individual? that some of us may think that that money will make me do certain good things inside my life? Money is a source of corruption for many of us, doesn't know how do you find a loss of power leave somebody servants to be in a state of poverty or not giving them much wealth? You know why? Because Allah Subhana Allah knows that if I give my servant his money, Katya sudo will corrupt him, will take him away from the house of Allah, and take him away from the vicar of Allah. So Allah knows I don't want to give this individual his wealth.

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Wealth is a source of corruption if you don't know how to control it. And thus we find that Muslims who sending these cards think nothing of it. newsagent inside that society as we began with Islam is change. Islam is a tacit approval, turning a blind eye when everybody buys it. What difference does it make to me? There's no harm in me selling it. There's no how me selling tobacco, no harm me selling alcohol, no harm me selling lottery tickets. I don't do it. But there's no harm in doing it. That's not what Islam is. That is the understanding of a way of life, tacit approval to everything. Everything that we find, even amongst Muslims today that we find the challenges that we're facing

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tacit approval, and GBT don't say nothing about it, you're going to be the odd individual.

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Are you an ultimate Korea to come in? No. Manasa takaharu this is an old, old cliche.

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Get rid of these people want to be purified individuals. Muslims are in the forefront of highlighting decency. What is morality? What is good character good behavior in such society that these individuals are forgotten? And and so some of us Muslims that we think to give it to a good cause? Just because the National Lottery 25% of it is given towards charitable causes. That doesn't make it Helen Alico, the Muslim thinks that if I win some money, or give it to charity, because it doesn't make it harder, the end does not justify the means. And likewise, the sideway some Muslims deal in haraam. And they say that I give this some of the money to charity. In

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America, Allah is pure only accepts that which is pure. You can never bring her on wealth and give it to society. Give it to Muslims, and this will benefit you read the seed of the Quraysh when they built the cabin, rebuild the Kaaba. They said don't bring any money, not even one dinner. Now even one dinner has been tainted with Riba don't bring it to build the house of Allah subhanaw taala How will a machine akun policies who understood that don't build the house of Allah Subhana Allah with any interest? Any man any money is contaminated with her on? How can we today's Muslims build institutes tainted with Iran, then society should be a free society to govern itself to flourish

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itself. There should be no external influences from any society that we give you this money so we appoint an Imam, we read the script to you we provide the hook back to you we provide to you what to say what not to say. And mmm who are who the Imam is free to speak from the new Susa the Quran and the Sunnah, not to speak from the regimes of people that a dictate to them.

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This is a script that you're given a news pieces to the people. That's not what Islam is. There is also an addiction inside our society that we are addicted. We are blind individuals to society. Everything has brainwashed inside our society. We follow it blindly inside our society. People tell us what to do, what to read, what to write, how to influence society, don't be taken aback is a great big scheme that exists even a Muslim world to brainwash the Muslim society to brainwash them to remain dumb individuals that we don't seem to understand even the average individual is overtaken by this addiction to becoming just a simpleton, a simple individual who doesn't really raise any

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concern. And as maybe people think this is strange, but all this addiction is flourishing, where gambling is rampant among Muslim society, Muslim lands, alcohol is rampant in Muslim lands, alcohol is served openly Muslim lands. People might make different excuses given to non Muslim for other Sharia men, Michel Foucault,

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who amongst a folk have allowed the drinking of alcohol to be live Kufa is amongst

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the most that have spoken about it certain places, they can be pushed aside exertion exerted outside of society, and may be allowed the cold dive, a weak statement.

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But what do we find? But if a person speaks about this, then we said, Why is there problems that Muslim society there's Muslims who are addicted as Muslims inside Muslim lands, addicted to heroin, in the millions in the millions addicted to heroin, heroin, man, man that to someone, we can't even understand it. But it exists inside our society, because of our complacency of what we see around us. Other forms of gambling that we find inside our society, on your museum that we find on this street and the street by the side that we find and a study in great detail every other place that you find there'll be a mustard day and there will be these bookmakers

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and you find that these Muslims May Allah guide these individuals, even your Majumdar law here an unknown Muslim has as beautified themselves dressed as a Muslim will go and play stay gamble before you're Muslim or after Juma go and paste a gamble. This is what we see inside our society. And when we complain about this to other people, you know what the non Muslims say? Most of our clientele are your own Muslims. Most of the clientele who come and visit these bookmakers inside your community are your own Muslims who visit them. What response can we give? What can we say now that we as massage or even some massage don't want to speak about it and turn a blind eye to it. It is no

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exaggeration there is prostitution that takes place outside the doors of Allah subhanaw taala on the street corners,

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takes place there openly rampantly on the streets around us

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imams are just images worried about the the color of their carpet,

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the display of their Masjid, the sanctity of their Masjid quickly close the door, get rid of people, as we began with these are the problems we're facing that people don't want to tackle. They don't want to speak about them. Just placed their heads inside the ground. It doesn't exist. These are grown up men, some of them elderly individuals who placed these bets think nothing of it. They pass time. These are all action that we see inside our society that we don't want to address that we're facing horse racing that we find. A Sieberg will hide will enable that we've been racing with horses and camels that we find by Look how we begin to go beyond the bounds

00:33:35--> 00:33:50

that we find even in the Muslim whatever I don't want to name places and societies that we find there's Federation's of countries that we find who who breed stallions to come and take part in the Queen's Derby and to run races place bets upon them.

00:33:52--> 00:34:19

You know, we know that inside the the Arab history that we find, read the shared the poetry of maternal Antara that we find that the poetry is shared again here that you find even classical poetry today that we find poetry right revolves around three elements and who you one who more one Nyssa that's what the poetry revolves around upon writing bs about alcohol, the advantages of drinking amount that they drink and the drunkenness

00:34:21--> 00:34:47

they find it somewhere in there right even when I died that makes sure that I'm buried next to the great wine three sort of juices of great wine can enter into my body and nourish me when I'm inside my grave. That's how they they pick themselves and women. That's what the poetry is about. The Quran even speaks about this one idea for Maria de cada movie roti Supra sadhana vena cava certain Abby, Gemma, these is ensuited idea that we find we the two series is

00:34:48--> 00:34:59

mmct some too to three pages speaking about about the horses and love of the horses that we find and the descriptive nature of the horses. Some are had either a fine which are we speak about football and a certain idea

00:35:00--> 00:35:09

de Lune is full core an assault Zelzal Our idea is weak. But that's to show the magnitude that is a criminal half of the Quran.

00:35:10--> 00:35:50

When I had the epi dub had the WHO THE who says, What does salt mean? Are you a Turner force? Miller is the voice of the sound of the horses when they're running. That's what it is. When they're panting, they're running the striking of their hooves when it hits the ground and sparks come out all these depictive native mentioned inside the foreign, but what do we use them for? Just as may play that we find inside our society. And likewise, we will find the casinos around us. Once again, that we find Muslim participation is we shouldn't hide from the fact whether we go to Las Vegas all the way to Edgware Road in front of us, who do you find participating inside it? Read the stats and

00:35:50--> 00:36:21

the figures of which country spends the most of gambling on the casinos. These are facts and figures that these people have collected not to tarnish us because we know that these people are full of facts and figures. Look at that list of the people. Like I said I don't want to name countries and regimes and people and personalities. We can list them if you want. How many who spent what on one what night, then in the desert, you tell us about these people they may give a million to a panda bear, they might give something to the masjid. You know, it's like one of us flicking a coin, flip a coin to a beggar

00:36:22--> 00:37:02

and spending millions on a night millions on a night. And then say well, they do good for the Muslim Ummah, the Muslim Ummah can do a lot more. On an ad The man is not your wealth, has a man lives of hundreds, and it's a wealth of a law is the wealth of law. That is the wealth of the community, the Muslims that we find is rampant in front of us. But like I said, many of us we just turn a blind eye that we shouldn't speak about these things. Just let these people do whatever they want to do. Let them live their lives, how they want to live. It has a ripple effect upon our society upon us. It tarnishes us, it destroys us, it destroys our Musoma that we find. And thus we find that these are

00:37:02--> 00:37:39

foolish people that we find who believe inside this gambling element that we find the sister sticks, or a personal gain, in conclusion that we find gambling is wrong. Because it is a disregard of responsible stewardship, we find gambling is wrong because it involves a chance of gain at the expense of suffering of other individuals. Gambling is wrong because it is inconsistent with a work ethic ethic of Scripture, gambling is wrong because it tends to be habit forming this for you. These points are not Islamic points, even though they are this is a biblical perspective of gambling. These were Christian scholars extracted from the Bible of highlight about gambling. That's what

00:37:39--> 00:37:42

they've concluded. And we're well before that.

00:37:43--> 00:38:14

We these people, they're forgotten religion. That's it for them all these calamities we began with, they won't turn back to Allah Subhana Allah, they're just worried about this super Saturday. They're worried about the drunkenness, how much they're going to drink, how are they going to rejoice themselves, that's all that they're worried about. They're not worried about the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah, they're not worried about calamity. They're not worried about difficulty. They're not worried about that. They only worry about their home or their home or their alcohol, their addiction, their gambling, therefore what he says all that they're worried about, if the path is

00:38:14--> 00:38:54

obstacle towards that, then that is their karma. That is their day of judgment. as Muslims, we awaken ourselves we have the new suits we have the Quran was the kid who may or may not remind them about Allah. Remind them by the Quran. Whoever worries about the punishment of Allah Subhana we should awaken our society awaken ourselves. Do don't make Yeoman Juma. Don't make Salawat a ritual practice amongst ourselves. That is a key lesson don't make it a ritual practice. Make it a ritual practice that changes you, that inspires you to become a better individual, devoted to Allah subhanaw taala. Thus, we find that if we don't change ourselves, then we find these calamities, may

00:38:54--> 00:39:34

Allah forbid, continue inside our society, until we begin to make the effort of changing ourselves. May Allah subhanaw taala give us all the trophies and ability to make the effort inside our personal lives within ourselves to change ourselves, internally, externally develop a relationship in these days, that we're still under a great deal of locked down in privacy that we develop a focus and devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah because Allah bad official, a bad in in secrecy in privacy, and pondering and reflecting what the * kurata who is what will awaken the soul of the Muslim? Make them reflect because when a person is left in solitude, that's when they begin to reflect that on

00:39:34--> 00:39:53

that day. Just like I'm here lonely that someone they think I'm lonely at the moment. On that day you will be lonely inside the grave. You're going to be lonely inside the grave. You're going to be lonely on the Day of Judgment standing there, all on your own standing there. So a person when they prepared inside this dunya now Yeah,

00:39:54--> 00:39:59

we have our own person doesn't worry about this plague. This difficulty because a person's

00:40:00--> 00:40:14

Psychologically as prepared themselves, with what with meeting Allah Subhana Allah, May Allah give us all about an ability to meet Allah Subhana Allah state of happiness and enjoy and content inside our heart that we want to meet Allah Subhana Allah