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M Remi.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Welcome Back button Sisters, we have a very short time left in the show here we've got a few questions that I'd like to go through with you today to some very important questions.

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First question is here that

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a brother is married to somebody from Al Kitab. She's a Christian woman. And she celebrates her religious festivals and I want my children to be raised as Muslims. Please advice?

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it is permitted as you will know that a man can marry somebody from a halal Kitab as long as she is practicing her religion. And

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you're in a situation that was difficult for you to kind of like start rearranging what you heard, what are the lines what you want, what she wants, if she wants the children to be involved and things like this, it's difficult for them not to be involved if that their mother and she wants to celebrate that. What I would advise is difficult, really, because we have such a short time to maybe go sit, speak to somebody, speak to somebody that could advise you about how to maybe get through the situation in the best way with wisdom, and not harming anybody or causing any

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disrespect to anybody. But

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as a Muslim, we want to make sure that you do things right, you have a positive impact on your children. So I'd advise you to speak to somebody about that in Chinatown. It's difficult me to do that here. In such a short time.

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There's a question from France. I'm getting stressed about the school tests and school in general because the system is it's not helping us the question of hijab and so on What should I do?

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While I'm not sure exactly what's being asked here, I mean,

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are you not allowed to wear hijab when when you go to school to test so that's not clear, I don't know. But in any situation in any community society, where you have

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difficulty practicing your religion, then you try to

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find a solution for whatever that is, because there are so many tests that a Muslim may faced, in fact practicing their religion, the Muslims need to come together need to be strong, they need to be unified in working together, to make sure that they try to get their their rights I understand that there are certain countries which may have certain laws which make it very difficult for Muslims to implement their Deen, whether it's to do with halal meat, whether it's to do with even Islamic clothing may allows you to make it easy. But

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May is part of the mix, make it easy for you, sister.

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The question isn't that clear as to

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what you should do concerning what I don't know. But you have tests? May Allah give you success? In what you're doing. Allahumma Amin,

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please can you advise on how to deal with an issue of my daughter who has chosen someone to marry from university, I'm worried about how to talk to my husband, who is very strict and didn't approve of her going in the first place, please advise Well, I can say it goes with the territory. If you send your youngsters to universities, they're going to meet people. That's just, that's just how it is. And

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you're going to have to deal with the situation. It's a reality. You can't just say, Oh, it's all overcome home Normal University, which is studying there. And I'm sure that there are many parents who are going through such situations where maybe the sons who have found somebody that I think they went to marry, I think is about to sit them down to discuss with them.

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Priorities, the reality of can this thing actually happened? Or was it just you know, the heart is involved, and it's the emotions which are kind of driving that person to think like this, because maybe it's not reality at all. In terms of in practical terms, it's not something that can ever happen, for whatever reason, Allahu Allah. But you will have to discuss the matter with,

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with everybody who's involved mum, dad and the daughter involved to find out the best way of finding a solution for that. And if you're unable to come to the satisfactory kind of reconciliation between yourself, then no problem getting advice from outside.

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Remembering this, the decisions that you make now will impact you know, the things that you're going to be doing in the future. Remember, you went to university to to get an education, not to find a spouse.

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That would be the priority but nonetheless, it does happen. And maybe there are workarounds, maybe there are solutions may be happening now often May Allah make it easy for us all. Good Brothers, sisters, we've come to the end of this particular episode.

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I appreciate that you've sat with us and benefited from the answers and Shawna Tyler. Until again, Charlotte we meet again BarakAllahu comm Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Yeah, are you

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Oh LTE Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah od M remian

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V che in do in a law he was already

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done don't mean

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you will kneel with me