Mufti Menk – This is How to Search for Laylatul Qadr

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The upcoming 26th of the year is a significant event in Arabic language, with the importance of finding the right moment to pursue forgiveness and staying in a positive environment for a longer time. The importance of facing one's mistake and not allowing it to happen again is emphasized, as it is crucial to soften one's heart towards Allah and not try selfish behavior. The segment also touches on a charity called Aurora, which is a small group of people who can help others, and the importance of finding a way to change one's behavior and address issues such as sin and regret.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah, who Allah Allah, he was happy ah mine,

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my beloved brothers and sisters, the 27th of Ramadan is a very, very important date. And the reason I say this is because of the narration of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, wherein he speaks about searching for the Night of Decree, the night of power or the Night of Decree in the Arabic language Laylatul Qadr. When we search for it, the idea is to be able to worship Allah through a number of days, not just one. But as human beings, we would like to know

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what is the night I want to know the see we have a bit of impatience. So people ask, When is this night? Exactly? The true answer is it's in Ramadan. Right? So it has to be in Ramadan. You can't come out in villager and say, Hey, we got to search for Leila to Qatar, because the days of the ledger are indeed very, very auspicious. Like the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says there are no days in which good deeds are more loved by Allah than the first 10 days of the AJA mom in a Yemen Allameh no salehoo fee in a heartbeat. Illa him in Haverhill, Asha, those are days of the ledger. The first 10 days of the ledger are the most powerful days in the lunar calendar. But the Knights

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were talking about the knights, the most powerful knights of the Knights of Ramadan, indeed, without a doubt, and from them, they are powerful nights towards the second half of Ramadan, in the last 10 Nights, there is a greater chance that Laylatul Qadr is in those 10 The ones we are in right now. And then he says the hero Laylatul Qadr refill with three mineral Azurill, our creamy Ramadan, search for the Night of Decree in the last in the odd nights from the last 10 nights of Ramadan. How do I search for the night by engaging in extra acts of worship by seeking the forgiveness of Allah by praising Allah by reading some Quran by engaging in more salah or prayer by doing my taraweeh by

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enjoying that by not indulging in that which is prohibited especially on those nights you and I know prohibitions or prohibitions, be it in Ramadan or out of Ramadan. But what is of importance is when Allah has given the value to a certain night more than others to do something wrong in that particular night would be even worse. Then he go on my limb sha Allah in.

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In surah, two Hajj Allah speaks about those who ensure the sanctity of that which Allah has given value to that is a sign of the piety of the heart. When Allah Almighty tells you, this is an auspicious occasion, this is a blessing place to do wrong in that particular place, or on that particular occasion intentionally would be damaging to our belief and faith in Allah Almighty. So my brothers and sisters to search for the night is very important. We've already brought it down to the odd nights from the last 10 Nights. That does not mean it didn't go by already.

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Someone asked me the other day, you know, the odd nights are different from country to country from place to place. Trust me, Allah knows that the time of your support and the time of your Iftar is the most blessing time for the day. And he knows that it's different timings even in different towns and different cities. How he does it, he knows best, you just follow the instruction. That's how it works. When Allah says there is an hour on a Friday we're in it is all there is a moment on a Friday, we're in the dua or supplication that anyone makes is answered immediately.

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The Friday and the timings are different from place to place. The same applies to the time of the head good, early morning, that pre Dawn time that is most blessed when Allah is calling out to all of us who is there who is going to ask me or seek forgiveness from me that I can give them or forgive them.

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And you and I know the time in Australia is different from that in America and that in Europe is different from that in Africa. How does Allah do it? He knows best he knows best. Do not despair. And don't let things baffled you that Allah has kept the knowledge of himself. You need to understand if Allah says it is this way

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It is that way Subhanallah and the same applies to everything else. Like I gave you the example of the starting and the ending of the faster on a daily basis, the prayer times on a daily basis and so on. So, if Allah Almighty has kept you in a place where the odd nights for me here they are, he wants you to engage in worship, he wants you to seek his forgiveness. He wants you to spend that time in a way that you have not spent before he in a positive way, obviously, so he wants you to do goodness we are gathered here because we would like to change our lives primarily. When you go for Hajj and you come back from Hajj, and you're still involved in your negative or bad ways and habits.

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That means you might have fulfilled your duty of the Hajj, but you did not achieve the broader benefit of the Hajj. The same applies to Ramadan. The same applies to Layla to Kedah.

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Although Leila to Qatar is inside Ramadan is one night that has the value of the whole of the rest of Ramadan. And beyond

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Laila to call the

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mean and Fisher that Night of Qadr that Leila, to cuddle. The Night of Decree is more powerful or better than 1000 months. And that's why if you look at the narrations of what you're supposed to be achieving from Ramadan, you're supposed to be achieving forgiveness. And if you look at the narrations of Laila to Catherine, itself, has the same forgiveness. Listen to what the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says, Man Samarra, Madonna Iman and why this happened, and what the rest of the hadith is goofy RAla, who made them be Whoever fasts the entire month of Ramadan, with faith and conviction, expecting a reward from Allah, all that person's previous sins will be wiped out.

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That's what Allah says. And then he goes on to say woman, karma Rama Ivana Iman and YT saben who fear Allah who made them behave, whoever stands in prayer at night in Ramadan through the month with conviction and faith, expecting reward and hoping for it from Allah. Allah will wipe out all that person's previous sins wiped out. What was that for? That was for standing in prayer at night throughout Ramadan.

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And it's not easy. When Allah tells us to do something, it's not going to be easy. If the reward is massive. It's got to be a difficult task. Allah alone makes it easy for us. If you were to try and fast outside of Ramadan, it won't be as simple as inside Ramadan because Allah has kept a blessing in this month where when we do it collectively and every one of us is here Masha Allah Tabata Kala, you will definitely find that Allah has created ease for us, my brothers, my sisters, for one night, Allah tells us the same thing through the blessed lips of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam man calm and Leila tell Cuddy e man and YT saben goofier Allah Who cut them in them behind whoever

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stands at night in prayer for Laila to cut them with full conviction and faith in Allah hoping for a reward from Allah. Allah will grant them total forgiveness. All that they've done previously, in terms of sin will be wiped out and forgiven for what one night of prayer for Allah. So we are searching for the night. Tonight could be the night we're searching for it. We are here already from salat wa salam and mashallah we want to worship Allah we want to obey Him minimum is we will not sin on this particular night. May Allah protect us from sin minor or major? May Allah help us so we can read a little bit of Quran the beauty today, all of us have the apps on our phones all of us have

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the apps on our phones with the Quran Am I right or wrong?

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Here we go. If I am right, why don't we use those you have a moment or two where for example, before Iftar just after or early morning whenever in the evening as you're waiting between the Salawat and the prayers? Why don't you open up and read a little bit of what you are supposed to be doing in terms of Quran you can do that that might be the moment when Allah is giving out his the prizes to the people of forgiveness. And you are engaged in the worship of Allah in one way or another.

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This is not a night where we can sit on our phones and socialize This is not a night that we can sit on our phones and waste our time. This is not a night where we sit with each other in the lounge and we say it might be a little colder and as you're sipping your shisha you say hola hola in California triple alpha for Annie. Imagine that's not how the night of decrease should be spent. This is a serious

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Last night where we make resolutions, we change our lives if you were to leave tonight with your heart having moved and your life having changed, good news to you, I pray Allah includes us from among those whom we are taught about when he says who fear Allah Who Martha domine zombie. May Allah include us in those who will be forgiven completely. I mean, so my brothers and sisters, a special occasion here we are so many of us do you know that Allah Almighty expects us to look for this beautiful night and the worship we're supposed to be engaging in not just on one night, you still have other nights, you still have the 29th coming, you have the 28th as well. You have so many other

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nights. I don't want to speak about what's gone already because I'm hoping that at least we can get it tonight by the will of Allah Almighty may Allah Almighty grant us ease. My brothers and sisters having gathered in large numbers in this beautiful, beautiful venue. We will need a lot of patience tonight.

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We will need to reach out to others we will need not to be selfish. We will need to share what we have Insha Allah, we will need to make space for others we will need to give and take that's all part of your test from Allah. Are you part of an ummah, if Allah wanted you to be an individual, all alone without interaction, he would never have made compulsory, the congregational prayer he would have never made compulsory the Friday prayer that you have to attend no matter what May Allah Almighty accept it from us. When you're going to interact with people naturally, you will have differences naturally, some might have character and conduct not in line with yours, whoever may be

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right, whoever may be wrong, you have to have a big heart. You have to improve yourself, you have to look within yourself, what can I do to improve the way I speak to my family members, the temper that I have, I get so angry I abused my family and those who interact with me, I am not such a good person. If you can pick that up the next stage is how are you going to rectify it? Are you serious about rectification? Are you really serious that you are going to learn to smile a little bit more to help those around you not to be that selfish to be able to share what you have with others. Look at the Night of Decree? What are the acts of worship you want to engage in tonight? Let me let me

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tell you the pillars of Islam. Besides Hajj, I want to do all the others. So my Shahada, I keep repeating first pillar of Islam conviction and I believe there is none worthy of worship besides Allah. And I believe that Muhammad peace be upon him is the final messenger Allah. Secondly, I'm going to pray my five daily prayers and I'm going to make sure tonight I'm engaged in extra acts of prayer. May Allah accept it from us. That's the next pillar of Islam already done. Then the fasting Allah Almighty has kept this in the month of Ramadan so that you can engage in the pillar of Islam known as fast had this night been outside of Ramadan, you would not be able to do live the compacity

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fast of Ramadan SubhanAllah. But here we are, we are fasting in the month of Ramadan. The only exception those who have been granted from Allah Almighty, the exception those are the ones who have that besides that we are supposed to be fasting may Allah Almighty make it easy for all of us. Then we have a charity and zakat that which you are supposed to give from what Allah gave you, Allah speaks about the poor, and Allah speaks about the needy. And Allah says, What to Malin hidden, let me

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give them from the wealth of Allah that Allah gave you. So Allah has made you a temporary custodian of the wealth that you have in your pocket, it's temporary, it's going to go, it's going to be depleted, you either waste it, or you use it wisely. And when you're using it wisely, you either use it yourself or you happen to expand and use on others. The winners are those who can reach out to others who are in greater need than them. Allah loves that quality so much when you have and you know, someone else does not have to reach out to them may not be that difficult, but when you don't have so much and you see someone who has even less than you and then you can reach out that is

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actually a quality that Allah praises in the Quran that was found among the Tsar of Madina. Munawwara while you think Runa Allah fusi him while Oh can I beat him Kasasa Well, me your cash your hand up, see if I

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can move

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on. Allah speaks about the answer and he says they

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give preference to others in things they themselves are in desperate need of, I need the so much but that person needs it even more than me. So here I am giving it away. That's not an easy quality. Allah says whoever whoever is saved from the miserliness have their own knifes and themselves, they are the truly successful. They are the truly successful, so successful are those who give tonight we will have opportunity to give whatever you would like to give. Do you know why I'm encouraging you to give because every night, we should be trying to engage in all these pillars of Islam. It's obviously not easy.

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And it's not possible to engage in the last one. But on a voluntary level, some are fortunate that they were able or are able to do that those who are in Makkah right now they can do a voluntary, minor pilgrimage known as Aurora. And the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says Whoever makes the ombre in avant Allah will reward them equivalent to that of a Hajj. That's according to generation.

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So we ask Allah Almighty to reward us, we ask Allah Almighty to grant us imagine all your pillars of Islam in one day, and you're going to be engaging in them. Surely that's the Night of Power The Night of Decree, may Allah soften our hearts, my brothers sisters, it is time to quit sin, it is time to quit our bad ways. It is time to turn to Allah. Lm yet nearly levena

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Shah Kulu boom living

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woman as Allah Mina has the time not come? Has the time not come for those who believe to soften their hearts towards the remembrance of Allah and not away from it. My brothers and sisters has the time not come for those who believe to soften their hearts to humble their hearts towards Allah and the remembrance of Allah and whatever he has revealed. In terms of the truth, the Quran, we need to soften our hearts towards Allah, not away from Allah. Allah Who Maya mocha liberal clothes a bit Kullu bunna Allah de Nick, say that supplication often Oh Allah, the tenor of the hearts, turn my heart towards your deen your religion, your faith and belief towards goodness towards obedience. Oh

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Allah, the Turner of the hearts, turned my heart towards you and not away from you. That's a powerful trap.

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Don't underestimate the value of supplication my brothers my sisters, every day we ask Allah to guide us straight path in us.

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Cream every day we repeat that so many times, bite us to the straight path because guidance is in the hands of Allah. We have an evening such as this a night, auspicious given by Allah such as these nights of Ramadan, my brothers, they are not meant to go past just like that. My dear sisters, this is a night of resolutions

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for the sake of Allah. If you've been weak in something, strengthen yourself tonight. It's the Night of Power. If you've been weak in quitting something you really want to quit and you know you have to quit. This is the night of power this Night of Decree. You have to do something tonight. It cannot remain for years on end you don't know whether you're going to see these few days Subhanallah you don't know if you're going to see another Ramadan.

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And like I say no one from amongst us has a total guarantee that tonight is definitely the night but we are looking for it. We are searching for it. While we are searching for it if that has moved you already it's beneficial for you it will better it will be better for you than your entire life.

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If hearts have been softened by Allah, they will be softened when we reach out to others today we are fasting mashallah we have not eaten for hours we have not drunk anything for hours Subhanallah and we are seated here all together. There is almost Pin drop silence when we were doing Salah to Lhasa earlier and I'm sure they will be Pin drop silence later as well. No one would ever imagine that there are 1000s of people right here right now in front of me. But that's Allah has given us a calmness in Ramadan. The condition of my heart is different from outside of Ramadan seize the opportunity, they say Make hay while the sun shines Subhanallah We ask Allah to grant us ease during

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these days of hardship. And we ask Allah to grant a softening during these days of auspiciousness that he has given us and the Knights in particular, my brothers, my sisters, if everyone is

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rushing towards Allah don't be the only few left out. Everyone is rushing towards Allah. I've just come in from Mecca to mocha Rama. And I can tell you when I see that 1000s of people circumambulating the Kaaba in tawaf and I look at men from among them are the famous and those who are not known, the wealthy and those who are poor, the influential and those who have no influence those who have few problems, those who have big problems, the healthy and those who don't have good health, those who've lost loved ones, and those who have and those who are there for in order to cry for Allah to have mercy on them for something or another. And you have those who may not have had so

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many problems in their lives. Everyone is there to please Allah. And I feel like one small minut insignificant worshipper of Allah, doing the same thing running around the cabinet, like a little child, searching for goodness searching for the help of Allah. And if I am not going to be there doing the same thing, it's me who has lost out the same applies to us tonight. If you are not going to seek the forgiveness of Allah, if you're not going to change your life, it's you who's lost out the others are all doing that anyway. Why should I lose out for what everyone is trying to mend their ways? Everyone is seeking the forgiveness of Allah. Oh, Allah forgive us collectively tonight,

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Allah Houma. Inaka Alpha One, two hit Bhullar 454 Anna Amin,

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my brothers, my sisters,

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may Allah Almighty have mercy on us.

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When we see others, we are very quick to judge people. We don't know their connection with Allah. Perhaps they cry at night to seeking the forgiveness of Allah and we are busy pointing fingers at them not realizing they're closer to Allah than we ever were, we have not yet tasted the sweetness of the man. And here they are enjoying the fruits of faith, even though they may be in greater difficulty and hardship than yourself and myself.

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Sometimes Allah makes our lives easy. That is a test from Allah, are you going to drift away from him? Or are you going to be more steadfast? When Allah has given you a good job and the good family and good conditions and good situations? That is a test from Allah for you? Are you going to appreciate it? Or are you going to turn away from Allah is or are the gifts of Allah upon you drifting away, making you drift away from Allah. If that's the case, tonight, we need to change that.

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A true gift is that which brings you closer to Allah otherwise, even when you get everything this world has to offer, it does not necessarily mean that Allah is pleased with you. Allah has given for our own and our own and Allah has destroyed them. The Pharaoh had more than you can imagine. Our own Allah Almighty describes the keys to his treasures was so heavy that it would be difficult for a group of men to carry only the keys. Imagine what he must have had. What do you have you and I think we're a big deal.

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And Allah says, for herself Nabi he won't be daddy he'll have been because he was ungrateful cartoon, we cause the earth to open and swallow him and his entire household out gone. Sudden, look at what's happening across the globe in terms of disaster, natural disaster, or manmade, whatever it might have been something caused by men, warfare and so on. We ask Allah to grant us peace, stability, security, serenity, more than anything else, conviction and faith, my brothers,

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we have no guarantee that we're going to be sitting in goodness and we're going to be sitting in whatever we have been blessed by Allah if we're going to turn away Allah says we can take that away from you at any moment. So therefore, I want to know what's the way of keeping what I have?

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How can I keep what I have and get more

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whatever I have in terms of worldly life, I have my family members I have goodness I have a decent job I have a fair amount of money for example, I have a fair amount of whatever other luxuries not luxuries but goodness. Okay. And some go into the point of luxuries. Okay, how do I keep it? Well, Allah He my brothers and sisters, Allah tells us in the Quran, how to keep that. Allah says, What if than our Bolcom law,

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shack up to the neck calm.

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It's like an announcement from Allah that if you are going to be thankful in the true sense, we will grant you increase. What is thankfulness in the true sense? Obey the instructions of Allah and stay away to the best of your abilities from that which

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is displeasing to Allah, wherever you have faltered turn to Allah very quickly, very quickly because you and I are human beings, we can falter, we can fall, we may fall into sin, like our forefather, Adam fell into exactly what Allah told him not to do, he did. But the difference between him and those who are not interested in the relationship with Allah, he sought forgiveness instantly.

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And some don't bother seeking forgiveness. That's why Allah speaks about it in the Quran. He says, those who have wronged themselves if they remember ALLAH immediately and seek forgiveness immediately and regret their deed and promised not to.

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Not to do that. Again. For example, Allah Almighty says, for them is paradise. Those are the ones whom we've prepared paradise for. Imagine. So when you sin, it doesn't mean you've lost paradise, you still have hope for as long as you're alive, and you're going to seek the forgiveness of Allah and change your ways. Allah says those are the ones who we will grant paradise to.

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So we ask Allah to grant us a turning point. And we ask Allah to open our doors. And we ask Allah Almighty to accept us this evening for all our acts of worship. May Allah bless us all. May Allah soften our hearts so that we can love one another so that we can stand up for one another so that we can support one another so that we can help one

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