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Musleh Khan
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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu, salam, ala rasulillah were buried. So brothers and sisters, we are at verse number 12, verse number 12 of pseudo classes. Before I begin, I want to share with you a story and it might sound like the story is completely random coming from nowhere, what does it have to do with anything, but I want to share the story with you of how we're going to introduce today's session. There's a family, you know, how we're living in this pandemic, there's a family that about something like 18 years ago, they moved, okay, so they moved from one community, and they move to another. And the father and most of his kids were

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devastated that they had to move. And in addition to that, the community that they were moving to, they didn't like the community, they didn't want to move in that area. So they were really upset at themselves. And they were just frustrated. They had to start new schools, new job, everything. And this was a Muslim family. So they were farther away from masajid, and Islamic communities as well. So here, you are now moving from one community to another, and you're far from all the things that are closest to you. And in addition to that, all of their family and friends, they were far from them. Anyhow, they didn't really have a choice. They moved, they settled in. And for about 18 years,

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they've been living till this day, in this new community.

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Now the pandemic is here. Now the pandemic is here, out of all the cities, okay, out of all the cities and communities that were considered high risk communities that had the highest level of outbreaks, the community that they move to, was at the bottom of that list. It was at the bottom of that list. And I met this father A while ago. And he couldn't stop telling me how grateful he was to live in that community. Because since the pandemic began, why, because his mom eventually moved in the house with them. She was a diabetic. His father was also a really sick had some complications as well. And so they were considered high risk patients. And they got the Coronavirus, they could have

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died from it like literally instantly. So he was so grateful, because he was living in a community that had the lowest risk the lowest numbers of the Coronavirus.

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That's a hint of what the title of this video is. Those of you who haven't seen the title, I would encourage you Before I begin, just take a look at the title real quickly. When we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for something that's okay, ask Allah for whatever you want. But how Allah chooses to give that to us, is up to him.

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And one of the biggest mistakes, when we make dua to Allah, one of the biggest mistakes the average Muslim makes, is that what you ask Allah for, you also expect a lot of give it to you in a certain way. So I meet Muslims all the time, like they started a business. And the business was a failure. And they would come to me and say, I may go out over and over or Allah make this business successful, oh, give me this, give me this in return, my investment went down the drain. And then maybe four or five years later, they will see the wisdom of why that business had to fail because Allah had planned something completely different for them that was even more successful. You know, I

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have stories like this, tons of stories like this in my own life. And I'm sure every one of you listening to this, you have a story like this where you asked a love for things, and you were hoping that you would get it, you would hope that you would get you were hoping you would get it in a certain way. But for whatever reason, Allah didn't give it to you. And as life went on, you were like, thank god Alhamdulillah I didn't get that. Thank God, it didn't work out that way. Thank God that didn't happen. Because of your situation. And this is how weak and frail human beings are. This is how we are. Our insight into things is so limited. And when we talk about trusting Allah subhanho

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wa Taala when we talk about this whole concept of trusting Him, this is just one of a million examples of why it's so critical that when you ask Allah subhanho wa Taala trust his response, trust how and what he chooses to give you. And the thing that you ask for, don't tell a lot or expect a lot to give it to you in a certain way at a certain time.

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Just let it happen because that's a less territory. We are not allowed to touch that part of our door. We are just told, ask and praise Allah ask and praise Allah, how Allah chooses to return and give us or respond to the door. That's a less territory. Now on that note, let's begin and I'll show you where I get this from. Okay.

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By the way, one quick retraction from yesterday's video I kept saying we'll call it Li o t, of course See, the mother of musar lesson would tell her daughter follow the basket, not the daughter, her sister. I don't know why daughter just kept popping in my head and I listened to the video yesterday and I was like I kept saying daughter, daughter. So that's one correction. Just please make sure you you make a note of that at least mental note of that. It was the sister that is gone following this basket, not the daughter. Okay, just one correction there. Well, how to run that Riley Hill model there and mill public.

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So just to give us some context of where we're at. So here this sister is walking around following this basket, and she's blending in now as she inches closer and closer to the palace. Now keep in mind this palace isn't just across the road, you know, it's not going to be close to the poor houses, the poor villages. It's far away out in the distance. So as she got closer to it, she just kept playing around minding her own business, you know, acting just like a little kid, you know, just doing her thing? And will homeland ruin everybody around so all the security forces of fit arounds Palace in his castle? They can they all just sees these kids just toying around just walking

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around doing their own thing. There's no threat, there's no problem. So she was a genius.

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Well, how to run the LA Hill model, there are mental pub. Now the scene shifts once again. It shifts once again. So you go now from the sister of mozzarella slam, excuse me, the sister of the mother of mozzarella, his lips and mozzarella sounds ENT and now it shifts back to the palace. Masada he still am. He's still a baby. So now it's he's crying and it's time to feed him. All of these know back in those days, right? You had wet nurses, you had nurses that would literally feed this child will breastfeed this kid. And so they're trying there's all these different women in the palace that are trying to nurse Musa alayhis salaam and Allah says well how to run the end we had prohibited Musa

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alayhis salaam. So basically all of those individuals that were trying to nurse musala he says Allah made their milk out on for him. Allah allowed Moosa or made Musa to refuse the milk from all of them. Now se out of the 11 how right? So the wife has been around when is watching all of this. And by the way, this is starting to hint to something that we already covered in the previous episode, okay, so just keep that thought in mind. So as Moosa is refusing he doesn't want to drink from no one's milk what ends up happening. Remember one of the first commands that the mother of Moosa was given was to calm your child down. What do you do? She said, a lot told her feed him a lot told the

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mother of Masada, his solemn will call our hyena, Illa Mimosa and Otto Leary. We inspired the mother of Musa feed him. So Musa alayhis, salaam had already got used to and connected to his mum, because he was fed by her. So the training was already there. He wants no one else's milk, except his mom's milk. Do you see how LS plan is starting to unfold?

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then it continues for pilot. So SEO to the lover I know she says hello to Luke Kumara. Li baiting yuck for Luna. Should I tell you guys about an literally This is how the sentence is. Should I tell you about a house somewhere that could take care of him.

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A house that has really awesome babysitters that could take care of him that could probably feed him. She's talking about herself by the way. But she doesn't want to say that she doesn't want to see I want that baby Just give it to me. She doesn't want the other ladies or the other ladies of the palace to know this. So she's just like, you know, I could show you have a place I can show you have a house that can raise him that can take care of him well whom love who now soon, and they would teach him he would have the best Tobia he would have the best training and the best upbringing. And that's what the palace was at that time. At that time. It had the highest level of

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education. It had all the resources you could imagine. So it was a good place and socially

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She knew that she didn't want these ladies to take mozzarella cheese anywhere else because remember, she's already in love with this child. She wants this baby. This is like I can show you guys where to go. Give me Give me the baby. I'll show you. Now. Nasi hohen here now Saha is not just advise the child it's also to raise the child intellectually so the child will get a good education. So it takes care of his intellect. prodigy now elomi. Here is where the introduction that whole story about the family and the Coronavirus and so on, here's where it connects for the nanhu elomi.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala program Musa alayhis, salaam he programmed him that he was going to return back to his mom. And that process already began. How so? Because he only wants his mum's milk.

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It's amazing. Allah is literally saying to us, didn't I tell you I'm going to return her him back to his mom photo that nanhu illa only so we returned him back to his mother. k takamura. You know her so that she could relief? relief her eyes so that she could just find some happiness. So they're trying to find that they're trying to find where can this baby be nursed? Where can this baby be or nurse and it just so ends up happening that it ends up returning back to his mother and Moosa starts drinking so Pamela, this is where this is the lesson for all of us. You we have to have to I mean, I don't think it's something that I can teach or anybody can teach another Muslim. We can teach you

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how to trust Allah, that's something that develops through your worship. The more you talk to Allah, the more you learn who Allah is, the more you study your deen, the more you practice what you've learned. You develop that connection with Allah, you develop this trust, I can't tell you to trust another human being. Because you'll literally have to take my word for it. Okay, just trust him. He's really cool. But deep down inside of you, I mean, we're like this. So logically, it makes sense as well. If you tell me to trust somebody, and I don't know them, I'm just going to take your word for it. But if I get disappointed, I'll come back to and be like, you said, I could trust them.

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Yeah, that was the last person on the planet I would ever trust. You have to develop that relationship. You have to spend some time with that person, you have to talk to them and get to know them. And that's how you start to develop the trust. It's the same idea and logic with Allah subhana wa, Tada. You develop a trust with Allah by getting to know who Allah is, and how do you do that you connect with his book, you've got to take the time to study it. And then you've got to take the time to pray to Him to submit yourself to Him. And Allah will instill in you this connection that you cannot get or learn out of a book. It's just something that's bestowed upon you. That's why when we

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meet somebody like another Muslim, and they can just say, Yeah, I lost my child, but I knows best. And you're looking at them and you're like, Allah knows best. That's that's how you handle that. You just, you just trust a lot just like that, man, I wish I could do the same. I can barely trust the life I lose my job. I can barely trust a life something terrible happens to me on the road or something. And you lost your child and you just your your brain, your heart just goes into autopilot and you just trust the law. That's what happens. When you take the time to study and understand who Allah subhanho wa Taala is 99% of the people who struggle with this simply don't know who Allah is,

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or at least that's one of the factors that contributes to that is that they don't know who Allah is. They've never sat in a classroom and really taken the time to understand who Allah subhanho wa Taala is. So okay to cover Arina how well it doesn't really tell him and Noah de la help so that she could relieve herself of the grief and the pain, how much she missed her son. It's just incredible to me. Allah says, I told you, I would return him back to you. So he came back to her. And so she became the woman that now some kind of love. She is nursing her own son, but nobody else knows that. So now there's two individuals here whose eyes are being relieved, as see out of the 11 hand now has

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ownership of or she she's pretty much adopted, most are nice to them. And the one who is nursing musar Lee slim is his biological mum. So Ally's talking about the biological mother and says that we wanted to relieve her give her relief of the grief that she was going through and that she could

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Lily Terra lemma and noir de la he helped that Indeed Allah subhanho wa Taala his promise is the truth. So you see what ends up happening moving forward? Is after she experienced this now with her son, now she knew and know what are the law you have is not Yeah, I believe Allah keeps his promises. The way that this a structured because of the word help, she knows deep down inside, that anything that Allah subhanho wa Taala promise her, it's going to be the right thing, it's going to be the truth, it's going to be the thing that she will trust moving forward, again, we are reminded and learning about a different type of inspiration or ye to the righteous. So one type of

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inspiration to the righteous is that they know when Allah promises something that Allah is going to fulfill that promise. Even if they can't see how Allah is going to do it. When Allah is going to do it, what's going to be involved, involved when Allah subhanho wa Taala does it they're going to see all of that and they trust it. That's a knower, the law. How will our kin external whom lie RLM Oh, my goodness, we call it ends. But most people don't have a clue.

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So panela most people can't do that. Most people don't know and don't have a clue when Allah makes a promise. They trivialize it. Allah promises that He will punish the ones who are unjust. When When is it going to happen? They start questioning it. When is he going to do this? How many more people have to suffer and die before a lead does it and allows like, and no Abdullah help going to do it relax. Well, I can accept a home like most of you like you don't have a clue. You don't know. You've got to learn and understand how to trust his plan. That's what the mother of musala slime is getting here. And that's what all of us should get. Moving on. While I'm Bella should the who was tell Tina

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or he'll come out while a man will cause early convergence in immersing students. This is Sound familiar? Is there another sutra that has a similar verse? The sister Surah Surah Yusuf. Except there's one difference suta Yusuf has the exact same sentence. But there's one difference. West Stella was Stella is mentioned here, but not in sort of abusive. So Allah says, well, Emma Bella, should the who when Musa alayhis salam, pretty much mature, he was all grown up. West Stella, Allah gave him strength a stellar is it's like planting a tree. You know, when you plant a tree, you know, you see a twig, tiny little plant starts piercing out of the ground, you can kick it, you can throw

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something at it, it'll break apart, it's done. It's still weak. But eventually that tree grows and it matures. And now you become the weak one. You can't push the tree down, you can't punch it down, you can't kick it down. So now the tables get reversed. So what Stella is referring to musar they slim shirt when he was a baby, he was kind of weak, but Allah will cause him to mature and he will be a strong physically strong man. So there are two things now that Musa will have either he sent him

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well whom Allah who now see one is one, Allah will bless him, he will be a genius, he will have sharp intellect. And number two was stellar. He will also be physically strong. So these are two things that now let's give some context here because I'm sure one of the first questions you might be wondering is so how can you use a fairly slim didn't get that is easy. The weak one was Egypt out of the strength like what why didn't he get it? The context is totally different. You've got to remember that Yusuf Ali, his Selim goes to a palace. But he's not somebody that is cared for, in the sense that he didn't become just part of the family. It was a caretaker, I hate to say but he was he

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was treated like a subhuman. He was a slave of the palace. He was jailed. He was set up all kinds of things happened to him. So he did not have access to education and the resources of the palace. As opposed to Moosa Moosa became part of the family. He's being raised by and by the way, this is also another hand fit around accepted Him, or else he would have never matured and grown up to be the strong and intelligent man that he is. So he was accepted. He was educated, he got the best training. So his total bn training was totally different from that of use of Harley's them because they play completely different

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Or opposite roles. So now mozzarella, he said, um, Allah gave him Tina hookman when in wisdom and knowledge what can only can he say more sunnyland that's how we gave strength and perseverance to the righteous one. That's how we gave him the ability to move forward. Okay? Now guys, things get interesting. Watch what happens one day, well done and Medina to Allah Haney hoffler team in one day musala Islam goes out for a walk, and he goes into the city of Medina. So wherever this palace is, it's far out in the outskirts of the of the city musar la slums takes a walk back into the busy capital or busy city of Egypt, right? Allah Haney hoffler teaming earlier at a time when everybody

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was pretty much sleeping. They were relaxing a lot flat here is not just heedlessness, they were just things just stopped. So it was probably somewhere around the hard time. So sometime during the mid day, where business is slow. People are going taking their daily nap, the cooloola, right? The cooloola. So that still happens in many parts of Europe till this day. Like you'll go I've been to France, I've been to Germany, I've been to London, you know, somewhere at our own time. If you want to go to certain places or stores, you'll see the owner sitting outside just drinking coffee. And you're like, Can I get something after when I'm done? my coffee is just a relaxing period for our

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visual. I mean, we don't have that here in the West. But the malls? What is the slowest period in the malls, in grocery stores? Usually around that midday, right? It's usually around the hottest time of the day. And our profit it sort of used to take a nap When did he used to take his nap around after loaner time? hottest time of the day. Nobody wants to be outside in the middle of the desert. So most Isley slum goes out into the city when there's hardly anyone there, there's much traffic, there's much people remember why is he doesn't want to be seen, because he looks different. He's in his Surah ealey right, so he looks different from other Egyptians, so he doesn't want to be

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recognized. Now here's the question, why did he go out some of the scholars say that musallam used to go and visit Benny is sort of in all the Israelites who are working for fit around and to see if they needed any help to offer them some service to offer them something to give them something so we go out and he doesn't want to be seen by other Egyptians doing this. So he waits until everybody's relaxed everybody's gone into their homes or what have you. They're sleeping they're having coffee they're taking a nap whatever the case is, so that's the perfect time so he goes out and starts asking is there anything that any of you need etcetera etcetera

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for which he held on to laying

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he saw two men

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EOC tatiane they're trying to kill each other has I mean she it hasn't been I do we One of them was from the Israelites and the other was an Egyptian or some other group right some other group but the other group was the enemy of this man. So there was a fight that was happening and both of these individuals want to kill each other festiva will lezzy so looks like that when this fight is happening. You have the Egyptian so you have fit ounce people and you have the soraa ease and to a one men from here one men from here are literally fighting and killing each other festiva who so that is Sora eally sees musala Islam and begs him to help him because why this guard or this

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Egyptian whoever it is most likely could have been a security guard right? is beating the life out of this poor Islamic elite right? beating him beating him a steel author is when you ask for help at that last moment, you know like there's nothing else you can do. So you ask for help. That's called a steel author. So he asks for help at the point where he's totally helpless now. Unless even share it here. I'll let him in I do we. So he asks for help. So this is from Surah ilas from his enemy this Egyptian security guard person right?

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So what cuz we'll move sir. So Moosa intervenes. And he pushes like the guard away, like what are you doing? Leave them alone is a poor slave. Just Just let let go.

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And the guard now gets in front of musar Lisa's face, and starts to push and shove and literally wants to take him out. What did we just say that masala slim has was stellar. He's extremely strong, he's fully packed. You know, he's fully packed and you're going to see the strength of musala Islam later on in the sword.

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So he's like a bodybuilder six pack everything right? So mozzarella is left for what cancer who moves, moves up punched the guard. But it wasn't just like a baby punch, you take one punch for musalla he slam

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or what happened to the guard? Fuck called La La. The guard. He was done called La la, the guard was finished. For what has also means what can say is when you punch somebody somewhere from the neck down, so musar la slam punch this man. And he fell to the ground for call barley. He was finished. He was dead.

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Pilar has them in MLA shape. And look at that most early slabs reaction. This is from the evil shaitan he's not blaming shaitan or excuse me, he's not blaming only shaitan he's not just saying, oh, it wasn't my fault, it will shaitan and maybe do that. That's the only thing because nowhere in the eye does He say I didn't do this. He's saying this is from the actions of shavonne. He's not saying I didn't do any of this. It was shaitan and maybe lift my arm and I swung it and I punched this. No, he didn't do it. He's still accountable. He's still taking it on himself, which blaming shaitan that this is what she thought it makes you do. You know, if somebody cuts you off on the

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road, if you don't control shaitan temptation, what do you end up doing? You want to run the guy off the road into the valley into a ditch let him crash bla bla bla bla, all because of what he ran you or cut you off or some way.

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It's crazy. It's crazy how the influence of shaitan works. So he says that this is from shaitan got me in involved in all of this. I ended up getting you know, again, end up getting part of this whole craziness. I punched this guy and he falls and look, he's dead right in front of my eyes. So shaytaan makes you do for them and I'm going to show you in a while I don't want modelo mobian He is such a clear, devastating, clear enemy. He's such an enemy to all of us. So this is Musa Allison's way of saying it's so pathetic. So filthy, how terrible shaitan is it's so obvious.

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Hi, Laura. Rob, be in Neil Valentin FC. Now usually when you do something like that you're supposed to stand in front of a judge right? You go to court you get arrested you go and you're you're deemed as the criminal so you stand in front of a judge musala sam goes in front of the real judge cannot be

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all my master all in New Zealand to an FC see how we admitted I did something wrong. I did something wrong. So you didn't blame shaitan for his actions, but he's saying that's what shaitan makes people do. But then he tells the real Judge of Ireland to NFC for the field really for her for Allah says love forgive me and so I love forgave him in the who who will afford Rahim Allah is exceptionally forgiving always merciful you know what's amazing about this a that's the reaction when you do something wrong turn to Allah first. What did our sin the teach us? The moment you you make a mistake or you do something wrong? What are we Muslims supposed to do? A stuff that a lot. Or a

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prophet is not what Salaam says soon as you do a wrong or a mistake. What do you what do you follow that up with a good deed so that it can cancel out the mistake? Our initial reaction, our immediate reaction, when we do say or get ourselves involved in something wrong, is immediately emang kicks in and be like, hey, alarm bells going off. What are you doing? What's wrong with you? Stop that. Don't talk like that. Don't act that way. SubhanAllah

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that's what mozzarella Sam does.

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He turns to the real judge in his whole life. Forgive me. What have I done? Forgive me all love. What have I done? This is from me. And Alice caught the sincerity accepted it from him and forgave him. Final verse students Carlota Bibi met nom de la

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This is oh by master what you just honored me with the forgiveness. God what what you just honored me with felon akuna the hero little maturity mean, I will never be involved. I will never back up the criminal the way I just did. Here's the question who is Moosa calling the criminal here? Who's he talking about? He's talking about the men who asked him for help. He says that's the criminal because he got me involved in all of this.

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So you see what more

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Silas is doing. He's not stereotyping against anyone. That's what unfortunately we do. And Muslims are really good at that. All the blacks when they will do I saw black guy stelia the blacks are like that. I saw Spanish guys swear the Spanish people are like the I saw this groups where the Somalis do this, the Indians do that the Arabs do this. Internally, brothers and sisters, I hate to say it, but I'm gonna say it anyway, internally within the Muslim community, the oma, we are some of the best racists you'll ever meet.

00:30:39 --> 00:30:53

It's really, really sad. And I am sure a lot of you understand where I'm coming from. A lot of you understand this. I've lived and I've visited some countries, Muslim countries, and you're just like,

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how incredibly sad and devastating it is. And Musa alayhis salam. He knows he knows exactly. He's pointing the finger at the men that is sort of eally the Israel items of the person that's from his own group, his background, who he belongs to, and he's like, This man brought me into this. He's the real criminal. But he makes a promise to Allah. Oh, Allah, I'll never make this mistake. Again. I promise you in sha Allah, I won't do this again.

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Incredible. marsali, Salaam salom. This is where the genius comes in. You want to talk about intellect, you want to talk about a man who was brilliant. It was the purity in his heart. That makes him a genius. It wasn't that he just had a ton of information and ton of education. No, no, that's one thing. And I've said this before, you know, when you go to school, and you get degrees and PhDs, that doesn't make you a good person. That's not as a consequence, you're going to be this amazing, sincere individual. Going to school and learning and getting a degree is learning a skill. You learn how to perform a job, but you can still be a liar, you can still be a racist, you could

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still have a filthy heart.

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You can still be a lawyer, Doctor, engineer, whatever you want, and still be the worst human being anyone's ever met.

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So just not don't confuse the two. Musab al Islam has purity in his heart. That's what makes him special.

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And it just amazes me. I remember looking at this verse when I first studied the suta. And I'm like, a little hero, little machete mean, he won't back up the criminal. He's got to be talking about the guard. And when I looked up the Tafseer, and I was like, Oh my God, he's actually talking about the man who asked him for help.

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And like, it took me a while to like, understand. He's talking about that man. Why? And then it started to make sense because the men pull them into something. And guess what ends up happening is the final note guys, guess what? ends up happening? Remember that these two individuals were killing each other. Right? So there was a small crowd, people are like, Yeah, I just take him take him. Where did everybody go? When mozzarella he slammed punch the guard? Where did the rest of them go? What happened to the man who called him to get involved who asked for his help? Where did they all go? They all ran away.

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They left Moosa there by himself with this dead guard in front of his face. That's why Moosa says they were the real criminal, because they brought me into this, I was just trying to help this thing happen accidentally, and then they all ran away and left me. But he doesn't say Oh, all his soraa areas are like that. He doesn't stereotype. Muslims do that.

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Muslims do that people do that. musala Islam did it as a really, really powerful lesson for us guys. So panela how the core and keeps us pure. I would say sincere, but I want to focus more on the purity of it. pure hearts, you want to talk about being sincere and pure. This is one of the ways the poor and teaches us where to focus our attention where to prioritize our hatred, or where thoughts and our frustrations, how to keep that stuff under control. I'm going to leave you with this guys. Let this thing marinate in your brains. Let it just sit, sit there and settle for a little and really internalize this incredible, incredible, powerful, powerful lesson. powerful

00:34:47 --> 00:34:59

lesson SubhanAllah. So go back to the beginning. If those of you who popped in a little later, go back to the beginning of this episode and listen to the story that I shared and

00:35:00 --> 00:35:41

Then see where it connects with the surah. And then of course, really, really think about this last and final lesson that we got what somebody wrote here bitter truth, it was definitely a bitter truth for all of us but we we have to be able to accept that. Accept that and inshallah tada tomorrow we'll see some some more. Some more craziness that's going to be happening in this story, some kind of law. We're just getting warmed up. So stay tuned, be in a town for the next episode. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless you all, and accept all of us love them. I mean, just come on level Hayden. Have a wonderful day brothers and sisters and enjoy the rest of your weekend was sent Mr. De Kumara

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to lucky robot a character

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