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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of staying healthy and not losing weight during the pandemic, praying with the Prophet, finding support through prayer, praying with a drummer, and avoiding crowded places. They emphasize the importance of praying with a smile and being mindful of one's words, avoiding hedge film, and pray with a smile. The conversation ends with a brief advertisement for a coffee brand.
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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Welcome back Brothers Sisters viewers at home. Well, we are continuing to try to take your questions we had a caller just actually when we started the week and they've remained on the line since so does aka lol Hara for your patients. Well, take your call now Charlotte Allah said I'm Alikum Wailuku

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shareholder team. Yes.

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It's me. I will call I'm calling from Scotland Glasgow.

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You're welcome, brother. Welcome. Oh, how are you? Alhamdulillah I can look at me Allah bless you. Good. Lila. I have two questions here.

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The first one, I miss three days in Ramadan time. Okay.

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So now I have planned to do it. But unfortunately, I'm unwell. I have problem ahead.

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Okay, and in this case, I have to pay money for three days. Because I have planned to send to my mother in law in Yemen, okay. For three days or I wait until I getting better after then I like okay.

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This first question. The second question

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when when you enter the mosque, I'm calling for mosque now when you enter the mosque and then has been done? Yes. So we want to pray that the higher didn't masjid or you pray for Raka before mobile wartime? Okay. Very

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good question. My question. Mark. Allah. Allah has

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made some very clear, crystal clear, crystal clear. Okay, that's fine. Thank you. You're welcome, brother. We have another caller said I'm an eagle.

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Yes, sister.

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Yes. Do you want me to continue my question? I don't know your question. But you can ask it. Yes. Oh, sorry.

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Okay, my question is,

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I've been going through some tests lately. And

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what I want to know is every time I pray, whether it's my son or my father, I mean, every time I'm going to scheduled after I say, so kind of

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a three times and then say whatever is on my mind and my every time not just like in my nephros, or and I could be there for a long time every time because of what I'm going through. Is this something that is okay to do and even after the show who the my final and at the end of the prayer after silhouette? I do like eight nine more dollars.

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Is this excessive? Is this too much? You're praying alone? I assume. Right? It's not like there's a whole drama behind you is that you're praying alone?

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I'm praying alone. Okay, sure. Okay, I'll answer the question is solitarily sister, barnacle avec May Allah make it easy for you?

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Okay, we have three questions here. We have our brother Mohammed from Scotland. We also did bless him. He's actually sick at the moment I ask Allah azza wa jal and yes via candelas you will grant you a cure and allows you to recover and be come stronger than you were before Allahumma Amin. So you have three days remaining.

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Or three days that are outstanding from last Ramadan do you simply just pay three days to pay a poor person or something like that? No, it doesn't work like this. Okay. Because you are currently ill and you are excused from not fasting at the moment. And because Ramadan is still some time away. Okay, you would hold on you wait, and insha Allah azza wa jal, you will recover from your illness and then you have the opportunity to make those days up.

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Let's say worst case scenario, and inshallah this doesn't happen but just so you know, that you are unable for whatever reason you were unable physically unable to make these three days up until Ramadan comes.

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Now Ramadan has started and you didn't make those three days up. Do you have to stop paying to feed poor people?

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No, because you are excused you had a genuine excuse you were unable to make these days up. Then there's nothing upon you financially. You just simply need to make those days up but isn't Elita Allah when you are healthy? Okay. So when that Ramadan comes and again, assuming if you weren't able to do that

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in the month of Shaban and runs into Ramadan, you're sick you cannot fast. So when you are healthy when you are able to fast you make those days up in shadow tight, okay. So the financial issue you put to one side, that's not something that you need to look into at the moment.

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What I would say

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And that being the case that there is no financial responsibility upon you at the moment start making up for those days. If you are able and were prepared to give something to your mother, then you go ahead and do that inshallah Tada, okay, there is, I can't think of a better sadhaka better charity that you will give more help than giving it to your mother. So you go ahead and do that brother, may Allah subhanaw taala replace you and give you back that what you give in the path of Allah subhanaw taala I mean,

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the next question concerning the whole of the masjid or entering the masjid, the other man has finished.

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You may have like 10 minutes before the salah begins now. Now as we know the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said either doc Allah had documented Masjid if any one of you enters into the Masjid. Follow your Judas or had your Salah rocketing? Then do not sit down until you prayed to Raka.

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Now what to Raka is this is it specified?

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Or can you just simply intend to Hey, you told the masjid you could intend the welcoming of the masjid and then you pray your fork afterwards. So in the scenario that you have described, you enter the masjid you want to pray to raka of the welcoming of the masjid and then you want to pray for Raka of your sunnah before Salah toto so in total you prayed six, you have that option.

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Another person says I want to pray my two and two like my four before the hook and the first two rocker that I am offering which is my two of the four that I'm offering before the hook that will cover my welcoming of the masjid that is also sufficient okay so if you came when you meet you intended your first to sunnah for Salah to Lahore and that covers your to the masjid that's also fine so that other person in in total will pray for aka the two and two. The first two covers there to here to the masjid okay so you have the choice to do both inshallah Tada because the Tahitian Masjid is, mortalities are not restricted prayer to a particular type. Therefore any prayer that you

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in the masjid counts as your welcoming of the Masjid. Okay, similarly if you entered in the same situation for Fudger okay, you entered the masjid and you want to pray you're too so not before Fajr you pray that to sunnah that covers your Tahitian Masjid. Okay, and then you wait for the fob, you wait for the obligatory prayer and then you're done. Inshallah, tada. If another person wants to pray to, to hate and rested, and then there soon afterwards, they can do that as well. They have that choice. And Allah subhanaw taala and has missed

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the next question. Our sister called, and says that the moment she's going through a number of tests, I asked Allah subhanaw taala and you said, I'm like that was really makes it easy, make sure

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easier for you that the Allah Subhana Allah grants you patients and allows you to grow closer to Him subhanaw taala him I mean, now, there are a number of ways that a Muslim can

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get close to Allah subhanaw taala and we know that Allah subhanaw taala

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tells us in the Quran was that you know, based solely on salah, did you seek help from Allah subhanaw taala through prayer and through patients. So one of the best ways of you asking Allah subhanaw taala for help to grant for granting you ease enabling you to get through that difficult situation is in pray. Aisha radi, Allahu Allah and honey awaits that when the Prophet sallallahu ala sent me the physio, the physio,

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innovations Adam amor, if he became very anxious about a matter,

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it would go to pray.

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Now, you have mentioned that in your sujood after you saying Subhan Allah or Bill either and at the end in your Tisha hood after using what is necessary, you at times white in sujood, that you essentially talk to Robert I mean, that you ask Allah azza wa jal in your own way, because maybe Arabic is not your first language.

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It's not your second or third. You can't speak Arabic maybe. So can I make dua Can I ask Allah Subhana Allah in my own language about what is dear to me and what I'm going through I opened my heart to Allah jell O Allah, it is permitted for you to do that everything data Allah

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and this is fulfilling Subhan Allah what Allah subhanaw taala says Wa Carlotta boo como de Rooney SDG welcome. And your Lord has proclaimed call upon me and I will answer you. So in sujood, and this is the best place for you to make dua, one of the best places belcarra Wuma, you're gonna end up doing a lot of behavioral research it the closest you will be to your Lord is when you are prostrating as the Prophet alayhi wa sallam informed us. So it's just that there's no problem in sha Allah in you extending your sujood if he goes in for a long time, I asked if you're praying alone, as opposed to, you know, praying with a drummer because maybe they are not in the same place as you

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and if you're spending, you know, maybe five minutes in sujood that may be difficult for them. They may understand why it's so good. So long stuff

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You're praying alone, you are free to make the prayer as long as as you wish, because, you know there is nobody following us not causing any difficulty upon others. And similarly, at the end of your Tisha hood, you make many to us, and these are two excellent times within the price and in the Salah for you to make the DUA.

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So, while Institute and we know also between the two stages you can make

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use of fiddly you can make do out there and also in the shepherd time is also good for you to make a DUA. So, again, I asked Elijah to make it easy for you and for all the Muslims are going through difficulties Allahumma Amin

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could have some more questions

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from the WhatsApp.

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Can I speak about the permissibility of single women traveling with Amara groups? I was raised in the Hanafi madhhab and have a Muharram. But I'm confused by so many women of my age mid 30s Going with groups Yeah, this is this is a new, somewhat well known may not necessarily be new actually. But it is something which has become more known.

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Due to social media, social media, advertisers, everything. People put what they eat on social media, they put time when they're making and what are what time they're praying, it's really

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we seem to know everything about everybody mashallah about a lot of things. So this will come to know that now, we find the issue of traveling

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with or without a Muharram Can we go with groups? And you know, it's 2023 now, I'd say 2022, then we're 2023 Now, and how can we be living in a time now where we're stopping Muslims doing a murder? You know, it's within reason it's fairly cheap for some, although it's somewhat in a financial crisis for for somebody or for many of us, because that's subject to their own circumstances but for many going or Amara is much easier than it was before.

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So why are we looking at you know, classical books of we want to prevent women from performing Hajj and Ramallah you know, where is the Rama where is the mercy in Islam? Where is where is Allah's mercy when people want to make

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the to visit the house of Allah subhanaw taala Who are we to prevent them from doing that? I mean, you know, you can be there and I can be here

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I'm sitting here now midday I can have a flight and a couple of hours and I can perform here I'm gonna tonight. Imagine that and I'm, you know, 3000 miles away. So why is such a strict approach in the issue of traveling Well,

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this isn't

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picked from people's pockets. People have knowledge they don't choose to suddenly say well, let's just make it difficult for sisters not performing hedge on camera. You know, we want to we want them to stay home, we don't want them to go outside and, and things like this. Of course, this absolute fallacy, this has no basis to think like this at all.

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But rather, rulings like this are of course they come from where? From the Quran and Sunnah. So when the Prophet alayhi salatu salam in many a hadith

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Bukhari Muslim without any really misunderstanding concerning them, that no believing woman who no woman believing woman who believes in Allah azza wa jal on the last day, should travel the distance miscibility or will, the distance of a day and a night or under variations of generations, without the Muharram without a Muharram the person says, Well, I can be there within a day. This is not the point it is, during the time of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, how one how far one could travel in a day and in a night and that is approximately 49 Miles according to the Jehovah to the majority. And of course, there are some slight variations on that whether it's 14 iron or slightly more than

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that, but it's around that distance, that a believing woman should not travel the distance without a Muharram. Now I understand that people want to perform a Baudette they want to perform Umrah. They want to perform hajj, but the these are the rulings that are taken from the Quran and Sunnah and we abide by them. So we ask Allah azza wa jal to open away. We ask Allah Israel to open away for those who want to perform Ramallah, perform Hajj, and yes, I'm fully aware that during the time of Hajj that some of the dilemma of the past some of the aroma of the Maliki and the shelf illimitable Hi, Mama lotta Allah permit a woman to go in a group which has some security for her. Okay, she may not

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have a Muslim, but this is for Hajj. This for Hajj, not for Umrah, this I remember something else completely. But you know, people will you know, well I know it's not really allowed. But when I go to house of lords, I'll seek forgiveness. Allah will forgive me Sharla

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so we ask Allah Subhana Allah make it easy for us. We ask Allah azza wa jal to open away for all those who want to perform

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Badaber do it correctly from the start. It is not people just being restricted for no reason this is following the guidance of the prophets Allah Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam will be lifted off your cannula Israel knows best.

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Is it permissible in Islam to do 14 days of Torah setting for the dead?

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Had a minute. These are from the innovations of the Dean this has no basis in the dean of automatic Attalla to worship Allah, Allah Allah in this manner, seeking a benefit for the deceased in this matter, has no basis and therefore should be avoided.

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We've come to the end of this particular question is condition a tailor made losses regardless to what was best. We have another short break in Oshana Taylor, please join us again after the break. And we'll see you again a shout out to Baraka Lovick salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Yeah Are you

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M remian.