Yasir Qadhi – The Stories of The Prophets #16 – And We Taught Adam the Names of All Things

Yasir Qadhi
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Santa Monica hora de la he bought a couch with hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. Allah, Allah, he was a woman while I'm about. We're continuing in our stories of the prophets, and we're now doing the Prophet Adam alayhis salam. And in our last lecture, we had done the blowing of the rule into Adam and he has set up. Now today we're going to move on from that and talk about the next aspect that we know from our tradition. And that is Allah speech to Adam. And we're going to elaborate a little bit about this concept of Allah speech to Adam and Adam alayhis salam learning this speech and learning Adam Adam as marcoola. So we learned from the Hadeeth in the mustard

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recovered hacking, and also in the Sudan, the availability and the site of inhibin, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, when the rule was blown into Adam, it reached his head, and it came down and it came to his nostrils, and it tickled his nostrils. And so he sneezed. And so our family has Salaam sneezed. And without having heard anything, without anybody teaching him anything at this stage, he fit through attorney and he his inner instinct is his inner nature, he uttered Alhamdulillah. Okay, this is a very deep and profound and symbolic point here. And that is that the mighty his Salaam was created, the rule was created, wanting to praise Allah. Where did Adam get

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this knowledge from, to say, Alhamdulillah? Where did the belief even that there is a God? And the fact that that God should be praised? Where did it come from? It is something that was ingrained in the rule itself. Adam did not need to be taught of the existence of Allah, he did not need to learn and acquire the knowledge of Allah. He didn't have to do an advanced degree in philosophy to figure out the abstract proofs for the existence of God, which has occupied Western thought and continues talk to by occupy Western thought up until our times all of this thrown out the window, he intrinsically knew there is a higher being, and that higher being should be praised. So he said

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And therefore the first words uttered by the first man, were our first words of the Quran, Al hamdu, lillahi Rabbil aalameen. That was the first words uttered by men. And it is befitting that man begins his speech by saying Alhamdulillah and when Adam alayhis salaam said Alhamdulillah, he, in one version, it says that hamdulillah and in another version, it says, Al hamdu, lillahi Rabbil alameen. And this is interesting, because that is the first verse of the Koran at hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. And so when the Maliki Salam said this, Allah responded to him by saying your hammock Allah,

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Allah have mercy on you, oh, Adam. And of course, we say this to this day when somebody sneezes and we respond and hamdulillah hammock Allah. But what is again, so symbolic is that the first statements that were uttered by the divine towards man, the first utterances form for our worldview, because allies religion is eternal, obviously, and he's above and beyond, he does not operate in in in our time he has, he is in his own and we don't we don't constrain a lot with our world, but from our worldview, the first speech that any human was spoken with from the divine was, Allah have mercy on you. And this shows us the default when it comes to Allah, his relationship with us is Rama. The

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default when it comes to our relationship with him is praise. Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. We praise a lot, and that's our default state. We pray we praise we do Vicar and the default in return, what it was the article leshy Allah Rama encompasses everything your Himachal law, yeah.

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And of course, there are many evidences in the Quran and Sunnah that Allah subhana wa tada spoke to add them directly. And this is important to pause here and go into a little bit of detail, because the fact is, the majority of profits did not have this honor to be spoken to by Allah directly.

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is of the highest honors, inserted bacara Allah xojo says in verse 250, to 253 tilka rusu sabol nabba Allahu Allah about these are the prophets, we preferred some of them over others, min home men qlm Allah, some of them Allah spoke to. So the fact that Allah subhana wa sallam mentions that some prophets were chosen over others and then right after that he goes and some Allah spoke to indicates that Allah speaking to the prophets directly, is of the highest honors that can be given to any profit, it is of the highest honors that can be given to any profit. And as far as we know, as far as we know, there are three prophets that we can confirm that Allah spoke to directly.

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Directly Valley has center.

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Moosa when Allah spoke to him on tour de Cena,

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and our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he went up to the journey of a distraught what a mirage, all other communications, as far as we know, we're via the medium of the Prophet, sorry, by the medium of the angels, and through the intermediary of God, it has set up all other communication was indirect, but for Allah to speak directly to a prophet, and by directly we mean there's no angel conveying the message. It does not mean that they saw Allah. No, Allah xojo clearly mentioned in the end of Shura that in them he wore a hijab in Allah may speak from behind a veil behind the hijab. Allah does not speak to the creation in this life directly. That is something that

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we'll be blessed in shallow down in the next life may Allah make us amongst those people, so are the most one of the three that we know that Allah spoke to and, and we can add here, that it appears that from what we know, Allah spoke to Adam the most out of all of the prophets, because the Prophet Musa alayhis salam, it was once in tourists saying that our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it was in Israel and mirage. And as for our father, Adam, being the first human, Allah Subhana, WA tada spoke to him multiple times. And this is a blessing and afford Leila and the speciality that no other prophet as far as we know, has been given. And there are many places in the

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Quran that mentioned this notion, or this fact of Allah speaking to our father Adam, for example, inserted Baqarah verse 31 Well, I love the AMA, smart akula and a law taught Adam the names of everything, and in sort of the car as well, that Alonzo just said to Adam, who's going under wahconah. And Allah said, Adam or Adam can enter was ojochal Jen, you and your wife You live in Jen and when Allah subhana wa tada caused them to enter Jenna, Allah spoke to them again. And Allah said as Philip bajo verse 117, put in a demo in the heart, I do will laka will is odjick we said, Oh Adam, this is an enemy, a belief is your enemy, your enemy and your wife's enemy, so make sure he

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does not misguide you. And so once again, Allah is speaking to Adam, and Allah is telling Adam Iblees is your enemy. And in Surah Baqarah, as well verse 37, foot set up for a demo, Robbie, here, Kelly Martin, Adam, received from his Lord phrases, and that phrase was Robin avala, Memphis and now we're in limbo, fildena with Hamlet, and

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Adam received from his Lord certain phrases, and because of this, Adam repented and Allah accepted his repentance. And of course, we also have Allah speaking to Adam, when Allah commands Adam to come down to this earth, or Naboo to mean Hajime unbootable come live out when I do, say go down onto this earth go down onto this earth, the two of you, he believes and Adam are going to be enemies to one another. So these are all verses that indicate a speciality of our father Adam alayhis salam and that is that Allah subhana wa tada is speaking to Adam and of course we also have in the Hadith a number of such traditions have them already mentioned one of them that a lot speaking to add in your

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hammock a lot, and there's actually an even more lengthy Hadith

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which is in Bali and Muslim which also mentions conversations that are taking place between Allah and Adam alayhis salaam. And so in one Hadith reported about her the Allahu and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said hello hello to them either. Surah t to Lucy tuna euro Allah created Adam

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In his image, and his height was 60 cubits. We will discuss these phrases later on. What does it mean his image? What does it mean? His height was 60 cubits. We'll discuss all of this right now we're, we're interested in the speech section. And fella maharlika, who after He created him, he said, go and say Salaam to those angels and there was a group of angels sitting there and listen to their response for this Salaam and the response. It shall be your greeting between you and others, and the greetings of your children after you. So Allah is teaching Adam to say salaam aleikum, wa rahmatullah. And Allah is telling Adam, learn the response from the angels. And when you learn that

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response, memorize it, it shall be your mechanism of greeting and responding to the greeting. And it shall also be the mechanism of your children and your progeny after you and so are the Maliki Salaam wanted to the angels? And he said, A Salam or Aleikum, that's it Assalamu alaikum and they responded Wiley como salam wa rahmatullah law, they added, and this indicates that it is preferred when somebody greets you to greet them with an even better greeting, as Allah says in the haoran way that for you to be to her yet in for her You will be asked and I mean her to do her when you are greeted with a greeting, then respond with an even better greeting, or at least respond with the same

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greeting. So the melodica responded with why they como Salam or a hammer to law. And then Abu hurayrah said, and so the prophets have said, and so whoever enters Jenna will be in the form of Adams 60 cubits tall, and the creation has continued to diminish in size until now. Masada Yakutia and we'll discuss these phrases in sha Allah in a while and inshallah God, the point being, the notion of Allah speaking to Adam is very clear, that Allah taught them to say a sellout, why they come. And we actually even have yet other ideas that mentioned Allah is direct speech to Adam. And this is the incident which is narrated in the sooner that our Prophet salallahu it who was send them

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said this hadith is intermedia and Muslim Imams, and others that are Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that, when Allah xojo created Adam, he breathed the spirit all of it goes on now, we talked about the sneezing and the response, then this version goes on. And it says, then a loss said to him, keeping both of his hands closed. And both of Allah's hands are right hands, choose which of them that you want. And so them chose Allah's right hand. And then the Heidi says, and both of Allah's hands are right hands will explain all of this, because again, the symbolism, the metaphor, the interpretation, it is very vast and diverse, and we're going to come there in sha Allah, Tada. And

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so he chose the right hand and Allah both of his hands are right, according to the Hadith, and what does it mean all of this, we're getting commentary sha Allah, then Allah opened the hand, and it contained Adam and all and some of his descendants. And Adam said, Europe, who are these people, and Allah said, these are your children. These are your descendants or authorea. These are your progeny. And Adam saw above the forehead of every single person, the period of life that was written on the forehead, and amongst them, was a man whose light was very bright.

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So there's a light emanating, and there's also numbers are there's a way of showing how many years This person will live.

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So Adam alayhis salam said, My Lord, who is that?

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And Allah said, this is your descendant da wouwd. He is of the very last of nations. And I have recorded for him a period of life for 40 years, 40 years. So Adam said, Yeah, Rob, give him more.

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And Allah said, This is what is his record, this is his, this is his nosleep he has been given 14. And so Adam said, Yeah, Rob, I will give Tim 60 of my years. Give him 100 I will give him 60 of my years. And Allah said, that is your wish as you if you want, you will, that's yours you your decision. You want to give 60 of yours then then as you wish I will give you I will give I will give that would 60 and

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Allah azza wa jal then says he lived, as long as sorry, the profitsystem says a hadith that Adam lived in Jen, as long as Allah wished her to live, then he came back down to this earth. And Adam was reckoning for himself. His number of years, he knew how long he would have to live because Allah told him when the angel of death came, them said, You have come before your time. Allah has gifted me 1000 years. And the angel said, Yes, but you were the one who gave 60 to your descendant that would, the professor said, but Adam tjahaja, he denied or negated this, and his descendants as well deny and negate things. And he forgot. He did. It's not as if he's lying, he genuinely just, that

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was not something that happened so longer would not he forgot, and his descendants also forget. Okay, so this head is integrity and other books of Hadith and is very, very interesting. And again, you know, brothers and sisters, like, you know, these Hadith and the verses of the Koran pertain to Adam, there are so many that we cannot, we cannot go into every tangent, we will do them. And I'm getting some feedback and comments, by the way about the lecture that many people are shallow really enjoying it, and a few people are somewhat irritated that I'm going into so much detail and they would rather that I summarize, and to them, I say I understand your frustration, you would much

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rather that we do a shorter series, but I have decided for this particular series to follow the methodology of my sera and others that I have done, which is an exhaustive and shallow is fairly exhaustive as I keep on saying intermediate, intermediate to advanced. And so I will not be summarizing anything, that's not the point here. What I do hope inshallah and I say this to all of you that are watching that insha Allah this material, I hope inshallah is of benefit, it is original, it is original research, meaning I'm not following one book, that's what I mean, I'm going back to the sources, I'm thinking through things myself, and I hope inshallah, those of you that are

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watching, you can summarize it for a younger audience, take it for the teenagers, or to take some benefits from here and there or summarize it in different ways. That's your job. And that's I wish you all the best ask Allah to bless and give you Baraka, but I feel that this series should be as comprehensive and therefore we will be going into all of these different tangents. So all of these are handy that I mentioning, in sha Allah, we will discuss them when their time comes and extrapolate other benefits from them. So for now, we're just talking about that one issue of Allah speaking to Adam. And so we're talking about all of these incidents that we know of. And so what I'm

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trying to say is that it is very clear from the Koran and from the soon that Allah azza wa jal spoke directly to Adam multiple times. And this is a speciality and blessing that only as far as we know, them was given. And we also have at least one or two more times mentioned in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this is the extraction of Adam's children and the famous covenant that took place between Adam and his children and between Allah when Allah said in the Koran, less to be Rob become, Am I not your Lord? Am I not your Lord? And Allah therefore spoke directly to them as a human, and the rest of us as souls. And we responded back Yes, we affirm that

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You are our Lord. And all of this is confirmed in the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu. It he was centered reported by Paul Baran. He had been had been when somebody asked a messenger of Allah was Adam a prophet? was Adam a prophet? To which the Prophet sallallahu I said have responded naam mocha Lama, yes, he was one whom Allah spoke to. Now this hadith again is very profound. Why mentioned McCallum why mention McCallum because mukalla means he spoke to him, because by mentioning McCallum, our profitsystem is indicating that the rank and the status of Adam alayhis salam is much higher than many other prophets because Allah spoke to him directly. So it is a blessing and a speciality

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given to our father them that others were not given. Now, one of the most significant verses in this regard is the verse why lemma daml usma Kula ha This is Surah Baqarah verse 31, to 33 onwards that Allah says, Why lemma Adam a smart akula now this verse occurs before the verse that says to the angels to bow down to Adam, therefore, it is logical and plausible and realistic. And it is chronological if you read the verses to claim that the first thing that Allah did after creating Adam alayhis salaam was to teach him the names before the angels bowed down before even he told Adam live in your

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Wife and Jenna and before even creating what

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Allah taught Adam, while I lemma, while I lemma Adam and usma Kula now, Allah taught Adam, the names of everything. What does it mean the names of everything, we have so many opinions. And if you go to the books of seed, you find lots of minori you know, lots of opinions, but they really can be summarized into two broad camps. The first is that a lot of rollermouse said he taught Adam, the names, the proper names of specific categories of people. So, one opinion says he taught Adam, the name of all of the angels. Another opinion says he taught Adam the name of all of his children. Okay, so Adam was taught meaning he knew and Allah gave him the name of all of his children. Another

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position says that he was taught the names of the animals and the names of the birds. So this opinion is saying that he was taught the proper names, so and so is god this is Mikael, this is Rafi, okay, the names of human beings, this is the old This is a man, this is Jonas, all the anime and you will be in that list as well. So that is one genre of opinions. The other genre of opinions is that Allah azza wa jal taught Adam, the nouns of everything, not the proper names, the nouns of everything, and this means Allah taught Adam speech. So this is a bird and this is a tree. Now, when we say I lemma Adam, we should not think that this is like kindergarten or high school where the

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teacher is teaching, this is a lot implanting this knowledge, how and what is beyond our we don't think how this is Allah subhana wa tada giving a gift to Adam. And that gift was the gift of knowledge and the gift of speech. Now when I say knowledge and speech, it's a very key point we'll come back to this point. I don't want to just go into this verse here. So why lemma adamant a smart Kula, Allah taught Adam how to speak. The names of everything means nouns and from nouns we get adjectives and especially the Arabic language right? In the Arabic language, everything is connected together, right? So adjectives nouns, adverbs, they're all come from the same three letter root and

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this is the case with all Semitic languages. And this is the opinion of Ibn Abbas and so even job aid and cortada also later scholars have been Tamia nikka Thea, they say that Allah taught Adam how to speak by teaching him the names of all of the existence species and basically the gift of speech. And this meaning is confirmed in the Quran quite explicitly. Alright man, I lemon Quran Hello call in son I lemma Hello by

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Allah created man. And Allah taught him Hello call inside and I lemma who he taught him, Allah taught him the gift of speech is a divine and personal gift from a law to our father Adam, and then not just speech, Allah did not say I love a whole Kalam, Allah said I lemma who will buy yarn and buy yarn is the pinnacle of speech. It is eloquent speech, it is speech with profound meaning. That is what Diane is. Now what language was this? What language is Allah teach Adam? And here we can we come to again, you know what what I said that was a two or three lessons ago, you can look at the look this up, that we find a disconnect sometimes between you know some of our earlier great rhythm

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on may Allah have mercy on them, and we would not be here without their knowledge, we would not be able to delve into these matters if they hadn't taken us all that way. But again, their understanding of language was very different. And if you go back to the books of the series, you find like 10 different opinions of all the languages in the world, right? All viously the majority of people who commented on this, not everybody commented, the majority of people who commented they said that Allah must have taught Adam Arabic, and the language of Adam was Arabic. And they say, clearly it was Arabic because Adam is speaking in Arabic And Allah is speaking in Arabic to Adam in

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the Koran is very clear. And they say Arabic is the best of all languages. And they say the Quran was revealed in Arabic, and they say the Prophet system is an album, and therefore Adam must have been speaking Arabic. Many other scholars say it was Hebrew, and other states was Aramaic and other search was Syriac. And you have even you know, some of the scholars especially from quartersawn region, they say no, the original language was Farsi, you know, that's the original language that goes

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There. And, you know, the the, the The fact of the matter is that all of these opinions are demonstrably incorrect insofar as these languages, whether they're Farsi, Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, Syriac, we can now prove definitively that they evolved over time until they reached a pinnacle at a certain timeframe. And then they moved on and disick disintegrated into other languages. The fact that Allah is speaking to Adam in Arabic in the Quran, is actually because the Quran is an Arabic not that Allah spoke Arabic to Adam. And we know this because Allah describes the dialogue of Moosa and frown and moose alpha out are not speaking Arabic, they're speaking ancient Coptic or they're

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speaking whatever language was spoken, we don't even know we know the language of either graphics, whatever that is, that's what they're speaking. And Allah is saying, that will either fit or not right, what color Mussa and this is an Arabic And this clearly shows that, when speech is conveyed in another language, that means the same as the first language, you can say all the so and so said and convey it, it does not have to be in quotation marks, you may convey the meaning of a speech, and it shall constitute the speech, you may convey the meaning of the speech, even in a different language. And you may say so and so said, and then you say it in a different language, and if you

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convey the meaning you have conveyed, what the person has said, and in fact, this also explains you know, those that say, well the Quran says that Allah spoke to Adam in Arabic No, the Quran doesn't say that the Koran is in Arabic, and therefore Allah is revealed in the Quran, everything in it is in Arabic, and therefore the dialogues are in Arabic between all the prophets Yusuf and his father Arabic moose sinophone you know in Arabic, so a man and Bill caisson an Arabic but they're not speaking Arabic in their lifetimes. Yet the Koran is saying in Arabic because the Koran is an Arabic And because it is allowed to convey the original speech in a different language as long as the

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meanings are maintained. And this also explains the discrepancies or the differences between the various platonic stories that sometimes different words are used and the incident is only one so for example, the the magician say to fit on although in Atlanta the agilon versus in another verse in Elena ledger on you know, they couldn't have said both of them like they're they're basically they said this or that. One when a belief is questioned in one verse, Mom and I can test you in the other verse ma laka, Allah Kumar Sajid in. So in one verse he's being asked the verb Why didn't you prostrate in the other verse, he's being asked the noun. Why weren't you of those who prostrate it?

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It's the same meaning. I mean, it's not that big of a deal. So when you narrate by meaning, you and the original intent is there you have narrated and fulfilled and this is something very clear. So I say this because this notion of the Adamic language is Arabic because Allah is speaking Arabic to Adam, no, Allah is not speaking Arabic to Adam in the Quran. The Quran is an Arabic the Quran does not say, the most spoken to an Arabic the Quran is simply describing what happened in Arabic. So to assume it is Arabic, I'm asking you would you assume that if Iran spoke Arabic, Moosa spoke Arabic, all of these other prophets spoke Arabic, they're clearly did not they have their own languages, and

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already mentioned two or three lessons ago as well, that we are now fairly confident about positing the development of languages and the origin of languages, and the theory of how language develops. And this is not the time or the place, nor is it my area of expertise to summarize what we now definitively know. But it is almost basically definitive, it is almost to the level of your theme, that all languages of the world are interconnected, and that any two languages they have a tree that goes back to our original language, and they're now clusters of languages, as I said, and all of these clusters, they go back four or five 6000 years, those clusters then have previous clusters

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before them until there must have been an original language of man. This is what modern linguists who don't believe in Allah don't believe in the Quran, modern linguist when they examined the roots of languages and the structure of languages, the predominant theory is that there must have been one mother language from which all of the proto clusters came these pearl clusters are proto indo European and and Afro Asiatic and others that are clusters if you like, and from them, we now get all of these different languages. Now, this is very interesting for us because So basically, the point being, what was the language of Adam, we don't know and we cannot reconstruct it, it is gone,

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because the point that we now know languages do not remain stagnant, no language remain stagnant. Languages evolve, and they slowly split up and they become different languages, right. So if

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You know your romance languages, you know France in Spanish, and Latin and English, they're all related but they just slowly just changed that and if you understand even English for example, how people speak English in Jamaica, or in Scotland, right, these are from for our Native American ears, almost incomprehensible and yet from their perspective, that is English, it has become slightly different. No language remains stagnant. Even Arabic, nobody speaks the Arabic of the Qureshi anymore, it is gone from the face of this earth, it is preserved in the Koran, it is preserved you know in but it is not spoken anymore. And the same goes for the Adamic language, it is now gone,

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what it was, we will not know in this world. And if we are curious, then inshallah in Jannah, we will ask our father Adam, and we will learn some more things about linguistics. Now, I want to pause here, I've already spoken a little bit about this. And for those readers who are listeners who are interested in sha Allah, I know you're finding this very interesting for those who find language and linguistics boring. I apologize. But I personally find this very interesting. And that's why I do think it is very important to simply pause here for a few minutes before we move on. And that is that

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I believe, one of the most amazing passages about the creation of Adam, involves this verse, why lemma rmls marcoola. And the reason for this is that

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the mystery of the origin of languages is one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in the field of science, if you know, the ongoing discussion and debates, and if you look at especially the discussions of linguists and evolutionary biologists, there are certain things that puzzled them, and which they have no answer for, and one of the biggest mysteries is that of language. Because language is so unique to human beings. Think about it. The fact that we can communicate the most abstract of ideas, and that we can communicate an infinite number of concepts like no two people are going to speak exactly the same, even if they were to describe the same thing. The fact that we can

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discuss concepts beyond our time and space imaginary concepts, we can talk about romantic ideals and philosophy and architecture and engineering, the fact that we can change what we're saying by emphasizing the nuances of our, of our speech and syllables. The fact that even a slight change in our tone conveys a whole different meaning, the fact that we can compound sentence sentences to infinite number of degrees and permutations, the fact that children learn language and then can express in their own words in their own construction, they might learn words, they will construct it on their own, it is something that is mind boggling. As for the communication of the of the animals,

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as we said it is reactionary, it is something that is stimuli provoked, they see danger, they will say danger, they see food, they will give directions to the food, the animals do not philosophize, they don't discuss abstract ideals and past histories and, and future, you know, potentials. This is lost, they don't do it. That's not their world. And so evolutionary biologists, those who don't believe in God, those who nobody, even an athlete don't really even know Koran, they're trying to understand why only one species and that's us has language to an nth degree, an infinite degree. And the closest thing to this, maybe, let's say, gorillas or whatnot, they can barely do mono syllables

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or point to an object. And yes, it is true that you know, some of these primates have been conditioned to see an apple and point to the word apple and whatnot. And they can you know, and what, there is some correlation, that is the very not even this is not even a three year old. This is even lower than that with these primaries, but it is true that you can rudimentary get some you know, it is like primates have communicated with with their researchers and whatnot, I went Apple, you know, I want this so they're able to get that message across and however they do that, but again, it is stimuli. I want Apple, okay, that's not it's basic, this very basic stuff of some of a

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provoked word, because of the stimulus of hunger. The point being, as I have said, that it does not make any sense from evolutionary biology, the wide gap that exists between Homo sapiens bundle Adam, between us humans, and between all of the other species. And more than 100 years ago when this science of linguistics and as I've said previously, the science of the study of language is fairly recent. The actual study only began two 300 years ago.

00:35:01 --> 00:35:37

Most of the groundbreaking research has been done only in the last 50 to 100 years because it was almost impossible for a researcher to have access to multiple languages at any given time. 500 years ago, think about it. There were no dictionaries, even of your own language. By the way, even the notion of comprehensive dictionaries and all languages is relatively new. So my point being that it was only 100 years ago, that people began to think, what is the origin of languages? And, you know, some bizarre theories were propagated you know, and the names of these theories, frankly, they are ridiculous. And some of these names I'm not kidding, by the way, I'm not joking, you can look this

00:35:37 --> 00:36:14

up the bow theory, the Ding, ding theory, the law, law theory, the Poopoo theory, and these are actually actual names. Now, to be fair, they were given humorous names by the researchers, so that you would understand the concept of the theory. So for example, one theory went that our primate ancestors picked up language by mimicking the sounds of animals. Or another theory said that they developed grunting noises while they were working the fields. Another theory said that the responding to pain or happiness, and that becomes language. But the fact of the matter is that all of these theories are dismissed, and they're only studied as antiquated history. When you study

00:36:14 --> 00:36:28

linguistics to this date, no solid theory has been propagated. I want to mention here very briefly, that one of the most intriguing theories that has gained a lot of traction in law in the last 50 years, has been

00:36:29 --> 00:37:12

propagated by one of the most famous linguists of our times, Noam Chomsky and somebody that I admire his political analysis immensely. A lot of people know know of Noam Chomsky, but they know of him as a political analyst. And as a left wing, you know, critic of American imperialism, actually, his speciality his PhD, and his teaching is in linguistics at MIT. And Noam Chomsky over 50 years ago, he actually propagated a theory that has gained a lot of traction, which is that listen to this, now, that after studying many, many, many languages, and finding certain commonalities, in languages and in the acquisition of languages and children, Chomsky said, and listen to this, that the ability

00:37:12 --> 00:37:56

to learn and to speak a language is something that is inborn and innate in a child, it is not acquired. It is something that is inside of the child, and we don't and he said, it's housed somewhere in the brain. But in reality, he doesn't know this, we know this, it's housed in the Royal it's Allah's fitrah that Allah created without the loyalty for NASA, Allah, but the point that Chomsky said after all of his research, and he is considered to be the greatest linguist and the greatest scholar of languages alive today, and the conclusion that he reached is that language is something that is innate in a child and a child is born with it. And this explains, by the way, why

00:37:56 --> 00:38:36

every single child in any civilization or culture, regardless of how intelligent they might be, in other aspects, when it comes to language, as long as they have a functioning, you know, mental capacity when it comes to language. Every single child is fluent in his or her own way, not as fluent as the most eloquent poets of the tribe. But every child you know, some children struggle with mathematics, some children struggle with art, some sure, but when it comes to language, when it comes to speech, if a person is mentally normal, every single person acquires the ability to convey their ideas, and they construct sentences beyond what they have heard. If they learn 510 20 words,

00:38:36 --> 00:39:22

they're able to construct sentences on their own, it's something that is innate, nobody taught them also, we noticed in Chomsky also points this out that children have a unique capacity to learn when their minds are blank, when they have no other knowledge when they're toddlers, they acquire this knowledge without being taught how to acquire, they acquire, nobody teaches them how to be taught and how to learn, they simply absorb and they began begin speaking, and yet that same child when reaches 10, it becomes much more difficult. 20 quite difficult. 30 almost impossible to learn a language even if they are super smart in other fields. So something is something is very interesting

00:39:22 --> 00:39:40

here. And that is that children appear to have a natural gift, a natural tendency to be able to absorb the capacity to learn, and to be able to then implement and speak on their own. Now, what am I doing talking about all of this stuff? Because

00:39:42 --> 00:40:00

Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the Quran, the one thing he gifted Adam, that he did not gift any other creature. Well, I lemma Adam, a smart Aquila that is unique to us. There are creatures that are stronger than us faster than us. There are creatures

00:40:00 --> 00:40:40

As I can fly, we cannot fly. But Allah gifted Adam with something that is unique and no biologist can understand or explain because it is a divine gift. And the fact that the Quran mentions why lemma holobiont to me it is one of the most profound miracles of the Quran that demonstrates the truth of this Quran at the demonstrates that Adam it his salon in particular. And we're going to come to this point on jumping the gun. But I do not believe that Adam Adam Salaam was descendant of other species as the theory of evolution claims that we're going to come to this but I do not believe this, I believe that Allah created Adam, and that Adam, it said, um, came down to this earth

00:40:41 --> 00:41:22

as a unique beginning that Adam did not have a mother or father Adam was not born a biological birth, Adam was different from the rest of the species that were already here. Now, how can we prove this scientifically, we cannot. However, we can point to certain things that are unique. And the number one thing that unique on our list is that of language while I'm Adam and that is the one thing that the Quran mentions. Here's my point. Modern science has told us that the most miraculous thing about man is language, modern science finds it a mystery of language and where language originates from. And yet the Quran is telling us out of all of the things Allah could have

00:41:22 --> 00:42:14

mentioned. And the Quran is telling us the most unique thing about Adam is Adam speech. That's why I believe it is a very interesting correlation. Now, one final point before we conclude for today, and that is that a lot of people believe that the unique capacity that Adam was given was the capacity of arqule, of intellect. And this is not incorrect, but it is not absolutely correct, either. Let me explain. It is not incorrect. Because Adam alayhis salam, and his progeny, that's us, we have a level of intelligence and of thought, and a rationality and of cognition, and of meta cognition. We have a level of intellectual acumen that no other species around us has. And because of this, even

00:42:14 --> 00:42:28

though the animals are stronger than us, we can control the animals. And even though the, you know, other animals might have skills and whatnot that we do not have because we have intelligence, we have dominion over them.

00:42:29 --> 00:42:39

Now, why then, doesn't the Quran mention Aachen that Allah gave Adam the Aachen here's the point bayaan incorporates outcome,

00:42:40 --> 00:43:27

you cannot have alkane sorry, you cannot have Bejan, without alcohol without intellect. But you can have intellect without without bayad How so? There are people whom Allah has tested, they cannot speak, they cannot speak. And yet their minds are super genius. They have rationalities, they have, you know, famous physicists and whatnot. They had some of the sharpest minds we know of in our generation, but they could not speak. So, you can have an intelligent mind, but not be able to communicate, but to communicate effectively fluently powerfully to communicate eloquently, you cannot have Diane without having a rational and intelligent mind before it and that is why when

00:43:27 --> 00:44:12

Allah says I lemma who will buy yarn, Allah taught Adam eloquent speech included in Bian is rationality and higher intellect and cognition and metacognition, you cannot have began without that, and that is why it's interesting once again, that what is mentioned is the faculty of eloquent speech, because it automatically has is buy one get one free, you literally are talking about the final product, but there are stages before that must also be there. And the stage before that must be there is the stage of the of the intellect. So when Allah mentions I lemma adamant as smart and when Allah mentions AI lemma holobiont, automatically included One of the unique characteristics of

00:44:12 --> 00:44:26

our father Adam, that he believes did not have, that the angels do not have the way we do and that no other species has is that of rationality and thought, and this is in fact demonstrated in the first verb I lemme, lemme,

00:44:27 --> 00:44:59

lemme who'll Bejan you can only teach the being that has intelligence, and the more intelligence The more he can be taught. And so when Allah teaches Adams speech, so then Adams intelligence and rationality must be to a totally different level. In any case, I went into a lot of detail, because I really find this to be very intriguing, and I hope that you understand where I'm coming from here. And we still have to talk about one other aspect. Maybe Maybe next lecture, maybe the one after that we'll see. And I know a lot of you're asking questions about this about what do we do with

00:45:00 --> 00:45:46

theory of evolution and what do we do with what we know of other it salams timeline and the timeline of mankind? That's a very big question, because our books mentioned and a number of other faith traditions, like the Jewish calendar mentioned that Adam existed 6000 years ago, 6000 years ago, and yet we have the remnants of civilizations, you know, 10,000 years ago, and we have paintings that go back. mankind's paintings that go back, documented 50,000 years, and we have the bones, the bones of mankind of home of Homo sapiens, we have the bones that might date back to 300 years, 400,000 years, to 300,000 years, sorry, for 200 300,000 years, Some even say half a million years. And then before

00:45:46 --> 00:46:17

this, we have other species that are not quite, they're not quite human. So how do we reconcile this notion of Adam being 6000 years old, as some people say, versus human civilization? Clearly being at least 1520 3050 80,000 years old, how to reconcile this is another big question, and inshallah we're going to come to it sooner than later. But my time is up today, inshallah. Until next time, zachman lawhead set on windy Rahmatullahi wa barakato.

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