Interview With Son in Law of Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen – Shaykh Khalid Al Muslih 2

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The speakers discuss the importance of respecting people and their beliefs. They stress the need to make sure that clothing is appropriate for everyone, especially when wearing a certain kind of clothing. They also mention the importance of respecting people and their beliefs in order to achieve their goals.

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surely manage mentioned again. And the focus is on this point about shares or more of the other being close to the people. And he wants to add on so that he wasn't just being posted the people or you know speaking to them and teaching them he

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would be close to the people even the way you look

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when he wanted to dress in a manner which made him stand out from everyone.

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She had mentioned the important issue about you being close to the people and especially here being in the UK, that when you're giving Dawa, you're calling people to Islam tried to be close to them. The true and I don't try to be far away from him in the way that you look, as long as the force that what you're wearing doesn't go against what the last penalty either or machete has, has commanded you with. So

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for those elements, an example of that when shipped with any one or the other good thing cordial that he went to America for, for treatment, that when he went there, of course when he gave a dose or lecture he would wear something like what the shirt is wearing. But when he was out with the people to come to ensure that he wasn't wearing something that he would stand up and the team would be looking at him and so on and so forth. This is how that he would remain close to the people and have

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a good link with the Wii. So outflows what we wear is a very important issue. We should make sure that this suitable for the time and place that we are ready. We want to make sure that our hearts and our our belief is firm and steadfast. But this is a very important matter the shift we wanted to make.

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I want to just mention us one last question.

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advice to all of us in brothers and sisters who are wanting to seek some knowledge in some way.

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Small advice as to respecting respecting knowledge and respecting the people of knowledge. This is very important to all of us. Sometimes it's unfair to us as being a welder. Melinda Kodama What is this came about okay

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ma which is this

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giving good deeds, people are gathering God

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she was asking your question, what is the best action that you can come upon? Bestival for the Muslims? Raise your hand if you think you know the answer.

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One person's

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problem with a bank, the answer

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is, yes, as someone who lives

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but what

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would you pay for delete the present important nebulous Ally's gonna probably get

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tired of

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Prophet sallallahu sallam said, the one who's to lead the prayer who has

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memorized most of his most knowledge about the Quran and if they are the same in that, then the most knowledgeable of a sudden

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military your your home, if you suddenly eliminate

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a solar in the

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the deputy

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who is ready

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for it is ready now the

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one that would be in any way

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mentioned that when you think about who's going to need to prep one person to the next, you would have the same hands bodies, tongs and so on. And so, what is the distinguishing matter between them too, is that what that person carries in their heart and that says knowledge of the Quran and knowledge of the sun. So when respecting the scholars and respecting the people knowledge is not the person in himself, it is rather than what they are carrying. And this respecting what they carry and what Allah Subhana Allah is giving them at the same time is respecting and venerating Allah subhanho wa taala. At the same time,

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we have our

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simple villa with all the villa a couple of years ago, several

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wa 11 fishermen

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took over Nasha

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Wa today, I'm

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going to

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share in demand a loss on appetite or lift their arm deal with

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the shares you mentioned finally, the strongest of bonds is to love for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and to hate for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and in humbling yourself in front of a scholar, for example, doesn't go against truly humbling Hello, you know, yielding that is only for Allah subhanaw taala but you're doing this in front of the scholar and by looking at what Allah has given to him is what is expected of

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him and

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reward you and preserve you for the insights that you have given to us in you know, what it means to be you know, struggling with early MPG how message upon shipping the mean of your body, and also we also come up with a preserve you share and to preserve the value and to keep you lesson.

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So along with some of

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the early

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Solomonic model to provide more detail to others

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him on

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TV wanting him, man oh

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