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There once was allied who couldn't lower his gates, the straw and disappointed he tried many ways. Finally he went to a shed well known to ask him advice from his desperation I'd grown. The chef said, Indeed, you've come to ask about something great. First, though I have a task. I have a friend who lives on the other side of town and I give him a daily gift before every sundown it was a bowl of milk almost filled to the top. He said, Take this here, Bull, and don't spill a drop. I am sending with you, a man with great vision to make sure that you make no mistakes in your mission. The boy walked down the street with the ball in his hands, wishing them study, he did not break a

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command for every step that he took his guide washed with pierced eyes as if waiting for any mistake to arise. The boy finally returned to the stage and said, My task is done. Now show me the way. The chef said You have done well, but first, let me see. Did you happen to see the house with a gigantic tree? The boy said, No, I'm sorry. I was not aware. Well, you pass my uncle's house. Did you see him there? The boy said no, I did not see uncle or tree. The milk would have spilt if I looked upwards, you see, and I was so nervous because your friend did not blink. So I watched every step and that's all I could think. The chef said Leave now for this task because answering the question that you had

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wished to ask

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the milk that you carried with focus throughout was your book of deeds much more important no doubt. If you're nervous by one who watches your every mistake? No, there are angels who write there's such allowance you make. Life is a similar journey between different address so we gone and focusing on lat I wish you the best