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Lesson 36 – Chapter 39 Hadith 113-114

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My mother went to Saudi Arabia sudo Karim

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Allah humanness shavonda rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, rubbish Latin he saw that he were silly MD, where he looked at me lisanna Yakubu Kohli probenecid in our in

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this number 113 had the center Leonor Abdullah. Allah had the center Sophia No, Allah had the center Imran Allah Akbar and he was gonna be and he, Allah He said, Samir to other hooray Radha, I heard abou Dara

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yaku. You're saying Mammon us have been obese Allah Allahu la alayhi wa sallam. There was no one from among the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I hadn't anyone at all. Xsara more Hardison in Hades unmoved from him meaning from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam many than me, no one from among the companions had more a hadith than me. No one from among the companions had more than me Illa except man, what can I mean are in min min Abdullah HIV near Ramadan, what was from our beloved even Abdullah even more he had more for inaho because indeed he cannot he used to yet to be he used to write well acceptable, and I would not write, he used to write, and I would not write who

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who Marc Maron on Hammerman on

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another chain. What do we learn in this Hardee's? Mr. mahadi is proving over here about the correctness of Cotabato. kitasato Hadees, about writing knowledge about writing the Hadees. And one of the evidences that we learned from this Hadees is that are the law even?

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And this is the law even even less. He used to write the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Obviously, this was during his lifetime. And Abood I don't know the lower on who on the other hand, he did not write the Hadees. So Abu hurayrah dublado, on who he had this feeling that perhaps or the law, even armour had more bodies than him. He had more bodies than him. But we see that Abu huraira he narrated approximately 5300, a Hades and Abdullah even if you don't have any narrative,

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not more than 700, not more than 700. So who narrated more Hades, Abu huraira, despite the fact that I'm alive, and I'm not he used to write the Hadees. What do we learn from this, that just because a person has more knowledge does not mean that he will benefit people as much that he will pass on the same amount of knowledge, it's quite possible that a person has less knowledge compared to the other. But because he is spreading it, because he is teaching it, his effect on the people is much more is much greater. Many times our focus becomes, you know, getting one degree after the other, or taking one course after the other, we want to increase the number of courses that we've taken, that

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should not be the only goal. Our goal should be to learn whatever we can, and not keep it to ourselves, but also to implement it and also spread it. Because at the end of the day, we will be asked not just about whether we learned or not. But what we did with that knowledge as well. We will also be asked about what we did with that knowledge. And this also shows to us that our goal should not just be on writing and recording. Because some people they just want to have all the books, or they want to have all the audio lectures, they want to have access to everything. But it doesn't mean that they benefit from it. So our goal should be that whatever knowledge we do have, we should

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also benefit from it inshallah.

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I still remember my group in charge would tell me in dalaman Quran that the point of coming to tournament con is not just so that you have the villagers with you and keep writing them. She said she mentioned a scenario she's like, imagine yourself you're going on a flight and all those blue jerseys in your suitcase fall off the flight, what would you do? And that made all of us realize that day that it's not just about writing with beautiful colors in your journal. It's about implementing and because that's when you're going to sit, preserve that knowledge. And up until this day I remember that even although I love writing, I try my best to observe that in my actions so

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that I can remember it more often. Yes. Salaam Alaikum. I was reading about ashay

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Yes, he said Salah Hello albis Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah melby Salah Hania so it touched me you know, it's like if the heart the formation right Salah formation is it Salah reformation correctness correctness of the heart is by correctness of the deed under the current correctness of the deed is by correctness of that nia. So it touched me this

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So, our Nia behind getting

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Knowledge should not just be perfecting our notes or perfecting our degrees or but it should be to benefit from that knowledge and also benefit other people with it. I imagine Okay, I should focus on this, now get over the end began and I thought I should write more. So what is the proper way? What I'm understanding is this that is not the matter that you just confine yourself to you limit yourself to one particular thing, it's a you, you just have your near Harless work, whatever the ability of Allah has given you and keep sharing it, when you share, then your knowledge becomes form, it's not the matter you're writing, or you are forcing your brain, okay? Remember, remember,

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remember, it's keep sharing and stained in Jewish inshallah. And when you were preparing for your doc, how much did you write a lot, right, I saw some of you were, you had brought like two or three sheets of paper. And some of you had brought more, some of you had brought less. So when a person goes on to spread knowledge, then writing becomes a part of it. Similarly, when you're taking notes, when you're studying, again, are you writing a lot? Again, you're writing a lot. So we see that the process of learning and teaching, this involves a lot of writing. So as long as a person is learning, teaching, isn't that process, you will keep on doing kitasato. And he will benefit

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himself, and he will also benefit other people.

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Let's continue one more thing that I believe in Arma, he did have a lot of hobbies. But he did not narrate all of them. Because a person may wonder, where are those bodies which he had? He did not narrate all of them. We also learn about the lower right? Didn't he spend the most time out of all of the companions with the prophets? Yes, he did. However, he didn't narrate as many studies, the way he benefited the people was in a different way. Okay, we can't say they didn't benefit the people at all know, what he learned what he understood the experience he had, he benefited the people in in a completely different way. So we see that when a person learns, he must strive to

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benefit himself and benefit others only this way, knowledge can continue. If a person does not benefit himself does not benefit others, then what will happen? Not it will finish like this. And I have been sharing it with everybody I know. I even say like on Sunday was our graduation at the Spanish Society of New York Region. And I explained that to all the mothers. And now on Friday, the graduation and Islamic foundation for the youngest well, who follows the seven girls who are becoming homeless. So I told my halakhah group, we're not going to have a halakhah we are going to their graduation, I'm going to share the SE with the girls there too. Because we have to make the

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girls feel special that beyond the who first there is more out there. Especially that the fact that 11 makes a mate wait for you. For Jenna, I think that is amazing. I find that it's a simple Hadees. And I've been saying to everybody I know in a humbler May Allah guide all of us. And we apply all the knowledge that we have learned.

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And we've taken a lot of a lot of courses like me and my husband and also a lot of his friends. So he started this website on fruits.com. And a lot of them have really good notes like the students of the classes, and they would just kind of have it in their computers and stuff. So what we did was we kind of split it up, we chose few people and we made them write articles on it. And then what's amazing is that as an administrator of when you go and you look at the statistics, people don't realize this, but there are articles that we wrote like five years ago, and sometimes they get 100 hit 200 head randomly, like I myself use a website so much. Yeah, it's amazing. People don't realize

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that you know, that one article they write like, I'm trying to make effort that all these classes we're studying right now it's my intention shala that to write notes of like a jumia or so he Buhari and because not only would it benefit my own knowledge, like I might forget, like you said, like in the last two days we study, but also I do find that this helps me like after I read it, I feel like when I'm starting to write, I realize I don't know something, and then I go back and I search, and then I fix it and I understand better. And then also when I like lost my own handwritten notes, I can just google and search and find my article and find it and benefit again, it strengthens your

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knowledge as well. When you write something down, like for example, when you were writing your own notes to deliver the stock, I'm sure you wrote it over and over again. You read it over and over again, you researched you checked words you checked, how do you check versus so it, it solidified your knowledge as well. And, you know, this thing that you mentioned about about writing and making knowledge available to other people, is something that's very important. No, one website that started off as a blog, I believe, very small and group and so many people benefit from it. across the world, so many people benefit from it. So if you put something online, you know, really, the

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benefit can can multiply many, many times. At the time of this I have to have a narrated more headache than somewhere like for example, Abu Bakar de la who was the holly fan, he was doing other things. Even now somebody might be teaching and somebody might have a blog online, somebody so everyone can benefit. Everyone can benefit others with their own purpose.

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Whatever skill a lot of panel data has given them, so if you have that ability to write well to organize your thoughts on paper really well then go ahead and do it and start writing start posting intellia many people can benefit from that. How does no you have no Sulaiman Allah had this any if no Robin parlor or any universe and even if she had been under obey the law him near Abdullah I named Dr. Bersin, even Ambassador lower on who he narrated by that he said Lama when he said, it became severe it became intense binibeca sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what became intense word, your who his pain, his ailment? Which Bane was this,

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which element was this? near his death? Allah He said, it dooney bring me we could have been a book actor. I will write Lacan, for you could have been some writing legibly, Lou, you will not go astray. BARDA, who after it, bring me something so I can write something for you. And if you follow it, if you live by it, you will never ever go astray. After that color image or model below or on who he was there, he said to the companions in an obeah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam indeed the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Hala Bahu, Alberto, pain has overcome he's in so much pain. He's so sick. We're in Ghana, and with us is kita boleh The Book of Allah has Bona it is sufficient

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for us. So he said, Don't make him write anything. Don't have him tell you what to write because he saw he's in so much pain, he's in so much hardship. He's so ill, then 100 Allah, Allah has given us the book. And we know that it guides us to the right way. So that should be sufficient for us. Don't keep asking, you know, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam more and more faster level. So the different the people different Some said that no, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is requesting as he's telling us to bring something, so we should respond to him and we should have him instruct us. And others said that no, you know, leave him now. Let him rest. Don't make it too hard upon him. And people

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were having this difference work ethic and it increased a level a lot noise. The clamor meaning people were arguing and it became too noisy. People were yelling, shouting, Allah He said the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said it at that point pomar ne standard r ne for me, meaning leave, get up and leave. Well, I am busy and it is not appropriate in the near me in my presence at the nazzer fighting argument. This is not appropriate in my presence. You should not be arguing in front of me for Harada so he went out who ignore our best and even our basketball the lower Yoku he was saying, in indeed, Atlanta yetta the calamity the disaster the great loss cotulla entire abbazia calamity

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disaster, meaning a great calamity has happened a complete disaster has happened. mahala Mahalla what has what has happened beiner Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam between the Prophet sallallahu Sallam verbena and between kitabi is writing, meaning a great calamity has happened that has Halla that has prevented intervened prevented the profits out a lot of them from writing what he intended to write. What do we see in this Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he offered the companions to have something written and that is the Bab kita button.

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So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in his lifetime he offered that he would have something written down for the guidance of people. So this shows that it is perfectly fine to write in fact, it is very beneficial. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said that bring me something. So act of law come I will write for you. What does it mean by the statement act of law?

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This could be understood in two ways it could possibly mean that he would order it to be written and it could also mean that he would write it himself. Some scholars they have said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he did not write before he became a profit. But after making a profit he did right. Because we learn in the Quran. Omar contitech lumen cabela HeMan keytab in wallet, the hottovy Amina before you did not write anything. So it's quite possible that he began writing afterwards. And there are some studies in which we see the word aktobe is mentioned to active means I write. So it's possible that he wrote by himself after he became a prophet of Allah. But other

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scholars that disagree and they say no, he was an ami. He did not know how to read and write. And we know that at the Treaty of davia. He asked where his name was written, and he wiped it off himself. If he was able to read and write he could have done it himself. He did not have the need to ask them but he asked which shows that he did not know how to read him.

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Right. So then how do we understand October 2, I will write for you, I will get it written, I will have it written, I will command that it'd be written. But then why is the fair in with the column? Why is he saying that I will do this? Because I'll am it vishay caffarelli the one who order something to be done is like the one who actually does it.

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And we see this in the Quran. Many actions that the angels are doing a las panatela uses AI over there as if he is doing it. Why? Because whenever the angels do something, it is at the command of Allah subhanaw taala. So extra block on what it means is that I will have it written for you bring me a book and I will have something written for you. And what did he say kita. A book, meaning a writing letter B Lu BARDA, after which you will never ever go astray, meaning if you hold on to it, you will never ever go astray. What does it mean by this GitHub? GitHub has been understood in two ways. First of all, it has been said that it means meaning I will write something for you. Which if

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you follow, you will not go astray in Deen, you will not go astray with regards to the *tier. So in other words, what he would write would be in addition to the shed era, however, this does not seem that appropriate. Why? Because we know that the book of Allah subhanaw taala Isn't that better in guidance than anything else? We learn in the Quran. In the Quran, yeah, de la te

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houden biannually. naswa houden. Moreover, and we learned that at the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, that I'm leaving amongst you two things that you hold on to you will never go astray the Quran, and the Sunnah. And if the prophets are a lot of them would give them some sugary instruction at this point, and that would mean he did not deliver the message completely.

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So this has to be something else. So what is it,

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it is a script, which you would write down which you would have written which if the people followed, they will not be lost with regards to the law with regards to leadership, that he would have written himself that after me such and such should be leader, so when so should be leader in this in this way. So he would write down something regarding philosophy regarding leadership amongst the Muslims. And why do you think he would want to have this written down, because you can imagine when his illness intensified when he became sick, and he was in a lot of pain, he realized that he wasn't going to be there long enough. So he did not want the people to be in the slightest confusion

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even. So this is why he said that, if you hold on to this, you will never go astray, you will never be lost, you will not be confused at all, even for a moment. And this shows to us how the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was truly

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mean that how he wanted to benefit the people in every way that was within his capacity. So he did not want people to be in confusion at all. But we see that a lot of the learn who he intervened over here. He said, Don't bother the Prophet sallallahu Sallam anymore, leave him, we have the book of Allah, and that is sufficient for our guidance. You know, don't press him to write something to instruct something more, leave him Don't bother him, let him rest Don't make it too hard upon him. And we see that this intervention, it kind of worked out.

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It was in fact better. How, why? Because we see that the Sahaba they decided that Abu Bakar Alito or no should be the halifa. themselves. And they agreed upon him being the Khalifa. And when they appointed him as a halifa, they did so willingly. Amongst the companions, there was absolutely no bad feelings. Everyone agreed. Everyone supported this decision. They all did this with their own agreement, and their willingness. And we see that the prophets are a lot of time in his life. He had indicated at several occasions that after him who would be the leader of the Muslims,

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that when he was ill, he had Abubakar on the lower end who lead the people in prayer. I mean, that was a very clear sign. A woman came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asking about something and he said, Go, and when you come back, and if you don't find me, then ask him about

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another incident when the prophets are appointed Abu Bakar as the leader and he sent him for Hajj. And then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, are the Dalai Lama and who afterwards do make the announcement to the people but still abubaker was the leader. So at several locations, we see the profits are not as Adam clearly pointed out, that Abubakar would be the leader and

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We see that when the Sahaba themselves agreed to appoint him, it made it even more clear that Abu Bakar was supposed to be the leader, because the guidance from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was there. But when the Sahaba also agreed, when they decided to have him as the leader, it made it very clear that he was supposed to be the halifa. So we see that it was out of the mercy of a lot that are modeled later on who was given a trophy to intervene at this time, and not let that be written to have the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Take it easy to let him rest. But a person might wonder that, did the people not go astray afterwards? I mean, we see a huge division amongst the Muslims, who

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later said that are a little later on who should have been the halifa. If the Prophet sort of autism had written it down, you know, there would have been no fitna like that. A person may argue, however, we see that is the Quran not there. Yes. What are some people not still misguided? Yes, they are. And if you think in the life of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, when he indicated so clearly, so many times that Abu Bakar was supposed to be the leader. But still people don't accept that, then you think they would accept that document? They would say, they would come up with another explanation. They fabricated themselves, they wrote it up themselves, isn't it? So those

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people who are prone to, you know, going astray, they will go astray, even if clear evidences are there. So there was benefit in this? And we also learned over here in this Hadees, that from the response of Armada, no, no. He said, we have the book of Allah, it is sufficient for us. He's in too much pain, don't bother him anymore. What do we learn from this? What other what etiquette do we learn from this, that how much love and concern and what little run ahead for the prophets of love

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that how he wanted him to be at ease Do not be overburdened do not suffer any hardship. I mean, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he told the companions, that he would write something, this was out of his own accord, Nobody forced him. Nobody asked him, isn't it, it was out of his own accord, but still wanted to go, I know had so much care for him, he didn't want him to be in pain. So this teaches a very important lesson, that we should be very eager when it comes to learning. But we should also keep in consideration the state of the other person, the health of the other person, how much time they have available, what position they're in, because many times we're just eager to

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learn. And we don't care about the other person.

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My husband, he tells me that many times when an assumption you have to come to town to teach classes, during break times, you know, all the men, you know, they go and they surround the teacher and the asking one question after the other. And the teacher sometimes has very clearly, this is my break as well. But people don't care at all. I mean, the teacher is standing, and he is talking, and you traveling last night, and he has to travel next morning. And while you are sleeping, he has to perhaps prepare, and the few minutes that he has to rest to sit down to stop talking to drink a glass of water people come and start asking questions. Right. So we should be very much concerned

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about other people as well. You know, definitely we should be very eager to learn, but our eagerness should not harm the other. It should not harm the other. And many times it happens with my mother that people complain. You're so busy, we call but there's no answer. You know, we email, but there's no quick response. And it really bothers me that Don't you realize she is also a human being? I mean, think about it, you called but there were perhaps many other people who called as well. You want to have a meeting with her, perhaps he was in meetings all day long, she needs some break as well. So many times, you know, we become a little extreme, and we don't give the benefit of the

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doubt to the other person. So be considerate. And we see this in the responses or model the Lauryn Hill how considerate he was, he said, or how little we have the work of a lot that should be sufficient for us. Just, you know, don't bother him anymore. And many times, if we put in effort ourselves, you know, to find an answer to research, do maybe listen attentively to be in class the whole time, we would not have to ask as many questions. You know, many times people come in, they ask me some questions. And really all you have to do is just Google. Honestly, all you have to do is just open the book. And I mean, if you're being asked a question, you're not supposed to say, you

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know, I'm not gonna give the answer you are supposed to answer because you're not allowed to conceal knowledge. So you're in a way overburdening the other person, in a way. So now when people come to me and asked me recently, somebody came and asked me about something and I said, Why don't you research the answer in this and this way, and let me know as well. And they did it. And they sent me a message and they said, I researched the answer, and this is what I found. So what do you think? So sometimes we need to take initiative.

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ourselves as well we need to become more active many times we depend on other people to just spoon feed us all the time. So hamdulillah by now we should you know grow up a little bit. Inshallah mashallah you were able to research so much and prepare a talk. So inshallah, in the future when you have questions, you should first try to find the answer yourself. And if you don't find the answer, then definitely go and ask so that you can find out.

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We also learn in this hadith about the enthusiasm zeal that other Sahaba had to learn even more from the Prophet satellite isn't to learn as much as possible. And that is understandable, even possibly lower into some other companions, they wanted to learn more they wanted that, you know, whatever the Prophet said, a lot of them had to say, whatever he wanted to be written down, be written down, because they were eager to learn more, and definitely that should be there. That is completely understandable. But we see that at this occasion we are mortal deliver and who did what he suggested was definitely better.

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When we see that when the people were arguing, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said leave because it is not appropriate to argue, in my presence. Was it not appropriate to argue at that time, in particular, or at any time, at any time.

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At that time, even more so because the profits are a lot of them was sick. Imagine a person is unwell, and we are arguing in front of them.

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This shows to us that the Sahaba were after all human beings, they were normal people. In a way, they got along with one another with respect to the graphics that allows them a lot. Sometimes, they also had accidents. So we see that he told them leave. It is not appropriate to argue in front of me. It's never appropriate at all. We learn in the Quran, even Latina, I'm a new letter Pharaoh a swatter. confocal Sultan,

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lovable, Holy God, radical liberal. And we see that, especially the Prophet sallallahu sallam, we learned the Quran that he has been taught to keep away from those people who argue those people who argue in the matters of religion do not deserve that the prophets are certainly among them. We learn in our analysis in Alina, for the codina, homework and OCR on less than one officiate, that, indeed, those people who have divided up themselves, and they have got up into different groups, you have nothing to do with them, you have nothing to do with them. So we should take a lesson from this, that we must stay united. Even if we have differences, we should not be harsh against one another,

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we should still be respectful with one another, don't become too aggressive. And many times it happens that you believe in something and you try to convince the other if they don't agree with you, they're not understanding your viewpoint. And just adopt silence. Simple, don't make a big deal out of it. Because if we make a big deal out of it, we're becoming of those people who caught up into groups who divide amongst themselves, and such people don't deserve that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam should be amongst them. We learned earlier about seeing the Prophet sallallahu celebrating your dream. And we love we wish that we could see him in the hereafter we could be in his company.

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So if we want that, we must leave this division we must leave this division and we must start to have respect for one another. Over here we see that some companions they thought it was a huge calamity It was a huge disaster that had happened that had prevented the profits are loads of them from writing something and remotely on one the other hand was I don't make him write, leave him Let him rest. So the shows that are muraleedharan who was definitely more knowledgeable, he was more wise who was more caring more concerned than many others not saying that everyone but many others his article, I was just thinking about how profitable a lot of artists and it was well wishing to

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the lot if it was a very sick, he still try his best to that almost remain in the right way. But how he wanted them to be rightly guided the whole time. Just imagine when he realized he's going to die soon. How concerned he was about his people that you think let me write something for you so that you won't be lost ever after that. Let me tell you about something you won't be lost ever after that. So it shows how much you wanted to convey. And the same thing we should also do sometimes we prefer our own comfort our rest over the loss of other people, you know other people could suffer loss. So if we have to deprive some of our you know, if we have to deprive ourselves from a little

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bit of sleep, a little bit of food, it's okay. Don't worry inshallah, Allah will not leave you deprived. He will compensate you in the best way

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or the connection of formality along with the end. So instead, my interlocutor will last as Spooner shows how

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How deep is connect? Is connection? And how is trust in the book? And how the value of the book

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very true that How are you so confident that the book of Allah is sufficient for us? It is enough for us that any answer we need any solution we need any guidance we need, we can find it in the book of Allah. This does not mean that the Sunnah is not important, not at all. No, it doesn't mean that. But he was trying to make clear to them that the book of Allah is sufficient for our guidance, we don't need to press the prophets, Allah loves them even more to, you know, to teach us to guide us even more, I mean, he performed his job, in the best manner, he delivered everything that he was supposed to. So now let him rest

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that where a person must be very firm, very tough in certain ways, there should also be mercy and compassion, where we strictly observe the rules, where we, you know, want to stick to them 100% there should also be some compassion, some mercy.

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We should be so firm upon the Quran and guide them towards the ground rather than arguing or giving them answers ourselves to the ground.

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And we can only go to the people to the Quran and we have this firm belief that that it is sufficient for us. It is sufficient for us, it is enough for us. But really me knowledge whether ility and admonition, belie early in the night, seeking knowledge and advising other people. When in the nighttime, what do you do during the night? Really? You sleep all night? I'm sure you don't do that. What do you do at nighttime?

00:31:48--> 00:32:32

studies? I'm sure many of you do that these days. Prepare for the next day. Maybe on a Saturday night, Friday night? Be honest. go out for dinner, watch a movie, watch a movie. Okay? read something on the internet, read a book, right? Spend time with our families, isn't it? So? If we ever do stay up at night extra? It's for the purpose of enjoyment, isn't it? It's for the purpose of spending time with our families. We learned from Hades that a person should not stay awake long after Asia, except if he wants to spend time with his family or has some important other work to do. So when people do stay up at night, it's for the purpose of enjoyment. Being with the family taking

00:32:32--> 00:32:53

it easy, right? We learn from this that studying at night and advising others at night. This is also something that's very good. You will only stay up for what you find important. You will only stay awake at night for what you find is urgent,

00:32:54--> 00:33:24

isn't it? Saturday night, tomorrow, Sunday night, I have to sleep early. I better do this today. I better do this tonight, isn't it during weekdays, you can't stay up too late in the night. Why? Because you have to start your day very early. So whenever you do stay up at night, it's always for the purpose of doing something that's very important to you. Okay, I'm not saying important in every sense, but what is important to you. So, when seeking knowledge becomes very important to a person,

00:33:25--> 00:33:27

then he will also stay up in the night to learn.

00:33:28--> 00:34:16

He will also stay up in the night to do her assignment or prepare for her lesson or prepare for her talk or whatever it is. So, if you are doing this, you have to stay up at night sometimes we happy because inshallah This is of the sooner that we learn from the Hadees one of the ways that is encouraged or allowed by the sooner we know that definitely during the day, we should do our work and during the night we should rest because that is exactly what Allah made the night for. But because the night has so much sukoon in it, there are no distractions, no interruptions, you can also get a lot of work accomplished. I know this person who lives in another country, and they teach

00:34:16--> 00:34:21

other people online. And when they teach other people online, it's their nighttime,

00:34:22--> 00:34:41

it's their nighttime, so they'll be teaching other people at 12 o'clock midnight, two o'clock in the morning, three o'clock, four o'clock, all the way up until Friday. And then after Friday after some time. They said that the rest of their day subhanak Allahumma, Ambika shadow Illa Illa and Mr. Haruka wanna do Willie. I said I'm really cool. What I heard the label