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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The upcoming night in Qatar is a major event that is a direct result of the Islamist movement and the loss of many Muslims. The movement became a nationalist movement and eventually led to the rise of the halifa, the powerful powerful movement. The conflict between the Empire and the Iranian Empire leads to a war of halification and the loss of control of the city of C arrangia. The group discusses the tactics used by the enemy, including cutting off strong strong strong strong strong strong strong strong strong strong, and they express their desire to kill the enemy personally. The group also goes on to discuss the loss of the third Crusade and the bleeding king.
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Are we live in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala he was so happy he married our beloved brothers in Islam Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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panelo 21st night of Ramadan, I don't know if if you feel the same but this Ramadan seems to have gone quicker than any other Ramadan before. And we in our last the last 10 nights, and it's the first of the odd nights. And there's a high probability that tonight could be later to Qatar, and therefore insha Allah, we should do the best that we can in these last 10 nights and particularly one of the odd nights a night that could enter you into Jenna tonight could enter you into Jana, forgive all your sins, and grant you more than 1000 months of good deeds, something that we should try our best. And there's nothing special to be done. Except to spend the night as much as you can

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insula and the reciting of the Quran, the resource alum even he who was guaranteed Jenna, I shadowed Yolanda writes that in the last 10 nights he would increase in Nevada, he would keep the nights alive, meaning he'd be awake for most of the night of the whole night if he could, and he would wake his family up, and he will tighten his belt, meaning either he would avoid stay away from his wife or it would mean that he became serious like you know, rolling up your sleeves, that kind of image imagery and spin obviously the last 10 days in it decaf if you're able to do so this is the best. But if you're not able to do that, at least try to do something more in these nights than you've

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done in the past. Maybe a half an hour or 10 minutes before fudger wake up and perform to rock as recycle voila had this and then this would be counted as making tagit if you've performed with Ursula right and you perform tahajjud make with Ursula again. Try to be the last the last Salah you do for the night with Ursula try to give something in charity every night Even if it's a tournament or three run, but at least you're counted on the lake on the night of laser cutter. I gave charity and recites something of the Quran, even if it's a small surah so Allah subhana wa tada magnify our small deeds and except from us, we make Toba make dua for everyone. If we all make dua for each

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other, in sha Allah, Allah do as will be accepted. I mean, we continue with our heroes of Islam. And last night we spoke about Nora Deen xinyi. And we spoke about the events of the first and the second crusade. And a quick recap not to take too long. We said that in 1090. In the in the year 1096 or so, the Christians gathered up and they declared a crusade, the Pope of the time said that we should march forward in a holy war. And we should reclaim Jerusalem from the infidels meaning the Muslims and and a huge army over 100,000 men cross through Europe and they entered into the Middle East. And unfortunately, even though we had three Holly furs, and we had countless amounts of kings and amines

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and swans with title, no one could stand up against the Crusaders, the same diseases and the same problems we faced with today was affecting the Muslims at that time, this unity in fighting every king looking for himself, the dunya being more important than the alpha. So Allah subhanho wa Taala punished the oma at that time by sending an invader and pro humiliation on the oma by conquering much most of modern day Lebanon, Palestine and huge portions of of, of eastern Syria. And they set up Crusader kingdoms for major territories, and they conquered Jerusalem. And in 1899. We said of the worst and most brutal events in history, Christian authors would write how they would fling

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Muslim men with catapults over the walls of Jerusalem, where almost every woman in Jerusalem was raped, where babies were taken from their mothers and thrown against the wall bashed to death. This would be 70,000 Muslims were killed in Majeed locks off they ran into the man should be leaving with safely and 70,000 of them were killed in Moseley, Luxor, and Han Allah this is what they did when they conquered or they captured most locks off Jerusalem and the Ouma was unable to do anything. Then a man came about 50 years later nurudeen and he was the the architect basically, of the revival of Islam. The historians that said there was no one more pious leader after openlab disease until

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new routines, and he came, and he was the son we set up a warlord, and he was just the leader of a small province of Aleppo in Syria. And he believed that the way to fix things is through unity. And he tried his best to bring unity with his neighbors. And he even supported his enemies that fought against him against the Crusaders. And so he was able to unite Syria under him under him Syria was united. And then he sent a general of his Salahuddin to Egypt to help Egypt and he and that time we said Egypt was ruled by a, a Shia Caliph Caliph who supported the Crusaders against many of them slim leaders in Syria, but when they were about to be collapsed, and the Crusaders were about to

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conquer Egypt,

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He sent an army noodle Dean's in an army and in that army was a lieutenant, Salahuddin Ella up to support the Egyptians and keep them from collapsing. So let's talk more about this general or this person. Salahuddin Allah UB. He's an asset Salahuddin, his name is Yusuf, even Nigel dean at a UB and he is of Kurdish origin is not an Arab. It's kind of like the greatest. You know, he you know, of, you know, the last 1000 years really is we know one more more prominent in terms of our heroes in the last 1000 years than Salahuddin and he wasn't added once again, showing this Deen doesn't belong to the Arabs. The heroes of Islam can come from anywhere. It's the people of taqwa. And he

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was born as we see to a Kurdish family. He was born in the year 530 to 1137 1137, about 1000 years ago, in the city of Crete. Saddam Hussein also comes from the city on a side note there and he was from a very, like a regarded as a low level family, his father and his and his uncle was a lieutenant in the army and they had managerial jobs. They worked for the Ziggy's who were the royalty or the on those in charge. So he was seen as basically working class, middle management, doing the job of of the of the those in power, and he was born on the nights that his father and his uncle were expelled from Tikrit. His father, who was a governor and his uncle, who was a man in the

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army, a woman was raped by one of the soldiers, and his uncle killed this man. So the Emir of Tikrit, even though he was writing what he did, he expelled salado Dean's family from Tikrit. And they were left to to go to Mosul. And on the night, he was a refugee on that night Salahuddin was born and the books of his three mentions that when he was born, his father said, this is a bad sign. This boy is born on the night that we expelled something bad about this boy, I think we should just you know, get rid of him. And one of the servants said don't do that a lot on what he would happen of this boy, maybe he grows up to be something special. So this is how Salahuddin was born a

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refugee. And he they basically the family lifted creed and they went to Mosul, and they they spent time in the zingy dynasty. They were welcomed they and they spent some time they so Salahuddin grew up. His father eventually moved to Damascus, and he grew up in Damascus. He grew up a well educated young person, mentioned that he was half an hour memorize a lot of Quran as a young person. And he excelled as a scholar. And in his youth, he actually wanted to be a scholar. He didn't want to be a military man. He was a man that any in his own life, he actually never enjoyed violence. We pictured him as a soldier. But this is not the man that he was. He didn't like violence and fighting, a

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preferred learning. And he enjoyed, you know, calm and peace. So he grew up in Damascus, he learned many of the Islamic sciences, and he learned some of the dunia sciences as well, but because his father was in the government and administrator, and his uncle was a senior person in the army, it was just natural that eventually he would join the ranks of his parents. And, you know, he was close, even though he wasn't part of the ruling class. He was very closely connected. And he was born 50 years after Palestine had been taken over Jerusalem to be conquered. So he was born as we are, we are bound to know that there is an enemy, enemy holding machine locks off, and he would hear

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this his whole life. And he would see this manutenzione a young Amir who's pious, worshipping and basically pleading with his neighbors and his relatives. All these people fighting with him all his cousins, his uncle's and his cousins and his half brothers that are fighting him. He can't we just unite as a family and oppose the the the Crusaders. So he was under he would say no to the Xingu, and this would be he's been to hearing about Jihad and the responsibility of a leader, you would see this pious man and it have an impact on him. And he eventually joined the administration of the first jobs he had. He was of the Damascus police force. He was a policeman in the Damascus police

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force. And he did very well as one of the senior police officers and he had a firm sense of justice and service. He was taught by nurudeen, that position. It doesn't give you freedom to do as you want. With power comes responsibility comes duty. Allah is going to ask you about what you did. With strength comes a duty with wealth comes a duty. This is what he was taught as a young man. And then he joined his uncle. As we said, we ended off last last night. We knew Dean's uncle Nora Dean Sint Salahuddin uncle to Egypt to support the Egyptian Government. Salahuddin join his uncle they in Egypt, and he now is in Egypt supporting his uncle. We said the ultimate dynasty was in charge of

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Egypt at that time, the halifa at that time, and they were very weak, extremely weak. In fighting, the army wasn't in order and the Crusaders knew if they conquered Egypt, then this would be another step further to basically conquering the Middle East.

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So the Crusader army attacks Egypt and Salahuddin is given a regiment. And he is also the first time he's really tasted in, in military battle. And he wins a big victory against many, many odds is able to protect the garrison, he came to a land an area and it was he was being besieged. And he was able to fight off the the Crusader army. And this would be the beginning of his of the rise in his career. Before that, he was very unknown. And he took control of that armies, Uncle centum Lee to control the army, and he was able to expel the Crusaders from further invading Egypt. His uncle died, and he became very closely attached to the halifa of Egypt. And the the halifa had to select

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basically the fatimids the way they ruled things, they didn't really run anything they selected record visitors over the years, even today, that means like a minister, to run the face for the halifa. And he selected this young 26 year old, kind of unknown Kurdish man to be his overseer. And they said the reason why they selected the selected Salahuddin was also because of his character, and he was someone that he felt he could trust. Also, because he, they felt that he could be easily controlled. He wasn't a big, he didn't have a big power base. He doesn't have an army that runs under him. He's just low level, so we can trust him and we control him. And he was then therefore

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selected to be the right hand man of the halifa of the limits. And this halifa then passed away two years later. During that two years, Salahuddin began to manage the face of the government, putting people in key positions, making sure that they will know

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an injustice is being done in reducing unjust taxes. We began to become allowed by the people of Egypt. So naturally, when the halifa passed away, and he took control formerly of the administration, there wasn't much opposition. They were the fatimid dynasty. Yes, they were unhappy. And they basically, they basically pulled away, but he was able to

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convert the fatimids from being a breakaway group. And he align them with the hollyford. Baghdad and joined up with nurudeen in Syria. So this would now be the beginning as we see this Now look, everything was on track for them to move and to conquer Jerusalem. In Egypt. Now Salahuddin is the leader of Egypt. What kind of leader was he, he had someone who was a chronicle a close friend of his scholar, and he wrote his biography along while he was still alive, there was someone writing his biography. And amongst the things he mentioned about celebrity, he said, he never did never masala in JAMA, He always was in the masjid. And he would spend time speaking to people, he got to

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know them, he got to speak to them about about their life, and they face all the soldiers in the army. He knew them personally. And it's mentioned though, that he was unable he had a few days in the last years of his life here to foster a lot because he had days missing of Ramadan. Why? Because he was constantly traveling, constantly fighting constantly on jihad. And he was a sickly man. He wasn't a strong, healthy man throughout his life. He was a sick person, and he died relatively young in his 50s because of consistent continuous strain on his body, and in times of need. one instance, the the historian that writes, you know, things look so bad, the situation looked dire, you know, an

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unwinnable odds, and it was Juma. So he gave some charity, and he may do between the other end and the karma. And he said, he may do and I heard him crying. And the carpet became waked with these tears. And he said, Allah, I have given everything of my means and my ability in your path. I have given everything I can, there's nothing left, I can give every wealth every bit of energy I've given. The matter only lies in your hands now itself, I see a lot. And he loved we sit in his youth, he loved the scholars, and he continued to love this knowledge and learning, you know, throughout his life, and part of him sort of regretted that he didn't have chance to learn more spinal side

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notes here. How do we lead the greatest hero of Islam, the greatest General of Islam, he didn't learn much about the Quran because you're so busy with jihad. And he would say later in his life when he reads the Quran, and he says panela only Jihad kept me busy from you making an excuse for the Quran. So he said, this is the scholars say, this is harlots excuse on tiama the Allah Jihad kept me busy from the Quran. What is our excuse about being kept busy from the Quran? He loved the Sunnah and we could see he converted. The Shia Al Azhar University was set about the 40 minutes It was teaching Shia doctrine, and when he managed to bring Egypt back into Sunni Islam without

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fighting without killing anybody, he opened Shafi schools, he memorized sheffy books, and he brought Egypt back into Islam. His friend who wrote said I write here that you love the Hadith and you would recite Hadith to you. You would have Hadith recited to your your governors and your generals, but the one place you never have Hadith

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during battle, and in battle, then he started asking scholars to recite Hadith, because he hoped that the bulk of the words of Nagisa Salim would be a reason for victory, he would wake his soldiers up when he found them relaxing Salah, and he would say, maybe it's because of this, that we're not winning. You know, you're not making Salah you're not, you're not being close with Allah subhanaw taala. And he's but what made him Beloved, and this is the secret to his success. The secret to his victory was the way he treated his soldiers and those under him extremely generous, extremely generous role mentioned this, when he died. He was most powerful man on earth. He they didn't have

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enough money to bury him. They had to borrow money for his janazah he had absolutely nothing. He lived his whole life in a tent. He never built a palace. He never even built a home for himself. That's how he lived for years living on the campaign. And he would give anyone would ask him something, when the spoils of war were brought forward. You could take you know, whatever was there, he would take, he would say, let the soldiers take whatever they want. If there's anything left, I'll take something and many times there was not much left for him to take, and he was happy with that you would. This is one of the reasons why he was so loved the people of Egypt, love the way he

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administrated Egypt that he sought to them and he put all the corrupt taxes at where they have the governance, he removed those things. But not everybody loved him. Of course, the Crusaders didn't love him. And the old Fatima dynasty didn't love him. So one of the things that happened in this early time was there was a coordinated attack by the party meats and the Crusaders to undermine you from the south. The party which would make an alliance with the Sudan Sudanese or the Nubian King to attack from the south. At the same time, the Crusaders and the input the king of Sicily would send an army to the north to attack Alexandria. So this was going to happen at the same time. Salahuddin

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became a way of the of the plot he had a very good information intelligence system. And he discovered the plot he was able to stop those from invading from the south, the rebellion 50,000 of the people of the south of Egypt tried to rebel and he managed to stop by taking away the the leaders. And then when the crusade is attacked Alexandria that he was ready and was well fortified and he was able to repulse this attack and ever again, with the Crusaders site to attack Egypt while he was in control. So everything was set now for Salahuddin and nurudeen to capture Jerusalem to capture Jerusalem. Actually, before that aside, Nokia Salahuddin, once he conquered Egypt he didn't

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stop the the fatty meats, they control extended to Makkah and Medina. So Khalifa in Baghdad wasn't in control of Mecca and Medina. When that Fatima Emperor died. There was no one ruling McCain, Medina and the hijab being harassed and there'll be attacked. So he sent his army and he made sure that the hijab area, Makkah and Medina was well protected. So to his credit, he's the only man I know in history, who basically took care of Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem at the same time, he basically liberated all three, the haramein or three harms of one of that time, and he there was a bad practice, they would text up a judge, and the judge would be punished. They couldn't pay the

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tax. He of course removed this. And then he heard there was a man in Yemen claiming to be the Maddy and he was causing a big fitna day so we see this army further south into Yemen, and he also captured and brought unity Yemen wasn't United at a time Three Kings ruling and he basically control them and so he controlled Egypt hijas which is the western side of Saudi Arabia maka Medina agenda and he controlled Yemen and new routine controlled Cydia, so the path was ready for for them to join up and conquer Palestine which roussillon as Allah would wanted, * in passes away, literally in dies. And immediately once he dies, what happens is descendency sons fight over and each one breaks

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away. The city of Aleppo breaks away, fights Damascus, Damascus breaks away fights Mosul, and again the entire city fragments, each one fighting one another, each one claiming that they should be in control. And that Salahuddin basically should align to them because he's basically a servant of nurudeen is basically just a general working for no routine. So a new routine dies.

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Aleppo becomes a new routine son is in charge of Aleppo, new routines and nephew is in charge of law school, and Damascus is in the middle and both sides sides of attack Damascus Damascus doesn't know what to do. The mosque is actually tries to sign another agreement with the Crusaders who support but the Crusaders tried to invade Damascus. So they called Salah Dean and they said, Why don't you come and help us so he rushes out of Egypt, not with his army just 700 cavalrymen and his Damascus system make sure Damascus is well fortified. The people of Damascus demand that they want him to be the leader. They've heard of what he did in in Egypt, and they want him to be the protector and to

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be the ruler of Damascus technically Salahuddin has an

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right to be a king of anything. He's still just a, a worker for the zinc is the zinc. These are the ones who are in control. But the halifa of Baghdad writes and says, I recognize Salahuddin, as the Emir of Egypt and the Emir of Damascus, and the rulers of Aleppo and those who are happy, so they sent an army against him to stop him. He tried his best not to fight them, but they attack him. And he was able to one of these first this is one of the big battles that he won. It's called the Battle of the horns of Hama. Hama is a is a place in Cydia. He puts His army on two hills. And that time he didn't come with an army he 700 men really, they fortify themselves on to hills. And the Emir of

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Aleppo and Amir of Mosul attacked him and they tried to match up the hill, they were much, much superior 1000s of men against the 700. And he tries to defend against them as much as he can until he gets reinforcements from Egypt. And when this happens, the enemy is of course captured in the middle. So everything is on top of the hill, and he's forced at the bottom of the hill. And the Emir of Aleppo is in the middle. So they were caught in the middle, and they will basically completely routed about to be annihilated. And Salahuddin told the soldiers, allow them a route to a retreat, don't constrict them and annihilate them completely. let them escape, because a day will come when

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I'm going to need them to fight with me against the Crusaders. And he allowed the Emir of Aleppo and Mosul to continue. Eventually, they would sign a treaty of peace, they would break the treaty, they would fight him again. And once again, he would defeat them only when these two armies would die. And even when they lost, they weren't happy with defeating him. twice, they paid assassins to kill Safa Dean, and twice he was injured by assassins, but he was he survived by the grace of Allah twice. And we said the Assassins of their time, were the most well trained killers of the time. They would come into his team in the middle of his army, and he was injured two times by these assassins,

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but he survived. When these two armies finally passed away, finally the people of Aleppo, they demand, you know, Salahuddin conquered Aleppo. And when he came into Aleppo, this is this is 10 years, he spent more time fighting Muslims, or trying to work with Muslims than fighting the Crusaders. 10 years, 11 years in Syria, trying to unite Syria so that we can fight the Crusaders. He comes into Aleppo, and now the people that have been fighting for 10 years, they're afraid. What's he going to do? What is he going to do? We've resisted him for 10 years. And in the salado, Dean way, he says, Let's take the Treasury, and instead of giving it to the,

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to only soldiers, he said, You guys are also soldiers. You also fought and obeyed your army, you also can take from the spoils of war. And with that, that same people that were fighting him signed up for his army, and they joined the army, the Emir of Mosul was defeated. And he allowed his soldiers to take from what they needed. And all the officers and all the important people were captured. He said, then he said, you go back to Mosul, hoping that they would come once again, join him. And so they did. And the only thing he took for himself, when they conquered when they beat the amount of muscles army, they said, they found in his, in his tent, over 100 women, ex slaves, like

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to see to the pleasures of the army, and he had golden cages for his birds. So they didn't take anything. He says, Give me the cages of the birds. And he sent it back to the Emir of Mosul. And they said, I don't think fighting is for you, you mean for a lot more delicate kind of things. It's better suited for you stay out of warfare, war business. But eventually, in 581, so from from 570 to 581. He's trying to unite Syria. And he doesn't do this by invading and destroying the armies, because he wants them to work together. When they would sign a treaty, you'd say you can be in charge of your city. Just give me your soldiers to fight the Franks, not to fight for me to fight in

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jihad. And finally, after, after these years, he is able now to unite Syria, and he enters a truce a treaty with the Crusaders. So he signs a peace treaty with the Crusaders and himself for four years. There'll be no fighting.

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One year into the treaty, the Crusaders break the treaty. There was this man called renauld. The shotgun ran out of shotgun. He was an extreme enemy, nurudeen. He caught him and he was in jail for 16 years, he came out and he became an important Crusader. And he was he beat he openly said I would massacre if I could add massacre every single Muslim on Earth. That's my job. And he sent an army we said that an army to Makkah to destroy the Kaaba and an army to get to take out the body of the prophets of Salaam and he said this is your would show it to the Muslims. This was his idea, his his dream. So I have been stopped these army and brought that army to Medina and had them executed in

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Medina. So Salatin he promised, this is the one man I want to kill personally.

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I want to kill him personally.

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No one else is going to take him except me. But there was a peace treaty and they stuck to the peace treaty. But this man violated the treaty first. There was a caravan that went past he, he stated to him, and he took this caravan. He killed all the men. It took the women hostage and did what he wanted with him. And every time we execute them, he would say, Where is your Mohammed now? ways, you know, and he executed them one by one. When Salahuddin heard this, he still fulfills the treaty, he writes to the King of Jerusalem and say, This is what your man has done. I don't want war. But you need to make retribution for this. You need to bring this man to justice. The King of Jerusalem

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basically doesn't respond. He doesn't give in. So Salahuddin system this war. And he brings together all the armies he can and we think of Salah Deena This is huge. It has this huge army, the biggest army that he could could muster in his life was 20,000. This was the biggest army that he ever had 20,000 in all these victories he did was 1002 1000 fighting against much bigger armies. So he brings the biggest armies ever had 20,000 men from Egypt from Syria. And he says In that case, there is war and he attacks Jerusalem.

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He couldn't really conquer Jerusalem outright. And he was hoping that the Crusaders would make a mistake. And they did. They had a very new, a very weak, the Select King of Jerusalem. And with Ronald, this extremist Christian, he basically said Let us go. We haven't lost really a big battle. They had the cross they believe this is the cross that they believe in that the ISA was crucified on. And of course, Nagisa was not crucified, they call it the the True Cross or the Holy Cross. They said, Well, this, we can't lose. Let's fight him in open battle. Let's leave our castles castles with a problem. Let's fight them in open Bethel, and this is what Salahuddin wanted. So they leave

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Jerusalem. And he gets them to march through the desert, and the army is extremely struggling for water. And they were supposed to reach a certain area, they come to a hilltop called the hill of 18. So 18 is a hill and they come on to the hill and Salahuddin surrounds the hill and doesn't allow them to leave. And for two days, they are struggling with thirst at that time, also, a lock was the wind to blow in that direction. So he caused the area around it to burn. So the smoke and the thirst and the heat, all the way down on the Crusaders. Many of them died of dehydration. And they tried to rush down every time they tried to rush down the hill. They were stopped and they were pushed back.

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There was surrounded and extra dimension how Salahuddin made these horses around the hill. So the dust and smoke, choke the Crusaders, and he allowed those who didn't want to fight a route to escape. He showed them if you want to escape, you can go through this way. So the Crusader army disintegrated. And finally they made a last push and they were all basically defeated. And this was all the nobility of all the kingdoms of of the Crusader kingdoms. All of them basically were laid and they were captured on that day. Some of them were executed. Along with the King of Jerusalem key he was caught and run out the shotgun. He was captured and they were brought to the tent of

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Salahuddin Salahuddin gave water to the King of Jerusalem, and it's a sign of peace if you give you under prediction. So the King of Jerusalem drank, and he gave the water to Ronald. And Salahuddin says, Just remember, I didn't give you the water. You gave him the water, meaning the peace doesn't go extinct to him. And he said, I promised this I made his promise. This is the one man I'm going to execute. And he executed that hobbies, that person who had done all the things and he took he as as a prisoner, and he left him there. And then he moved on to capture all the cities one by one Nablus, Ramallah Jaffa, by Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, one by one acre, Tripoli, one by one those cities

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had nowhere to defend it. And he took control of the cities without killing or massacring people. And finally he turned his attention to Jerusalem. He comes to Jerusalem. There was one prince that didn't, was not that was not the at the Battle of 18. And he asked Salatin, can I leave my city of Tripoli? And can I go to Jerusalem to fetch my wife and kids so that he said no problem you have one day go, but you can't fight us. When he gets to Jerusalem, he breaks his word. And he basically takes control of the city and he fortifies it and he protects the city. And he's tell Salahuddin, I've broken my agreement with you. And I'm going to defend the city. So Salahuddin does not want to

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have bloodshed in Jerusalem. He sends his army and they besieged the city. And he doesn't want bloodshed. He keeps them turned. He says, you can leave peacefully, you can leave freely. I'm not here to conquer. I'm not here to harm your city. So they said, Are you really expect us to believe after what we did to you? 100 years ago, when you enter Jerusalem, you're going to let our people go free. We don't believe you. So

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They defended the city as long as they could, until eventually Salahuddin after about two weeks of seeing it. You broke the wall. And the he was about to enter the city when baylin, the commander of Jerusalem comes out and he says, Now we want peace terms. Now I want to make peace. So everything says, Alex, you lost. Now you went to make peace, I offered you peace. So he said, if you don't make peace, I'm going to kill every Muslim in Jerusalem, and I'm going to burn most of Luxor down. So Salahuddin said I won't have that. Let's make peace. And the peace agreement, even by today's standards, they would say is remarkably fair, and just the rights is the Christian rights is it that

00:30:37 --> 00:30:57

day, we're taught the meaning of mercy, because he made it easy for anyone who was born in Paris in the Middle East, and you're Christian, you're free to stay in Jerusalem as an equal citizen. Anyone who's come from Europe, you can leave the city with all your belongings. For a man you pay 10 dinars, a woman pays five and a child pays to

00:30:58 --> 00:31:44

baylin comes back and says he were about 20,000 people who can't afford to pay that. So he says anyone who's too old, or a woman, they can go without paying that. And they leave the city. And when they leave the city, they see many of the wealthy Crusaders taking all their wealth with them. And they're about 15,000 Crusaders who couldn't pay the ransom. And they asked, don't you want to pay for your people? They said, No, this is our wealth. The Salahuddin and his army felt shy, what his brother said, amin as reward for me, I want to sit as my payment by wages, sit 3000 slaves, and they said 3000 slaves. The women came to Salahuddin, and they cried and they said, what are we going to

00:31:44 --> 00:32:16

do you have our sons, our husbands captive. So he said, Any woman who has a husband and son capital, they may go freely, he escorted them to Christian lands. And he said, finally I would do the biggest act of kindness and he said free the biggest number of slaves as a part of his like payment of the war, only a few of them remained and he allowed and they holy places and they say good things will remain. And he purified masinloc saw his maintenance routines. He believed that that Palestine will be conquered, and he built a member

00:32:17 --> 00:32:56

and he said the day we conquer Palestine, I want this member to be in Mozeliak saw, Salahuddin Fitch, that member and he brought it to Palestine. He said his new dean basically his dream has come through when he was a boy when he would speak about the will become a man and it will liberate Palestine. So how can I be that man, and this was so rapidly, you know, we are running out of time and overtime. But what would happen after this is after the victory, a Jerusalem, a Third Crusade would be announced Europe would be shocked at this and immediately when the news reached the Pope, he died out of shock. The Pope of Europe died when he read the that Jerusalem had fallen back to the

00:32:56 --> 00:33:28

Muslims. And he made it compulsory, the next Pope that every single person that is able to go and fight in a crusade and a Third Crusade was announced and three kings the king of Germany the King of France, the King of England, Richard the Lionheart and Philip and Barbarossa they all signed up and the army that arrived even though the vast majority of the army didn't arrive Palestine Barbarossa had the biggest army, the king of Germany, and he died on the way he drowned and his German Army left. The army that arrived was over 600,000 men that arrived

00:33:29 --> 00:34:07

to support the Crusaders and Salahuddin, the rights to the armies and his final look at these people. None of you kings have seen one soldier, not a single one of the hollyford three hollyford one of them sent a single soldier. None of the armies get the Christians I've seen such a huge army. And they fought they conquered, they were able to capture the city of acre. And Salahuddin felt that was one of his biggest defeats. They said he cried like a mother who lost a child on that day. And they massacred the people of acre. But they were never able to take Jerusalem. Each time they tried to fight. They were unable to defeat any finally the Third Crusade was a failure. And they entered

00:34:07 --> 00:34:43

into a peace agreement with Salahuddin that he keeps control of Jerusalem. And the Kings went back to Europe in exchange that no one should be harmed of the people. And that was given to them that they pogroms and they trade this in coming to Jerusalem freely and there will be no fighting and he said no problem. This is really what we want. And after they had left, one year after that Salahuddin was in his 50s, about 57. He now felt that he was ready. He never performed Hajj in his life. He felt now is the this piece I can perform hajj, he was unable to get there because he had a fever. And he passed away. He passed away and he's been in Syria, basically in Damascus at the age

00:34:43 --> 00:34:59

of 57 589. And when he died as we said he didn't have he had one dinner. That was how much he had left. One Tina lift his horse and his shield and his sword. They didn't have enough money to pay for his job as he loved his life.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:42

A team that he marched for years he left Egypt. When he went to consolidate Egypt was his land was his home. He left Egypt to bring unity to Syria. He never came back to Egypt. He died fighting time to bring unity to the oma. And till today, as we say three Holly for us. We couldn't mention the names. We couldn't mention any of the king's name, but till today, his name is remembered. And Subhanallah we know we are in the same situation. We just waiting for a new Salahuddin to stand up and May Allah spawn bless us. And when we do it, we will do it the way he did it in sha Allah. I mean, so with that, we continue we conclude selaginella Yogi inshallah tomorrow, it wasn't only the

00:35:42 --> 00:36:19

main that was times and defended. We talk about the seventh crusade where a woman a woman was the one who defeated the Crusaders. We'll talk about her tomorrow inshallah, along with other great Sultan's as for the quiz, no quiz tonight but we go through the answers of yesterday's questions. Question number one, after which profit is the 14 pseudo the Quran of snobby Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, which Prophet was saying to the people of Medina, they'll be sure I was into my den and who was the wife of NaVi Brahim, one of his wives was hotjar, the great great great grandmother of Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and then we don't have a quiz but we have a prize giving. So let's see

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the top 10 for the week.

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Marshall lacemakers continues to do so the top four, the top four all are tied for 12 on top and they for all four of you inshallah will receive a prize smiley won every single week.

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But this one he won out of another prize of the lucky draw. This is a genuine prize. I don't know the answers the

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last question amigos a second time.

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Mashallah. So for the four of you, if your names are there, please click the price if your name is Dan, you're not here. If you're not here, and your names live and you don't get a prize, because you're not here for the prize, so inshallah please just indicate where you are is use of you.

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and then all right, inshallah. So, get your prizes in Shell I mean, just announcement the Maharajan 3000 ran for a fourth how many people does the foxfi

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how many people there's about 300 people so if you'd like to feed 100 people under the age of eight 3009 inshallah, and we will start kiama late tonight but quarter to 1010 o'clock inshallah. qiyamah lay a telecasts for today. Shall local affair

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Salahdeen part 2

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