What to Expect When You Harm Others

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Masjid Al Falaah, 11 July 2018


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The importance of self-development and avoidingoppression is discussed, as well as the need for comfort in one's life and protection of people. The history of Islam is also discussed, including accusations of malice and punishment, the implementation of Islam as a rule of pleased to be the boss, and the use of the word Islam to describe actions and events. The loss of people and the need for people to be careful with their words and behavior are also highlighted. The speakers encourage a campaign to improve one's character conduct and stop the harm of others.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was happy he made. All praise is due to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household, his companions, may Allah bless them and bless every one of us and grant us goodness, my brothers and sisters, when we speak of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we should understand that these people were with the most elevated of all creatures of Allah subhanho wa Taala. They were fortunate to be in the company of the best of creation, we should consider ourselves fortunate if Allah has blessed us with good company. When you

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mix and interact with people who have sound values, morals, conduct, character and the unconscious of Allah, consider yourself favored by ally. But more important than that is to work on your own characteristics so that someone else can say about you that wow, I am in good company. So panela it's not good enough for us to keep thinking, I hope I'm with the right people, when we are the wrong people ourselves. So if you look at Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he drove home the importance of self development and rectification of your character and conduct you as a person, your relation with Allah, how you address people, to you know, if you look at the repercussion of

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oppression, it is absolutely unbearable. The Hadith says a little more Luma to mill piano, and in another narration buruma to Yeoman qiyamah. The Darkness is on the day of judgment will only be a result of people having wronged others. When you are an oppressor or a wrongdoer, you will definitely face the darkness of your action, you will face the darkness of your deeds whether you like it or not. And in this particular case, Allah is not speaking about

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those who are non believers or disbelieve is alone but there are two types of oppression two types of wrongdoing. The ultimate wrongdoing is known as shake that which is unacceptable by Allah. When you for example.

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perpetrate a crime against Allah by worshipping deities with Allah or besides Allah. Allah says you know what? Another nasura Katya, Annie Shiki Minami la Ramadan Ashura, coffee Margarita to wash Erica, you want to associate the partner in this deal or act of worship with me? I am the most independent of partners. You know what? I don't need the deal. Give it all to the partner. I don't want it. Imagine when you're a wealthy person, multi millionaire, and someone tells you Hey, okay, I've got $10 here, you know, five is for that guy and five for you. The wealthy guy would say give him to him, what do I need the 10 for? So when you engage in an act of worship, make sure you

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understand it's only for Allah. Allah says, If you associated a partner with me in that act of worship, I don't need to give all $10 to that guy Subhana Allah, what an explanation, what we're doing, in the hadith of Allah subhanho wa Taala. May Allah grant us understanding, but the second type of oppression and wrongdoing is amongst each other. When you do wrong amongst each other, when I do wrong to you, I have to taste the result of that wrong, either now or later on in my life before I die. And then after I die, why in my life, why? Why is it that Allah doesn't just leave it for the day of judgment? Because man's nature is such that when someone does wrong to him, he wants

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to see the effect of it. That's man's nature. He wants to see Wow, this guy's doing so much wrong. He's getting away with murder. He's done so much. But we'd like to see that Allah is doing something about this. Now, it might not happen in my life if I was oppressed, but definitely in the life of the oppressor.

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The one who did wrong definitely in his life. He will taste it in one way or another. Now, why am I saying this this evening in Salah Felicia intentionally I read from Surah Furqan because it brings about conflict to the heart. sutra is one of the most beautiful sutras in the Quran. You ask the her father they enjoy reading it, even if they don't know its meaning. What about those who know the meaning. alfre con was revealed in Makkah at a time when the co founder of Quraysh were accusing Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam with so many accusations,

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They harmed him. They said, You know what, you are a liar. You are a womanizer you have done this you have done that you are after money, you after power. And they started harming him, they started accusing him they even murdered some of his companions. They started threatening them. And you know what, there was an issue. What was the issue? As much as the belief is in Makkah knew that we are unhappy, we are on the straight path. They knew we are on the straight path, but they wanted some form of comfort from Allah. I mean, I could be a strong mean, but when I see things wrong happening every single day, how long am I going to be able to tolerate this? Or how long am I going to be able

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to stay with it? It might work on my Eman. shavon may be able to come and try he sticks with me even though he may not succeed, but it's easy for those two shake who have been shaken for a long, long time. That's why the Quran says was Zulu.

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Zulu and Medina, Amman Omar, Abu Matanuska Allah, Allah says Allah in na sala de partie.

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Allah tested the the religious people, Allah tested the prophets, Allah tested the greatest of the great so much that there came a time when they who were prophets of Allah and the pious, who are the companions of those prophets, they began to ask, When is the help of Allah going to come? If that is being asked by the prophets and by the pious, who are we? May Allah help us? So Allah says, Don't worry, when that happens, and you are shaken, we have tested you if you still haven't lost your faith, our help is near.

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What is the meaning of near?

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Near could be today, tomorrow? A year, two years, five years, but the end result is in your favor. Do not doubt that. Do not doubt that never ever doubt the justice of Allah. Because it has to come. So Allah subhanho wa Taala in Surah tofu Can he tells Rasulullah saw Salam clearly look, we will punish these people in the era. You know how badly we are going to tell you how badly so Allah says, When jahannam sees them, Johanna Mustafa, cackling crackling. You see, sometimes people try to tease and mock. You know, when you see someone and you know that they are, for example, oppressive. There is a hadith which says a sign of tiama is an eukroma rajguru. Mahabharata, surely a man will be

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honored, not because he deserves honor, because we fear his backlash. When you see that happening, you know, qiyamah is not far.

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Today, you say salaam aleikum, je How are you brother, not because you want to greet him? But because you know this man, if you don't, he can do something to you, that will unnecessarily harm you. That's a sign of the AMA to honor a man because he deserves honor his nobility, but to honor a man who is not worth looking at is a sign of the AMA. Sign of the AMA. Why are you honoring him? Why do you listen etc? Because the Hadith says it's a sign of pm Mahabharata Shall we are fearing maybe if we don't do this, he might harm us. So we are we have no option. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah knows he was upon the highest level. So Allah says, in the same way they were

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intimidating jahannam the crackle will come in intimidate them like telling me this is where you come in. This is where we sing this jahannam itself is crackling, either a

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semi Runa who was happy VIERA, Allah says when they get closer to jahannam, they will hear the sound of the crackle of jiangnan welcoming them into that fire and it will become loud as they get closer. As though it is saying we are waiting for you for so long. You will come home.

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mela protect us.

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Why? Because you used to wrong the people. You used to oppress you used to harm I always tell people, your colleagues your family members, Watch your tongue with them. behave with the people understand they are human beings. When they raise their hands to Allah to destroy you. You're gonna

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you're gonna we suffer sometimes how sometimes well, and we don't know why I'm reading my Salah I'm giving my soccer because there was a maid that worked for you five years ago. You accused of something you made her cry tears. She said oh god destroy this man. You are suffering as a result of the two hours that she made because the Hadith says turkey

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For in the hall a subpoena obeying the law. There is no barrier between the DA that is made against you by someone that you did wrong against in the eyes of Allah between them and Allah no barrier when they make a dua Allah says we will give it to you. Maybe not now but you will have a day when you are going to see and you're going to say subpanel Oh Allah you're just

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to Panama. That's why when jahannam starts intimidating, Allah says you know what will be said to them on that day? That only Amato Bora

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on that day, they will say destruction upon us. Look at this. This is destruction man. Allah says not one destruction don't say one destruction, you will be destroyed to smithereens. Totally. Allah says we're gonna destroy you once and twice, and three times and four. How How can you burn me 10 times I can only burn once Allah says no, Cola, man, no, the jet.

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Leo colada, every time their skins and their flesh is totally burnt, we will just replace it with a new one so that they can taste a new, all that burning and punishment once more. In the dunya someone bends you a little while later the place becomes numb. someone hurts you a little while later. You can't feel it anymore. It's gone. You lost your sensation. That's the mercy of Allah.

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When someone tries to harm you beyond a certain degree, physically, you will die because that's the mercy of Allah. Allah doesn't want you to taste pain more than a certain threshold. Beyond the threshold. Allah says I'll just take you away. Mercy Subhana Allah is someone shot you instead of feeling the pain what happened to you, you die. You went, that was the mercy of Allah. But we don't look at it that way. But Allah says, No, it's our Miss. We don't allow men to taste pain beyond the point. They cannot allow. They cannot do it alone won't allow it. But Allah subhanho wa Taala says, You see these people, those who have wronged those who have oppressed those who have accused those

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who have falsely accused Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam those who have done harm those who have worshipped besides Allah, Allah says, Don't worry in the era we're going to punish. But there was another issue, the companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they were happy to hear what's going to happen in the Akira. But they wanted to know what about the dunya man?

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What about this world?

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It's not easy for everybody to say okay, forgive us it's over. You need to have a big heart Subhan Allah and these days with the type of food we have the cholesterol makes it narrow. Subhan Allah digest this digest digest small heart as well Allah forgive us

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Subhan Allah. So Allah says in the next verses of Surah Surah Allah Don't worry, let's prove to you what happened to people before you while other.

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Wallah tada attina

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remember when we sent Moses Mousavi Salaam to the Pharaoh and his brother Harun? We sent him as a companion and help it to him to be an assistant. Do you remember the time? So behind Allah? Yes, we do. What about him? Allah says Hakuna. We told him. Now this is encouragement to Mohammed Salah. And it is also conferred to all of us to say Allah is just, Allah doesn't let things go by. Allah won't let things go by. So he says, For habba lol comi levena boo boo. Tina, we told them we want you to go to the people who are already oppressing the other people. It's not like the pharaoh wanted to do something against Moses and Harun moosari salam, and how long before that he was already doing wrong

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to his people, and to the bank of Israel and to the others. So Allah says we are sending you to go to him in order to guide him to remind him that he is not the boss. He is not the king, he cannot have it his way The king is Allah The boss is Allah the Creator is Allah that just is Allah, not you. You are a mere creature of Allah, who's going to close his eyes and you're going to face Allah, he denied it. What got to his head, His power, His authority, his wealth, everything of that nature cut to his head, really to the degree that he told them I am your Lord

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wirkkala around

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him to let

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tell these people Oh my people. I don't know of a god for you guys to worship besides me.

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What kind must have been what type of power must he have had

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What type of authority must he have had? You know what Allah says? For

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me, because of all of that, we destroyed him into the smallest of pieces, that mere means total, utter sheer, complete destruction towards them or know that they are connected. It means the type of destruction and the amount of destruction is being described by Allah and he tells you total, complete, the people didn't want to believe that the pharaoh has drowned Allah says no stress, we will make the sea split his body when you see it motionless, lifeless, you're going to say

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was this the guy? Was this the guy? Yesterday? This is what he was saying. Look at him today. That's exactly what happened. So I must say Don't worry, it's coming. But when did it come? Some narration say it came after 40 years for zero. But it can weather today weather tomorrow within the next day party came Subhan Allah so Allah says Luca Mohamed Salah weather whatever happens they will face their day and they did Subhanallah they did the victor of Makkah came. When did it come? It came a few years later, but it came. Let's let's carry on with the verses. We're talking about the Prophet Solomon the comfort received and the retribution against the oppressive one the one who did wrong.

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Allah says

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welcome Oh man, oh, man, caribou sola. Look at the people of Noah when they belied the messenger what we what did we do to them? on our home, we just drowned.

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We just drowned them.

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I was watching a WhatsApp clip somewhere in the world. Only Allah knows where exactly it was.

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Nine minutes of rain. The city was gone. I don't know if you saw that clip.

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within three minutes in that clip already, the buildings weren't moving.

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This was very recently sometime this year. While we're speaking, there are floods across the globe. I promise you, Allah is.

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Allah is the one who can do anything. He tells us I did it already. Look, Noah, how long did we give them to turn to seek forgiveness to say I'm sorry to make peace with Allah. How long did we give them? Allah says we gave them 950 years.

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After that, we closed the door. We told Mohali Salaam you can remain with your people but we want to give you news none of them are going to accept your message now.

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Allah says after 950 years we close the door the door of guidance was closed by Oh by Allah. Did you ever know that he says it in the Quran?

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Minami tomika illa cada,

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oh no. We want to tell you no more people are going to accept Islam now. disclosed. Allah says that in the Quran. Subhan Allah, why Allah says we just want you to prepare. And then once you ready, we're going to send the punishment. That's how detailed the forehand goes.

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So Allah says, What did we do when they did this? We destroyed them. Now Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and his companions. They were thinking more so the companions with the herd the verse they said, No, Indeed, Allah is just Allah says if you don't, if you don't suffice by that example, we will give you more. Why?

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Was Habermas see walk alone? benina Dally Kakashi era The mood is horrible Russ and so many other generations. Allah says wakulla bobbin Allah

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all of them we have given the examples of all of them, what did they do whatever they did, we gave them some time. During that time, they got more excited. There were some who might have turned Yes, they will say but Allah says they became more and more and more when you tell someone fear Allah. If they become angry at that the Quran in surah baqarah describes that they are the devil themselves.

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When someone reminds you of Allah brother radio Salah Hey, who are you? Straight? You know, this guy. He's possessed by what by the devil? What either kill Allah who tequila, aka that Who is that? Oh, believe me for his boo Jahan. Allah says with those hipparcos when you tell them to fear Allah when you remind them to do what is right to stay away from wrong, it drives them deeper into the sin and the crime Allah says sufficient is there is for them. Johanna, there's no other place for them. Why? How can you allow your heart to become so hard? You're a believer, you believe in Allah, you're supposed to be suffering. You can't allow that to happen. My brothers, my sisters, when anyone

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reminds us of Allah and to for us to watch our tongues and to watch our character and not to harm people.

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What is hurting us to be polite to everybody? What's hurting us? Why? Why can you not be polite to your brothers, your sisters, your parents, your uncle's, your aunts, your relatives, those who are not related to you, the public, the workers, those whom you are working with or those who are working for you or vice versa, whoever you interact with, what is stopping you from being polite. You pay because you hurt someone's heart. They cried a tear for you. Allah has watched the tear. One day there was a wife who came to him complaining, the professor salon told her to wait and to hang on. Allah says No way. There's no waiting no hanging on me Allah who co led Latina De Luca fiza.

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In a law, a lot of you visits to say Allah has already heard this discussion between the two of you, and Allah hurt this woman who's complaining to Allah and here is the solution. And Allah gave the solution. So be careful. We don't want this oppression, this punishment. Allah says, Look at those who hurt in the past, they did the major wrong which was also to disbelieve in Allah, but they also have the prophets. Allah says, because

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they belied the messengers in so many ways.

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We we drowned them all into Burma to be wrong, you know the way to be, to but it means to totally destroy them completely. There's no way and I want to end with one beautiful, beautiful point. When these verses were revealed in Surah, Al Furqan, in the Quran in Makkah, before even the Medina period, the Sahaba of the laquan de man became strong. They had yaqeen Oh Allah Today we are struggling, no problem. We know the day of art the day of the mood that they have around is going to come to these people. It has to come. We know it. guarantee watch and wait and see. So one day, the professor seldom I think it was may have been if I'm not mistaken.

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Or even color. So they were enemies. real bad. They used to harm they used to throw things they used to cause destruction rasulillah salam says Allah masala Valley kalba min kenotic Oh Allah. Now the professor doesn't normally unusually do this. But this was too much. If you look at all the prophets who had a Salam he never made against these people, but when it became too much, it got to a point where he said, Oh Allah finish up these people here. After 900 years of sub 50 years, then he made the drop loot. alehissalaam What happened? The day they came and broke the wall or tried to break the wall that's the day says Allah finished his people. Allah says, Don't worry, the morning is

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their time. You just carry on, don't even look back. So it gets to a threshold, a point beyond which Allah subhanho wa Taala lashes out. So, one day this man was walking

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out in the desert, and he saw a lion coming to him.

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He had so much conviction in his heart. He told his colleagues, this thing is coming for me. I heard Mohammed say, Oh Allah let one of the dogs attack this man and killing.

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And the lion came and destroyed this man alone, no one else stayed for him. He was taken and he was gone.

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This is the this is the this is what happens when Allah says, Be careful of the two out of the one you have wronged it will have far reaching effects. Now, my brothers, my sisters, when we see things go wrong in our lives, in sha Allah, mostly it is a test from Allah. It is a test. If that thing brought us closer to Allah, it was a blessing of Allah. Your problem if he brought you closer to Allah, it was definitely a test from Allah. But if it took you further away from Allah and frustrated you and angered you, and made you lose your sleep, to the degree that your mind is being lost and you becoming angry, and you can't sleep and you can't eat and you can't drink, then it's

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the punishment of Allah. Don't worry what people are telling you. They're just making you feel good. It's the punishment of Allah. Why are you being punished? First thing you ask yourself, if your relationship with Allah is okay, which means your Salah is in order. You're not emotionally you don't commit she'll get second. Have you wronged someone? Even if it was a little baby, a little child? You want to scream yell at them. You see that small baby could break this man's bones. Now suddenly you don't know why you're struggling suffering depressed, stressed. You don't know or finish them up or destroy them how you destroy around. We've heard people say this. And the men

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looks like a pious guys Panama. But why don't we protect ourselves from these two hours? The Sahaba of the Allahu anhu they never ever cursed? Never. But when it passed the threshold. Sometimes it happened. It even happened to the messengers. beyond the point, no one will tolerate it. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us a good lesson. I pray that not only is this comfort for us when we are wrong

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But I pray that we stop ourselves from doing wrong to others. And I really hope that we can start a campaign in our community to improve our character conduct with our, with our family members, with our community, with everybody else, we're lucky we can change the whole world. I promise you, we can change the world. If you start a campaign with yourself that I'm going to really be the most polite person possible. Your life will change and you watch what Allah does in your life. May Allah grant us Baraka May Allah never destroy us. Allah subhanho wa Taala not let the punishment overtake us. akuto kolyada Allahu wa salam o Baraka