Why Be Optimistic When Facing Hardship

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah what are the beautiful things in our religion that all psychologists talk about when it comes to the sense of optimism is the importance of how you carry yourself that's why in our Sharia it's important to dress nice you know, you might have no control over your look but you have control over their style that's something you have control over dress nice smell nice you know walk with in Allah Subhanallah what he described the believers and selected for on a battle Rama one of the first thing talk about how the walk

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you know, they don't walk with arrogance, but also they don't walk like dead when they don't want to so somebody's walking like his heads down and his shoulder quotes like that and dragging his feet or whatever, but

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doesn't make us look like didn't

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walk what will the you know, in classical Jota MC mannequin whenever your computer wotja When you walk with the confidence with with you know, with firm steps, it gives you that sense of, you know, good so Steve

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I love it when I grabbed somebody's hand and he grabbed my hand and look at me my

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the first thing they teach that gives you build a confidence lead to a positive outlook to the world. And maybe some taught us to smile, and to always keep your smile.

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You know, I I've been traveling a lot lately. You know, that's why I thought it starts at 1230 and I'm coming like 15 minutes early, you know? So that's just how messed up it is. But you know what? positive outlook, I learned how to make my super short. Okay, so one thing is to smile and since they came back, I feel like there's a couple of faces here I'm pretty familiar with that a smile needs to be polished, you know, to bring it back. Don't ever be that borderline grumpy person ever. Stay away from them. Smile is make you happy and confidence and then you know give you that you know, the positive attitude in energy inside you see you can bring it outside. And finally it will

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say being optimistic and talking about optimism is not just some fluffy talk to make you feel good about yourself. You know, what do you do you don't know? In Hattie mill I've been Moroccan mill Ebisu but I want to tell you you want to tell me a shot what did you don't know what's going on in my life? You know I have a kid who's sick at home I have a disease I have just got laid off I'm in debt I'm this I'm that you know everybody has their own set of problems. But just don't add to them another problem

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you know, start to one step at a time.

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You know, don't talk about your problems start talking to your problems. So dealing with them and you know when you deal with them on positive attitude, you will find yourself able to overcome optimism doesn't mean that you live in some lala land on fantasy world, no. Optimism it means the chin no that is diseases out there.

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But also you know that there is cures out there for eating Allah humma and zealot that in Jadeja who grew up in the moat I would have them. Pata Hassan Allahu Allah syndrome. There is no disease unless there is a cure for it. May Allah Subhana Allah make us always among those who love bring cure through their hands and to bring happiness to their hearts and to others and to their families. May Allah subhanaw taala give us success on this live and the next last one I gotta make outcome of all the strategies that you see tragedies that and calamities that we see in the world, the outcome and good for us. Hola minion Ahsoka until Surah 100 mustafina Felixstowe Philistine language or data to

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sell your anima muda Maha Maha that a home yeah then jewelry when he Croc Lomond Solon Andaman HighDown la Malibu similar to a lot of the other junonia Quran didn't set out on those side at the field Canyon of the other day where you cannot lie Minya said okay yeah you got the human twin the other Muslim in a car ah man to be unknown sharara one two only are in a car now and with Anna sharara no and let her tell you later that we have that well as women they have to pick Allahumma hammer Brahimi and the other god crops and ultimately Betty can fit Neff up with an ad to go to irama TuneIn alarming and silica and fall on our window then it will be red and white in our head

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over three yatirim equally sharp, Allah Mel similar to a lot of Ramadan Allahumma Bolivian Ramadan in Nivea Samuel pm Allahumma coolamon Allah that hijab the Sarah for a whistleblower had j&j already come up along Minnesota and Tony and had been federally criminal ametek I don't know can tell Carrie Maloney universe so I need also Longmore semana de vida Maha

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