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The speaker discusses the importance of quality and quantity in reading the Quran during the month ofFinancial. They emphasize the need to focus on quality rather than quantity and mention a program to double reflect and make it more difficult to read the message. The focus is on quality and consistency in the program.

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Find like some some will read every three days. Some will read you know, maybe 10 times during the month of Ramadan they finished the Quran but he's he's asking about the issue of quality and quantity and it's very important issue is should we focus on the quality or should we focus on the quantity? In Ramadan we focus on both. In Ramadan we focus on both and we can read the Quran even if our Arabic understanding is limited to try to finish the Quran as many times as we can make this as an objective to get the pleasure of reading the entire Quran at least one time that should be our minimum objective to finish the point at least once during Ramadan, if we can finish it two or three

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times that's better.

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And then we put because this is the month of the Quran.

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So we're gonna put more effort in this month so not just finishing the entire point we're also gonna have some time as he mentioned for tipsy and if understanding so these type of programs that we have during Ramadan, we do some to double reflecting and Tafseer we also focus on this going through the translation as well we might find that we read who I'm gonna read for example half of the Quran in my my language during the month of Ramadan as well that makes that makes you understanding better. So we combined during the month of Ramadan to do all of them in shallow tunnels we focus on quality, and we also focus on quality during the month of Ramadan. after Ramadan we can focus more on the

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issue of the quality after Ramadan. You focus on the quality of what we're doing. And we focus on

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making sure that we have a consistent program once again it goes back to consistency.