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In 109 00 am to tsunami sejahtera Marina Maria de la palma de la la

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la ilaha illa La La sharika wash Donna Mohammed Abu or pseudo Allahumma salli wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, Allahumma Sleeman kathira amudha all praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam his last and final messenger yeah Paulo tada who will lay his semia lolly min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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Bella ijebu.

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The room in whom? folk on kaffee Runa Shani onaji. In the meeting now Welcome to rawdon danika are drawn

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by the

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puzzle, all boomin Humayun Donna kita boon happy Belkin who will help the alum

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film v Emery

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Fnm eo

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was a

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food while on Obama data.

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v humming Galeazzo gene

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Mooney one as mean as

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but nabee done

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Hamblen house we need one

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report in

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well I hate to be that

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get the bad

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mood. Why do I feel around

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Lou Lulu was humble.

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Enough to help our

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balloon home fee lobbyists mean Hello thing JD

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cannon Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one of the habits or the common practice of the prophets Allah, a Duma as reported he used to decide sort of cuff on the member until the Sahaba said I memorize sort of tough from how many times the process lm decided, not necessarily the theory sided the whole entire surah he might recite part of it in the beginning or from the beginning or the end over the course of his years.

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And this one that missing son is in drama and at large. So I thought maybe today we can kind of revival that cinema by just reciting it and and reflecting a lot of upon this versus what Allah subhana wa tada started by making an oath by the honor or an but they denied the truth when it comes to them. So they are in a confused condition. You know, when you see the truth and you just have so much package, there's so much culture has so much falsehoods that you believe in and you just not willing to give up your false beliefs that you raised upon. And you can imagine this was an all whole entire in our life today. How can we relate to that and

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One of the main things that this sort of talk about is reminding people of death and resurrection. And when they stand before a lot, I don't think us as large as a society, we have come so close to death like today. There's nobody immune from the young person to the older

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you know, you asked the doctors you check that record, the people who are older and younger are dying around. There's nobody in really can 100% field that they all say from Yes, it is every day like that. But when this is hits you like, No, just seeing this, like,

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just 1015 people gather freaked me out, just thinking about the possibilities of you know, what can catch someone, the virus and can be something deadly for the person. It's really brought fear to people, something you can see with your own eyes, but still filled the eyes of people with fear.

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And the latter have been a nomadic mela to learn how often

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and when you see that Allah, Allah remind people how he brought the rain to bring vegetations and bring all these beautiful things on earth. And that's the blessings of philosophy. There are countless number of blessing from Allah zoton. And he said how the people denied these blessings can debit, they deny they rejected the truth, the people, the nations before us, and unfortunately you see today people still continue not willing to admit not willing to repent, not willing to connect and some people said, Oh, you're speaking alone, tell someone Okay, that's a time for you to repent until you and you are now God's agent on earth. And instead of say, Thank you, yes, I should reflect

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they should repent. I should, you know, think about what I have done is arrogance doesn't lift us even with this bending us by force, but from inside will not bend yet as as a society and at large and also as individuals than our last panel. Diana told us after that in the rest of the surah which is we might only recite it in another hopper to think about the meanings of it as well. Hola Massimo Mostafa Hola Hola. como esto Hiro.

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Oh, that

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I was thinking about our situation, staying at home and keeping our social distance which is think good thing to do.

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And I noticed by looking into the social media and that conversation we have, we're so used to complain.

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We're so used to complain.

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I personally used to complain a lot about the hardship of traveling.

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And then I wasn't allowed to travel. Leave the country leave the city.

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I used to complain on my food didn't match the exact description of the menu in the restaurant.

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And now, all the restaurants are closed down.

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I used to complain about the crowds and traffic's of Houston 45 an item and how crowded the malls are. And now malls and stores are shut down.

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I used to complain about how Houston doesn't have these nice sceneries. And now I was prevented even from going to the park or like being around people.

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I used to complain about the master that is far.

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And I've always so many people here. And now your heart and my heart ache to come to the master to pray in his house again.

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And guess what? I still complain.

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I still hear a lot of us complaining about being at home.

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And I'm complaining about being at home and staying at home stuck at home. You know, complaining about being confined in the house even though with all the convenience the convenience is the convenience the convenience senses, or the convenience of living and the 2020 Today

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we all the blessing that would have at home

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you know I'm living in a house where Al Hamdulillah yeah and either so many things are great. Can you imagine any just think about all the blessings of the Dow What if

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there weren't loads of service that basically can have you can have a hot meal cold gross frozen groceries, prescription drugs coming on the steps of your door in a matter of hours.

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Whatever whenever I don't have the smartphone where I can, you know talk text message check in the world and FaceTime and you know have zoom with people around the world and talk to them.

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All the time and check on my family What if you start with the Nokia flip phone?

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What if there is no even phone? Just the line

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Can you imagine you know if you stuck in most of the houses in the world don't have you know the environment controlled by a push of button like what you have in your house.

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Whatever this is wasn't the time when there is no electricity

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and no internet where you can't work from home or kids study at home?

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What if you were detained? Or imprisoned?

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Or you live in a refugee camp today? How would that makes you feel?

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When we complain about home I want you to think that you have so many blessings and you should be careful because I'm worried that if we keep complaining we kept complaining complaining and we losing and if I keep complaining about my house I don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow.

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We should at such time

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our to complain yes, some jerk Someday Someday. But you can handle I have a spouse you have children a family. These people are alone.

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at home.

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There is people living in cities when there is no such thing. It's called an ICU.

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Or ventilators or medical assistants can come to pick them up. How many blessings will he take away from us before we start giving thanks.

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Nurture this positive attitude and you

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change the way you think. Of course I don't think we're gonna change over time but start thinking about that.

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Learn how to adapt to the new lifestyle job because I can tell you the world was not going to go back to the same after this Coronavirus.

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One thing that make us complain a lot. We are gentle, judgmental. We like to judge people. That's why we see complaining about them, especially your kids at home.

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And this are up to say I'm perfect. I also need to work on myself.

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Be responsible.

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Change will never happen. If we're waiting for someone else to do it for us. We have to stand up for it to stand up and we do it ourselves. Stop complaining. And you can do it yourself.

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Keep moving forward. If you keep complaining about what happened. keep complaining about the thing that you don't have, and you stuck in your place. Start thinking about the thing that you can do and how can you change it and how can you do it and it can you find ways to improve yourself. This is an important message to be more grateful and thankful to learn to be more positive during these days. So you can adjust to the lifestyle that we have today. May Allah Subhana Allah to protect all of us and to heal the sick ones and to protect our brothers and sisters who are in the frontline fighting this virus and to bring a relief to the world. I asked you to put your mercy on those who died and

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you give Sutherland patient to those who lost their loved ones. You know, we asked you to be for us and to help us to recover health wealth losses yeah Allah we ask you to make us rich to make us rich by being connected to you and to make us sufficient and to bless whatever you have given us and to replace whatever we lost was something better than a behavior hammer amin alarm in in early becoming Sharia law about a woman and a mother becoming shattered in alignment and early becoming show today. Along with Lena on beauty now Anna Malina along minnesotacare vintage and oktava Tomatina higher Lama gel occupy Marina La Jolla, allama Giada optimate Medina, the higher salam wa salam ala nabina

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