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Edris Khamissa
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the upcoming month of centers, challenges faced by families, and the importance of showing gratitude to Allah. They stress the need for everyone to show gratitude to Allah for their actions and finding balance in one's life. The speakers also emphasize the importance of finding balance and finding the right balance between physical and emotional commitment during marriage. The importance of creating a culture at home for the children, and provisions for the journey of death and graduation from sin. They also discuss the importance of removing negative qualities and finding a balanced character.
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Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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Welcome back to Islam international and a very warm welcome to our guest on the line with us who's going to be with us for a few fleeting moments. Rather Idris camisa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Wa barakato. How are you keeping an umbrella? Very good. Cold. Yeah, you know, in Johannesburg, but I'm the de la and you in Joburg busy with a workshop? Yeah, no, I'm the landing a workshop for said girls, you know, for the staff in the role. Fair enough. So they are the idea in a workshop situation now. I've got 15 minutes to do under the law. Okay, she can handle it this way, in this 15 minutes.

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A little, perhaps we can cover a lot, what would you like to touch on anything you want whatsoever in your heart, you can talk about some of the challenges we are facing and the month of Ramadan coming here. And what I think families should do, inshallah, it's very critical, you know. So looking at the month of Ramadan coming up in very few days, Alhamdulillah, we find it an opportunity of cleansing ourselves, we find it an opportunity of growing as humans, and becoming better developing different traits, different qualities, and an overall positive for us as Muslims. And so the effect of that should be loving, rubbing off on our families as well. So inshallah, that should

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happen. But you know, I do like to talk about the past, but it's very sad. Yeah, even issues like, you know, marital issues, some people are not prepared to wait for the month of Ramadan to complete, and they want to institute, divorce proceedings, and all of that. And, and very, you know, we are living at a time or we speak about a restrict gratification. Our kids grew up with immediate solutions. They get whatever they want, whenever they want. And they often find it difficult to negotiate sometimes

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the relationships within the marriage situation, they find hard to forgive, the hard to persevere. And this is fundamental. In fact, I think, wherever you go, I mean, I was at the MC for a wedding last week, and you and you listen to people, they all tell you the same story, you know, that we have spoiled our kids. And, you know, kids today are very patient number one. And secondly, they also, you know, said one of the mentioned this, and sort through some of the other that we have lost our industry, you know that the notion that you know, once you become the adult, the life is so serious, with enough time to laugh to smile. And I came across a very interesting statistics, you

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see, on average every child last for about 400 times a day. But then every adult on average only lasts for 15 times a day. Now, the point is naturally we don't expect to laugh like kids, you know, in that way. But it also says something about the way we look at things the way we look at life. And I think the the kind of joy that is supposed to be behold in our homes, seems to be not there. So I think so these are a whole range of things. And yes, through the month of Ramadan is coming with a time of purification of cleansing, getting closer to Allah, Allah gives us opportunities all the time to come close to him. And my daughter is Sharla that this Ramadan must be the best ever that

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people ever had. And the subsequent Ramadan must be an improvement on this Ramadan in

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focusing a little bit on our youth and our children during this month of Ramadan. And maybe using this opportunity of Ramadan of being a little distant from our screens and more focused on family focused on our event focused on our children. Maybe we can use this month of Ramadan also to bond and to grow our family ties. Absolutely. And one of the things that I would recommend as your speaking allies so much for what struck me that you know, today with so many massages available yet that every person is going through his own most ways comfortable but I would like to believe, especially when we often distance from our children, no matter the young ages, that perhaps we

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should go to the same mosque for Salah you know, imagine driving, driving your father, bring with him to the mosque and tourists coming back and talking about this or are we talking about the experience and talking about some of the pearls of wisdom shared by the monana or the Imam. I think that is really really bonding time, you know

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We seem to live in the under the same roof, but we seem to live individualized and it's an opportune time for us to refocus, as you rightly indicated, become distant from the screen and press from social media and focus on our spiritual upliftment our development. Because you know, we human beings, you only understand things that when you go through some kind of trauma in terms of our health or wealth, then suddenly we begin to appreciate Allah we turn to Him, we make promises to him. And really nothing is more beautiful in the eyes of Allah, when oma when at the time of prosperity, your your your you think about him, you know, not only the time of adversity, and you,

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you think about him, you show gratitude. And this is something that we need to encourage, you know,

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this gratitude that we show to Allah subhanho wa Taala, in the time of prosperity in the name of ease that Allah has blessed us with suddenly in the month of Ramadan is the hadith of municipalities and promises, that our is our sustenance is increasing in the month of Ramadan, and we should be all the more grateful for Allah subhanho wa Taala, who gives us so much, and we have so much on our on our table. And we have to be grateful for that Anna, and also coming to the important lesson of sharing and caring for the poor.

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Man. Absolutely. And I think this is critical. I think the the pervasive messages that we must understand that rosy comes from Allah is not through our smartness, of course, we have to go out and make the effort. But I think sometimes we maybe make so much of effort, we get the benefits of the effort, that we think that tomorrow is another day and but we are all night thinking about the tomorrow. But we don't live in the present. And I think it's very important to understand that the resources of Allah, they never exhaust in the never ending they infinite resources. And I think it's important to create a kind of balance in our life, that the balance was such that we spend adequate

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time in our prayer and the month of Ramadan, the framers the increased discipline, adequate time with our families, and none of them feel a sense of deprivation, we spend adequate time with people that are close to us or extended family. And we spend time really in terms of our spiritual upliftment and development. Because, you know, when you attain the age, you know, you realize that every day is become a bonus, how often you've heard of people that were young, young, married couple, suddenly, you know, the afflicted with the cancer, and we find that, you know, the whole atmosphere changes. So I think it's very, very critical. You know, it's, you know, in every day, we

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lose a day of Ramadan, it should move us to tears. You know, I think one of the biggest ironies that I've come across this, there are more people who seek the moon of feed than the sikita moon of Ramadan, again, shows you also, you know, almost any inversion in our values, I'm not suggesting ought not to look for the emaan for the same kind of vigor and enthusiasm, we need to look for the moon for Ramadan, is because there's Ramadan brings with it great blessings. And obviously, together with that the month of Ramadan brings with it an opportunity for us an open door opportunity for us to really grow and for us to really become something completely different, something that we would

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normally think of, but in the month of Ramadan, we can achieve it and I think this is an important character, characteristic character trait for us to have this trait in others, strive to be able to achieve what we are not normally able to achieve. Absolutely. And we need to do that nothing more than that. You know, me besides that is such a valid and pertinent point is to confront our true selves. I think all of us know our shortcomings. There are some shortcomings that are known for families are not known for society, but they are things that we do the the dark side, many of us and only Allah knows. And I think there must be this kind of commitment and diligence and dedication, to

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ensure that that becomes a thing of the past, you know, the kind of tusky or spiritual purification, something that we need to do and I think what is fundamental is, it's not about the image that we have in society, the persona we have is about being authentic and genuine. So the month of Ramana is coming me Allah give us the life inshallah, to see it. And most importantly for us to take it with the seriousness it deserves, and I don't think there are many people, you know, who truly understand the importance of this month, the value of

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This month, the intrinsic and extrinsic value of this mantra,

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Allah subhanaw taala. Grant us also faith and understanding it is by coming to the aspect of marriage, and the issues that you have been dealing with. Certainly some lessons for us today this week. Yes, you know, assembly law, you know, what the, you know, what are what is worrying, you know, is an ALLAH forgive everyone, we're not here to judge people is, you know, at one time, many people flirting through the cell phones and whatnot. And it goes to another level, when these couples who are married, you know, meet in the heavy physical relationship, you know, today is gone through that level. And I think also, what is also critical is that when a woman or men is guilty of

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that relationship of infidelity, I can understand when one of them really wants to know exactly what has happened, and how this has happened. And you find that often the man or the woman, or depending on who's the perpetrator, the very, very impatient with that, and they need to understand that. And I think what's important is that, you know, you, you do not stop being something purely because you got caught, I think the greatest thing must be that you understand the enormity of what you have done the seriousness of it all. And I think that people do make mistakes, and I think this is one thing has become a scourge in our community now, that infidelity has become almost like a norm. And

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not only that is becoming physical, and you find is also an emotional commitment. And kids growing up in a family, they become dysfunctional. So that has been one of the recurring issues I'm dealing with. The other issue is the whole issue. And I tell this to people, you know, please look after your beloved wife, and vice versa. And otherwise, what happens we do not do that, then if these any institution, an institution is instituting a divorce proceedings, that this can become very, very bitter, acrimonious, you can be financially, you know, very, very damaging. So I think we need to do that we need to look after our spouses, and we should not be seduced by what's happening around us.

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The third thing that always a recurring issue is the issue about parenting and the way we bring up our children. And really, I've seen it in many homes that how some parents are disciplining the kids, you know, by giving them whatever they want, whenever they want. And that kind of thing creates a very jaundiced view of life because life is not about all of those things, I think the best father or mother is a person not only give certain things, but just do things with them and empower them right kind of attitude and values enough.

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So, this

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this marriage bond that I have, obviously has far reaching implications in terms of our personal relationship, children with development, extended family, and all the rest that goes along with it. Now in this month of Ramadan that is coming up how can we use this month of restraint this month of control this month of cyber to enhance our marriages? Yeah, in fact, I just send it off with this one I got to go write this to you. That you know, I think there are many people who have been guilty of adultery relationships or infidelity is unbeknownst to their spouse is the month of Ramadan, you got a very serious time to reflect on this. And to desist from contacting the other individuals and

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saying goodbye treat and turning to Allah and it's not about waiting for Ramadan to go and then you rekindle your passion and love and there's something unacceptable I think each one of us needs to do that. We need to create a culture at home in these meaningful routine way we do things to support our wives in whatever they do. And because they also need to pray they also need to develop themselves spiritually for some of them sadly, spend most attending the kitchen mela also bless them for that. And I think it's important very important for our children also to become part of the United family. So that inshallah that we can leave a meaningful legacy amounting to opportunity.

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Wishing the director radius lamb and others involved honor Roberts and your good self and other presenters and the DA DA listeners of radio stamp and throughout the world. We all of you have a spiritually uplifting Ramadan to remember my parents in your prayers. Remember the one mind remember us that you continue inshallah to do things with the class inshallah. inshallah Jackman oh seven it is bye for your time. We will speak next week inshallah. inshallah

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This you take care of salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Wa Alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakaatuh. Just continue seven minutes after 11 That was our guest it is camisa speaking to us, and he's signing off right now we're going to take a short break and we'll be back with our program in just a few minutes. Stay tuned.

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Welcome back to my slick lady Islam International. And we have made parallel to our guests it is camisa but nevertheless we will continue on our discussion. I want to speak about in this half hour, a letter that is called rissalah to share his Southern resell at the shop has said it is a letter that was pretty big. It was small work written by the SDM demand and Azadi Rahim Allah He authored the great here on omit Dean here a lot of room as it is it is known. This is one very short letter short work of Imam Ali Rahim Allah and inshallah has given you a brief just about this letter. The phrase shelf a saddle is a common Arabic expression in India, this phrase is used to refer to a sort

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of spiritual expansion of the heart or chest. And this then gives rise to inner illumination, tranquility, and relief from anxiety and worry and it's a phrase that is used in a number of places in the Parana Kareem. When when going to face around and convey the message to him moosari Salah midrash Allah subhanaw taala rubbish. Sadly, I will not expand for me my chest will simply Emery make my task easy for me to offer them an E. coli or remove the nut from my tongue so they understand what they say. And with regards to remaining Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam of his great blessings. Allah Allah said, I'm not sure I

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have not explained it for you your chest. And Imam or savonia Rahim Allah in explaining this verse, he says, the chest of of Rasulullah sallallahu was expanded with true guidance, faith and the light of the Quran. in Newcastle states that the phrase surfacer means we have filled your chest with light and made it expensive and unconfined. And

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just as Allah Allah has made Prophet sallallahu polysomes just expensive he has made his Shara that is the law, generous, tolerant easy and without difficulty or never and never miss me Mama Mama was earlier I will not entitle this letter, sir for sudden, because this letter is actually in regards to properly preparing for death preparation for death. And so properly preparing for death is a means of

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attaining spiritual expansion, illumination and comfort. And we need to all become among those Salah makers among those who experience that state and who really and verify themselves properly for the journey to meet the Divine Presence of Allah subhanho wa Taala and Mr. Moses Alabama law. In this letter, he starts offices I begin with the name of Allah, most merciful, most loving, we rely on Allah and seek help from Allah alone. All praise is due to Allah and made blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, Mohammed, his family, and his companions, one and all. And then he carries on he starts off with the verse of the Quran he came, he stays we say is

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FM inshallah Allah who said, Islam he for while and it may be a little Casa de pollo, boom in the karela, aka the movie, it is one who's j is one who's just, Allah has opened to Islam, so that he has received light from his Lord, no better than one who is a hard hearted. That means the one who's just has been opened from Allah subhanaw taala. And filled with no from Allah subhanaw taala is much better, and also the loss of the law that was passed about Shahada, and about the opening expansion of the chest and he said, it is a light it is a light cast into the heart by which the chest is opened and expanded. The use of Eliza was asked Is there a way of recognizing a person who possesses

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that light. And the visceral law has responded yes, those people can be recognized by the indifference towards the abode of delusions, the indifference towards the abode of delusions, that is the life of this world, they are indifferent towards the life of this world, the constant turning towards the abode of eternity, they don't, and towards this world, they turn always to the Ashura and the preparation for this before it arrived to Panama, three qualities, three qualities are sort of lots of a lot of Smith outlined, as qualities of a person who's whose heart has been opened, expanded by Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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For who Ireland would have never been, and so that person is upon light,

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that he has received from his elaborate terracotta Allah, Allah holism said, indifference towards the abode of illusions that means indifference towards this world, constant turning towards the abode of eternity, that is the Hereafter, and preparation for death before it arrives. This is the quality of the person and abusive alcoholic is the most when asked how does one prepare for death, and Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said,

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and those of you who remember it, the most of the best to prepare for it, those of you who remember it, most of the best prepare for it, that is, the more you remember that the more you will prepare for that for this, the more you think of your of your demands, or you think of your return to Allah subhanaw taala, the more you will be prepared for your exam to Allah dattara. And

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he says, then you may have asked me Allah grant you success about the raising of a Venus for death, and the conditions and means of attaining that spiritual state. When is the servant of Allah ready for them? What should one strive to achieve, so that he or she is fully prepared for this path? I'm reading this letter with demand. Medallia Rahim Allah is made calls this at the Shahada, the letter of extension of the heart of the chest, which is actually nothing in preparation for them. And he says that know that death is an expression used for the journey from this world to the Divine Presence.

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For to Allah is the ultimate return. Anyone traveling to a royal court is in need of three things for his journey. Anyone traveling to the Royal Court needs three things for the journey, one severing of the ties that keep him from advancing severing of ties that keep him from advancing, number two preparation of provisions for the road, and three and an unacceptable gift for the king, to present to him and by which to attain His pleasure. So three things given to a king when to visit the king was somebody we need to

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we need to prepare three things have three things ready for the journey. One sever the ties that keep you from advancing, number two preparation of provisions for the road. And number three, an acceptable gift for the king so you can give it to him and he can be pleased with you.

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This is where the man

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is his

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explanation with a miniseries that similarly, the traveler journey into the Divine Presence of Allah subhanaw. taala is in need of three things, preparation of provisions, cutting of ties and offering a gift. As a journalist provision is provision refers to a deep consciousness of Allah. That is,

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that is described as taqwa. And Allah tala is what there's a word for innovators, aquatic provision with you. For the journey, the best of provision is the best of provision is taqwa. And the cutting of ties means that you sever the heart of the severing of the heart from the pleasures of this world. This was what was meant by the civil law, civil law and Islam and he said, in deference towards the abode of televisions, some of you sal Allahu Allah Islam explanation, dying up was cutting off days. It means that we severing of the heart from the places of the soil,

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and then the gift to be presented to the king is love. That is the simple gift we present to the kingdom, the gift of love. And the origin of this love is in through my refer to recognition of Allah, and in a man in true faith in Allah subhanho wa Taala. So what gives to them to the king to love, where do you find this love, in recognition of a law and in a man. Now, we go into further detail in these three particular points, one, cutting ties, second, making provision, and third presenting a gift with regards to provisions for the road.

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And that is the first aspect which is the provisions for the road that we are going to be traveling on you need to take something with you to eat some as we named as we there need to be, but cars are something that you need to eat. There is no provision for the journey to the hereafter except the Karnataka means what is the meaning of taqwa taqwa means obeying the commandments of Allah subhanaw taala and avoiding that which Allah is prohibited to that extent, that one fulfills all of us commandments, and remains far removed from all his prohibitions, that is taqwa. Sakura means that you fulfill and you obey the commands of Allah. And you avoid those things that are last prohibited

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to that extent, that you fulfill all last commands. And you remain very far removed from all of the things that Allah subhanaw taala is prohibited. And if one has always done so always lived the life of taqwa and this is the type of excellence in inner strength, that is without equal. But if a person is some deficiency with regards to taqwa, even if some shortcomings some shortfalls of it acquires not up to that level, then it will not be ready for the hereafter except by rectifying these shortfalls, these deficiencies and this can be done in in many different ways. First way is that we need to analyze and reflect on the state that we are in from when we first reached the age

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of Buelow of becoming body, becoming mature, and reflect on one another state from that time. And then we must make ourselves busy with making up for whatever has transpired in our lives. And we need to correct those matters in which we had heard in which we had made mistakes in which we had done something wrong. And in regards to the commandments of Allah subhanaw taala. We should begin with the fundamental pillars of Islam, Salah zakka,

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fasting hij, if there's any shortcoming in that, then you need to make up for that make up only in our Salah, makeup kata for the first thing that you must check out work out what is due what had to be paid over the years, pay that Hajj, if we have not done, we have to make it and make sure as long as we have the means

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and we should continue doing so until we are certain that they are no obligations that remain upon us prohibitions. They are of two types. The first type is entirely related to the rights of Allah subhanaw taala not to the rights of people, fornication, drinking alcohol, listening to musical instruments, engaging in forbidden acts

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of being a prohibition of this type in the limited you can remedy it you sincerely matoba Allah subhanaw taala you feel intensively get a regret for the sin and you seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala and you make a promise that you will never return to that sin again. And sincerely Fenton's.

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Oba is the remedy for every type of sin. Even the person who makes Toba is like one who has not sinned at all this comes in handy for medicinal and serum by making Toba it is counted as if we have not sinned at all. And the second type of prohibition is with relate in relation to the rights of, of servants of Allah subhanaw taala, Iran someone in terms of wealth or reputation, you know, this can be rectified by giving the oppressed person back whatever was due to him, or,

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you know, so we should seek to do this in all our dealings with others and we should scrutinize personal relationships carefully. Make sure that you're not unjust with any individual, and we should seek to liberate ourselves from the rights of others upon us. We have hurt or harmed somebody, then you know, as you please, whatever wrong we have done. Make amends for what you have done for backbiting, for speaking in of others asked for forgiveness, and, and make the law of forgiveness for those people as well. And this should be women attending, we should be prepared jamma by asking for forgiveness, making to offer forgiveness for others and asking for forgiveness

00:31:21 --> 00:31:26

for others. Well, inshallah we'll be prepared to face Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And then, if the oppressed person part has passed away, before we have

00:31:33 --> 00:32:16

actually asked for forgiveness, so they become otherwise unreachable, then we should increase input deeds. And, you know, we should increase to that amount that we believe that would be sufficient for the oppressed person, if you went to that person on the day of the AMA, and then know that sufficient provisions for this journey is in obeying Allah commands, abstaining from his prohibitions, striving to perform numerous extra good deeds and good deeds as a means of elevating our spiritual rank and the good deeds that we do. The more we do, the more Allah will invade our rank in the ash era. So that is the first aspect of provisions for the road and then inshallah the

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other two aspects will discuss it just after the break severing the ties that prevent us from advancing and presenting a gift to Allah subhanho wa Taala Stay tuned to recommit Islam International, and never been refunded in this world. Masha.

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I met the founder

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and I greet him with a smile. He said to me, my father, you have made my day. I said to him that he says you don't want

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last three words once again.

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Most of

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my go to mosque every Friday, Nita Protestant

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and I'm so proud to see this big gathering.

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We are discussing ma'am Allah.

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molars letter scharff research area Salah to surface a letter in preparation for death. He mentioned three things he mentioned that when you're going to visit the king, you have to take three things with you. The first is that you have to I think

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you have to take provisions for your journey. Second, you have to cut ties that are holding you back in the area to take a gift for the king. So we spoke about provisions for the journey. The best provision is taqwa of aliens of Allah Subhana. Allah explained what is taqwa second is cutting of ties, a traveler may be tied down by his debtors, as if they were holding on to the very tails of his clothing, and preventing him from moving towards his destination. In order to advance this journey, the traveler must free himself from them and break all ties with them. Similarly, the attachments that prevent one from journeying towards the hereafter numerous, yet all of them are

00:34:30 --> 00:34:59

connected to the love of this world, longing for this world, inclination to the lower self, or inclination of the lower self, towards the world. And a person who is no beloved in this world is completely ready for a person who loves more someone in this world but finds that the level of life stronger, more intense in his heart, the person is also ready. So his level is not like one who doesn't have any levels in this world. And he's saying that his servant his true love for life.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:05

I know that he or she does not have any feelings of dislike towards the

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other person truly loves Allah subhanaw taala there is no feelings in his heart that he dislikes death, no matter when the death may come that person is very an embracing of them. And if a person has aversion to death, this is a sign to this world. And the status that we have in this world is more beloved to us than meeting Allah tala hereafter, and a person who dislikes death, because he has not yet rectified the wrongs that he has committed against others, overcome weaknesses that he has within himself. This person will be excused for this like in depth, but they cannot be considered ready for the journey ahead, the genuine and the person who is truly ready for this would

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have already exerted himself in these matters,

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and would not have left any task and done that would distract him busy he's had at the time and is supposed to overcome overthinking. And by disconnecting our hearts from the life of this world,

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or disconnecting our hearts from the life of this world, this can never be fully achieved. Unless we also possess a balanced character, and a sound an upright heart, that this occurs by purifying the heart from us temptation, envy, hatred, arrogance, and all of the negative negative qualities that

00:36:30 --> 00:36:47

your mama and daddy sees that we have mentioned in our work. As more he got the third section of a sale on Amazon. And these are the elements of the heart that must be cured for an evil person cannot be prepared to journey because he is spiritually sick, and they cannot be prepared to journey.

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It's also mama Dahlia says it's not a requirement that the service will be entirely free of negative qualities. But the requirement is that they remain weak inside us and not intensified by actions or words that are contrary to the path of taqwa. And Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said, the child of Adam and Eve will never be safe from funny things, envy, fearing evil, omens, and having bad opinions of others, I will inform you of a means of escaping from them. If you feel envious towards someone, do not seek to attain what he or she has. If you observe an omen, said to be evil, continue without any change in your behavior. And if you think ill of someone, do not try to confirm your

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thoughts by discussing them with other people. Do not try to confirm your thoughts, by discussing them with other people don't discuss, don't discuss people who have done wrong and evil with others at all. And so, Moses, it says if you remove all of these elements entirely from an inner self, it is not a necessity, a necessary condition for being saved. It suffices that we know or we do not

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do not manifest these evil

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elements by acting in accordance accordance to them. And abundance character amagasaki save is what is really essential, what is meant that expression Hello Khan hasn't one who does not attain that lofty character is mentioned in the Hadith, through through struggle, heartless recognition of the areas in which one has been self deluded.

00:38:33 --> 00:39:05

And then, in mammals as it continues, this is all the negative qualities we have mentioned, are produced by love of this world. And if a servant realizes that the year after is better, year after is everlasting, and he would certainly prefer the year after over the life of this world in such a big realization is a fruit of this world. Such knowledge is what comprises the branches of faith. And then finally, the third provision for the journey is the gift that we take for the king. And so a traveler must be tied down by his or her.

00:39:07 --> 00:39:30

The third thing the gift, Pamela devalue, Angela says that it's similar to the year after should be to present to Allah subhanho wa Taala a gift of faith and this engender his love for Allah subhanaw taala here we mean maarif Allah subhanaw taala such recognition of Allah that overwhelmed the servant completing overtakes his entire heart.

00:39:32 --> 00:39:49

It is as if the servant actually sees the last panel that deputy Muhammad's heart of love he has for last panel data and that he man then becomes something vital to his heart. His preaching becomes persistent and consistent to the extent that nothing comes to the servant's heart

00:39:50 --> 00:39:59

and mind except Allah subhanaw taala Neva in deep rooted thoughts, not in fleeting thoughts. If you ever

00:40:00 --> 00:40:03

mamasezz Allah, Allah says, the constant

00:40:06 --> 00:40:49

awareness and focus on Allah subhanaw taala. To the extent that not even a fleeting thought, enters one's mind is the highest state of favorite when you think of Allah, you think of Allah alone, when your whole day you just think of a loved one for a moment, even by chance, anything besides Allah cross your heart in thought, and this is the first the lowest level of faith is like believing that someone named it is inside the house, because one has been told. So by a person you can trust, second level of faith is to believe that the house because one because you hear the sound of his voice. The third level of faith is that you actually see this person's aid within the house.

00:40:51 --> 00:40:57

And each level produces an increased amount of happiness and delight, for the same servant is compared to the lower one

00:40:59 --> 00:41:33

before it, and these feelings cannot be precisely described, can only be experienced with the heart. And those are the varying degrees of a man in Allah subhanaw taala because he has a different branches of faith, the numerous the roots are three belief in Allah and even the AMA belief in the fullness of Rasulullah sallallahu the final levy of Allah subhanaw taala. And complete faith in the last fall include includes beliefs in the attributes of Allah. his belief

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00:41:37 --> 00:41:51

that these attributes of Allah subhanaw taala, explained in the Quranic dream, and they are not combined innovations and certainty, we very much doubt and we have to believe that Allah has perfect knowledge in absolute ability, that will not Allah.

00:41:53 --> 00:42:27

Allah, Allah as well is always realized and is effectual is not exact exceptions to it. And we should affirm with certainty whatever one of the noble attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala when we can, and then we should believe in regards to the last day that we will be recompensed in accordance to our actions, rewarded for obedience, punished for disobedience. And this is sufficient for us to recognize Allah subhanaw taala and it is not obligatory upon us to, to,

00:42:28 --> 00:42:29


00:42:30 --> 00:42:47

know more details with regards to a las panatela and how Allah Allah exists, what is the description of Allah subhanaw taala and we have to believe that Priscilla loss of a license was put in everything that he taught us. And if we believe this, even if we do not know the teachings of Islam in detail,

00:42:49 --> 00:42:57

other than what is necessary and obligatory, it is sufficient for us to have a man in the civil law Islam like that, and this is what

00:42:58 --> 00:43:06

he says, Is preparation for death and attack and success to those who seek to ready themselves for the journey ahead. And

00:43:09 --> 00:43:29

then concludes the letter with words to all follow along success and protection. All praise is due to Allah in the beginning and the end May peace and blessings be upon the Nova messenger Mohammed Salah lost his family and companions and this letter was completed the allied health in good favor may BLESSINGS TO

00:43:32 --> 00:43:56

ME blessings be upon us little loss of aloha Islam and his family. So Hannah Lottie beautiful letter, something that we can really benefit from and something that we can really implement in our lives which is gone. Now two minutes before 12 that was the letter on preparation for the test results shall fester translated into English. It is originally from Mr. Rosati law

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Stay tuned to really some international shipping Zealand tries to do for interpreters yet shipping Zealand to you for listening and from Geneva certain this Thursday morning. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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