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Waleed Basyouni
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He no

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matter what,

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In the last Alhamdulilah in men who wanna stay in who wanna study he wanna start Pharaoh when we let him in surely unforeseen elements at Medina Maja de la hufa mobila. Woman you will further ahead Yahuwah shadow La ilaha illAllah hula hula shriek Allah wa shadow no Mohammed Abdullah sudo Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Anwar Ali Mohammed Camus Allah tala Ibrahim Ali in nikka hamidah Majeed by the way by the law, all praise due to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I heard what they said I was the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad Sallallahu

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Sallam is lost on Final messenger.

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My dear brothers and sisters, that is two incidents were reported in the history of Mohammed Salah Lao Ali, you it was celeb that I would like to bring to your attention today.

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And both incidents, they have very similar descriptions to two different people.

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The first one the incident of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he went quickly back to his home after his first experience with receiving the revelation when jabril angels real came and basically relate to him that he was terrified and scared. Can you imagine you just meet an angel and talk to you? And he went too quick back to his wife, terrified, scared, but in the same time felt good. And he was worried What's going on? This is a very conflicting feelings that can never be so solid, have a fear on one hand, but on the other hand, joy and tranquility and you know, something that he tasted he never experienced before. And he was wondering what happened to him. Then she said

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to him Kela absher for a la la musica la vida. Don't worry, only good will happen to you. Someone Like You I will love would never ever let down. In Nikola Tesla Rahim. You are a person who cares about his family members. What does Drupal Hadeeth you only say the truth. You're not a liar. You're not a hypocrite. You're not a person who play with words. You're a very truthful person. What I mean will kill you a person who help those who are in need of help and kill. It means the person who's so weak

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Take care of himself. And that will include usually the orphans because they have no family figure or a father figure to take care of them. Also the children, also it big goes to someone who's sick, who can disable. So he said, you care for those people who usually people don't care for what took simple makhdoom and you support those who have no income, or those who have very little income, you support them. Yeah, Mohammed, were to curry beef. And you always honor your guests. You're always generous with your guests. What will he know? And I know he will help. And you always they're always ready, always willing to help when there is a disaster. No, I wouldn't have done it when there is a

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disasters happen, death, hurricanes, earthquakes,

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whatever can happen from a disaster, or a natural disaster, as we said, he is ready to help sell allow me who it was selling.

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That's the same descriptions, I'll pass forward the life of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So she said someone with these kind of qualities alone would never let down. Someone with these kind of qualities will never be a person who will lose in the end. A person who dedicated his life for something bigger than himself in his own life, as something bigger than his personal interest, a person that will always succeed.

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That's the wise woman, Heidi God Allah and she was absolutely true.

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The second incident, it is for his best companion,

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his best friend, his closest friend, which is a bucket of lava and lava. He felt that he can't live anymore in Mecca.

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There is so much pressure on him that he decided to go to a senior where adjust ruler, a Christian ruler at that time and a senior and Natasha, many Muslims migrated to a habit. So he decided to go and join them while he is walking out a man by the name of ebony delena.

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So I woke up and he said, What are you going? He said, I'm going to abyssea I'm leaving mark, I can't stay here anymore.

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He said, leaving your people

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call me. My people are the one who forcing me to leave. The way they deal with me the way they talk the way they behave. They basically the one who left me leave, and forced me to leave. That had been dilemna said Lola mithila calahorra Where are you right? Now, Wallah. I swear by God, I one person like you shall not leave or ever been forced to leave someone like you should be always in we all care for you to stay, even though there's not a Muslim, by the way, but he knows the value of the law and the society. He knows how important to have good people among us. How important to have good leaders like Mr. Anwar

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how he knows listen to how he said it. He said for inika took civil makhdoom you help those who have no income. What does sit around you take care of all your relatives, the near like the veneer ones or the Father, the one from you. What mineral Can you help and aid the weak one in the society? What took real life what took bife and you good and generous to your guests what to ignore and I know I even have exactly the same words. And he said and you are a person who help those who suffering because of a disaster or natural disaster, whatever problem happened to them. Ergin go back to your home.

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I will talk to the people of Mecca. And he went to MCC in the middle of Mecca. Right at the cabin, call upon all the leaders of Mecca and he said, let y'all know that our mucker will come back and he will stay at his home and he will worship His Lord and He will practice his religion as he wishes and I am basically his sponsor. If anything that you want from him, you talk to me and if anyone if you dare to harm him, he is harming me and I will declare war against him that person.

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The point in these two incidents shows you something

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Very interesting equality, that it should be the quality of every one who wants to follow the footsteps of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam the quality that makes real qualities that make real changes in society, and not only in the society, but on more important that real changes in you.

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These are descriptions of what we call today, people who dedicated their life towards others, or to help others. Those who are helping others means a lot to them.

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Those who for them, it is so important, it's not to live only for yourself, but to live for yourself, and for others as well.

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And there's several points I want to share in regard to this concept with you today. Because you know what, I'm 100% sure no one in this mustard will disagree with me and the importance of volunteering, the importance of caring about others, the importance of, you know, dedicated some of your time and efforts efforts to make sure that other people in society as good as the last minute Allah bless to you, too.

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But these are a few points, keep in mind to help you to develop that character traits on you.

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Number one, I want you to understand,

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and this is a general rule, but it's very much related to the issue of helping others and proving others that you can't, if you a lot of people want to change what we call the impossible.

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I do believe if you can do the possible, you will find yourself doing the impossibles. I will say that again. If you practice and do the possible, the thing which is possible for you to do, you will find yourself after a while doing the impossible. The thing that you thought I never can do that. You just need to start with the thing that you're capable of doing things that you're able to do these things which is very far away, that you see today, you didn't need to start with it. You didn't need to, basically in poverty in the whole state of Texas, you didn't need to end poverty in the whole state or the city of Houston. But you know what, you can help those poor people in your

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neighborhood and your community. You don't need to change the world. But you can change your own world, your family's world, the people around you, you don't need to go very and believe it or not, as you take these possible steps, these small changes these small baby steps you do, you will find yourself doing something at one day in your life thought it is impossible to be done. It's like you, what do you do for a living? Or you're a businessman? Are you an engineer? Are you a doctor? Or are you a basic college students? Whatever? Are you a person who learning new skills in the beginning, you can see that big goal it's impossible to achieve. And today it is possible. And it is basically

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something that you master even.

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That's why it is so important for us that we're always thinking about the thing that we can change because so many people, there are always things about things that that cannot be changed. And one of the things that I notice in my community, for example,

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I'll be very blunt about this, when he came to United States in 1997. And that's a problem I counter before coming to America. That's always there's people talk about the big huge issues that kind of almost not possible, visible to be changed by the hand of that individuals life talking about foreign policies and things like happening that big things that you don't have a control over, or our community have a control over. And while we are fighting over this and debating these issues, about Philistine about Iraq, about Syria, about this, about that, and we're debating all this big things,

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you know what, in the process, we forget that there are so many things just around us need to be changed. And we're not putting any effort towards it. Like who would present us in the state level or in the, you know, in the state representatives, or basically go to the federal government representatives and things like this who represent us in the sheriff. You know, the sheriff or represent us in this county.

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These things you can make a difference.

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I one time I had this idea in my head

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to quit being a chef

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For a year,

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believe it or not, I said to myself, you know what he'd maybe I should stop for one year and be a politician?

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Is because the level of frustration I mean politician by not to go run for office? No. I mean by that, I mean that, how come that we still have in Houston, we don't have someone still dedicated to create a block vote for example, or a collective power vote? Do I need to quit what I'm doing to be organizing and go and mobilize myself and to recruit people to get four or 5000 people to make commitment that when the election comes with you go to vote, I mentioned that you caught because that's a dedicated, that's not a year, that's not two, or three or four, not five, because these things achieve over time.

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Why we don't have the community care, and take that seriously.

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It is sad to see that things like this like possible things. We just ignore it. And we think about things that very far away from us today, and what far away from just today, we will reach it if we start to do what's possible for us today. That's why Debbie Sutherland said, either among the eminent men who must have I told you, if you if I ordered you to do something, do from it, what you are capable of, don't worry about the things that you're not capable of, do what you are able to do. That's what Allah wants from you, in endless law muster, that I only make a slight fix things I'm capable of fixing? Yes, sir.

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I make a slight change the thing I'm able to change, but things I can change, I don't need to waste my time over. One time, I advise someone about a sinner.

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Something very small sinners to do with the appearance of the person.

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He is to do his hair in a way, which is disliked, let's say the least we can say Islamic. So I said to him, by the way. It's dislike to do to basically braid your beer and to put rubber band around. It is a solemn said don't do them. So I said to this, I don't know what it was anyway, so I mentioned it to him. Then he said to me, yeah, could you Misha muslimeen. And

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he said all the Muslims in the world problems finished and all the problems in the town finished. Except my beard. That's the only problem left. I said that's one thing I can fix. Let's start with your beard.

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I mean, you want to be smart, I'm a smart to

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try to play games with me. said Yeah.

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From here. No, I'm not saying I'm not undermining the thing that I cannot do. But I can do why would I waste my time and effort and paralyze myself? You know why people talk too much about the thing that they cannot do and cannot change?

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You know what, why? The reality is because those people are lazy. They don't want to do anything except talking. That's why they want to talk about these issues. So there is no actions. There is no actions they can do it just talk and talk is cheap.

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Also, I would like to say when it comes to helping and to have this character trait, I often found that we mix between two things.

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You know, well, abilities, there is a difference between well, and abilities. Many times we mix between them. Maybe a lot of time you say I'm not able, I'm not capable, I can do that. But the reality is, you don't want to do that. The reality is there is no Well, there is no errata you're not really interested in doing this, you're just saying it. Because if you truly interested in it, you will be able to do it, and you will find a way to do it. And I found That's very interesting.

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Now a lot of people basically keep saying, Oh, I can do this. I came to that one. There's a story in the Quran telling us this secrets. And this key point of differentiating between well and abilities. And the time of the process of them. There are a battle it's called Sora. And in that battle, a group of people didn't join the battle did not offer support to the process on the left, the profits are solid. Then what they said they said to the prophets of Salaam we cannot do it. We were not able to do it. Okay, they said Yasser Allah, Yanni we can do it. It's very hard. It's very This is very we can do it.

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Then Allah Subhana Allah

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sent to us, what are all

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the add to the hook? If they want to go with you, they would have done it.

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So last kind of data pointing out very interesting. Here point, he said, if they really want, they have the world, if they have the determination, they would have been done it, but they don't have the interest for it.

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Another point when it comes to helping other and develop this character trait, and it is so good for you, yourself.

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It's for you to learn that small things counts.

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Small things counts.

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We had a president of United States became the president says George W. Bush, by how many 500 something 5000 votes, I guess in Florida, something like that very small number.

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500. Yes, 5000 hundreds 500 votes, very small. And that in Dallas, somebody were basically one with a vote.

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In the city council, just one vote. Small things counts. You know, it's amazing how Allah Subhana Allah said, from a young man with

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a euro, better bizerba he said, Whoever make the law of good deeds will see it accumulated over time done by what is done in America. In the old days. They said Thoreau it means the head of the end like the size of the head of the end, the point is something so small, so tiny, are telling us when you do very small good deeds, even if it's as small as this as something that nobody cares for it, who cares for the end, to care for the end of the end?

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Many of us somebody's been double kilimo beracha the sad so it's that small thing that you don't care for, you will appreciate it in the Day of Judgment.

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With a cutting edge of my support, I came upon a one of the most

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clear evidence in the Quran, when it comes to the issue of rushing in caring for doing what is good. And the same thing Allah said in regard to that bad deeds. It's also well be counted.

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So here I want to fight that it is so important for us when it comes to things like small things matter. Don't ever say you know what is not going to be me I'm going to make that person rich is not going to be my dollar we're going to make a change. It's not my $5 is not my donation. It's not this No, everything counts everything every little bit. You know what individual solemn said Your smile is a form of chocolate soda. The good words is a form of soda. Don't hold back your smile, don't hold back, the good word, don't hold back the courtesies that you say to somebody, you know, you see somebody they say Mashallah, you look so beautiful. To me, it looks so good, you look so fresh,

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you know, that makes a difference? Oh, thank you very much, Mashallah, you know, you look like you know, in a better shape,

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you know, these nice words, count, and these are good deeds in themselves.

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also, I want to mention something also interesting in regards to those. There's two verses in the Quran where Allah Subhana, Allah said, was the vehicle hierarchy raised to the good deeds, the two times where Allah said, raise toward the good deeds, both times were mentioned, were mentioned in regard to us. If you look at the verses before it talks about how some of the Jewish community at the time are members of the Jewish society immediately start raising doubts about the Quran and argue is the Quran the comparison with the Quran and the old books. And the other time when Hippocrates and also other people raised, basically talk about the changing of the fibula and how

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you know what happened to the old prayers. It's all arguing. It's all debate, all talk.

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In both incident, and in both incident law said festival hierarchy, leave the talk on the side, don't involve in the argument, and the talk and the nonsense talk with people who not you're not going to change actually, people convinced with the religion, people are hypocrites. You didn't need to waste your time. What you need to do is to do the right to do the good deeds and to compete with each other and doing what is right. Because actions are more important than talk and debate and argue.

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And that's basically an invitation to all of us to have this attitude when it comes towards goods that will always rush to do what is right. If we can, in the small things. Remember accounts. I asked the last panel Terada and you're going oh yeah, come to Cali Hi.

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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala via vida,

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caring for others and caring for society and, you know, being a person who cares to see the right things happening around you.

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You care to make sure that your family are in a good condition you care to see your neighbors your follow up to community members and citizen and coworker doing the right thing learning improving you care to see life tomorrow better than what it is today. And that, by the way, doesn't happen individually. We're all in the same boat, the process of them said, we're all on one boat.

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If somebody make a hole in that boat, we're all sink. So beautiful, the process will all sink. It's not like people are gonna sink in the top and survive. No, we all go down. So you like it, you don't like it we stuck together. That's why we have a role to play in society. Promoting what is right, and making sure to stop what is evil. And all possible means that we have

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and when you dedicate yourself to volunteer, you learn to volunteer you learn to help you learn to extend and you're not really helping others to be improved. But you helping yourself to be improved.

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It does something touch your soul touch your inner soul

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in that sweetness, when you say you know what, I'm gonna volunteer myself in the muster. I'm willing to volunteer myself to this cause

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it just make you feel that you're bigger than you just you and it does not about you.

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So this is something I hope that we have it as a spirit teaching to our kids teaching our children and care about it as a family as a community together Mashallah, I have to say that you've been an amazing community have seen an amazing people among my community, sisters and brothers, young and old.

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And I just saying those to encourage those who are dedicated and and helping to do more, and those who are not there yet, to take that steps and to come forward, contact the minister or any opportunity that you see in front of you that you can help through it. Please do I ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us and to protect our society and our community? I saw a lot earlier Elena here on sharada was Allah has the agenda and Muhammad Mustafa feed me the Muslim elf equally McCann. Well, most of our freedom is on mobile roaming, if equally McCann Allahu minion so we can talk about the karma Salafi Philistine with Syria to Iraq led him to slam yellow July God Quran Allah magma

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Alfredo Peruvian Apollo Dr. Hammer rahimian warheads often are also a that's a no cream no oven in a Hummer Rahimi melodic and harmonic publica La Isla elantas panic in the couldn't me nobody mean la manana silicon who doubt our total he now also Leela Hamas Salim ala nabina Muhammad Ali he was

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from common law

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