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hamdu lillahi wa salatu wa salam O Allah Mallanna ba bada who was shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa hula hula shriek Allah wa shadow under Mohammed Abu rasuluh Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Muhammad Ali Mohammed k masala tada Ibrahim od Avila Hema in nikka hamidah Majeed am about old praise Do you to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger.

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Allah subhana wa tada have told us a fact about this life that this live will always be filled with challenges, problems, obstacles, hardship. Yeah, you have insano in ARCHICAD, Johan de la BKK danfa Malati. All Mankind, you will go through struggle until you meet your Lord in a hurricane alley inside I mean, not 14 am *gy Natalie, we made human beings from

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not 14 am shad Yanni from the sperm and the egg. And we made him so he can be tested. Natalie, Allah subhanho wa Taala said, la casa de la Canal in Santa Fe Cabot, Minh and mokaba we have created human beings, and they will be going through struggles. That's the nature of this life, which is the dunya adhere to dunya.

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I know that we all understand this very well. I don't think you need any hope about any help, or any speaker, to remind you of all the problems that you feel and you face and you see, I know that you might have a struggle and hardship with your marriage, it's about to fall apart. I know that you have a problem with your children, that you see them going maybe a strike, or they are sick, or maybe you can have control over their life, while you seeing it falling apart in front of you. I know that you yourself may be suffering from sickness and disease and struggling with your health or struggling with your finance, you're in debt, Cayden see the light out of that tunnel, to get out of

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that hole. Maybe you're struggling with your companies, or your employees, or maybe your boss, maybe you are about to give up

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and do this live and to say, you know what, I just can't do it anymore.

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So, many of us see so many problems in the personal level in a family level. And also not only that, but even in the community level. Sometimes we say you know what, forget about it, this community is not going to change those, you know, people never going to be better our economy in the country or our kids our economy doing good these days. But you know,

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you know, maybe this or that and society is not going to change.

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You know, you think about the wars, you think about the situation of the Muslims around the world, politically, economically, you know, you look at their, the situation of so many civil wars taking place. And now we hear you know, the drums of war are so high for another word to be add to the fire that we have in the heart of the Muslim world.

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I can keep talking about so many problems that I can think of, in a personal level, in a communal level, and society level international lower. And I can keep going on until the end of the bar for the following several photos.

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But I want to say that it was It is important for us to realize the following fact.

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It is not

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important to talk about your problem. As much as it's important to talk to your problems.

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We can keep talking about our problems as much as we can. But what's really make a difference and when we start talking to them when we start facing them.

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When we start thinking about how we deal with them, it's not what happened to you in life. It's what you do about it, what matters the most. Because every one of us will have these challenges. And every one of us will have these tests. But it was the most important and what do you are doing about if it is a problem, and as small as you know what, I have a problem with the ability to focus to require the ability to pry on time, the ability to, you know, and it's another small, I don't mean to belittling the issue itself. And I mean, it's a very personal, or it is as big as my life falling apart in every area,

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and finance, and every area of my life, just I'm not at falling apart. You know, it is, it doesn't matter what it is, but what matters the most is you just deal with them. And you look at your problem, and face it and start dealing with it. remembering what Allah Subhana Allah said, madonsela love, allow him in de la Ilaha Giada Allah have not ever put disease in this earth, unless there is a cure for it, except one thing death. You know, they say you can cheat death. No, you can't. You can't cheat death. That's one thing you can cheat, you can escape. If Allah Subhana Allah decided for you to die at this point at this time, at this place, nothing can change that except Allah

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Subhana Allah Himself change that.

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So it is important to have the attitude of looking for solutions to be driven by how you're going to deal with it not by just there is a problem there and you keep talking about it, talking about it, talking about it. And these are some points, I hope it will help. And I choose this topic specifically on Ramadan, because we come closer to Allah subhana wa tada more than any other month in the year which is understandable. I choose to talk about it because in my mind, give us a strength and a strong people can face their problems and hopefully inshallah Donna, they can even solve it completely and switch it to be an advantage for them. And the first principle, always have

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trust in Allah subhana wa Tada. Don't ever give hope and Allah. Only the disbelievers are the one who despair from Allah Subhana Allah His mercy, are the one who have no trust in Allah azza wa jal two days ago, we read surah Yusuf use of lost son

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who lost his son Yusuf for almost 40 years now 40 years, he doesn't know what is his son as there's no closure.

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And after 40 years, where he lost his other son Binyamin, and they told him your son was taken by the king. His answer was amazing. He said to us, Allahu Allah yet in a beam Jamia? He said, Now, I sure that Allah would bring both of them back to me. So when another problem added, did not make him give up hope and the first one, the second son when he was lost, it didn't make him even, you know, oh, this thing's not gonna resolve. It's getting worst. No, he said Allah will bring them both. And the happiness of having him back will be double has a very positive attitude. That's an amazing way of trusting a loss of Hannah Donna. Yeah, bunny Habu for the house assume useful he What are they

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assuming rohilla in the hole? I assume rohilla ELO como El Capitan. Hey, go look for use of an his brother for use when his brother and he puts us to first and don't ever give hope. And it was a panel what tada because the only the disbelievers are the one who would give hope in the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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In naramata, Lucha de boomin and my sin in Allah's mercy is near from those who have sun which it means they perfect and they tried to perfect your relationship with Allah.

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Allah has mercy

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near to those who are kind and good to others. And Allah subhanho wa Taala and return his good unkind to them for anahita Carew enquanto muslimeen. If you are true Muslims, which is the one who submit self to Allah, put your trust in Allah

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Rely on him have trust in him. Well, he can do what Allah He fed our kallu in couldn't mean, what are you let Elijah mood, put your trust in Allah, the One is all loving, and he never dies. He's never absent. He's full of power, and capable of doing whatever he wants. That's why I lost it in the Koran has to be Allah, La, you know, in our current will who are bhullar shall have him, that Allah is has to be myself is the one that I rely on him. And he is sufficient for me. There is no Lord except him. I trust him, I rely on him, I depend on Him. And He is the Lord of the greatest of throne, Rob bull option of him, if a lot can take care of the throne, which is huge. And something

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of the greatest creations of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He did create, take care of all this world and make it so perfect. As you see, you wouldn't think that you will be able to take care of your problem. You know, when you go to a lawyer, and you ask about or a doctor, and you look at their resume, and you see what the competition or investor, somebody's telling me Give me your money to invest. And you see the T just couldn't handle a small account couldn't handle a small No.

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For example, operation or case and he lost it. And now you're going to put your life in that person's hand.

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He couldn't close a wound when I give him an open heart surgery.

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You can't. But if you know that this person is so capable, so experienced, he handled some many big things, you know, my case will be nothing for him.

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And I was part of that I'm making the case. He taking care of all the for this whole universe. For the complicity of this universe, you don't think he will be able and capable of handling your matters? Well menyatakan Allah, for

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those who truly trust in Allah, Allah will take care of them. And believe me, in many case, believe me if I cite that I found for myself and many

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people that I met in my life, that many times we just say we trust you Allah, but deep in the heart, that's not the case.

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If you dig really deep, and you look how much you really have tranquility and peace and inner peace,

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that's not an easy status to reach. That's a that's that that inner peace and trust inside your heart will determine how far you can go and how much help you see from Allah subhana wa tada in the law about it will empty you anyway, it means a lot bring his command to pass, nothing can stop it. caja Allah who could say in Katara, that Allah set a major for all things. So your problems, it is set for a reason. And it is there for wisdom and the solution for it, the cure for it. Also in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he had a wisdom for how and when you will receive it or might not receive it in that case. But Allah subhanaw taala even when he doesn't give, he gives something

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else he replaced with something else better than what you seeking. Let a lot do it his way. We couldn't always understand a lot of methods or his way. He sees the big picture. Allah has a way even when it looks like there is no way. And the story of Musa alayhis salaam is one of the best example that we hear every time we read the story of Moses, it reminds us what it looks there is no way for Benny so in to escape from Pharaoh and his soldiers, the sea and they don't know how

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they can go the families and all of that all the soldiers and they have no even weapons because Moosa told him no one allowed to carry weapon

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and they have a lot of gold and a lot of you know money. So that will be like no doubt that this army of around will kill them all. But what did Moses

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Kela in your busy Dean, that inner peace that you said to them in May, Allah with us, and Allah will guide us, along with me. And Allah will guide me and guide you as well.

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You dealing with the one who hears who sees who knows, he's the most merciful subhana wa Tada. He's the most wise his actions and his conduct is based on infinite wisdom. There is reasons and plans, some, in many times, it just beyond what you see today. You will never be more merciful to Allah's creation than him, as in Nabhi sallallahu Sallam said, Can you see this woman with her child with her infant that she's breastfeeding? He said, Yes, we see her. Is it would you think he will ever she will ever throw him in fire and she can protect him? They said No way. Is it well lie, Lola who have obeyed Him and how he wanted to help. Allah is more merciful towards people than this woman

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towards her child.

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And I want to encourage to encourage you today to get your life back. You have to stay filled with hope, with trust with delicate depending on relying on Allah subhanho wa Taala Never fear that Allah is against you, as long as you are not against him.

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Never fear that Allah subhana wa tada is against you. As long as you are not. Allah is getting everything lined up in your life. You may not feel it, you may not see it, but a lot will bring it all together. When it is a lost timing. That trust in Allah subhana wa tada should be always remembered, as he said to us, and in the history of London near appdb. Failure won't be Abdi Masha, or the karela saket linear Dora back.

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If you are pleased with Allah, Allah, please with us, you're angry and frustrated at a lot, you only harm yourself. You don't harm God, you don't bother Allah. When you frustrate, you get nothing, you make it worse for yourself. That's why it is so important to get that inner peace, and to have that control. And one of the things that help you to reach that level is to know who Allah subhanaw taala is. And to, in the end of the day, you have to rely on it. I'm so unjust when I go to

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my pain doctor who's supposed to take care of my pain, but sometimes caused me more pain, you know, psychological pain, until you go to that bed. And again, you say, you know what, no escape. I am now in his hand.

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And at one point, he just give up, you have to tell yourself, I have to trust him. Because you can calculate the risk. What if he does this when he can paralyze you can do this, but because he's so skillful, because my doctor is very good doctor, I have so much trust in him. I just relaxed. I said, You know what, I'm going to go to sleep and do whatever you want

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that inner peace. When you come here that is anxiety, but knowing how much knowledgeable is how much experience he has, bring that tranquility to the heart, knowing how powerful a lot is, how merciful he is, how capable he is, how wise he is, the more you know about him, the more it will bring that peace to you. And the peace not to be lazy. The peace is not meant for you not to do anything. No, it means to have that calmness so you can deal with the problem with the right way. She can see through things so you can know how to plan properly. Because if you just in frustration, angry, and anxiety and worry and all over the place, you will never be able to plan you will never be able to

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find your way out. You just keep going drowning more and more and more and more. It's like somebody's on fire and just running you just making worse somebody in the Washington doesn't know how to swim and he just or scared of the water and just keep heading with his head what I'm just draining himself because you're getting tired and his muscles getting tired and soon he will be exhausted and will sink. But if he comes down and you relax your muscles, you'll float

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and you can think how to get out of this

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Remember, Allah subhanho wa Taala never promised us

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a calm journey.

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But he promised us a safe arrival.

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I asked Allah subhanho data by his names and attributes and your Zuko, yaku who was yakata who will talk to grant us that ability to trust Him, to rely on him to be in peace with ourselves and with him? subhana wa Tada. According to Mr. Rolando

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al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu Salam mahna mahna Viva horbat

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My dear brothers and sisters, Allah subhana wa tada told us in a manner, Yusra, in Nebuchadnezzar, you saw, with difficulties comes ease with difficulties comes ease. They've been best said Alhamdulillah Allah The upon in number

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one me upon in Dallas, Yusra is so grateful and thankful to Allah that He told us that with difficulties is an ambassador Allah didn't say after difficulties is comes No, no, he said with it.

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Relief comes.

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So and not only once he repeated this twice.

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When you start saying Forget it, I don't have a I'm not gonna make it. You know, this, you know, I'm just giving up on this son, on myself on this marriage, you know, this never work, I would never quit, I would never change, I would never be able to be

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to change myself. When you start talking to yourself like those, all what you do is just you sink yourself more and more.

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But when you think No, I see that there is an opportunity here. I know that I do my part. And Allah Subhana Allah wa helped me in aid me and give me that the strength. You know, I see that this is always there, I look for the wisdom and what Allah Subhana Allah want me to see what he wanted me to be. Make sure in this state that you'll be very careful with your words, the words

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or dress your thoughts. Make sure that you stay positive. Don't say negative things to yourself to others, especially when you're going through hardship. The more negative words you cite, the more the problem became more complicated. The more positive words the use, the more you know, you filled your words with sense of optimism, the more it's easy to deal with these problems. And don't ever think that my words meant to undermine the difficulties that some of us going through no

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but it meant to strengthen you because you are definitely can be bigger than your problem. For simple reason, because you stand on the sight of Allah subhana wa tada and you rely on him and I guarantee you there is nothing bigger or can handle by him subhana wa tada I asked Allah Subhana Allah to help all of us to deal with our difficulties and challenges of life and Allah subhanaw taala while grant us on this moment this month, the solutions and the relief for the problems that we have to let us see the white let us see his wisdom Subhana Allah to Allah and to feel calm and patient with all these challenges in life us allows us to you know have a come when Yes, sir Mr.

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serene on your sofa, the body if you could leave McCann alone minya said okay, other gelato a common tissue marijuana, one to afia muktananda one to Rama syrena on top of Dr. Medina, Allah Masha you Allah May Allah Allah Allah,

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Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Federici, humble Moomin Allah mythologized Mr. de novo mumfie Mashallah, all of you, Mr. ebihara Allahu Allah, similar to a lot of Elswit. Not all of you at Fitness at Bain and muslimeen are being an SEO jamai other Gerardo eco la Mola Muslim in a car home only arena fiano Aveda naturata wassalam What do fitment will later on our nasya Angela Lee calm, you can be higher or salam wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad upon Minnesota solid to Cancun long