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The speakers discuss the legality of vaccination and the potential for conspiracy theories to affect people's health. They emphasize the importance of verifying information and seeking clarification. The speakers also discuss the use of human cells to boost COVID-19 vaccination and the importance of privacy and privacy for the safety of everyone. They stress the need for research and transparency in the field and emphasize the importance of bringing up the issue of harm in the public eye.

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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala

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nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam ala hamata Sleeman kathira. I'm about All Praise to you to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon a prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship, and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters, today I would like to talk about an issue that is very relevant to our time, today, and alarm all our hotel irrelevant, but this is relevant to an issue that there is a lot of talk and conversation going on around it, which is vaccination

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and vaccination something that people talk about it a lot, there's a lot of theories. So there is a lot of facts, misleading information about conspiracy theories about vaccination. But what I care about in this hotbar specifically talk about it from the perspective as we are approaching to today approved one of the vaccination for COVID-19 and December 16, expecting another one to be approved. And as we know that this was became a very good news and have done a lot for us in fighting this pandemic. So obviously, the one who don't believe that there is a pandemic, those who don't believe that there's something called COVID-19 cannot anyway, benefit from what I'm gonna be saying, that's

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so deep into you know, their

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world, and whenever those people will come to, to arrive to the shore of facts and reality, to know the reality of the existence of such

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pandemic, pandemic or disease, that will be a we can have this conversation, but I'm talking to the common average person who understand the dangers of this disease, and this virus, and hamdulillah We are grateful and thankful to Allah subhana wa tada that you were able to discover, you know, a vaccination and hope we can discover even more cures and more treatments for this virus and many others, that we are living with today. And nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Monza de la whom in depth ledger Allah who though up, there is no disease, Allah Subhana Allah have allowed to be in earth, unless there is a cure for it. Except one. They said yeah, Rasul Allah, which one is this? He

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said, I'll hold on, which is, I will help him It became it means when you became an old of age, we nothing there is no cure to keep you youth all the time. So

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q nine is not really

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a point here. So there is nothing really going to keep you Youth forever. And another generation Kyle Illa Sam, yeah, and in mode except death, there is no cure for it. People, you cannot prevent someone from dying. Eventually, people will get old, eventually people will die, you might slow the process, you might delay the process, but in the end, everybody die. Everybody get older, as they live longer.

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And in this hotbar I want to talk about from a Sharia perspective. I am not a physician. I'm not a scientist. So when it comes to the in this area in the area of the vaccinations and the medical benefits of it and all this, you know, debate that you might see, but I would like to address some of the points and concerns even people in that field in that field and the field physicians and pharmacists and and as a community have certain religious concerns about and questions about the legality of or islamically Is it okay for me to take such vaccination or not?

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that some of these points are applicable to many other vaccines as well. But before I start, I would like to say, and I would like to share a great deal of disappointment that I have, especially when they see Muslim community and the Muslim community members involved in no in promoting and adopting and sharing informations that are not factual or not true simply, you know, it is sad, I understand the general public to be welcoming any kind of news even though it is not something I think it's good, but I expect the level of

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No, of sanity at least, you know, when you look at some of the stuff that said about this vaccination, but in the Muslim community, guys, we are a nation that is based on the concept of taking facts and not to accept rumors. And you know, we don't accept just any Facebook post or any three minutes video that somebody claim, we just don't accept these information without a process of verification. It's such a sand that as a Muslim Ummah will be so receptive to any just theories or conspiracy theory or receptive to any talk that somebody will see it in social media. And will will not only that will share it will adopt it and defend it and take a position on it. Where are we

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from? What Allah subhanaw taala order us to take clarification. In jack confessor on beneva inflatable you know, that you should be there are for December two, when you get a news from someone who's not trustworthy, you should ask for verification. You should seek clarification. Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah Nisa

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Amina me I will help you it will be what I will do who Allah suniva illa Allah Emery Minam la honeymoon leadin SMB Punahou minim and some of the new servers 83 Allah subhana wa tada said when a matter of matter of a great deal

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related to your safety or security comes to you you don't just to spread it you ask and seek clarification from a lion His Messenger salsa lamb and the people of knowledge and I will just quote what to share had said you know lesson in this stuff see if he said how the de boomin Allah him in the body and I fit in him

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well I know either john Amina Memorial Mohammed masala hellhammer well masala and Amma and yet as a better strategy to be sure it danika haba beliau Rasulullah Illa Emery Minh whom he will tell me Well actually, Allah Dena diphenyl masala habla de that he said the last word on this verse when a matter like this is certainly said this is a lot of preventing those who just spreading rumors or information without referencing it to the people of knowledge. The people who have knowledge of this That's why many people tried to get me into that debate of vaccination. I don't need to get into that. Why can you listen to me? He said, Don't listen to you. I'm a doctor.

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I'm not gonna listen to you are my doctor that I trust? And I asked him and he clarified to me and I move on to my life.

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As simple as that I'm not gonna leave you know the experts for someone who's experts on social media. In Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam have said to us or people come on, I don't know what's the motive behind them. And any conspiracy theory out there if you just start searching more, you will see this person been fired from this company this bro I'm not saying all conspiracy theory are usually wrong, you know that his son may be right. But the overwhelming number of conspiracy theories really are wrong, especially living in such time where the globalization of information when things that is so big like this, it's very hard for someone of a common sense to imagine that

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this is will be a lie agreed upon by all those people. So they will put themselves their family, their children at risk, just because they want to push a economy or make a you know, a profit or it's a government conspiracy. Anyway, it'd be sort of hated for us and handed it to him. This is halomonas pinata carry helicon kinaba is to say he said she said that's a that's not a methodology the Muslims do. Well, my

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men had it in the

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Be Somalia to Roger is among the worst proof of evidence that you can rely on to establish any matter saying they say they say

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it just that's not a methodology. That's another methodology, the methodology that we've been taught by our Lord Fes Allahu Allah decree in quantum lotta moon, ask the people of knowledge when you don't have knowledge.

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You know when you want to ask about the vaccine, is it beneficial or not? You don't ask me. I'll tell you go ask the doctor. You ask them European attrition you ask the person is specialized in this area, he will tell you this medicine is good or not? What's the benefit? What's the harm and that advantage? Another point, I would like to say as well before, it's important to be mentioned in this discussion, to understand, first of all, the issue of seeking cure, seeking cure, seeking medic to get medication is something that initially

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some of them said it is permissible, permissible, some forecasts some of the jurors said it is permissible not just permissible to seek it. And some of them said, it is recommended for you to seek medication to cure yourself from the disease that you have. But also those scholars said it is logic, it is logic in the following circumstances it become must in the following circumstances. Number one, when you are basically capable of controlling a disease that it will harm you or harm others.

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So somebody has a bleeding, if I leave my bleeding, I will die. While if I stop it and put certain whatever I gardens whatever I tied, that seeking form of medication, I it became larger than me to stop the bleeding. Because I know if I know that this medicine will basically cure me that became logic to use that medication according to some and some said no, unless lecture me about him, Allah said, Unless you will not be able to fulfill the big bang the obligations of Islam. But when the medication is became useless or no chance for curing, like certain advanced cases and cancers and things of that nature, it's only to improve the quality maybe of your life and the end of your life.

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But there is no cure nothing 100% sure about that, in this case, the medication and became something permissible, not something we insist of. And that's why many people surprised when they asked me about life support and things like that. It's not logic to keep the life support in certain cases, when did it became irreversible.

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Anyway, but a lot like the madman 50 the talk about the issue of adware and more idea the contagious diseases. And that's a key point in the discussion here. Because as you know, this vaccinations is useless if we don't create what we call a herd immunity, and the society.

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If there's if the majority of people will not use that vaccination, it will became something not very beneficial to control the disease. So it is actually something that a lot of doctors, a lot of scientists talk about the importance of this vaccine because it's not only about you, it's about controlling the disease. And also some people young people tell me, I'm not gonna care about it. I know what I'm healthy, even if I got it, yeah, but if you get it, you can transfer it to your parents, you can give it to the olders you can give it to other people who can cause problem. And that's something that you have to keep in mind when we talk about that conversation. You know,

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I would like also to say so many people say, How can I use this vaccination and vaccination known to be taken from

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basically, in order for this vaccination to be made the use that cells from aborted human

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fetuses are babies. So what's normally the ruling share, they take it from children and some people make it sounds like somebody like a kid aborted today, or this company go and make woman

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perform abortion, then they take no cells from them. A lot of people don't know that their vaccinations in order for the virus to live without going to technicality. In order for this virus to live. You need to have an environment for it. And these human cells that the US actually goes back to to

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a poor childhood, basically in the 60s and that sells in the 60s. It's been replicated

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hated in,

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in labs. So it's not like you know, you go on you take a human beings and take cells from them, then you apply the vaccination, it's actually do these are legally done is not somebody have a pregnancy than a portrait for that purpose, there's a lot of legal code of ethics that must be done. And that's in the 1960s, I forgot exactly the exact date year or the exact time. But there was in the early 60s, where these to basically sell were taken that been replicated in labs. And that's what we use vaccination in general. So to claim that this is basically as if it is taken directly from human beings, that's not an accurate, that's not an that's not a true actually not an accurate

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description. And even if it is, somebody said, Sure, but originally trust back to human beings, we say even if it's taken from human beings, we are allowed, we are allowed to use the origin of some human beings to benefit others, like somebody can be taking their kidney or donating their kidney or their that's the position of the vast majority of the scholars today. And the highest Council of felt like mathematics, you can animate Islami and the Council have allowed that, that you can use the human organ to benefit someone else with a lot of with good, you know, and they give an example of a board a child, and it happened, you know, can you use this basically aborted child cells and

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use it for humans to do study of it. And they said it is a lot. So even if we say that is taken from a human being, it is a lot.

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So even if we agree on to that it is still permissible. And other people tell chef, you know, they use some gelatin that's taken from dead animals or pigs.

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So dead animals are just pigs, and they're just how can we use them put an inject ourselves something that has an adjuster in it. First of all,

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at least the first vaccination that we know came out via vaccination, they published what is made off and there is no pork in it that has no pigs in it, that is as far as what they publish, and this is something that they must disclose all the elements that using their vaccination. So just for the sake of it, but what somebody let's take for example, let's say it is, even if it is it's still permissible to do why, because no matter how long our two groups, one group set, any any element that originally haram originally not just impure, if it goes through a process and turn to a new element, then you element it has had

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a dog or a pig, you burn then the ashes of the dog the ashes of the pig according to those who believe it's a completely not just this ashes by everybody's Hara Hama according to some considerate nudges, if it goes through a process and became a vinegar became

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if you have

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a place where it used to tender the clothes or the skin before they put a lot of salt. They said Imagine if mice fall into that salt or dog or pick them became salt, that salt is handled to use them to eat.

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So they said that's that's allowed. So that that change of it will make the rule change. And no doubt that today when you look at that chemical process that go through that, that that's why I do believe any gelatin.

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I do believe even though the majority of the modern scars said the gelatin is specifically maybe distill contained. So there's the group of scholars who said that's a lot. Some scholar said no pigs cannot be even if it does transfer unless it is completely completely changed. So they will say the gelatin is still have some elements. It's still in it if you break the code of it chemically you will still recognize the gelatin came from the poor, blah blah blah.

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I'll say regardless which might have you follow both agree in a case of need it is allowed. When it comes to medication, both and when you don't have it if you have a choice make the choice if you don't have the choice, you are allowed to use it. You are allowed to use it. And I do believe actually that any gelatin any gelatin that is used today it is allowed to be used and medications and food and in any form on this might be a lot of people very strict about that. And I do believe that there is no proof to say it is actually it has been changed completely and the new element that came out when you put it because oh because part product gelatin and routine from a pigs are

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very commonly using so many medication and so many areas in the world today. Anyway. So in any case, you see that it is something that has both sides will agree in the conclusion, even if they disagree on the method, or the reason behind why it's hot. I hope that this is one of the two main things that Muslims have concerned about. And I hope that will clarify to you. I asked Allah subhanaw taala, you know, Yocum.

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hamdu lillahi wa salatu salam, ala Milena, Viva people sent sciac How can I take my put on my body something can be harmful, you know, this harm benefits versus, you know, harm, something that has to be referred to experts, not you, you know, expert EPH I, obviously every person he make his own personal choice, but to talk about from religious perspective, we go to the expert. And when we go to the experts, we go to the authority, we go to the people who known for a very, very long time, that the our objectives and the research.

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And Hamdulillah, we do have a lot of these organizations, even if we see some political influence, blah, blah, blah. But in essence, this organization like the the center of

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control or control disease, it is cover a lot of credibility worldwide, on their methods of approving and, you know, researching. That's something that will establish worldwide, you know, many of the, if you have your own personal doctors that you probably you try to trust, you can consult with them, it is also up to you to do, but this issue of harm is not up to you to make that decision to make an Islamic ruling. If it's a personal choice, it's personal choice. But it's not likely that's ruling and from what we see from the experts that we have contact consultants seen worldwide, that it is something well, the harm is way less than the benefits that we get from it. And imagine

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and fukuhara himolla said, even if you do something that for sure, it will be harmful, but in the long for some, but in the long term will be beneficial for the vast majority. It's allowed, like, for example, those who go to clinical trial,

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it might go completely south and we completely get die or diagnose diseases, is it allowed to participate? Yes. Because the benefit that we will get out of those groups, even of those 100% harm happened to them, will be able to develop a study to save the vast majority of people. That's one of the the principle in fact, the principle of Sharia, we talked about this as Muslim more than 1000 years ago. And many examples.

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I wouldn't bring it up wasn't for over 28,000 or 27,000 people have viewed or way more than that, these video clips about, you know, the injecting you with tracking device in your body when they vaccinate you.

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You know what, if you really worry about that, make sure you leave your phone on the home, make sure you don't worry carrier your watch, you know, your smart phones and your smart gadgets, you know, you tracked everywhere, you know, even the latest things all the Muslims are tracking us, you know, in this whole idea of tracking collecting data, as everybody's collecting data, I don't know how, you know, this, I'm just being silly in the way I reviewed that otherwise, you know, 1000s and 1000s of people involved in this process. And you just figured out that there is a chip, they're gonna inject on you. And I will save your time from, you know, projecting such silly claims like that. But

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you see the nature of things that the problem is we have people really believe in that.

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And willing to debate Yoda

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with no any facts just because he saw some videos, three minute video.

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And just make sure when you hear things like this, which is something sounds strange, and you think you're the only one who discovered that in the world. Make sure that you dig a little deeper and search and he will see how this kind of ideas are debunked and rejected. The point is, just think about what I said earlier. It is something that from an SEO perspective, I want to make sure that you understand it is clear for you. But also there is another duty for us as a society. We don't live by ourselves. If there is anything we learn from this pandemic, that your health affect other people's health. Your mask is not about you. It's

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About Us.

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Your social, this is not about you, it's about us. And that winter break is not about you. It's about us as a whole, as a community, as a society. We are we're all overlap. So that there is anything that we learn from this, if this the only thing we can learn and realize, I think it's a great lesson. So I hope we understand that also, when we talk about the vaccinations, and we talk about taking the preconscious and yellow soprano gotta forgive all of us. And after all, this, we cannot end this clip without saying, vaccination is just a means. But the real healer is Allah and the real protector is Allah and Allah who guide us to such things and we should be grateful and

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thankful to him for such,

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you know, discover,

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and it's proud to see two Muslim scars behind, you know, scientists behind the discovery of this vaccination. Proud to see that proud to see in a Muslim community, as part as a part of our community are part of our Ummah, to see them

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hamdulillah but we all should be grateful and thankful to Allah. Every time we think about this, we see this, when you get vaccinated, you'd be grateful and thankful to Allah subhanaw taala first and foremost, because he guided us to such thing. And we always ask a Lost Planet Allah to protect us along father, law, or law protect us and our family and our

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wealth and our health and our children, and protect our community, our society and the world from the evil this pandemic and this virus. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive the dead and to heal the sick, and to give a quick speed recovery to those who are suffering around the world. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give victory to those who are oppressed and to give relief to those who are in disasters. And that's a law for Africa. What

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do you do with it? What what was the other general economic mass in America? We know that we can do a double AF yada yada, panic in ekonomi nobody mean Allahumma suddenly was suddenly more radical and Amina Mohammed earlier. So be yourself Demeter home at the streaming era. My brother, sister, make sure that you increase your salatu salam ala rasulillah and this blessed day in the law of America whose aluna nebia you have Latina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with a schema Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina, Muhammad Komodo, Satya konkola