Tom Facchine – From Pain to Paradise

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The importance of Allah's actions and actions in bringing good things to people is discussed, including his sub hungry for good things and actions that bring them, his use of negative language to obtain revenge against enemies, and his history of the military, spiritual world, and the use of dams and water in people's homes. The speakers stress the importance of healthy thoughts and actions in the afterlife, as well as the success of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam in helping people to recover from injuries and loss. They also discuss the importance of not rushing to the afterlife and not taking things for granted.
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Previously in Surah Yunus, Allah azza wa jal have told us about our indebtedness to him.

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He created everything for us. He is in complete control. Even intercession with him is only done after his approval.

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educating us and reminding us about who Allah azza wa jal is, should make us grateful to him

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and to turn to Him alone in worship and devotion.

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Next, Allah azza wa jal highlights his mercy and his goodwill towards us despite our own foolishness.

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Well though you Arjuna la Hulin NASCI Shudras Giada home and

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Alia you know him as a new family living in a lie on June Annika, Anna for you to be having him, ya know, who.

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And if Allah subhanahu wa ala was to hasten for the people that evil things that they invoke as he hastens for them the good their term would have been edited for them. But we leave the ones who do not expect the meeting with us in their transgression, wandering blindly.

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The first thing we notice here is that a loss of Carnival with the honor says that he hastens good towards us. Yes, because it he's saying, if he brought the bad things that we asked for, with the same speed and responsiveness that he brings the good things, we would be in a whole lot of trouble. So the first point is that Allah subhanahu wa that does hasten good things toward us. He brings good things out away and he brings them fast. He is responsive and attentive when we ask for good things.

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If you ask Allah for guidance, He will guide you. If you ask Allah for ungrateful hearts, He will give it to you. If you ask ALLAH SubhanA for the strength to carry on he will give you that strength.

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We see it over and over again with the prophets at the Battle of Benin, the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stood before the battle and prayed and prayed and prayed. They were outnumbered 321 They had been fasting, they were poorly armed. So he turned to Allah subhanho wa Taala and said Allah Huma energy's been our attorney, Allahu Allah, Allah team, our attorney, Allah Hama IntelliCAD he hit a samba to me and hit Islam. lead to our God, Phil.

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Oh Allah accomplished for me what you have promised to me. Oh Allah bring about what you've promised to me. Oh Allah, if this small band of Muslims is destroyed, you will not be worshipped on this earth.

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He prayed. And he prayed. And he prayed until Abu Bakar came to him and told him, that's enough. Allah will fulfill his promise. And sure enough, Allah azza wa jal brought the good that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had asked for and he brought it quickly.

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Allah subhana wa Taala sent angels down to help the Muslims defeat your enemies of faith.

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But some of us, we hesitate here. Some of us pause.

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I asked for good things all the time. They don't come my way. And they surely don't come quickly. That's what we think.

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I'm barely making ends meet. My marriage is broken. My children have chronic health problems. What's wrong with asking for these things? Aren't they good too?

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I asked. And I asked and I asked, but the good doesn't come.

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Is this a punishment?

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doesn't allow kick.

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To answer this question, we need to move on to the second point of this idea of this first, the second half of the equation. The first point was that Allah does indeed hasten good towards us.

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The second point is that Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't quickly bring about the bad things that we asked for like he does the good things.

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Sometimes he ignores our

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are foolish requests and tired. Sometimes he waits until we call off and take. Take back what we said. Even cathedra Rahim Allah and before him publicly said that one type of situation this verse applies to is when we make dua, in a fit of anger, or emotion, we might ask Allah to punish someone.

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We might ask Allah to curse someone.

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We might ask Allah as an agenda to harm someone else, or take something they love away from them or deprive them of the good things in the first place. If Allah subhanho wa taala, always responded to our dua right away, we would be zapping each other with curses and punishments like we were in a Harry Potter book.

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We would threaten each other with dua, we will use our delight as a tool to guilt trip people or manipulate people into doing what we want them to do.

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This happens already as it is,

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I'm not going to give you my blessing if you do this.

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I'm going to make dua against you if you do that.

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And my personal favorites, I'm going to take my rights from you on the Day of Judgment. Yeah, see fear Allah. You don't get to decide who's blessed.

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You don't get to send down the laws punishments.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala gets to decide whose rights have been violated and He will restore justice, not you.

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You might think that you have something coming to you in the hereafter only to find out. Once you're resurrected, that you're the one with a debt to pay if ALLAH knows and you do not know.

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Allah Subhana Allah to Allah is to merciful for all this, Allah azza wa jal won't let himself become an instrument of our pettiness of our revenge of our Spitefulness Allah subhanho wa Taala is more fair and more merciful than that he will ignore such requests Akula probably had our stuff in a lot of other people he said it was the minimum number of people in the whole food portfolio rocking

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Alhamdulillah yada accent it was super like he wanted it was should you know hate Allah Allah. Allah said he can tell even the shadow the shadow and the BNF was a heathen and Mohammed Abdullah, what a Zulu a daring either Dhwani some of luck, buddy. Early he was having he was suddenly able to Sleeman cathedral.

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This is the first question. The first situation that is covered by this verse, Allah azza wa jal will not treat all of our requests equally. Allah subhanho wa Taala will hasten the good things towards us. If the requests that we make are good, and Allah subhanaw taala will ignore or delay the requests we make an anger or when we're not thinking clearly.

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But we still haven't answered our question. We weren't asking about making dua in a fit of anger. We were asking about the good things that we asked for all the time. They don't come quickly, or at all, what's so merciful about that?

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No one wants hardship. But at the same time, if our most earnest to dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala are only concerned with removing hardship from our lives.

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It shows a lack of understanding for why we are here in the first place. And what we should expect from this dunya Allah Subhan Allah to Allah says in the beginning of sort of alarm Kabuto has given NASA a huge Baku and the Apollo men our homeland, you have to know well, I've got a tunnel. Let me I'm covering him. Today. lmm in Allahu La Nina Sadako. What are young men care they need?

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Do the people think that they will be left alone to say that we believe and they won't be tested?

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But we have certainly tested those before them. And Allah will surely make evidence those who are truthful, and he will surely make evidence those who are lying. Allah subhanaw taala promises us in South Dakota, whatever you wanna call

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Besides the men, Sophie will jewelry monopolising minute and Wally will? Well, firstly with them a lot well, wishes are very Alladhina either. So that's one we'll see. But I'm going to follow in alila in now in a urology room, economy and follow out on your rugby one off much on what government of Malta dune and we will surely test you with fear and hunger and loss of wealth and lives and crops. But give good tidings give good news to those who are patient who when disaster strikes them, they say indeed, we belong to Allah, and we're going to return to Him. Those are the ones upon whom our blessings from their Lord and mercy, and it is those who are rightly guided, we see from these

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verses that our definition of good and a laws definition of good might not match up 100%

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Because when we think of good, usually we mean prosperity and ease. We mean a lack of suffering, the lack of hardship, the lack of pain.

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And that's not what Allah means by good.

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When Allah subhanaw taala talks about good, he tries to put it in our minds that the real good is in the afterlife.

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And then the higher to do me a lie boom Wallah was enough to water that forum by the Necromancer careful won't feel unwell, he will

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know that the life of this world is only amusement and diversion and adornments and boasting to one another, and competition with one another and wealth and children.

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And then he finishes the I will not hire to 2011.

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And what is the worldly life except for the enjoyment of delusion.

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And while this does not mean that we cannot enjoy this life, it also doesn't mean that we should hope too much from this dunya as usual, there's a middle ground

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there are some things that are good for our dunya and good for our afterlife, Alhamdulillah Allah. But there are also some things that are bad for our dunya while at the same time are good for our afterlife. There are many, many, many examples of this. We'll just take one from the Hadith collected by algo Fadi when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us the kind of person who is ready for Paradise right now he said that it will read them rather than meet

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the prophets of Allah when it was someone was talking with a companion and he asked him Shall I show you? Shall I show you a woman from the people of paradise? The companion said yeah, of course.

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Called a handy good mother to sew down at us in Ibiza. So Allahu alayhi wa sallam for for that in the Austro. What in the Akasha federal law, federal law Helene so a woman came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and said I suffered from seizures.

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And when I have a seizure, my body becomes exposed to pray to Allah for me, balled up in shifting civility or lack of agenda to why in ship T they're out to Allah and you are feeling

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listen to how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam responded, he said if you want, you can be patient and Paradise will be yours. Or if you want, I can pray to Allah to heal you.

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The call let us be

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the pilot in need at a cash shuffle for that Allah, Allah Atticus chef for the ANA. She said, I'll be patient.

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And then on second thought she said, but I still become exposed. So pray to ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada that I don't expose myself. So the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam made that do.

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Health is such a good thing. We all want to be healthy. The prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam told us to take advantage of our health before we lose it.

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Because there might not be anything like the blessing of health. When we have it. We take it for granted we really do.

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Who thinks about the capacity of their lungs, the ease with which their body moves, the ease with which they breathe? Who thinks about the pleasure of moving the body freely and easily

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Until, until our health is compromised, and those things are taken away.

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And when our health is compromised, that pain, that discomfort or the loss of ability, we are aware of it every single second until we heal.

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Now imagine yourself in front of the profits of a loved one, even

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with all your pain,

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the chronic health issues that you might have.

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Imagine not just the physical pain, but also the emotional pain that you carry.

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All of your loss, all of your grief, all of your sadness. And if you ask him to the prophets of Allah, Allah He was salam will make dua right now to take it all away.

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You will be better than an instance.

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But the prophets of Allah while he was Saddam gives you a choice.

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You can be patient.

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And you'll have John

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or you can get what you want from the dunya. And who knows what will happen in the afterlife.

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What would you choose?

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For most of us, the prospects of a life without pain would be too hard to pass up.

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And then we wonder why we feel so far from Allah subhanho wa Taala why our prayers feel mechanical, and we trudge through the rituals, uninspired. Our hopes are in the wrong place. Allah subhanaw taala chastises us for being so short sighted, but it took the Lord to do me well and I set out to fail what other call no but you prefer this life

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while the afterlife is better, and more enduring. The woman in the Hadith was in that exact situation. She had the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam willing to make the dua to Allah, who would answer his request immediately to take away her pain, take them away her suffering, and she still chose the suffering.

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She chose the suffering in this world because she understood that her suffering was a gift that was meant to purchase her salvation.

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That is a person from patterns. That is the type of person that the prophets of Allah wa alayhi wa salam could tell them to their face, you are in Jannah

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and it wouldn't affect them at all.

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It wouldn't go to their head, it wouldn't make them egotistical

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because they had already left the dunya

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they already stopped caring about the dunya they stopped crying over the dunya they stopped longing for the dunya and they started longing for the afterlife and crying over that instead of

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all those hardships that you have, oh your sorrows, all your pain, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada put them in your life for a reason.

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Allah subhanho wa taala. Ana wants to use that hardship to get you into paradise. And for many of us, if you look at Abdullah we're asking him to take away our ticket to paradise.

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But Allah subhanaw taala knows better. He won't respond to that prayer right away. He's not going to take away your path to paradise so easily. No matter how much we kick and no matter how much we screen or beg

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is much, much too merciful for that for almost all of us anymore and maybe you can rock bottom hydroclimate La la mala Eagleton to yourself. Do not be Yeah. Suddenly one day He will suddenly go to sleep and Allahumma Salli ala and one early will come at some later on. While early in law he in Mecca Hamidah magic, Allah Berta kind of Mohammed Mohammed

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Ibrahim, what on early Ibrahim INETA happy the medina Aloha Marina what is often that you're worried about and about what I'm looking at now. Yeah, there's a lot in Allah. Yeah. Well, certainly what you tell you that affordable Well, yeah, I mean, the fact that you wouldn't want anyone bugging you either come now look into that Corona festival of law here called commerce through our anatomy as well of the metals.

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