Waleed Basyouni – When The Giants Clash

Waleed Basyouni
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In Al Hamdulillah who want to stay in who want to study he wanna start Pharaoh want to be law him in Sharia fusina woman sejati Imani nama de la dama de la la palma Euclid Farah hodja. Who a shadow Allah Allah in La La Jolla hula Sri Cara y shadow, Mohammed Abu rasuluh Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad Kamal salata Ibrahim Ana de Ibrahima innaka hamidah Majeed by the way by the law, all praise due to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his

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last and final messenger.

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My brothers and sisters, there is an incident took place between abaco and Roma rhodiola and voila. I now will let

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the companion tell us the story. And the story originally reported in Sahara Bahati, and other books of Hadith as well.

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Said cannot be in Abu Bakr in Word Omar mojarra for our Baba Abu Bakr in Ramadan fansler for an aroma mo Baba. Fatima who Abu Bakr yes I know who and yes Stubblefield Allah. Philomena fan had Allah Baba Hua Ji

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Ababa Quran Omar argue with each other. And Abu Bakar made Omar mad. He said something that made Omar mad felt like was not appropriate. And oh my god, allow and get angry. So abubaker told him I asked a lot to forgive me, please forgive me. But he didn't say I forgive you. He turned the other way. Then abubaker kept begging him and asked him Would you please forgive me? But more walked inside his house and close the door?

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For alphabeta oberkommando The Allahu anhu Leonardo Sunni leisel allottee of Salim when

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a Buddha said so abubaker came to the prophets of Salaam while we sitting around the prophets Allah Akbar Abu Bakr in our hidden beta Rafi Toby, he had the unbreakable a.

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He came and he was running. And he was holding you know, in the old days with the where they wear a garment around their waist. So this garment like the way people wear when they go for a harem, and this garment around the waist is if it's tight, so you really can't take fast steps. In order for you to take big steps. You have to pull it up. So he was pulling it up that he said I can see his knees. That's how high he pulled it up, which it means he was kind of running

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and coming to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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when the prophet SAW Selim coming towards us when the prophets of Salaam saw that, he said, Mr. Sahib, welcome fucka dharmaraj Yeah, and he the Hanafi murottal whoa Suma. Oh, tiene la Maria and he saw data in Ohio

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when the process of him saw abubaker his face and the way he is running, he said Your friend is basically llama which it means either he got into a very bad argument that things turn bad between him and someone or your friends. Another scholar said no he meant you friends coming to be the better one coming to be the better person by coming here now.

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So he gives Salaam Salaam Allah Allah Rasul Allah, He gives an Amen he said y'all rasulillah in no kinda been your beaten up middle hop by Vichy. For us right to LA he filmen a deemed fussa l to a young Pharaoh he for about a year for cabal to lie. He said there is something between me having between an aroma and I wasn't very nice to him. I asked him for forgiveness and he refused. I asked him to forgive me but he didn't accept my apology basically. Then I came to you. Then in nebby sallallahu Sallam said, Young Pharaoh la hoonah care about buck, Young

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Buck, young Pharaoh la Hua Ababa. Three times he said, May Allah forgive you. May Allah forgive you. May Allah forgive you abubaker.

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Then soon O'Meara De La Hoya and voila, felt guilty. felt bad that he didn't accept

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abubaker apology kinda financing in Oman edema an American for attackmen Zina Abby bekkering. Yes and we're an

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called hula Abubakar felt bad or felt bad for what basically not accepting or buckers apology. So he went to abubaker his house to apologize to Obamacare and he said Is abubaker here? The family said no he's not. Then he were what do you think he went to the Prophet sallallahu earlier it was sons mustard, because most likely you will find our walk over there for either nebia sal Allahu Allah usnm for Jana nebia sallallahu Sallam he

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had Ashoka Abu Bakr fidessa anaka bataye wirkkala Rasul Allah, wa la he Anna couldn't to Avalon, one la he enercon to overland, you could change De La Hoya Anwar for Karlin Wu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Allahabad Thani la comme for Colton Caleb wakad Abu Bakr Sadat was any bien FC was any be money for * and tariku li sahibi for * antem tariku li sahibi Yukari Rojas sallallahu alayhi wa sallam former Odia Abu Bakr in badda badda so Omar came to the process Solomon when he saw the process Allah Tamar our enemies a solemn face can clearly you can tell it is angry. He is not happy So a lot of you it was setting them and his face was the expression is a faces because I've never

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liked that. He's always smile. He's always you know, walk but he looks so sad and not happy at all. So and Mr. Approach the process seldom and individuals seldom have this frowning face. Then Abubakar, when he saw that he immediately kneel down was sitting on his knees, and he was saying jasola what a lie. I was the volume. I was the transgressor I was the bad one jasola I was back to him. I was worst I was worst. Just come down Don't be angry at Roman

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Then in Nabi sallallahu. wasallam said, When Allah sent me to you people of Makkah and Omar from Morocco and Allah send me to you, you all said I'm a liar. The only one said I was saying the truth was Abu Bakar

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when I was sent to you, the only one who stood

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up to support to me with his life with himself and with his wealth was Abu Bakar Why didn't you leave him alone for me? Just leave him for me just leave him for me you keep repeating it.

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Never ever Abubakar the allow and was bothered again for the rest of his life to have the heard that. In another narration. When Omar came, he approached the prophets I send them for our than the beat up when he was here, the process turn to the other side, then removed and set to the other side to face the process on them, then in the business and look to the other side to other companions. Then Omar stood up and went and said on the other side, keep following the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and basically to apologize to the prophets also them and he said jasola I only understand that you turn in your face away from me in NEMA era.

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Indonesia in Kabbalah, kakani firmer,

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will enter Marina and Dr. Su de la

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Romero, the airline said I know that you are you have something in your heart against me for what you heard. But tell me what's good in this life. If you are mad at me.

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What's good in this life if you are not happy and not pleased with me?

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For islantilla da da da da Erica bobak Fallon. Bellman, you're the one who abubaker apologize to and you refuse to accept his apology.

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Your brother asking for your forgiveness, and you don't accept it. As Erica who can testify if you're a law philosopher.

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Call our lady Bertha cabrinha Mammon Murat in San Antonio and fear Allah. o estado fear Allah

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Fie enough see FCW Allahu

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Allahu Allahu Ahad and I have been in by the chaos will Allah be back

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When I came

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to VFC

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he said, Yasser Allah every time abubaker asked me to forgive him, I said to myself silently or ALLAH forgive abubaker

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every time he said, Mr. Vice, I prayed for him and I forgive him, but inside my heart, I never pronounced that

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will lie. And it was my witness. There is no one I love more in this dunya in this life, more than after you jasola more than Abubakar

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basically the only thing it was angry and my anger mitt the ego didn't lift Oh my God Allah and to say it out loud that I you forgiven

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this amazing story.

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Many lessons can be learned from it.

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A Jeep How does the habitat of the Allahu

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Akbar a monitor elements of our being? You learn from the Sahaba very Allah and homes, good things and even their mistakes. There are so many lessons to learn from it.

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And I want to share with you few lessons that we can reflect upon when we read such story.

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Number one,

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anger. disagreement can happen from anyone towards anyone. There is no one immune, anybody can lose it for a moment. Anybody can get angry, everybody has ego. Everybody will feel pride. Everybody might be a little bit here and there. You know cross the line with his friends with his brothers with his family. That's why Abu Bakar admitted he said I was worst

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come to Avalon and Omar Abdullah and realized his mistake

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and he said it's something was a bit early NFC. It's just my my ego didn't look to me to accept it right away.

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So one lesson that we should learn, don't seek perfect partner

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at work at home, add them in the mustard in the community. We not looking for perfect leaders, Imams, we're not looking for perfect spouses, perfect children, perfect parents. They might lose it some perfect relatives, sister brothers perfect in laws. Suddenly laws or father or mother in law. We are looking for perfect people to deal with. I

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mean when I can

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faint arthrotomy

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yaku Shafi Rahim Allah, there is no one Allah created is perfect couldn't have any other macapa. The point is, if these

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moments of losing it or maybe you know transgression or a moment of anger is not the norm.

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It's a norm, that's a problem. But you know, it can happen sometimes. People sometimes vent sometimes you know, a lot it just we have to accommodate each others and to know how to react to that.

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Another lessons that

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even with this mistake that took place between these two great giants in Islam, nobody ever looked down upon abubaker or looked down upon a model the ally. We have the utmost respect and love for them. Even when we read the story. We said all the

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above and

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we don't feel bad, we don't look down upon them. And the reason for this, it's because what really make you a great person. It's not that you're free from mistakes. What to make you a great person is how you deal with your mistakes, which make you a unique person how you react to your mistakes.

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I truly elevate your status.

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another lessons, that anger is so dangerous. They said anger is just one word away from danger.

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It's so dangerous. It led someone like Abu Bakar on someone like Omar to fall into this.

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Be very careful from anger.

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Be very tough. Don't let easily someone something make you angry.

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Because as they say whoever anger you conquer you

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So make sure that you learn how to control your anger. Yes, a moment can come but generally speaking anger can be very dangerous and lead to things which is you will regret for the rest of your life. Even if you are you know how this anger lead great people like to do something which is not appropriate.

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phenol other mineral insan Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. Allah Nabi sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam made it so short and sweet. He said, control your anger and you will have gender as a reward for you.

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Also, we learn from this incident and neuro Judo Anahata Mensa fighting for that

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fell foul Do you think do you sorry?

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apologizing for your mistakes. It's a sign of nobility.

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It's a sign of strength. saying I'm sorry is not weakness. Strong people only can say sorry.

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When this incident happened between Abubakar and Omar, look how fast they were willing to say sorry to each other. Look how fast Baba can image Forgive me in the same in the same spot. And Omar didn't take him weeks and days and years. It's like somebody will on that day having a problem coming to talk to me said oh I want him to forgive me. You know shall I'm let it go. I see what happened. He said oh 10 years ago. What was 10 years you're holding it in your heart. I'm glad that you forgiving it now but look at the line aroma, didn't let it go didn't even let it go for one night. He instantly asked him and oh my god Allah And after that, after he went inside the house, he felt

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that's not the right thing. He went to Abu Bakar his house. He didn't find him he went to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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this haste This is being hasty to say sorry to fix what you have done that what made those people that greatest ever rather yellow and Moldovan? That's what I was gonna describe them. In the meanwhile, in living in a loving taco EDA my son Paul Mina, shame on that.

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When they are touched by the shape on the immediately Remember, this is from the shape on anger is from the shape bar, not accepting your apology is from the shape on being rude to your friend is from the shape on cutting ties and hard feeling is from the shape on filling your heart with hatred toward others and resentments and negativity it's from the shape on fire either immediately realized that the see that and the change.

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We learn

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that it is so important for us to apologize for our mistakes, to ask our to ask those who have wronged them to forgive us.

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Especially if you have done any justice to someone. Especially if that someone is someone related to you.

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Like a wife or a husband, a parents, children, brothers and sisters, relatives, families and lows, neighbors.

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Leaders in your community. People who have done favour to you Those are the closest circles to you wronging them and being bad to them and and transgression trans transgressing against them. It is an act of violence that it is

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great and Allah Subhana Allah His eyes. We need to learn how to say that before a day will come when there is no apology, no row verbal apology. The apology in the Day of Judgment is basically you're not even paying money. It will be taken from your good deeds,

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reducing your level and gender and maybe even lead for you to go to Hellfire man Canada who in delfy him of Allah, Allah Allah is Allah

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funnier to * Minh Julio Padilla Li akuna de nada en what i

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what i can be Santa to see

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if you have something in this your brother today, ask them for forgiveness or sisters asked them for forgiveness

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will love you lie that is many things we don't pay attention to. I need to know what comes in the day of judgment as demanded of the allow and he was so a man sermon in the suit

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And if men chased him, he took him he gave him money. And he said, Please forgive me. That event said, Yeah, man, I don't know you. I don't think you know me. Why would you give me this gift? And why are you asking me for forgiveness? Color of man, Phil had Jim in the saddle last year and had you were passing by me and I pushed you

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and your face and your picture in my head since then. And I couldn't look at you and had last year. And I don't know who you are. When I saw you. I was like, so hobby, I can now say sorry. So you will not hold me accountable for that person had from last year.

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That's how sensitive those people were. They care about their hearts. Because going to bed while you have something in your heart against someone is not a good feeling.

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It's a poison in the heart.

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Ababa, karate allow and rush to that. He didn't say you know, I didn't need his acceptance. Who cares if the Prophet said, well, Allah forgive me three times better than Omar, who cares?

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No, he cared. He cared about the Brotherhood. And that's another lesson that we do this because we care about each others. That is some people, you tell them yeah, and your husband tell us why you know what this is really make me mad, who cares?

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Or she dumb, he knows what his wife mad, who cares?

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He knows that his father is angry at him or at her. And that young girl young boy, at home, don't care

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if his parents are okay or not. He knows that his son or his daughter, unfairly treated, but he don't care.

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This your employee unfairly treated

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your boss unfairly treated.

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You your community member and so on. You can go on and on. But people just don't really matter much for them.

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Also, it's amazing for me how that he went to his house. I always found it so interesting. When you do when you want to apologize to someone, and you go to them. It's not like, No, I just text him a text message. Oh, by the way, just I'm sorry. You know, maybe it works in our time today. But it means a lot. When you take that effort and walk you go to his house and you ask her, please I'm sorry about what happened. Then abubaker did. Omar did this to his house and went to the prophets of Allah, Allah, it was a lamp, it shows a great level of sincerity.

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Also, from this story, we learn that we should accept people apology.

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When he said to me, when your brother asked you for forgiveness, and you say and you didn't accept it, that's not a right. And I understand the difference between someone who sincerely apologize, and someone who is playing games.

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he is cheating on his wife. She catch him every time and he keeps saying I'm sorry, but there is nothing really changed in his life. This apology is mean nothing. You keep telling me I'm sorry, but you still treating me very bad. This apology is nothing.

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But I'm talking about someone who's sincere in his apology. Someone really admitting his mistakes and want to change. such person should not be turned down.

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I asked the last panel to add and yellow field on an hour from a Polymer Summit to Moscow.

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hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam mahna mahna ba ba ba

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ba ba ba ba ba ba, ba

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ba ba ba ba ba ba ba sossalamander Omar jasarevic with a call to me Rasul Allah.

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Look at the nobility of Abu Bakar or the Allah and when he so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam angry at Omar now. You know it's just a matter of the law and law, how we're not very nice and respond to obaku and maybe Salah Merritt Omar, Abu Bakr cannon, the favorite site, and when you saw that what he did he went down as nisi please jasola. I was the one who have done who have wronged him. I was the worst.

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I was worse to him. He didn't take this as an advantage. No a point of advantage. Let me take my revenge. Let me humiliate him. Let him know how good I am in a special I am

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Let everybody witness that no, it's not the ability.

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Also, I love the fact that the processor told the companion Hey, I will buckle, he got him into fight.

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I love it because that shows a very high IQ of the profits outside of them. You know that what you call it? emotion intelligence. When you can deduct people's emotions,

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there is people very oblivious about that he, he basically doesn't know you're angry, you're angry, or you're you're you're mad, you're happy or sad, you're depressed people cannot stop. And that's not a good, you know, smart skill or is not a very good way. When you deal with people. You need to learn how to improve your emotional intelligence to understand people's emotions. So you approach them you talk to them in an intelligent awake, right? saying the right things in the right time. And that's something required practice. And there is a plenty of good articles, a good book that I highly recommend everybody to try to read something about this concept, emotional intelligence.

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Also, from this story, we can learn just few quick points. Sometimes when there is a problem between you and someone, it's not a bad idea for you to go to someone have knowledge, someone who people respect someone's the other person's trust and respect someone of wisdom, who can handle the problem, like they went to a salon so he can help solving the problem. Or as a worker asked him, What should they do what can be done next. He, he basically seeking advice from the profits will allow you to suddenly just don't ignore it. One of the things that is so important to learn from this, when the process, Alam said when everybody said I'm a liar, he said, I am a prophet, and he

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believed in me, you know, it is so important to recognize the right of the people and to recognize the status the status of people. We living in a very strange time, where this means nothing to so many. When I see young people have no respect or appreciation to what the elders have done.

00:27:18 --> 00:27:19

When I see

00:27:21 --> 00:27:41

a husband does not appreciate what his wife sacrifice all these years until he became very successful, when I don't see appreciation of the wife to her husband, who've been tirelessly working hard to make her live in every form of comfort in life, and means nothing to her.

00:27:43 --> 00:27:48

Whenever I see a new Muslim yesterday, became a Muslim.

00:27:49 --> 00:27:53

And start pointing fingers say oh, you immigrants destroyed Islam in America.

00:27:56 --> 00:28:09

When I see no respect for people have spent 20 3050 years of their life serving Islam and Dawa and building massaging and spreading the hair in the in this country and someone yesterday

00:28:13 --> 00:28:25

or a month or a year or two just came born or entered Islam, coming to look down and have no recognition, no respect for what other people do that.

00:28:28 --> 00:28:31

He said Abu Bakar did. unforgettable

00:28:33 --> 00:28:38

had something for the rest of his life. abubaker deserve to be respected for

00:28:41 --> 00:28:53

it's amazing how our neighbors are mentioned. One issue which is why Sonny be mad, he went FC. He supported me with his wealth and his and himself.

00:28:54 --> 00:28:57

And I can tell you as a person involved in dalla

00:28:59 --> 00:29:14

I really appreciate so many people in this community. And they come to me and I talk from a personal experience here. When they come to me said to Holly, you know what, whatever activity you want to do, whatever program you're doing, I will support you just let me know and come to me.

00:29:17 --> 00:29:36

I want the dollar to be strong. Somebody reached out to Jehovah him saying show by him. You know what, this is $1,000 of Zakat I want you to give it this is those of the I want you to distribute it he could have done it. I said I only giving it to you because I want the community to appreciate the Imam and the shareholders in the community.

00:29:40 --> 00:29:59

You know, I have someone came to me and he said, You know what? You always welcome guests and people from outside anytime you take them to us on our house, or $5,000 budget for that I will pay for it. Just they want you to represent that on a good way. Or you want to invite them in domestic or make a walima for someone. You know what? Yes, yes.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:07

You can me call me anytime I'm here to help you to volunteer. Those who are seeking to be married whenever it means a lot.

00:30:09 --> 00:30:12

And that's something we should not undermine.

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I asked the last panel to add on your boy.

00:30:18 --> 00:30:53

There is so many to be learned. I just was thinking about it before salon maybe there's seven eight points left. Hopefully maybe I shall we can. After he I will mention some of these points as well. I asked the last panel Donna and you know Yakumo her boy asked him by his names and attributes to forgive our sins and to another federal in our day one in the Medina Saba Puna. Bill Eman while h alfi alumina Villa Linda Dena amanu alarming and a silicon Hudler to our FF our Lena artina for Sonata Bahasa kiya antihero, Monza, kaha, or Saleh, Oman and Amina Mohammed Omar Satya

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