Waleed Basyouni – Too Many Fatwa and Opinions – What Should I do

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The importance of learning one's religion to determine if one is a good fit for fatwa is discussed, along with the need for knowledge and pride. The importance of finding a person who is credential and credential to see if they can get fatter is emphasized. The Sharia's opinion is discussed, including cultural differences and the importance of trustworthy opinions. The segment ends with a statement to bless those who come to the event.
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hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala Milena via Vida who Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam, ala Houma to Sleeman Kathira about all praise due to Allah His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his last and final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters, Allah Subhana Allah said, in the Lucha Amana Quran because Professor Liu Allah decree In Kuntum, that Allah moon, ask the people of dhikr the people of knowledge, if you don't know, and in there be

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salatu salam as Abu Dawood reported, Karla Allah Sir Lu Hina je Lu and iniciativa ullery you so why didn't they ask when they have no knowledge?

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What to removes ignorance is knowledge. And for Buhari well Muslim in Hadith and Nabi sallallahu alayhi salam could have either mature in Allah Allah in zero huddle element ligament Ihsahn. Allah will not take the knowledge just like that by making disappeared by but by putting our taking away the scholars are in MA Hakuna be a cup de Luna hat, either lamea BCA leemon Our LEM YubiKey halimun da the national Oosten Johanna when there is no scholars left people will start asking people who have no knowledge and those people will answer them with no knowledge and they will miss guide them. They already misguided then they will miss guide people. That shows you clearly that we should ask

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people of knowledge. That's why Mohammed bin serine and Merica bananas well I read him a set color in the hurdle il Modine fumble or assignment who Deena calm? This knowledge of Islam is part of your deen part of your religion. And you have to know where you're taking your religion from. It is an obligatory upon the person who needs fatwa, who needs answer who needs clarification in Islam to search and look for the one who has knowledge and who can be you know, sufficient to give you the answer. Not just any Facebook post not any you know WhatsApp message, not any person who have mashallah good voice of Quran, not with the longest beard. That's not how we define the person of

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knowledge. The person of knowledge is not someone you know, one person was asking a

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A person I know and here said why did you ask him? He said, mashallah look at maybe wedding film and a turban? I said, Yeah, but that doesn't make him able to give you an answer, or to give you a fatwa. You know, exactly like, you know, if you see somebody in the hospital, doesn't mean he's a doctor. And not by default, or somebody in a mechanic shop doesn't make him a mechanic. Somebody comes to the masjid all the time doesn't make him a scholar, or give him the ball or lead salah or even have the Quran. The knowledge is something more beyond that. And how would they know that this person capable of getting fatter or not? I mean, that's a legitimate question. The scholar set that

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person do his best, as as long as Allah sees that you doing your best to look for the one who's qualified to give fatwa or not, and this one or some of these points, ours? I will tell you some few points that the scholar said, for instance, that someone who will be positioned himself to give fatwa one scholars seem aware of him, you know, he is with them, and none of them will object to him giving fatwa like an Imam Malik Rahim, Allah said, I was there around me 1750s And I used to give fatwa and none of them objected to me. That's the kind of approval that this person is capable of giving fatwa. Also, a person who became so well known to be a gram have to be a mufti, some as a

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scholar, you know, like, for example, we know you might not know chef Salah has salary, for example, qualification, but he became a well known figure worldwide as a scholars or an belong to an institute a fatwa, like a friend to a committee like he part of Al Azhar referred to a committee or Saudi Arabia federal committee or Indian federal committee or the Minister of heads off the muftis and Jordan are the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, you know, someone like known to be a person of knowledge, the head or the faculty member of one of the respected Islamic universities in the world, at people like this, it's at least you might not be the best but for you as I am, me as an average

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person, that's enough for me if I know that this person has this kind of credential to ask, also, if I know that the scholar refer to him as a mufti, some people that I know refer to that person as a person that you can take fatwa from. Also, one other thing is if he's known to write books and publish so many articles and research papers, in the in academic papers in the field of knowledge and also a person who have a certificate. In the old days, they have shad Ejaz that, that the scholar will write Jazza This is a Mufti today, in modern life, there is something called a university graduate, at least for you as an average person, okay, he has a shady degree as a master

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in Sharia degree or in Islamic Studies. That's an enough minimum for you to know that this person capable off giving that fatwa.

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Another issue here, a lot of people ask whenever I talk about asking questions and asking mufti, do I have to ask someone belong to a specific madhhab? You know, for example, I'm from Palestine and in Palestine, we are Henneberry. So that means I have to ask only somebody's or I am from Egypt of southern Egypt and southern Egypt Maliki's in general. So that means they only asked Maliki or Hanafy from from Bangladesh for example, the answer for this No, you don't have you're not entitled to that nothing in Islam ever said that. You have to be adhering to a specific group of movies or a school of thought in fatwah or anything of that nature. These modalities are meant for the student

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of knowledge to learn to be able to master the field. So if I'm studying FIP, I study through one of these modalities. I mean, as a mufti, I use this McGraw Hill as my reference to be able to answer the questions. But for the average person, no, and to ask him to be a to the must follow an opinion of a specific scholars. This is not something that's ever been existed in history of Islam, especially in the early days. What if I asked him on that? You know what, I just asked anyone, just a random person online? You know, I know no matter him, Allah Zarqa. She said there is an agreement between the scholars that this photo is invalid. So if you take photo from someone on a Facebook on

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an WhatsApp message, and you're not sure who's the Mufti is, are you not sure that this is referred to an entity that is trusted? For example, Islam

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Question, q&a to trusted fatwah website, Islam online fatwa? That's a trusted website. The only good, good even if I don't know who is the Mufti, you send a message to Amgen. I'm gonna reply to you. You know, you don't know who is the Mufti in necessarily, but that's a trusted entity that if that of Egypt, will Azure will answer you not only will tell you the name of the Mufti, but that entity is trusted, that's fine. But just a random thing on no reference to any, you know, Institute or entities or a specific person that known to be

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a person of knowledge. No, that's not allowed. That's not sufficient. And that's not allowed to be followed, because one of the condition is 118.

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and that's basically the strongest opinion among the scholars that this not will be sufficient at all. Even if you doubt have a doubt. Is he a scholar, not scholar, you're not allowed to ask. I think one of the most

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pressing issues here is the issue of with this globalization with this ability to connect with so many scholars and to hear so many factors and opinions about different matters. What I did with these differences, given the city to LML, enough,

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golden age of Las

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Hala mystery with a stellar photographer to give a time map if there's different opinions, how can I deal with this and learn about him Allah debated over this Rahimullah wrote a lengthy article and the lamb Yeji belly and yet the hara it is obligatory upon you to look at these opinions, and to find the one that you think that it is the closest to the Sharia closes to Islam. To be you might say, chef, I am not saying never study Sharia, how would I be able to? Are you asking me to make Theurgy? between people? No, we're not asking you to do that. We're not asking you to look at each one's evidence and to evaluate it. No, no, no, I'm asking you Do you not capable of that? Because

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that's not their specialty. But what we ask you to have a general look, exactly no pain said, like when you go to two doctors. One doctor said, right now I have to take you to the operation room. I'm gonna cut you open and remove it. And another doctor said, No, I didn't need to do that. You know, there's a lot of treatments for this without any surgery. You know, you're you're a diabetic person, a surgeon, you have so many complications for your age. And others said, No, don't worry, we'll figure that out. Shala, after we get you out of the operation room, you have a common sense, you have to make a choice, you have to make the gap between the two, a woman woman giving two

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medications, two methods of contraception. You know, she's not a doctor is not a specialist to figure out which one is much better. But she reads here she read there and in the end of the day, you're going to make a choice. And it doesn't matter which one you go with, but you will do your best. That's what Mr. hemella said that you have to put an effort into this matter when there is opinions that is so against each other's and they don't go along with each others. And what kind of effort I put they didn't leave you hanging dry they gave you okay, they give you certain guidelines and that's what I want you to pay attention to. First guidelines. You look at the two opinions or

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three or different opinions or, or fat words and tumbled Ursula theta comb and Hill fatwah. If the opinion or that fat was what is pounded on, somebody telling you a lie, I feel that way. Somebody gives you no evidence from Quran and Sunnah. Somebody said, Oh, this is the opinion of my chef while someone will bring you clear he will say this is the majority This is the head even though he's a solemn This is a rule in Islam. This is spider and Islam and so forth. That's one thing to keep in mind. Another one to see many of the photographer's when you especially when you go online, any fatwas any opinion related to a specific issues. There is two sides of it, the Islamic evidence that

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back it up, and how much it match the situation. So I might look at opinion for someone who lives in, for example, in Turkey. Okay, like that day, I was listening to some Imams online. You know, we have a group between Imams, and they were saying, You know what, what I live in and he lives in somewhere overseas after hobo Juma somebody stand up in the back and give translation in English. All the misogyny you guys in Europe and America. You should not give up on English should give up on Arabic and have someone to translate in the back

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But this person he doesn't understand, you know that the majority 90% of the people don't understand Arabic. So you have to also look at how much this opinion this fatwa are aligned with the situation that you are in. Another area you can look at it might be on your mobile hypothyroidism about a third year. But never Ella Mota Allah cotton masala, hemozoin Anna, methyl and the candidate Michel.

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Michel Tangela libera. So, in another alarm, had the younger Sahaba libera was sin, an issue that is so delicate and issue that, you know, there is a difference between stem cells, you know, can it be used or not donating or organ donations, you know, using, for example, evolve in the heart that is taken from an animals that is to consider niches and these issues are contemporary. That's difference among say, Hey, I came before Mahara should I pray to rock as the hated mustard or not?

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That someone who is a student of knowledge can answer this, but in many major issues like higher issues of new issues, or an issue has to do with war with peace, something has to do with the general public, what do we do we go to somebody who our elders have more experience. And also we look at something else we call it collective wish they had when a could run into more of a hurdle and me as an person, I look at what the majority says of the scholars, what is the photo of a council of fatwah. So instead of chiffonade opinion, it became the MGS opinion or it became the Muslim world Thai Council of opinion. And these are things will help you and guide you to deal with

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these differences. as well. Another area another principle, and let me go to him Allah yah. Yah, Kowloon tumbled in an hour I'm in Houma. Well, we're out of Jackman, another Illinois alum, relevant debated Should I look at the most knowledgeable or the most pious and many said the most pious beside the end, Misha Ibet, Jahad law, they are all knowledgeable, maybe someone more knowledge than the other. But this more pious this should go with the pious. Why? Paulo because Taqwa are what are we saying nothing unfair to our bill John was a mere human animal habitat, became an alum for Nolan giftable jelica Kevin muhabbat. They said you look at someone who pious have more Taqwa because he

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has a knowledge and his depo will never allow them to see what he doesn't know, but also will never allowed him to compromise the religion.

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He will be straightforward with you and he will tell you the right opinion. How are they know who is more pies? You do your best, unwholesome 100 to the point is Allah to see you trying putting the effort also one of the things that you learn about him Allah said I'll share with you I'm lucky enough sick to hold out when I share it I like women nurse What had you from our society or Muslim young will Azar

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when it comes to personal choice, you can choose that more strict opinion but when they come me to give that to a to an organization, I look for the opinion if they are in the same level of love I look for it's easier something for the masses and look what is you know will be easy for the masses. Not I can be as strict with myself as much as you want. But when it comes to the photo to the public, that's a different different thing.

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And also, you're only

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gonna be a politician you can actually go kill a band or ice or Maha Coppola and he became more strict when it comes to people's money and rights. But I became a little bit more can go toward the Lean lean towards the easiest opinion when it comes towards between you and Allah Allah and a bad McDonough Allah Masha.

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Allah Subhana Allah and Musa Maha Yanni with this between Allah that's why for example digital Amana Hanabi that to save a lot of scholars like among the Hannibal and others, the machete Macedo and Mala Mala don't throw holes Kabir when it comes to business transaction, you find them very lenient, so easy. But when it comes to Salawa, a badDo headrow Siyam are Athena they're very strict.

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Be any also they have another area which is basically they making things easy in the in the a by that more strict and then what am Allah in the business regime they are more lenient so no matter him we'll also look at the one of these. Look at this as one of the principal you put all this together, all this together, and if the end you're still confused Alhamdulillah you choose any opinion that

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If you can take from a trustworthy scholars, and it's sufficient for you, and by the way, you're not obligated in Islam to ask multiple chairs. If you ask one chair when he gives you the answer, it is okay. Sometimes people draw me, you know, in any crazy he told me shall I'm asking all the shoe How about this? Let's because I'll be one of them next and don't ask me how he asked all shuffles to take well this year, mela fatale

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Varma for Dean Coronavirus, MIT was stopped for hola hola como stop

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hamdulillah Haddow salatu salam ala Milena Viva

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there is a misconceptions about Hadith wasa huddle the Allahu Allah Muhammad. And then there be so Salam kala Stifter called Buck was stuffed hackleburg Stuffed Nickelback Ask your heart, you know, seek fetter from your heart. Some people say I lost Shahada. I don't need all the guidelines. I'm just going to ask my my heart. No in the visa Salam, he said that after the person got confused by different photos, and you not allowed you not allowed. Let's say you heard two opinions among the scholars. And you can figure out which one is more trusted. You can apply to this role. You don't say it's tough to callback so my Toby will give me a third opinion. No, it's not a lot statistically

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back in one of these two to take where you don't come with your own opinion that would stuffed your callback mean. Also because sometimes you feel that this doesn't sound right. That just doesn't sound correct.

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I will give a

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final point

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some people have also this weird idea.

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He said that he will tell you if you go look

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at the mafia Hibernia leashes, Islam Allah will forget what Conficker was horrible how the * will handle it de la Jamia

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well didn't Allah they say religion is for Allah don't be like you know, like priests who not Catholic here you know told me there is a religious people and anybody can hamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala made the Quran and the Sunnah applicable or approachable and easy so anyone any Muslim can make his own rules that's very common by the way Allah so many people say this

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you know, especially in certain in the Middle East you know there's couple of names to the famous individuals who promote this openly and many TV channels programs writing books and articles about it. So the gonna tell you how US Islam is easy. You make your own rules. We're not Catholic here I didn't need to need a priest is a chef is not a priest. Have you been you didn't know what's Catholic. You didn't know what Islam you didn't know what's priest you didn't know this was shared by saying that what we object to what has been practicing in Catholicism and others, that someone claimed the tea is your way to Allah when it comes to the Ibadah Yeah, and another way you can pray

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just straight to Allah. You cannot make dua to Allah you cannot make Toba repent to Allah you have to go through a priest to commit committed to him What does sin that's what we object to, or the priest has the power to give you a you know, a forgiveness or grant you Jana like what they used to doing the evil

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Yoni medieval days, you know, grant the agenda to the king and queen and stuff like that. That's what we say there is no Rabbani of Islam that is nobody have this power and it's not but it doesn't mean that you have the power to basically to be a person who what, who give fat one make rules and that's not allowed. Only people have knowledge. We're not we're not the same in Islam, when it comes to the level of knowledge.

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man Yeah, lm lasercomb Allah and those who have knowledge not equal to those who don't have knowledge. Yes, Islam is easy but still this is a science this is a you can learn if you want and you can be a chef yourself, but not by claim it is by taking these steps in normal InMobi dad Lumia or individual Allah Islam. I ask Allah Subhana Allah to help us in such confusing time and with the such of, you know, information is so global is so mass and it's so important for you to know how to navigate through that. So Allah subhanaw taala protect your deen and as I said that hamdulillah things are at much easier than much people think you know and became so angry and each other's 100

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love the person have follow an atom and the sufficient atom especially in the area of that's much easier than the area of athlete than others and

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So we should deal with it in that spirit. I ask Allah subhanaw taala by His names and attributes to forgive our sins and to protect our scholars and to guide us always to the right thing. Allah Minister Luca Huda, Autocar well i FIFO Alina 122 husana Taqwa 123 Romans and Romans a QA. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for our brothers and sisters in Pakistan in all areas of domestic devastation.

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Devastated people everywhere in the world we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy on the refugees easy on those who are in Warzone easy on those who live and that was Colosse Pano Tada and you've heard your Hammond Muhammad Amin a carbon in the Caribbean and you have to be at Dana annual MIDI Nene when you figure it out and Mr. Rooney in another LUMION I have to tell you what Ekrem Allah humara to be say, Medina Well, that'd be my philosophy. I mean, not only are you know Adam Smith fer Ramadan, our national anthem, Sharona sharara homea there, Gerardo Ikram, Allama, Feb Deena Hola. Mohalla Dena, Aloha Mahalia as well as you know, Abernathy, you know, Latina Wafaa you

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know the reality anomala Hoglund Elena Olam, Angela Harada huddle Mr. Dua Ali olam Angela Rolla. Dear Mr. duallie Ya Allah I ask you to bless this community to bless this mustard and to bless those who come to this Masjid. I ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah by His names and attributes as he gathered us today in this blessed day of Juma to gather us internet and name with Muhammad sal Allahu Allahu Allah wa salam. So

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Allah whom I mean Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad Muhammad is Satya

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