You May Hate Something That is Good For You

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One of the worst car accidents I've ever had

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was in an empty parking lot.

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I was driving to go meet a brother while I was driving a 2003 Chevy Impala.

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And the brother had a volume of CDs back in the day about Yokoyama minor signs, major signs resurrection. He saw judgment, Heaven and Hell and all that good stuff. And I was so eager to learn it. So as I was driving in the parking lot that night empty no cars, I was going through the lanes, you know, the parking spot lanes I was driving through, there's no cars is going through. But then there was a silver Honda Civic coming across. I'm driving this way, a super Honda Civic coming this way. So I felt bad. kind of the way I'm driving going through the parking spot lanes, so I just waved. And this was happening while I was playing slow to Bukhara and I lost my witness, not

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exaggerating an ounce in the story. So I was reading through the bacara then I weighed apologize and right when I turned to the front I slammed into a concrete handicap sign, destroyed my car

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and allows my witness shocked what just happened. I didn't even see it coming. And Allah says quotevalet como pizza, hula, hula

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to hip boo Shea who was shot left home, while La Jolla Alam

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tada moon line, the ayah

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Allah says fighting has been made an obligation upon you as though you do not like it. Then Allah says you may hate something that is good for you. And you may love something that is bad for you. Then the conclusion alone knows you guys did not know what until last time we hit the concrete pole as a teenager destroyed my car so expensive to fix. Imagine think of it, put yourself in my shoes teenager going to learn the deen in the midst of the fitna of volume of 10 plus CDs by Dr. Omar Abdel caffee about Yokoyama. And this happens, why,

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how? of wahana. Allah knows best, but you know what we know for a fact what law he was hired, how brother, Allah says he knows, I don't know, you do not know. Maybe, maybe if I did not hit the concrete handicap sign, I would have hit the brother who was right behind it with this car. Maybe Maybe if I did not hit it picked up the CDs, I would have had the car tomorrow, the day after. And I would have done something even more dangerous because my car was gone for weeks to be fixed.

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Maybe it's for me to see the story in the hood, but here in Dearborn are the ones who's watching to reflect and maybe cause a change in your life. Allahu Allah, maybe I'm the root of the bullet for you. Allah knows best. But there's higher behind it. And you know what, I might die and be buried. And I will never know why. The civil law he was good. What law he was hiding. As Allah says, what do we learn brotherbrother with every hardship comes ease. Not very, very accurate.

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With every hardship, you get double the ease. Remember that? No, Allah does not give one on one Allah Allah number one and one that Allah doesn't do that work. Allah says you do a good deed times 10 Allah says in the grocery with the hardship that you face the hardship th e there's an ease. Then he says that again, man Oh, sorry, you syrup to ease double Allahu Akbar. You will donate 100 you don't get back 100 to get doubled and times 10 and that's something we have to truly appreciate here like renters agenda and Robben Island. And people the elders and that's one of the call of action was called about to learn from previous stories to make your life easier for you. When you flip

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through the Quran. What do you see? Is the Prophet Yusuf Alayhi Salam wonderful child, a young child who was kidnapped a child who was thrown into the well his father Yaqoob was devastated but you know what he always said at school but there was no law. I'm complaining to Allah. There's higher I know what you do not know Well, why it's type his kids thought. You know what the biological Kadima you're you lost that dad? How was it for you? Then not just use the first gun after many years 10 years Jaco

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doesn't give up yesterday no 20 years. yaku doesn't give up colliders type. He can't see it, but he trusts a lot. 3040 years later What happened? His other son Binyamin is also gone. What do you say? Don't give up on Allah.

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Not just that was the third thing. His other son no longer comes back home, the eldest

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never give up on a lot more What happened to your home? He lost his sight. He became blind. Then he has a beautiful point. He says, Don't you ever give up on a lot of those will give up on a lot of the calf your own. But guess what happened? After 40 some years, he sees us failing is lm, the leader of Egypt. Use of his salon help save lives across not just Egypt, but surrounding countries with his economics and his understanding of how to distribute the wealth. Not just that he brings Yaqoob and his whole family they all move to Egypt. Then Yaqoob tells us kids Did I not tell you? Did I not tell you there's height in it. So you who studied so hard to go to med school yet you did

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everything possible? But you still failed? That

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is not bad for you. Or you have been waiting for marriage to take place. You took the means making drama and struggle online. It's good for you Be patient, or you had a child you raised your son in aquatinted. And you tried everything possible. He took them to Islamic schools, you taught them the Quran, we went astray. Lotta Sabu Sharon lockmaster difficult. It's painful. You will cry until he lost his eyes, but in his heart will lie. It's quiet. As you just never know. You never know. So lightsome Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says several Allahu alayhi wa sallam. Yeah, what do you say to malkia? Well why this hadith alone? May Allah grant you all gender because I did not know this

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hadith until I prepared the Hulkbuster me Allah grant you all genuine

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Yeah, what do I do with it? This is authentic nourish nurture meeting the people of Africa ease and life blessings everything is going great. When they go yo Malka Yama Hina. europa. Bella is the ones who are facing hardships, calamities, sicknesses, definitely. Family all difficulty they will be given so much hassle, not so much high level and genuine laugh here the people that did not see any of that didn't see no wars, no theft, no nothing of that. When they look at those who are struggling getting all these has an add on the promises. They would wish low and do the home care that Korea but they don't have it in Makati. They would wish not to face what these people face. But even

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worse, the Prophet says even for their skins to be cut with scissors

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because of the hassle that they will God because of the hardship that they faced. It's not I'm saying this so you can like I want hardship in my life.

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But if you are the one in the group of hardship, save somebody's life. That's the main point of the heading Rasulullah sallallahu is one of the wisdoms in ways we have never imagined. Maybe the accident I did maybe is because of sins that I've committed. But I did not make proper tell but Allah knows best. So this hardship and calamity to erase the sense Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Matthew Siebel Muslim I mean must have been well I was I've been well, I mean well I mean well as

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he says the whole package knows nothing you go through a severe pain emotionally, physically he says even even if it was a shocker, a thorn that pricks you at paid per cut except that it cleans you out from the messed up stuff that we did. wipes away the say yet the Prophet says in the cast for a lobby having coppia then you become basically sin this as another Hadith he says the hardships make the sins fall like the tree fall you see we are in the fall season you see all the leaves right you got so much leaves in your backyard front yard. All these leaves are say add that will drop when we face a hardship. You know what the prophet SAW Selim said, had the young woman Eleni hottie until

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you face a lot you are perfect. Not a single cent in your record. May Allah make us face Allah without say yet. Perfection me Robin, I mean, to end with this hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, you may say a broad example here. We say hardship maybe there's Indonesia and Africa has senate and you know what Allah forgives me? I'm not that bad. What do you mean? Yeah, okay. I have a car accident say you have to wipe away sickness say accurately, but I'm not that bad. I keep going through hardship because of purification. I'll tell you think of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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Allahu alayhi wa sallam was tested more than all of us. He says I said danesi Bella and be the most tested people are the prophets, some of Messiah the holy then the righteous and it goes down the level. You tell us more Allah Kadena he will be tested according to your commitment to your dean for in canopy Dini is all about if you are truly committed to your dean z definite Bella that tests increase common sense don't say why common sense. You go do your bachelor's is not as difficult as masters. But you're getting paid for master's is more than bachelors and so on and so forth. He says well in Canada he didn't hear that if that guy or That girl was not really committed to the deen

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very weak a man who feeds and they will not be tested as much Allahu Allah greatest increase in demand. And may Allah grant us tofield sustenance and helped to be patient towards the hardships. So it also will last and what does he say here in the lab that either Sabah Catarina, la Haman Zilla if Allah subhanho wa Taala wants you to go to the one of the highest levels in general, a level that you will not get because of your deeds. Look what the prophet said Salah Salem, he says it Allahu Allahu fi just a day. Allah will test you with your body sickness. If you have trouble trouble breathing, with your tea, with your sight with your hands with your skin will test you because he

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loves you because you're not doing enough good deeds to go upgraded. So that Allah the Prophet says Allah will test you, then Allah will help you be patient to pass the test. The Prophet says what?

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make you strong, what you believe a woman Zilla Allah subhanho wa Taala human alight Allah until Allah takes you to the place where Allah wants you to be at your house and that your car your vehicle, your Salah is not up to what it should be. So I'm gonna make you go up there through other avenues. That's why it also alas Allah, he would have a severe headache. So back to the Sahaba came to the Prophet said yes to Allah in Mecca to Abu Bakr and shalida, you are in so much pain. The Prophet says none who Africana you are called radula and even called the prophets headache is doubled the pain of any human being.

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So then they said, Yasser Allah, Allah Allah, does that mean it's double the pain? So you get double the reward? Says Nam.

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You bet.

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And that's what we went through the hardship not because of purification from say yet, but for elevation in Jeanette allama. It Mohammedan was seen that don't follow the law, or bathroom a comment more than nothing. What?

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When you go through these things in life, everyone here has a story. And the best things that we can do is learn from our mom and dad who went through difficulties since a young age and they will tell you trust me, this is good for you. And you might just never see it. I gave a lecture in Florida. And I asked the crowd it was an open lecture I asked him anybody here can share with us a story they went through. And they found the wisdom many years later and can benefit from one old man was to shave his beard was white his ear was when old men he stood up. I didn't ask him to stand up but he wants to make it clear to the whole class, his Alger story, what is their brother? He says everybody

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here knows me. Mashallah. He says everybody here knows I was I was a multi millionaire. After the session I asked the brother, you affirm, confirm what he said. He says, Yes, I confirm. He was super rich. He says I lost everything. All my money was from the harem was from difficulty, like terms of things that I was not pleased with. And I was becoming rich and rich and rich, until a lot tested me with a test where I lost all my wealth. He says and will lie if it was not for that. I would not be in today's lecture. In today's halaqa, he stood up, and now I know why he stood up. He says Brother, you see what I'm wearing. It says the shirt, the pants, the shoes is a lie. All of it together is

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not more than $10 that's how broke he is today. He's a bus that was the greatest thing that happened to my life is lose all my wealth. But you never saw that the beginning. And some of us will never see the wisdom. And we'll end with this. A student I was a student at the University not too far from me, Windsor was you know, loving giving down one stuff like that, especially to Muslims who may not be as dedicated. It was at nighttime, on my bike 1am 2am talking to that one guy smoking outside the apartment building. He was a foreign student. So then I told them you know what to see in the messages come with us. He loves me language kept talking until he told me why he is no longer

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permitted to the dean. Why? Like, I'll tell you the story.

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Who is the role model in the community? Typically, it's the Imam is the big shot. People look up to him. That's a fact. He says I was painting a house of one of the Imams. We agreed on the price before the job was made. The paint is chosen, the walls are chosen. The job is clearly identified and detailed. After I was done painting his house, you know what he told me brother magic. He starts negotiating so I can accept a lower price. And he refused to give me what we agreed upon. If this is the Imam Then what about the general public, and he no longer praying? He should be stronger. And of course, shame on the one who broke his promise. I tried to speak them. And guess what happened.

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Nothing. Didn't perhaps change. Maybe in a year or so I got into my bike and I drove on.

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You know, when the chain leaves the cycle,

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again, and you get all grease in your hands. As I was leaving the apartment was two in the morning. And going back to my house, that chain fell off the bike, and I fell on the ground and it hurt. That guy came all the way to me.

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He says man, I want to ask you a question. What were you doing the past two hours with me?

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I said that was what do you mean? Like what were you doing? What are we trying to do? Let me give you that one simple. He's like for whose sake? I'm like Allah. He's like, what happened to you? You fell you hurt yourself. And look what happened to the bike? Yes. He's like, why would he do that to you? If you're doing the devil for him, why wouldn't he give that in return back to you? I was stunned. I don't know. Until this day, I don't know. And I may die we'll never know. But you know what I know that Allah knows. Well, luckily I'm one that Allah will

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double the height that the hardship that we faced Oklahoma dramatically. It was that coalition alone alarm for Lenovo. nabanna a lahoma suburban and Dell Masada which means *reen and the niranjana manyatta him