In love with the Quran #12 – The Ultimate Cure

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AI: Summary © The Bible is used to increase the value of life-saving medication, including rebuilding the spiritual heart and providing guidance for the mind. A study on the Prophet Salallama Alayhi wa sallam uses the title Salallama Alayhi wa sallam to describe the transformation of the heart and mind. The healing process is not just for oneself, but also for everyone.
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How much would you be willing to pay for a medication or your body was in need of? Is there a limit on how much a wealthy person would pay for life saving medication. Oftentimes, people are willing to go above and beyond just to get a very specific cure medication for something a source of healing, and even cures healing for psychological and emotional ailments. One of the most powerful ways to reconnect with the Quran and to increase its value in our hearts and lives is to recognize our need for it. The Quran as Allah tells us is the ultimate source of Shiva healing and is the ultimate source of guidance and it is the legend through which we find and we attain true salvation by

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Allah's Mercy law. subhanaw taala tells us about this multiple times. In fact, one of the descriptions of the Quran is that it is a warning from your Lord or humanities a warning from your Lord and then Allah says, was she for

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Lima Finn sudo. It is a healing a cure for what is in the hearts and is also a guide and is also a Rama for the believers.

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us why Nunez Xenu Amina will call an ima who was she for?

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Much needed animal meaning we send down the Quran as a healing and mercy for the believers to cure for what is in the hearts. It's a healing for your spiritual heart. It's a guide and a light. The Quran is Colombo law, the speech of Allah to you and all of mankind, and it cures what is in the hearts. So it's a guidance for the spiritual heart for those who seek guidance. It's a manual for salvation and success. It's a source of healing for all types of things that you are in need of and it's also a psychological resilience in this fast paced world of trials and tribulations May Allah protect us knowing what we know about hardships in life, and all the good in this world. Knowing

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what we know about mental health and psychological coping mechanisms and fulfilling transcendence. It becomes obvious that the only reasonable thing for the believer to do is to connect with a powerful speech of Allah Shiva here that guidance luda, it is a source of true success. When you reconnect with the Quran, you start to have a psychological fortress, a shield for the heart and for the mind, may Allah protect us and grant us the shield. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us as well some supplication some dua that include references to the Quran as a healing. So he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, whoever's anxiety increases, let him say, and then there is the

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long do I alarmingly I don't know. I was thinking No, I'm gonna take no CRT biotic Mauldin fee a hook it's a long do I? But I want to get to the part of the DUA that is related to this, and Tejon Al Quran and all the amount of VR can be to make the Quran the spring or the life of my heart and the light of my chest and a departure for my sorrow and a release for my anxiety. May Allah subhana make the Quran a light for our hearts and a source of relief for all of us. There's a famous Imam Sheikh Yes, it does study one of the Imams of the Haram in Mecca. He talks about an incident that happened over 20 years ago that he never forgot.

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One day he was sitting in the masjid reciting the Quran to his chef, when a man came and he looked incredibly disturbed, emotionally disturbed. The man walked up to the chef and said, I'm feeling disturbed and I need you to recite the Quran to me. The chef said, I'm with my student now. But why don't you go to the front of the Masjid. Pray to rockers and sit and recite the Quran continue reciting until I call for you.

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So the man walked to the front of the masjid. And the sheikh then had his student read for an extended session. For over maybe a half an hour they continued reading the Quran and that man was doing what he was asked to do. When he finally called for the man, he returned with a face other than the one that he first arrived with. His attitude was very different. Now he looked more content he looked more calm, tranquil.

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When the chef offered now to read with him, the Quran the man said, may Allah subhana reward you, I don't need it anymore. Think about the man's internal state how he came and how he left he said I don't need it anymore. My mind is relieved and I feel better. The chef then said to him, I noticed and observed when you came in that your soul looked like it was starving. And that's why I told you to pray to rock as and to read the Quran. Now, the one who's sharing the story, sure, yes, it he never forgot this conversation. And he would mention it decades later. And the reality is we take this from the story and all of our experiences when we don't have a relationship with the Quran. We

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are going to be missed

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hang out on a nourishment for our souls. The Quran heals the body. I will say the hungry, only Allah one famous companion.

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He said one time with a group, they were on a journey. They came across an Arab tribe. And they asked to host them, they refuse to host them. They asked to host and they refuse to host them.

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When they were leaving, they were approach and they were asked if they had anyone with them who was a rocky a healer, because one of the members of their tribe had been bitten by a snake. They said they could, because they refuse to host them they would not then have to pay them. So they ended up agreeing to basically to whole flock of sheep as payments which was very common back then. And I will say the reporting this he went with them and he started to recite Surah Al Fatiha over the place in which there was an injury the wound the bite of the snake. So he started reciting the opening chapter of the Quran, start reciting the Quran, and eventually the man fully healed. Now,

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instead of distributing the sheep amongst themselves, this group, they agreed to wait until they got to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and to tell him about what just happened. The sorts of Fatiha was recited on this man. And usually you recite a new blow three times and you either blow and trans and you wipe over something or you blow right onto it and you wipe

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anyways they get to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And he said how do you know that it salts and Fatiha is a healing. You have done the right thing. You have done the right thing. And then he said to them divide what you have amongst you and assign as well as share for me with you now the share for the Prophet salallahu Salam has its purpose meaning everything he receives the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gives. Notice this, the fact that the Prophet assigned a share for himself, whether it's for himself or to distribute, makes everyone very comfortable to know that what they had just done was pure. It was halal, it was good. And it will apply em Rahim Allah the

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famous scholar. He shared that one time he was sick at the Haram in Mecca, but he had no access to doctors, no medication. So he used to heal himself with salt and fatty I mean he used to recite it and to seek Allah's healing through it. And he used to find incredible effects and he would tell others to do the same. When you encounter difficulties sadness, pain, suffering, turn to the Quran for healing to neuron as well and find strength and resolve through the speech of Allah subhanaw taala and this of course, as a disclaimer does not mean you don't also utilize the medic medicine and the medical knowledge that we have rather utilize both. When you're going through a hardship

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turn to the Quran, you can put your hands together for example, read Quran Surah Al Fatiha or he could see any surah you want of the Quran, but those are the ones that are specified people who Allahu Ahad, pull out a little bit further pull out a bit of bananas, blow into your hands and wipe over the body or the place in which there is maybe an ailment and when you reflect on the hardships, the world's ailments today all over the world and locally as well. Turn to the speech of Allah subhanaw taala and establish that framework of internal psychological, emotional and yes, even physical healing through the Quran, while taking benefit from the things that we have around us that

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are permissible. Here's my question to you. How do you feel when you recite the Quran? And did you ever feel or do you currently feel its healing effect?