Kamal El-Mekki – Jummah Khutbah 30-09-22

Kamal El-Mekki
AI: Summary © The historical context of Islam is discussed, including the use of shiny language and narratives, the use of "has been" to indicate the presence of the Prophet, and the spread of deceptive deceptive tactics. The use of hesitation, deceptive language, and hesitation in businesses is also emphasized. The transcript highlights deceptive behavior and the importance of honesty in sales, while also emphasizing the need for caution in timecards. The transcript provides examples of businesses trying to bring prices down on customers and highlights the need for honesty in sales.
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in Al Hamdulillah Muhammad who wanna stay in who wanna stop hero when I owe the villa him and should already know me say you are Marlena Mejia de la who follow mandala wama yodeling further the Allah wa shadow Allah Allah illallah wa who nursery color who are shadow ana Muhammadan Abdullah who rasuluh you had Lavina I'm gonna talk to Allah haka Ducati. Illa wala moto Nila on to Muslim on you Hello Dina. I'm an otaku. Hola Hola. Hola. colons had either useless la cama Hola, como Villa con Vinoba con woman yo for Allah wa rasuluh for Cordova Fosun Alima. I'm about when I was talkin Hadith the Kitab Allah wa salam had you had you Muhammad in sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Sharon Maura

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Mahathir to her Wakulla mother that in beta our collaborator at Ambala Koco dot infinity. Brothers and Sisters in Islam, today we're going to look at one or focus on one of the characteristics of the people of the prophet shall I add a Salam Shriver Ali Salam was of the four Arab prophets that were ever sent. And whenever he was mentioned, and Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say that the Houthi will be that is the orator of the prophets. He was eloquent and he was an orator. And you can see that from his arguments with his people in the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala sent Shriver his Salam to the people of Midian. And it is a city that was towards the edge of a sham or

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modern day Syria. And we know that of their crimes is that they worshiped an acre an acre is this large tree that they had that was surrounded by other trees, they worship this tree an acre, and they were highway robbers, and they would scare the travelers, and they were of the worst in dealings, and they will cheat in their balances and in their business. And that's what we want to focus on when it comes to this type of honesty, in business. And so it's an honor of Allah subhanaw taala says, What ILA Medina A ha ha, I'm sure Eva and to the people of Midian, a home Schreiber, Yanni we sent them their brother shape, called a poem and you always hear this prophets addressing

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their people, oh, my people will do Allah, my Allah. Camila Hinata Euro who do worship your Lord, you have no other god that is truly worthy of being worshipped besides him. Caja at Khumba you know, to Mira become a clear sign has come to you from your Lord and discover, say, Allah azza wa jal didn't indicate to us what this sign was that he sent the people of Midian but he says that a clear sign came to you from your Lord. So then, Shriver and salaam, the rest of his argument to them or his advice, he says, For Ofu Cana when Meezan so give

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full measure and full weight. What a double huzzah NASA shared a home and do not defraud people of their possessions. What to see to fill out the bad there is law here and do not create wreak havoc and corruption on the earth after it was rectified or made righteous,

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vertical compiler on document content, meaning that would be better for you if you're truly believers. So

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the majority of the people of Schreib they disbelieved and they refuse to obey Him and to follow his message. And sort of the sharara Allah subhanaw taala says, Can the US hobble a cattle mousseline the people of an acre, the same people of Midian They belied all the messengers, even though just one messenger was sent to them. And Allah azza wa jal says this multiple times in the Quran, this people denied all the messengers, even though they only received one. And the scholar said, because all the messengers came with the same message. And if you refuse or you deny one messenger, it's like you're refusing and rejecting all the messengers of Allah. Then Allah subhanaw taala, in the

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next verse says, is called Allahu schreiben Allah token when sure he says to them, will you not obey? Will you not fear Allah? Will you not be mindful? And here Allah's Will didn't say their brothers, right? And this even caused historically some confusion amongst scholars, we thought this might be another person. Because in the first verse, Allah says, their brothers stripe, and here Allah didn't say their brother. But then they mentioned or the scholars mentioned that here Allah was referring to the people of Sheikh so when he referred to them with the tree that they worshipped, he didn't call Schreib their brother, because he doesn't want to associate him with

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people who worship the tree. But when he mentioned that people of Midian he said their brothers stripe, just look at this level of detail, further, indicating no way a human being could have written the Quran and thought of such a fine point like this. The point is that they worshipped the st. Acre. And this happened, this narration

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where the prophets of Allah Salam was leaving out to her name. So they said the companion says, that we were traveling with the Prophet SAW Selim another narration says, one a hadith who I didn't because and we just recently came out of COFRA and disbelief. So he says,

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what, what kind of didn't confer a Sidra to an era caifornia in Doha, where you are looking at Bihar actually, Hatha home, so the disbelievers had this huge tree where they would stay under it and they would hang their swords on the branches of this tree and they believe that that gave their swords and their weapons power. You call hula to unwarped they call it that to unwind and what is plural of note, which is when anything is hung up. So they used to hang up these things these weapons on the tree. So then he says I'm gonna visit Ratan, Hydra Alima. So we pass by another tree that was green and huge, large for Hoonah jasola. We said oh prophet of Allah Aja, Alana delta and Walton make a

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Delta unwatched for us as well so we can hang our or our weapons so they can become strong. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said we're living in fcbd by the one in whose hand is my soul, so he's swearing by Allah.

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He says you have said as the people of Moses people of Musa said to him, he Alana Isla Han comme la Liga, Paula in a component saloon, the people of Musa alayhis salam, shortly after they passed by the Red Sea, Allah subhanaw taala split it in front of them, and they passed by and he drowned further on in his powerful army right in front of their eyes.

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Which was not the bene Israel, eland for at home in Yagoona. Allah Islam in law which they just made it past and they found people worshipping some islands. They said oh Musa making for us just like they have an idol. And he said you are a people who are ignorant.

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So they worshipped this tree and that is shirk. And that's the major sin in Islam. But what's amazing is how much Allah subhanaw taala will focus on their dishonesty in business dealings.

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And Allah azza wa jal mentioned this in multiple surah in the Quran, and of the most famous on this topic is Surah Al Muto 15. Allah azza wa jal says out of Allah who ministry tutorial rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim where you live Moto 15 So wo two so a promise of of punishment, saying or a threat to those who are motivated even those who defraud others and a shape of

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If you need proof, meaning something marginal, something big, something peripheral, really small, because when people are weighing, and you they put their weight on one side and then they put your rice on the other side. And they put enough until a few grains tip the scale over. And those who cheat, they don't cheat where it takes 50% of the weight or even 20% of the weight when people cheat and the balances, how much are they really getting? They're getting very, very little to shake off if something marginal something peripheral. So Allah subhanaw taala saying woe to these people who defraud by taking a little bit of it while only Moto 15 alladhina is ACTA Lou, Anna Nancy yes stole

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phone. Those home when they come to,

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to from to take measure from people, your cell phone, they ask for full they demand it in full. When they're buying, they want the scale to go down. They want it to be in their share to come to them in full. We're either Curlew home, or was no home. Yeah, and they were either car Lulu home, or was an older home. So and when they measure out

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for people or and they weigh things out for people, you see Ron, they cause a loss for those people. So it means when they're getting when they're buying, they want to get their rights in full when they're selling the cheap the cause of loss, whether by altering the scale, or something like that, or just not giving enough and what what like we said they ended up just stealing a little bit, just a few grains something worse, worthless, something marginal. I know you'll know that you know, mobile phone, do they not know oven Hina mineralia Clean mushroom in a shack here? Do they not know that they're going to be resurrected in the home baboon Leo men are themed for a resurrected on a

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great day. Yo Maya homeowners who there have been earlier in the day when people will stand before the Lord of the Worlds.

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And as a scholar said people who cheat on the scale, they end up taking very little money. If they're cheating, you're buying bananas, they just end up with a banana or half a banana in measure that they that they gained, so to speak. And that's why the Scholars used to say, well, you don't lemon ba Jana B hubba was stern now Robbie hubba whoa to the one and they're saying what a huge loss for you to to sell and meaning lose al Jana because of a grain and to earn the Hellfire because of a grain.

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So what so far we're not talking about defrauding in the millions and stealing the wealth of a nation. We're just talking about these grains. All these threats and punishments are feeble people who cheat just a little bit here and there. It's not going to make them millionaires. It's not even going to make them rich. And that's all the threat is to these people who cheat on the small amounts. The scholar said Woe to the one who sells and loses agenda because of a small grain and then he earns the Hellfire because of a small gain what a huge loss and he didn't even end up with any significant amount of wealth wealth

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have not been sorted. Allahumma says when this surah was revealed the Prophet sallallahu wasallam came onto us then he recited that to us for the MacGuffin, and then he said hum soon become sin five things for five or five things that will cause five other things. They said they also love what five will cause what five? The problem said Martin aka the homeowner lot in Salop Allah Allah him are the WIM that people would not like leave their covenant or their agreement with another except to Allah subhanaw taala will give their enemies power over them. Well my haka mobile at Monza, Allah Illa for Shafi him and Fokker and they will not rule with other than what Allah revealed Yanni they push the

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Sharia of Allah aside and they take any other system of governing. And whenever they do that, Allah subhanaw taala will bring poverty down upon them. Will ma la hora Umaga Hora Hora del Fahad V him 11 Shafi Modi and the fatwa hush and especially for as you refer to illicit sexual activities without increases except that death amongst them will increase as well. What are and this is what we want from the Hadith one out of four full K in ammonia or Nevada, we're aqui aqui, they will be singing and they will not cheat in their balances. And it doesn't have to be just balances because today, you don't always use the balance. So we're actually you very rarely use the scale. When you do

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business and you have a deal with a merchant or you sign a contract. You don't usually use the scale, but it's still indicative of a still representative of the honesty in dealings and honesty in business. And so they do not cheat

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In the balances except that they will they will okay they will be seen in Yanni they will get famine for years. What am I not was the car Illa Herbison Holman Moto and they do not stop paying this occur except that this the rain will stop coming down upon them and they said that when this sutra was revealed sort of the amount of faith in the people of Medina became of the best in buying and selling and until today people bear witness that the people of Medina are honest and in the best in buying and installing

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Allah subhanaw taala says a

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straw whoa hold kala either kilton was you know, we look at stuff Hill, Mr. Team, the Lika Hieron were astronaut Wheeler, Allah as well as saying and give full measure when you weigh and let your scales be even. And that is better and an excellent are its consequences and excellent are its consequences. That's why I'm dilemna Amara he used to whenever he would go to the market before they would begin any business transaction he would tell the man it tequila fear Allah. Whoa Phil kala well wasn't and be just and give full measure and full weight for in motor 15 You will California yo man piano, the motor 15 those who still a little bit they will call they will be made to stand on

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the Day of Judgment had in allarakha law huge limo whom

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the Ujima home Illa on Swathi Adani him, he says until the sweat comes to the middle of their ears. So he's warning people before they start. Malika DiNardo the great scholar, he says I entered upon a neighbor of mine and his neighbor was on his deathbed. So, and the man kept saying gibellini Minnaar gibellini menar, two mountains of made of fire to mountains made a fire. So he asked him, What is it? What do you need? So he tells him Yeah, by his neighbor, and I was telling him, he says, I used to have two scales, two different scales, I would weigh with one if I want to sell. So this one was slated or it was made to be to his advantage whenever he was selling, he would use this set scale is

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cheating just a little bit. And then the other if someone has bought is selling something to me, and I'm buying, I take the other one which is made to my advantage in that way. So then he says yeah, but Yeah, he'll take them both these skills and destroy them. Now he's regretting it on his deathbed. So Mark Cuban Dennard says I slammed the scales and destroyed them, I hit them against each other. And the neighbor told him told him later, he said, each time you hit them against each other, the Saqqara the stupors of death increased and made became more difficult upon me, and the pain increased. And that continued until he died upon that pain. Like we said earlier, maybe we

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don't use scale scales today, but people are cheating each other in other ways. Merchants today are cheating through advertising, the pictures are not realistic, or the picture makes the product look much look much bigger than what it actually is. Deceptive photographs, fine print. And he that's a way of tipping the balance towards their side with the fine print mentions all kinds of details that if he had you known, you probably wouldn't have even gotten into the transaction.

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And we know that Islam spread not through websites to the rest of the world that didn't have that it spread through the honesty of merchants. Everyone knows the stories from the Iberian Peninsula to as far as the Philippines it was the merchants and their honesty that affected people more than anything. But today you see this deception so much, even when people are not merchants, people are selling their items. They use the deceptive measures they got so used to them. They'll take a picture of one or like an entire set and put a real cheap price of furniture set, put a really low price. Then when you click on the advertisement, it's just a chair for that price. If you want the

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whole site is disparate, this was just a person selling his old living room furniture he learned to be deceptive like this. People were very deceptive when they sold their car to someone else that they advertised online. They're not they don't disclose everything wrong with the vehicle. One of the one of the Messiah living in a Muslim country. He said I got the morning newspaper, and the front page said that a club the other charger Hummer, they arrest a merchant who sells wine. So he says Allahu Akbar. It may be their Sharia overnight while I was asleep, because they sell wine and that Muslim country. So he said they arrested someone who's selling wine. Maybe sorry, I came

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overnight. He said when I looked at the piece in the sixth page, it's because he was adding water to the wine for and he's defrauding the Muslims and

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by diluting what is supposed to intoxicate them so disappointing, and they only crack down when it comes to this kind of Hara

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and Nabi SallAllahu sallam. He said in a hadith in Sahih Muslim he said, men, men Hamada Elena Silla Felice Amina, whoever carries a weapon against us is not from amongst us and that makes sense. And then he says the second part which we all know woman have a Shana fillet Samina whoever deceives. Us, he's not from amongst us, not just through skills which we don't use anymore, any kind of deception. Whoever deceives the Muslims, he's not from amongst them.

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In another Hadith, narrated by the Tirmidhi and Nabi SallAllahu sallam said, at third Euro Sadhak, the honest merchant,

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I mean, so the one who is who is honest and trustworthy manner being nabina was said the Athena was shahada, and on the day of judgment, He will be with the highest level of the three with the prophets and with the civilian and with the martyrs, just by selling whatever he's selling. Rice slippers doesn't matter. He's honest, he is trustworthy, Allah will raise him in rank with with such people on the day of judgment. And another Hadith, a cutesy Hadith where Allah Subhana Allah says, Anna 32 Cherie cany Mala Mia Han huduma Sahiba for either Hana who Harajuku mean by Nima Allah subhanaw taala is saying I am the third of two partners, as long as one of them does not cheat the

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other. And the minute one of them cheats the other I leave that I'm not part of that partnership anymore. And this Allah subhanaw taala is saying that to show you the level and the place have two people that are partners, and neither one of them is cheating the other

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and many other Hadith, talking about being honest in business and being honest, whether you're selling or whether you're buying and there is not one of us, even if we're not business owners, except at some point we're selling or buying from someone you're selling. We use furniture or your car when you get tired of it or your bicycle or whatever it is, or even at your yard sale. Everybody sells at some point and everyone buys at some point. And it's not just the etiquette of the seller, but also the buyer. If no matter what said he would tell people to fear Allah and don't, don't, don't any cheat. We have this hadith. And bizarre Salam said three kinds of people lie you call him

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who you call him whom Allah Who multicam Allah azza wa jal will not speak to him on the day of judgment, what are you under la him, nor will he look at them, while I use a key Him and He will not praise them or also purify them from their sins, what to whom either went at him and to them as severe punishment, and one of them of these three is what the one who is selling his merch or his products, Bill helful capability and by his swearing by Allah while he is being dishonest, he's swearing, but go overseas and deal with any merchant and the first thing they do, they'll use Allah's Name to sell their product, and sometimes they're lying and they use Allah Subhana Allah His

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Name something really, really serious.

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And then we saw Selim said the Hadith in this hadith Rahim Allahu Abdon, some Han either ba some hun either surah Allah has mercy upon a servant, who is somewhere and he's easy going when he sells something, and easy going when he buys. So maybe the majority of us in this room, we don't sell things. We don't have a business. But everyone in this room buys something. And in America, we don't bargain and, and and hassle and haggle over the prices of things. You just see what's on the sticker, and you take it but if you've gone overseas for Umrah, for example, and you might see someone selling throbs and abayas and hijabs and you will hear the people, haggling with them, not

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allowing them to get a profit in and going back and forth and back and forth. This hadith applies to both some people when they deal with a Muslim. And you may have met Muslim businessman in America, who's who always tell you, I don't like to deal with Muslims, because they're always trying to bring his price down and always trying to bargain with him. Whereas the non Muslim will just tell him how much is it and they'll give him a check for it immediately, or we'll pay for it immediately. And many business owners have said this, even here. Some of the business owners in this community said I don't like dealing with Muslims, always trying to bring the price down. I personally knew someone he

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would hide the fact that he was Muslim, even though he had a mark here on his forehead and a beard up to here, but he tries to say he's from Brazil winter shackling Pakistan. It was ironic Buxton, but he's so sick and tired of people trying to bring the price down and trying to bargain bargain with him and haggle with him. That he pretends he's not Muslim anymore.

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So the Hadith applies to both when you're buying from someone, allow them to make profit. How are they going to keep this place open, be relaxed when it comes to that be easygoing, when it comes to buying from people, not everything is haggling, everything is trying to make sure that you don't profit from me whatsoever. Whereas we don't do that when we go to other establishments. But once we find it's the Muslim, how can he profit from me? I'll make sure he doesn't get anything but the capital that he put into this to begin with. So an example of an honest buyer, not a seller was Abu Hanifa Rahim Allah. He says that a woman or the narrator, I went and brought him a silk garment, and

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that's what he used to do. He used to buy and sell fabrics, not garments, but fabrics. So she brought him the silk garment. She says I'll sell it to you for 100 Durham's silver Durham's, he tells her it's worth more, she says, then give me 200 And I'll be more than thankful to you. He says it's worth more she says Don't give me 300 He is raising the price on himself. He says it's worth more she says give me 300 What Jazak Allahu hiera he says I will not buy it

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unless it's for 400. Durham's. She says, Are you joking with me told her no, I'm not joking with you. But our Prophet sallallahu wasallam said a dino Naziha. The religion is sincere advice. And this is my sincere advice to you that you shouldn't sell it for less than 400. He increased the price upon himself. That's the level of honesty that the Muslim merchants had.

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The scholars give the example your neighbor has a dire an urgent situation. So he sells you his car for cheap because he's in need of the money. They said, if you do that his car is worth 2000. He gives it to you for 1200 Because he's has an emergency. They said you didn't get a good deal. You're not clever, you're just a thief. Because first that's your neighbor. And you should give him the honest price. Even if you don't have a give him the rest later. He's in an emergency and he's your neighbor, maybe give him the money and let him pay you back later. But you don't take advantage of someone who's selling something cheap because of a dire situation and so on and so forth. This was

00:27:17 --> 00:27:34

the level of honesty that we had in our OMA and in the second example inshallah we'll also look at other examples of honesty Akula COLA that was tougher Allah Allah the money welcome in Jamaica. Nope. First of all, farofa Fosun Mr Vereen, ask Allah subhanaw taala for his forgiveness Indeed, those who ask for forgiveness shall prosper.

00:27:42 --> 00:28:29

hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. I mean, while he was here, Jermaine about so part of the etiquette in selling something is to be very clear about any of the flaws or defects that it has Imam, Muhammad ibn Wasa, he was at the market. And he went to the market to sell his donkey. So a potential customer comes up to him. And he says Atharva holy, yeah, Honey, would you accept this for me? And is this something good? Would you be okay and feel not guilty selling me This is there isn't any any defects or anything. And he was very honest. And in simple terms, he said to him, literally to my belt, he said, if I was pleased with I wouldn't sell it. So he's

00:28:29 --> 00:29:08

telling me, there's something wrong with it. And I'll let you know what's wrong with it. And I'll also adjust the price accordingly. And if you're interested, take it. And if not, that's fine. Muhammad had been Syrian, he went to jail because of his honesty. Mohammed bin Salman was a great scholar, one of the most famous of them have a serene of the dreams and he was he had his place and righteous man that was known and popular. But he bought some oil for business. And He put all his wealth into it, everything that he had, he bought these barrels of oil. And then when the containers arrived, he told the servant open one of them. So let's take a look at the quality of this. So when

00:29:08 --> 00:29:23

they open it, they found the remains of a mouse, not a full mouse, but like, you know, maybe the hind quarters or something ground up. So they identify the remains of a mouse. So what should they do? So the servant says, We'll throw this barrel away.

00:29:24 --> 00:29:46

So he tells him rather we will throw everything away, and He put all his money into it. He said, We'll throw everything away. So the servant tells you that the mouse was only in one barrel. Why are you going to throw every single barrel away? He tells him well, my three any last hurrah sera malherbe fill Mesorah Yeah. And how do I know that this mouse wasn't ground up with the grains when they made the oil

00:29:47 --> 00:29:59

at the mill? How do I know that he wasn't ground up and part of this mouse is in all these barrels? So they got rid of all of it. They dumped all of it. And then the narrative says they said fill up

00:30:00 --> 00:30:41

But what about who do you want for Sujin? So he was overpowered by his do in his debts. So he was thrown in jail debtors prison. Then the great companion of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Anis Abdul Malik died. And UNESP no Malik. Just also to show you the place of Eben serine. He says he put in his will when I die, nobody washes me except for Ibn seating. So the people saw his will. They went to the Emir. And they said, We want you to allow Mohammed bin serine to come out of prison just temporarily, to wash the great companion and it's of no Malik, and then he'll go back to his prison, and the Emir. Agreed. So they came and told him, You have to wash * of nomadic. He says, How can

00:30:41 --> 00:31:24

I do that, and I'm in prison. They said, We got permission from the emir, just for you to wash and come back to prison. So he said, that it's not the Emir who imprisoned me, rather the person who has the right over me, so you have to ask him. So they went and asked that person, and that person agreed. And then he went, and Washington came back while he was in jail, the the prison guard, and again, it was hard for them that this righteous man that everyone knows, and this color is behind bars. So the prison guard came to him and he says, Look, I will let you go home every night, sleep home, in your bed with your family, and pray Fajr and then come in the morning early and unlock you

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up again. And no one will know that you live at night, and he tells him less to be led to your Iuka Allah here naughty whether you are more than I'm not the one who's going to assist you in cheating and deceiving. The Emir, the one who is in charge. This is the level of honesty that was in our Oma. And so make sure that you're honest in everything with your timecard at work with how you spend your time, you'll find people sitting at the office watching a game and everyone's something someone passes by, they minimize the screen type your employer was not paying you so you can watch a game and others try to Hala fie it they're listening to lectures Mashallah. And every time someone passes

00:32:05 --> 00:32:16

by, they lower the lecture or they pause it or something like that. That is not the deal you made with your employer. Make sure you're honest with with them with your timecard make sure your lunch breaks, don't go over time, make sure

00:32:17 --> 00:32:57

we don't you know, come late and then round it off and leave early and then round it off. Or on that note Yanni. round it off after June so that we stop here in sha Allah, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make use of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it. And of those who recognize falsehood as clear falsehood and abstain from it for Lahoma and and haka have hundreds of nativa Warnell Bartylla. Bottle and Sheena Allah hamara Natasha jolla dunya kumara Homina while I'm a blogger, Elmina whether Elena Ramos Ivana Allahumma Brimley Umatilla Islami, I'm Ron Rasheeda you are just the Arctic we will tab over here. Now Celtic. Well my favorite motto for you weren't

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happy here animal courier semi da also Alohomora on both are hunting a lot. I mean, what other early he was a big Marine. welcome also to Hong Kong Allah

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