Suleiman Hani – Unknown Legacies #05 – The Three Brothers and Their Garden

Suleiman Hani
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, highlighting the use of words to indicate when people are in a habit or when there is a structural change to society. The use of words is a way to facilitate reinforcing good behavior and avoid sinful behavior. The speakers emphasize the importance of facing one's own actions and not giving in to pressure from others, while also highlighting the importance of facing one's own actions and not giving in to anyone's views. A call to action is requested, and actionable experiences shared.
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They are unnamed individuals. And yet their story is being recited until the end of times. This is a group of brothers who had a garden and they would plan basically on one night. Eventually, they would plan that the next morning we're going to go early, and take all the harvests so that the poor and needy people who come to the garden asking won't get anything at all. What happens?

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran about a group of people scholars say these were three brothers who had inherited a garden from their father in Surah 12 column from verses 17 to 33. They are unnamed individuals, and yet their story is being recited until the end of times. This is a group of brothers who had a garden and they would plan basically on one night eventually, they would plan that the next morning we're going to go early and take all the harvests so that the poor and needy people who come to the garden asking won't get anything at all. What happens? Allah subhanaw taala tells us their story in Bologna and some people are being tested Kemah Bologna is horrible.

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Jannetty is oxen nursery Munna Hamas within what is definite, they said, We're going to go in the morning time, they swore we're going to go in the morning time and take our harvest so that the poor people don't get access to it. And what are your staff knew they did not leave any thoughts for the will of Allah subhanaw taala. There's a very important point here in their story, before we move on, they were going to do something evil, they could not even say in sha Allah because they weren't doing something good. Notice that if you generally are a person who always says Insha Allah, you say these three words, by the will of Allah subhanaw taala it's likely that you're not intending

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something evil. You don't say you're going to commit a sin Insha Allah, Allah, Allah, may Allah protect us all. If you can't say Inshallah, about an action, it's probably not something you should be doing. Moving on, while your staff knew and they didn't say In short, what didn't even cross their mind. This is one of the signs that it's problematic, but if you get in the habit generally of saying Inshallah, it also protects you from finding something that you start to hesitate with and say, I cannot even say by the will of Allah for this thing. Also, with this, we say charity increases your wealth does not take anything away from it. Charity does not decrease your wealth in

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any way whatsoever. As Allah tells us in the Quran, subhanaw taala knows the profit slice and reminds us what happens they had a bad intention in the night for poor family help i formula because I'm not immune Phosphatidylserine, basically, a torment came from a loss of Hatha punishment and destroyed a completely wiped it up desolate, complete, barren land, destroyed for their bad intention, you were going to prevent people from something that they needed to live and you have enough for yourselves as well. You have a bad intention for the poor and the needy. But another most Marine, I need to do either. How did he come In Kuntum *, they called one another, let's go to

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our garden. When they got there. What happens? They're trying to prevent people, they are Monera. And they are high. There are people who are preventing others. Look at society today. And the structures that are established in different countries, preventing people from access to basic things that they need to live, whether it's food or access to health care or access to anything else, a lot of people facilitate those structures and don't realize they are part of those systems. And the reality is so many people are dying around us, perhaps a number of people who are listening to this do not have access to health care. And at times, that may be the reason they are struggling

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with something that ends up causing their lives to end or causing them to experience extra pain. And the reality is we have the ability to change the structures in our societies, but we need to care. We need to care about other people and not just ourselves. You may be well off and hamdulillah if you are May Allah bless you, but what about everybody else in society? What about future generations as well? Wherever you live, however it is the circumstances are today you want to make sure that you are facilitating reinforcing what is good and trying to change anything that is evil of a structure. What happens? They get to the garden, and they basically found that it was wiped out. Phenomenal.

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Oh, how far are you in Nullarbor Alou? And they basically said, we must have lost our way we want scholarship, perhaps intercede. Perhaps they thought it was a different garden in Alibaba and we've lost our way but the other said no, these people saw what they did. And that Allah subhanaw taala punish them for it. And so what did they say? Well, number one, we have been deprived of our livelihood on our sub boom, and I'm Aquila come Lola to send me home. This is the best one amongst the three brothers. The middle one didn't didn't I tell you, then I tell you to glorify Allah subhanaw taala to remember Allah subhanaw taala? Didn't I say that and perhaps, perhaps had you

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remember more we would not be in this situation maybe we wouldn't have committed the sin. Perhaps that would have saved us from all of this. Engage in tests be and they could often and perhaps that will protect you from a lifestyle of sinfulness or even one major sin May Allah subhanaw taala protect us all. He was again the kid and dua to spearhead glorifying Allah. He was the reason that you and Asante sana was saved from the belly of the whale fanola Now can I mean Alamosa behind the la vita?

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The Bulkley He, Allah Allah tells had he not been amongst those who glorify Allah subhanaw taala he Eunice Ali Salam would have remained in the belly of the whale until the Day of Judgment, to be declared a dua will save you protect you. It's a light in this world of darkness, may Allah protect us all. Furthermore, this brother amongst the three was advising them, and yet at the very end of the day, he went with their plan. Don't give in, don't give in to pressure from your own family, community, society, other people, when what they're asking you to do is to violate the rights of Allah or the rights of other people when they're telling you to disobey Allah subhanaw taala. It is

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a test. And it's not easy, especially if it's your loved ones, specially if it's your siblings, your spouse, your parents, pressuring you to disobey Allah subhanaw taala. It's not an easy test, but it's one we have to pass. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us and guide us and guide our families and loved ones along mean, notice as well, someone amongst them spoke up, one of them was wise enough to say something. So if you see something wrong with your family, community or friends, the one who really cares will say something to them. Sometimes we see our friends doing the wrong things, posting the wrong things online and say I can't advise Oh, that's not my role. But if you

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really care about your brother, your sister in Islam, you have to figure out a way strategically wisely humbly somehow to advise them. Because if nobody advises, then how will we change? May Allah subhanaw taala guide us and forgive us along with me. Quality Subhan Allah Bina ena Cannavale me, they said we were truly wrong doors, call us they admitted, they confessed their repenting to Allah subhanho wa taala. One of the scholars said, Perhaps the reason these three were unnamed in the Quran is because their sin was being mentioned. And they repented to Allah subhanaw taala as well. They repented to Allah subhanaw taala as well rather than doubling down as some people do. When they

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see the punishment, they become even more arrogant. Now these three said we were wrong. That what about Baliya to know more, they started blaming each other. It's your fault, it's your fault. Why did you allow us to do it? Why did you pressure us? Or do you wait and I couldn't now Pauline, we have certainly transgressed we've crossed many lines. And then they said what I said I'm gonna and you'll deal in a fight on minha in you know, it'll be not only one, look at their optimism toward the loss of Hannah Montana. They had just repented for the sin and they said Maybe Allah will grant us something better in its place, Allahu Akbar, the good assumption of Allah subhanaw taala we

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turned to him and hope we turn to Allah subhanaw taala and ALLAH SubhanA wa reminds them and reminds the people after them reminds that people have flourish and reminds us today that the punishment can strike in any form in any way. Turn back to Allah subhana wa Tada while you can and when you return back to Allah subhanaw taala still have good hopes and good assumptions towards the law and ask Allah subhanaw taala for the height for the good of this world. But make sure there's a share for other people in any videos that you have help those who are in need help those who are struggling and remember, at the end of the day, you were you're given this as a loan as a test to see what you

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do with it. May Allah subhanaw taala open our hearts to the rights and to the needs of other people and forgive us for shortcomings and protect us from ever being stingy with regards to other people and may Allah subhanaw taala put Baraka in all of our wealth Allama Amin

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