Waleed Basyouni – Help a Brother in Distress!

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © A community leader and a representative from a non-profit organization are discussing a donation of $20,000 to help a woman in trouble who is facing debt to the government. The representative explains that the donation will not affect the women's budget and that the organization will use the money for an exam at the Cato Institute. The representative also mentions that the organization will use the money for other projects.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. This is what he bisutti, the Imam of clearly Islamic Center. Today, I'm appealing Whew. Among many appeals, I'm sure you heard from community leaders and centers around the country, asking for your help and your donation. And I'm one of those people who would like to ask you to help our master today, in a very special project a few months back, one of my community members was in trouble that basically restorative for warrants because of a debt to the government that he didn't pay. And it was a very tough situation for his family. I know this man personally, working hard. And it was very hard for me as a community leader, and for us, as a

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community to see a member of our community in trouble like this can get out of it. And well not only lose maybe the future of his but his family as well. And stay put, I took personally a responsibility of guaranteeing that, let's get this brothers up, give him a second chance. And we use the mustard money, which is allocated for construction funds. And we were raised this summer on in shallow Donna, that was about $40,000. That's why I know that it was impossible for that family to be able to get out of that, that I did that because I do believe in him. I do believe in the cause. I do believe that this is the right course of actions. But more important, I believe in the

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last panel data, and I believe in our community, that they will stand together. That's a big amount of money that we took to help someone give another chance. This is a soda not only a soda, that it helps someone's to pay his debt, which is a great deal. And maybe so someone told us that the sooner the thing that will put you into the shape of a line the Day of Judgment. It's a subtle call that gets someone out of being in prison. No, and you know the consequences of that and how those destroy the person's future. And it is karaca. And that's one of the thing that helped you in the day of judgment to pass the obstacles of judgment. And one of it Toma dropcam and Acaba zakharova. To free

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someone. It's not only that it's also a charity where you help a whole entire family who basically now enjoy the company of the fathers who will be Charlotte Allah continue to hold on to support this family, and to take good good care of them. And not only that, it's a sort of God to be giving to all mustard, and it's a sadhaka as well, to help me fulfill my promise to words the community.

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These are five things I just can't think of the top of my head, I think they are reasons to make me feel very comfortable to tell you that this is one of the most deserving

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money that you can get one of that area where deservers account the most. And I'm not asking to cover the whole entire amount, but I'm asking for you to help us with a portion of it. I hope that through this campaign, it can raise $20,000 and he shall or must it will take care of the rest. So our mustard budget will not be affected tremendously by those. Thank you very much. And I hope that message my message while touch your generosity, your soft heart, and you will give generously. Look at the link down there and donated to clear the exam Center, which is a nonprofit organizations in the United States saramonic along with a lot of other Cato

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