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Lao hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He will be here

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we will continue with our explanation of rule Moran key taboo zoo. And and voila. The hadith of today is headed NSR the Allahu Akbar and it's a very famous Hadith we hear it a lot. Part of a sort of Lai sallallahu alayhi wa sallam khulumani Adama hapa will hop on in a boon

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to the caller hello hello hello hello Timothy you have no magic was gonna do Who are we? And I saw the alarm generated the last messenger sallallahu Sallam said, all the sons of atoms are sinners, but the best of sinners or those who repent, often related by autonomy, the enemy magic with a strong chain of narrators. That's how a man has been hijacked by him Allah mentioned this heading this head is very much related to a law and is a law because what I basically to leave what it might harm you in the author and the hereafter and desert is to leave what will not benefit you. And

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and no doubt sense among the thing that it will not benefit you and it will harm you and so, leaving it as something absolutely a part of and we also said before that the first level observed is to leave what is hallowmas and

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takahara as it is to leave what is hard to leave with is forbidden. So this helps to remind us of avoiding the harm and if we fall in it which is the nature of human being that often will fall into doing what is wrong and what is considered a sin. We should always learn to repent and to go back and it never be so solemn said the best. Or the Hadith said that the best of those centers the best of son of atoms are those who often repent to Allah subhanaw taala and that means if you offer repent, that means you often also do mistakes and you commit sins. And this Hadith, even though it's very famous, it's very well known. Nemo had also mentioned it in his muzzleloader hacking and hakob

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said it is graded Asahi and it did me the Rahim Allah, children hideout and blower mom said tirmidhi said it reported it but it tells me the said he made a comment on the Hadith he said howdy howdy Tanaka. And usually when he says that means week, Lana elimine halifa leibny Masada tan tada I we only know this hadith or this narration from Alibaba Masada and tada from a Tada. And since early Masada is the only one reported this honey from patata that really made

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a big question mark on the authenticity of the Hadith to the extent that because this is a very common big concept. You know why? Tada is the only one. One report from him this hadith will be Masada Alibaba and Alibaba. Masada is very is a weak generator that's why limit Mohammed Rahim Allah said this mooncup this is a rejected narration and

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yeah any other a man rejected interview you heard me saying the tea he said it tweet. There is a debate among the scholars because looking at other narrations and as well as bomba him on Lhasa disk authentic you haven't hacked him he said that had been had trouble him a whole lot here. Other scholars servitors week, those are not as clean cut as a clear headed as might you think. But definitely, for me to say that it's not the chin of narration of this hadith is calling or it is senator Jokowi it's a strong generator, authentic gender that statement is very

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need any evaluation and must have been heard about him Allah referring to and it's not other than what we are familiar with.

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khulumani add them all son of items that no exceptions, is no exception. What about profits of messengers,

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even profit and messengers some LMS said the miniscope said yes they do mistakes and they do send minor sins, but they are prevented from certain

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type of sense like what prophets and messengers never commit a sin which is shift or go for major or minor prophets and messengers never commit a major sense that it is has to do with character traits like it will something he no

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give a negative impression about their character traits like stealing, lying, adultery, things of that nature cheating, perpetrating.

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Also lying specifically because they are all truthful ones but could make a mistakes. Yeah. Yes, like Musa alayhis salam when he had the man he killed him

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by mistake. But still he basically line up with the Egyptians, or the Jewish men against the Egyptian one without clarification without asking. You have him getting angry and he threw down the tablets and broke it and the tablet has a lot of words in it. That's a mistake. No doubt, Adam, eating from the tree. You know. So things of that nature. You'll find any civil incident though several

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narrations shows that mistakes were happened. But the thing about the prophets and messengers, they are all

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infallible in the sense when we commit a sin or they make a mistake. They will be corrected right away. other human beings nothing to guarantee them to be corrected. And the problem is they will be corrected by the Lord. And they will be guided to Toba and Allah will accept from them like Adam alayhis salam, like hapa

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I love this word, how pa not center. No. centers in a sense kapa it means the one who makes a lot of sense. Apart doesn't mean the one who makes sin will commit a sin or sins. No, no, he makes a lot of sins. So that's the nature of human beings that they make a lot of sins a lot of mistakes. While the wrong things. Okay, then is it a boon? Also here Silicon Valley, which it means that they make a lot of Toba?

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A lot of tow me that is a lot of sense. But also a lot of tober it could means that October is so sincere

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is so deep, so he takes it, he takes it to another level. It just never stopped to last or not tell what Yeah, and he is very committed to toe. But the first meaning is very accurate, or very clear that he makes a lot of Toba due to the many mistakes that they do.

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This headed there is so many things to learn from it. Number one,

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this heading shows the human beings are expected to make mistakes, expected to commit sins,

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it is expected from them not to be perfect. It shows the nature of human beings that we are sinners and weak and in a be salaria Salim said in the authentic hand is a Muslim.

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wondered in fcbd I swear by the one my soul in his hand. If you don't commit sins, lolium to the Knievel allow will take you away I'm bringing another people who will commit sins and they ask forgiveness and allow forgive them. Because that's the nature of human we're not perfect. We make sense we make mistakes. That's very important when we deal with ourselves. And when we deal with others. Sometimes we expecting from others more than ourselves to be perfect. Or not to make mistakes or not to lie or not to do this or not to do that. You know what that's human being that's him doing this shows that he's just a regular human being. He makes mistakes. How can my husband, my

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spouse, my in laws, my son in law, my daughter in law, how can my wife How can my children do that? Yeah, they are human beings.

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They make mistakes, and they make sense. That's the nature of human beings. I'm not saying this to justify their sin. I'm saying this for you to understand the person so you know how to deal with the person. I can't believe how much sins out there and the society. Yeah, that's normal. What do you expect?

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That's, I understand that.

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But what is missing what what is what's for me is not about how much sins out there. But for me, as a dad as a person of faith. I want to see how much repentance out there. How much how many people asking for forgiveness, how many people tried to correct to advise to help to aid to save, because it is expected that's the default. That's the norm to make the mistakes and lesson number two

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Allah subhanaw taala divided human beings to two categories, no third category to category centers and renters. That's right, hop on over the new boon, whatever boon those who commit sense and those who repent from the center so that the human beings are imposed on him. A person who depends a lot on a person who continue doing the sentence.

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Okay, there is no third party. So which means if you don't repent you among the volume among the wrongdoers

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that you being doing wrong to yourself.

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So remember that might be a service you need to move to another camp, which is the one who always repent a loss come back to all three. This hadn't encouraged us to always go back to Allah and to repent to Allah. rush to Toba rush to repentance. After if we ever fall into sin, or after committing any sin. Allah subhanaw taala said what to boo in Allahu Jamie on me

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minimoon law Allah come to flee who sort of reverse 31 repent to Allah, all of you are who you believe. So he asked the believers to repent, still, they are believers, even though they have committed sins, Allah now asking them to repent. Say that means any they committed the sin Allah inviting them to repent and he called them believers. So you might achieve success. And to show you how this should be immediately done, when a person because of the lack of knowledge or strength or taqwa whatever the reason is for your son. Last month Allison one leadin EDA

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schatten obala mu fusa whom the Corolla faststone photo neither newbie him or many Buddha law, what am you

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feel to be him weijun

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Tajiri Minh and

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Holly Dena fee how

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many those who commit sins themselves do something indecent, they remember Allah and immediately be asked for forgiveness

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and who forgive the sins except Allah. And Allah give them the glad tiding that those will be received with forgiveness, and they will be rewarded with agenda even after they committed the sun. Yes, not because of the scent, but because of the repentance. The most beautiful blessings we have been given is the chance to repent.

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This Hadith shows you that human beings commit sins.

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That means all kinds of things major and minor. So don't expect human beings to be infallible or protected or never commit one kind of sin and be submitted general he said sins, it could be major it could be minor. In order for repentance to be accepted, the following condition must be met. Number one, the Toba must be done on time. What on time means on time has there is two meanings for on time in relation to the individuals and on time for individual is for you to do it before you die before you see the Angel of Death coming to collect yourself and for collective for all humanity's it is before the sunrise from the west as the process of absurd when the sunrise from the west no

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more tober the door of repentance will be closed

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number two, and by the way on time don't say oh Shall I would have been before I died. Whoever lives upon things, they die upon it by the way.

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Anyway, number two, this Toba has to be sincere for Allah any you don't repent from Xena just because you know what? COVID-19 I can't go any more to clubs and I can't go into my you know, to touch and stuff like that. No, no, I I had a pin from watching column because I was caught.

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My wife caught me or my husband caught me. I repent from this because this is not for Allah.

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Also somebody repent from drinking alcohol because they have a heart problem.

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Or you know drugs because you know, they have a new job on the

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Do a drug test every couple of weeks is not correct. Or he's gonna take a new job that's not for a lot. Three, the Toba repentance to be the third condition. You must regret the sin.

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You can repent a lot and he's still saying oh man, it's the old good days Gari, you remember? And that's an October

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you know, oh my god, look at this picture. That's when I was really what's that? That doesn't show any regret.

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If there is no pain for

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no gain, you're gonna get

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number four, that you have the intention not to go back to it.

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It's not like you know, I'm repenting now because it's how long I don't know the sixth month but shall have no next month we'll go back to it. After the COVID-19 off all go back. That's no dependence.

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Or you you you you have to make sure that you have the intention not to go say I said the intention because you might repent and you go back to it. That's no problem. But when you repented your intention is that said I'm quitting smoking. I'm quitting hookah. I'm not gonna watch this. I'm not gonna backbite I'm not gonna lie again. I'm not gonna do this again. I'm not gonna do this kind of business shady business, not going to do interest I'm going to pay everything on time.

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I'm not going to cheat. But you know what, I kind of got weak again. But when I did I was sincere. And I mean what I said that I'm not going back to it. So the condition is not that you never come back to it No, the condition is according to the strongest opinion of the scholars that you have the intention not to go back to it.

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And next so one time sincere regret have the intention not to go back to five you quit. You can be you know what, I'm going to be you know, you're smoking and you still want to repent, or you have to quit You know, I'm still dating this girlfriend of mine. And I'm you know, we still have the relationship but I repent to Allah No, you have to stop

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you know, I have all these videos and all these images on my Facebook or on my account on my laptop, my phone, and I say I need to repent to Allah, I have all the stash, you know, in my attic and I said, I repented know how many of you have to

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you know, flush it, you know, I don't know if that's even a good idea, but you get rid of it.

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So you have to quit

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also, and that means quit,

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quit the sin are all sins the sin itself.

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But the sin itself, okay. So for example, somebody wants to refrain from smoking.

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You know, he knows smoking haram and I want to repent from

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European from smoking pipe. What if he does something else like drinking?

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Is this tobacco accepted? If it's only independent from smoking, the majority said yes.

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But what's not acceptable if he said, Yeah, smoking cigarettes, but you know, I'm going to be smoking, for example, hookah or

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marijuana, you know, I'm going to be repenting from stuff a lot. He no shooting no some of these drugs, but you know, I'm still gonna do cry.

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No, no, you know what? I am stavola helaas no more homosexuality, but xinle still do that. That doesn't work, either. No more hardcore liquor but beer I will continue to do that. That's not that's not that's not quit, have to quit the whole thing. The whole category. Like, final one, that if your sin has to do the human beings, you have to fulfill these humans means rights. So for example, I took your money I repent to Allah I have to give you back your money. Or at least ask you to forgive me. I took your car I steal your phone.

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And I repent to Allah Okay, give me my phone back. Hello samito Yeah, but this Amelia Give the phone you give me my phone back. You know, you give me my money back.

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You see, I'm saying what if it is not something like came be returned? Like my sin was that I give a false testimonial in court against you. Because I was bribed.

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What if I back by to you What if I slammed

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You What if I said something online and became viral about you?

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How can I pay this back person? One, you can ask for them to forgive you to do the opposite.

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You do the opposite, you start saying good things about them. If you can reverse that course and you give us that, hey, my destroy was wrong about this person, I want to, you know, clarify that.

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Or if you can even do that you say same thing, good things about him, make two out for him, mix it up on that person's behalf, and so forth. Because sometimes you took money from people and you don't know where they're at right now. So what do you do you take that amount of money, imagine that amount of money and you start giving it to charity on their behalf.

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If you can reach to them,

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the what if you commit a sin that you repent, then you go back to the same sin one of the minimum and Nebojsa

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sinners organism? And there is a Muslim that is awesome said, Allah said, I've never Abdi them Ben festung fall afoul of our Torah, my son, my servant, committed a sin and asked me for my forgiveness and I forgive him. Then he committed a sin. And he asked for my forgiveness, and I forgive him. Then he committed a sin and he asked for my forgiveness and I forgiven. Then Allah said, What does Allah Abdi and now my uniblue them been festering for forever, and I will continue to forgive him. As long as he continued to ask for my forgiveness. Allahu Akbar, I will continue to forgive him, that my servant as long as this servant continued to ask for my forgiveness.

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Another thing you should know and maybe sometimes the best among them to repent, October. It's one act of worship that is so loved by Allah. Allah loves it so much in the lives of him. Buta been Allah loves those who repent.

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Lalo I shall do farahan Allah so happy when he sees you, repent to him, even happier than Can you imagine those a man in the desert, lost his camera lost his way about to die. And all of a sudden, he's lost, stay in the shade of a tree waiting for death to come. But instead, somebody came to save him, he found his camera live on the water isn't food, find the way out?

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how happy you will be nudging you get lost and or you you got in the sea on forest, and you're about to die and all of a sudden, you know, you see that you hear the helicopter and the search team is so happy. So how happy you are. I was happier than that. What that shows you.

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I want you to think about this for a second what that shows you.

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That doesn't want people to go to hellfire.

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Don't ever think that Allah is happy when he sees you commit a sin. Allah is happy when he sees you coming back to him. Because Allah loves for you to survive. Allah wants to see you honored. Allah wants to see you forgiven. A lot of us wants to see you rising up, not going down.

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Knowing that about a lot, makes you love him. Makes you always trust him. Makes you always know no matter how far you went, you always can come back to him

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to have come and don't be afraid in the Quran.

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correct Toba, sincere Toba, that is fine for it. There are certain signs for it.

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Number one, that the sincere repenter the one would repent to Allah. If his Toba is sincere. You will find that this person always think about his sin even after he repent. He's still thinking about his sins and seeing them like something like like a monster or wild animal gonna gonna attack him or like a mountain gonna fall on him. He never ever looked at his past and his sins or something has done I'm guarantee forgiven. No, no sincere repentance. Always look into the past. They know that Allah forgiven everything, but they're always afraid of their sense. That's why the prophets and messengers, their fear from their sins, is still there, even after Allah told them I forgive it.

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And none of us received that message from Allah, the prophets and messengers, a lot of them that they are forgiven, but they still scared of their sins even in the Day of Judgment. They will say them be them be my sin, my sense, them and new and and Ibrahim.

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Number two, you will see the sincere Toba means that this person will not only commit that sin again. You will see the person stay away from what lead to that sin.

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That's a sign of a good job, a good excellent tober it means that you don't even try to come closer to what in the past led you to this sin.

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Number three, those people always ask themselves, I hope I'm sincere, I hope but last month I accepted the job accepted from me make the ad that Alex had to fire them. Another sign that those people you will see them, you know, when they remember the sense they the the tear up the between them and a lot metallic every once a while, they think about their sins and they asked Allah to forgive them.

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Also parallel one of the things that Allah mentioned and obey Him and Allah said, and Natasha Blanca Safa any the person who commit sin and he repented from especially meters, and you will find him kind of from inside, always have that kind of ashamed of himself, but not in a negative way, but in a positive manner. And I mean by positive manners, that it motivate him to keep going strong, but inside himself, he knows his sins, He knows his status. So he doesn't have that arrogance that, you know, showing off, I'm better than others. I'm like, perfect. She knows about himself, he knows what you have done.

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this Hadith, one of the benefits from it shows you that you not supposed ever to look down upon those who repented to Allah, no matter what sin that they have committed in the past.

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Like recently, somebody was telling me, I will never respect that person. Why? He said, You know that person? I said, What about him, you know, that person, you know, did this used to be committed this type of sins and major sins.

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If the person ribbon, Allah happy with them, Allah said the best among you the one who repent. So you should not look down upon, you know, those who have committed sin, no matter how bad the sin wise.

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Like this Hadeeth also make us never give up on ourselves.

00:27:20--> 00:27:46

Never give up on yourself, you always try. You're always, you know, do your best to come back. No matter how many times you knocked down, you stand up in your feet, and you come back. That's why the apostle said, sinners commit a lot of sense, and they repent a lot of times. So that means he knocked down chiffon garden and he comes back and his feet. Don't ever give up. Don't ever give up to the Sherpa. Don't ever say don't throw the towel.

00:27:48--> 00:28:07

dig your heels in and stay your course. I said doesn't matter. You know what? Me committing a sin. Now I'm even better because they know how to fight it better. You know, now I'm repenting. And the repentance is more valuable and more agile, and heavier my skills than the sin that I committed

00:28:08--> 00:28:09

as I tell myself

00:28:11--> 00:28:24

not gonna look the ship and ever, ever deceived me twice once to make me repent to make me commit the sin and the second time to deceive me by not letting me repenting because I end up with my sin.

00:28:26--> 00:28:28

Winners never quit.

00:28:29--> 00:28:31

And quitters never win.

00:28:32--> 00:28:33

Remember that.

00:28:34--> 00:28:45

And we are competing here over again. Success, successful men and women keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit. They don't stop.

00:28:46--> 00:28:48

Smart people learn from their mistakes.

00:28:50--> 00:28:56

But you know what? The real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others.

00:28:58--> 00:29:06

So it's okay to learn from mistakes. Also you can learn from others. And that's one of the things that you observe and see people how they commit the sin and you can learn from that how to be better.

00:29:08--> 00:29:24

making a mistake is not something necessarily to be so bad. But what's really so bad is to continue on your mistake. That's why human beings all human commit sins. No comment.

00:29:25--> 00:29:28

The comment was the best of humans are the one who repents

00:29:30--> 00:29:36

and another word enemies. I'm focusing on the positive part which is those who repent.

00:29:37--> 00:30:00

It takes guts and humility to admit mistakes. Admit things we are wrong is character, not weakness. And that's why October is so important because it shows the nature of human beings and the nature of God. Our nature is centered wrongdoers weak but he is great and then great

00:30:00--> 00:30:04

And his graces is unbelievable.

00:30:06--> 00:30:13

Also this headed he said the best among them the one would have been shows you that the people in a man on a various level.

00:30:15--> 00:30:40

There are centers that are printers there is people who are printer are one, not one level, the senators are not one level. So also the chosen people in a man and not one level like some people think all women in one level, know, the meaning are in various levels based on the top bar based on their commitment based on their, you know, goes higher and goes lower based on their sins, the major, the minor and the number of sins of the cabinet.

00:30:42--> 00:30:49

And by the way, the person after tober is in higher status, before committing the sin.

00:30:51--> 00:31:26

That's why there isn't the best among them are the Toby. So let's say when you can when you you are like here, you committed the sin and you went down here because of the sin. Then you repent to Allah when you repent to Allah. Do you go back to this level? No, you go back to that to the higher because it Toba is an act of worship, you didn't have it when you were in this level, and it will push you up high. That's what Allah said add them after Toba. He was in a higher status, then where he were at before the sin.

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And the honor he got was much high.

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That's not an invitation for you to commit the sin. That's an invitation for you to repent for my

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sins gonna happen.

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But what you do need to make them happen, you don't make them happen, this is gonna happen. But what you need to make happen over time, and to commit to it is to repent, Allah, anytime a sin is committed. ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect all of us and to guide all of us.

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and protect us from the evilness of the sins that we commit. And Sharla. Next week, we will take the last headache in this chapter, which is very beautiful concept, the concept of a silent, remaining silent

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and not talking too much. So I guess this has been said not to talk too much tonight. And we end up here. Not sure if there's any question before we call it for the night. Let's see if there's any question quickly in the Facebook

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card. If you see any questions, let me know.

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She was nice enough to

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say that again. Sister Morrow, who say he wrote all the points that are nice.

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To make happen all the time.

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Interesting message. Thank you, Keith.

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Okay, what if a parent is not

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equal just between their children or a husband is not equal just between his wives?

00:33:29--> 00:33:32

How can someone make up for that?

00:33:34--> 00:34:00

Okay, sister, Nancy, if a person was not just was not fair was not good, not only between his kids, but even he was not good to his children when they were younger. Okay, in this case, just make it up. Don't quit. You know, even if I have one night left, even if I have one hour left in the day, I will give them a call and talk to them and ask forgiveness and I apologize.

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And it started with this, you say I'm sorry, I wasn't the best. Sorry, I didn't do the right thing.

00:34:08--> 00:34:19

You know, please forgive me. And I will see what it takes from you. Because repentance, remember, you start acting is changing the course of your life. I'm going from now and I'm going to start doing better.

00:34:21--> 00:34:38

You know, and so forth. So absolutely, you still can do that. And sometimes it is too hurtful to go back, or to fix things in the past. In this case, you just keep you find another way to make it up, make a lot of pray for them. You know,

00:34:39--> 00:34:51

take it graduate. Like I wouldn't imagine a father never was part of his children's life, all his life. And also they want to be like part of everything in their life. He did so much wrong to them and to their mother in the past.

00:34:52--> 00:34:59

You know, he abused them. And it takes time it takes steps but don't give up take one step after another baby steps.

00:35:00--> 00:35:01

So I'm telling you,

00:35:02--> 00:35:14

daughter and sons and fathers and mothers out there. Don't ever give up. There's always a chance for you to improve their relationships. And always keep the door open, but take it graduate.

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can we make Toba? If women are on their menses Yes, you can make you can repent to God anytime. While you're your menses are normal.

00:35:59--> 00:36:21

Because you see the condition of repentance or six none of them has to do with what your physical statuses you know your menses are of this or that, no, it's just a matter of it's tilbyr repentance is a lot of it has to do with the heart. Start with your heart and what's in your heart

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to rehab your loyal body if you can find avocado.

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