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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the misconception that Muslims and non-Biums refuse to kill non-Biums, rather they refuse to fight them. The speaker explains that while there is no legal requirement for showing compassion or love towards non-Biums, the ultimate goal is to show compassion and justice. The speaker also mentions that while there is no legal requirement for killing non-Biums, there is a need for people to show compassion and justice.
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Does Islam advocate the killing of non believers?

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This is a question that is raised often with Muslims and non Muslims. And I personally find it to be a preposterous question. When you look at the name of Islam coming from peace and submission, how can a religion that advocates peace and submission, advocate to the killing of non believers? Allah subhanho wa Taala in Surah, number 60, verse number eight states that Allah does not prohibit you from showing kindness and justice to people, as long as they did not fight you over your faith and exile you from your lengths. As long as those conditions are met. We're meant to show kindness we're meant to show love. We're meant to show compassion, and we're meant to spread peace. So this is

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clearly a misconception that people have. Now how about those verses that are actually found in the Quran, where Allah does say, kill them wherever you find them. And what's important to understand about those verses is context in those situations, always return versus before and to versus after. And you'll find that it is in the context of war of those individuals that again fought Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the companions over their faith and exiled them from their lands. As long as people are not doing that, then there is no command to kill disbelievers, but rather we are meant to abide by our contracts and treat people with compassion, love and justice. Subscribe to

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