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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a jumbled mix of words and phrases, including a man who talks too much and a woman who talks about being saved from the Day of Judgment. The speakers emphasize the importance of speaking out when speaking with people and being silent during conversations. The transcript also advises people to stay in constant communication and not give false quotes. The end of a break class and a break in class are also discussed.
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Milad hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was so happy woman voila or that

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today inshallah we will have the last Hadith in this chapter the chapter of azura and I just started minder Zoo it is to leave what will not benefit you in the hereafter

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and what is to leave what it might harm you in the hereafter.

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And the Hadith the tea broke,

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is very, very much related to or the concept related to what we're talking about, which is to leave what it will not benefit you in the US. And he said, that anisopliae long run said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a sum to Hagerman work earlier on fellow holiday will be helping you fish Schwab viscera the wife was so how are sahana humo boohooman cobbly

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lokman and Hakeem

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that generated that allows messenger said keeping silent is considered as an act of wisdom.

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But very few practice practice it but very few practices related by obey happy in the book of Shropshire will a man with a weak chain of narrators. The sound view is that it is a traced back to look manual Hakeem as a coat of look man and Hakeem the command the wise man, the one that historic mentioned in the Quran.

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No doubt that most of the talk that we do is not something that will benefit us. And

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that's why he mentioned in the end of the book of the issue of to avoid talking about things that will not benefit you in the UK. The reasons our head is the one who will talk little, who will not talk too much, who will think of this talk this is something will benefit you in the ACA or not benefit you in the next live or not. And that's why Zoo had their words can be counted. Like you can count. You know, there are statements that are harder they don't speak they don't talk too much.

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That's why he mentioned this concept as part of

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this heading that they have to report to ensure I believe man will be a David Cameron. And it's weak because it has an arranger by the name of the man had been sad al Khatib and he is a weak Narrator

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And it also will be heavily reported that Anna said that Look, man and Hakeem. So there is another narration where it basically reports in surely man that anisul them didn't say the process on him said no, no, I said that look man, Cana in the Deadwood, Look, man and Hakeem used to be with Tao prophet David. And it was said, Look man was a slave as well. Anyway, he was with David well, who is ready to do it? For Johnny ft Whoo hoo ha can there be a day for Giada lokmanya Todd German he do. And yes, Allah Fatima who hikma to who? And yes Allah

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for Allah from afar, amin how Saba and FC are collinear material how to be happy.

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He look man was attending that wood. And one of the things that a lot of us about the food that he was a very good blacksmith. He was very good with shaping irons and metals.

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The reason I don't have my mask on is just because I have a very long distance between you guys. So if you want to take your mask on, you have to be like very far away from people. But that's why I don't have my mascot.

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And also because for the class.

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what I'm saying is, he used to basically very good blacksmith used to shape the iron shape, metals very well. So he was putting this metal in a way which is strange Look, man. He saw him doing it in a very strange way. He was wondering what he's trying to do. But he did not ask him because of his wisdom that he doesn't like to talk too much.

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And that's where he said this statement he said, his remaining silent is from it's an act of wisdom and very little people

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Practice it. So he said I did not ask him because I know silence is an act of wisdom. So I kept silent. So after he finished it became an in a shape of a shield. And this is for the first time ever that the sword shield that the it was said that David is the first humans basically to make that shield for warrior. So look man said, so when he finished with it, and I hold it and salt like a shield for protect me. Local man said now he looked at it. And the old said, Now you understand what you see how this is. This is a shield. Then look man said you told me was I was wondering, but I don't want to ask you about it. But you got it. You told me yourself.

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That's how the story is. So this narration is not from the Prophet sallallahu sallam. But it has been reported that lachemann and Hakeem said that they've been Hanban also reported the same statement as the same text or the same wordings as a statement from lachemann. And Hakeem without the story,

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a some remaining silent, a silent, silent, remaining silent is the opposite of talking. Okay, and Phil Bahati a Muslim, which is I wish that he used this hadith in Bukhari Muslim, wearing a piece of Salam said say good or remain silent. And it would be perfect to match the concept observe. Okay.

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assignment, is it a pseudocode?

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Is it really assumption Arabic language, remaining silent. Some linguistic scholars said no assumption means is to remain silent for a long time.

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Any most of your time, you know, talking

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versus the word silent. It just, I'm talking then I'm silent. But assumptive gives you a deeper meaning assumptive description of someone who doesn't talk a lot or he talks very little.

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So maybe that's also why I even had out broad this duration to get that point, that the point is the person who doesn't talk too much or talk little, not too much talk a little.

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hacking will be taught by a gentleman.

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He came by

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and sometimes and some people say hycon, Assam to Hickman and also to assert some to hikma or single wisdom, an act of wisdom by Look man, even Hakeem is him. Look, man.

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They said his father is Zan,

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even Sadoon. And it mentioned several names, but um, who knows really, what's his name was, but he is from the children of Israel. And it's known that he ended up

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he was a carpenter. And he was from Africa, the set originally from epicene in particular Africa. And it was said he also at one point he was

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he attended the herds on the desert, like a shepherd. And some people said he was a tailor. Some people said he was even a judge. So there's different stories about who was this person? Was he a prophet? No. Was he a wise person? Absolutely. No one ever as far as I know, the only one said that he's a prophet was equity man is a great scar from the tambourine but other than that, no one considered him as a prophet. And Allah subhana wa tada mentioned him in the Quran and he was a prophet Allah will mention as a prophet.

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even katha Rahim, Allah to Allah said, the majority said, he is just a righteous servant. So at the mercy of said, can look man s word woman, Sudan, iMIS bajo de la hikma woman and the Buddha say didn't say upset. Look, man was a black man from

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Southern of Egypt or Africa like East Africa. If you want to say Allah have given him wisdom, but not

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Prophethood he didn't make him a prophet. But what do we learn from the honey?

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Number one, we need to understand important point that the remaining silent is only praised when you remain silent from saying what you say. You stay silent.

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From saying what is held on from saying what is appropriate, or from saying the things to talk too much in things that will not benefit you in the hereafter.

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But to talk a lot in the thing that it is will benefit you and benefit others. That's something you should you are encouraged to do encourage to talk. That's why nebby Salalah Salam said, Whoever believes on olana Yeoman after the Day of Judgment, say good or remain silent, and in nebby, Salah Lhasa and this will harm Islam also harm Islam. He said the best of Muslims as the one who the Muslims have saved from his tongue and his hand and unnecessarily allow and said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to a Buddha the companion, do you want me to tell you about two qualities there are basically easy for you to do but they are very heavy in the day of judgment for will be

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very heavy for you and your skill on the Day of Judgment. He said your solo Sure. Then he said Poussaint remain silent a lot like don't talk much well his little hollow and have a good manners I swear by the one who has my hand my soul in his hand. There is nothing there is no a trait quality traits or

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character traits. Sorry, a can be better than these two

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reported by and very happy into an email. Also by having an AMA Cydia Rasul Allah How can be saved? He said hold your tongue,

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control your tongue and stay at your home. Abdullah Abdullah Asad, Yasser Allah, He said that the prophets Allah wa sallam said, Mum summer tanager

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and Muslim had the problem said whoever remained silent and don't talk too much will be saved in the Day of Judgment. And in the dunya A man was giving an advice to his son, he said, Son, if you are with people, don't talk with them. The talk of someone who is any older than them or like higher status than them.

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Because if you do that, they will hate you, they will be jealous of you. And when you with people don't talk with them in a way that is like you know, lower than them. And don't talk ghetto and you know, like, don't be above them. Don't be lower than that. Because if you do that, they will not have respect for you. You know, when you sit with people and you start talking like all like, these kind of like, talk and like people look down upon you also don't act like all this perfect wording big words. People also say what's wrong this guy showing off, always talk to be, don't talk too much. And if you want to talk, talk with people the language that they understand that they can

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relate to kind of the ambassador the alarm and they've been a bass.

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We talked about the problem cousin, the great scholar, he used to talk to his tongue he used to look at his son or his mouth and sometimes stick has done and he said, Yeah, listen, Columbo, Ohio.

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I was

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gonna say good, you will be a winner. remain silent from saying what is not are just evil, you will be saved

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in the beast will allow you to send them jabber even Samara was asked

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by SEMA. He said, did you choose to attend the process on gathering? He said Yes, a lot. I attended the problem gathering classes a meet a meet with the problem many times describe him for us jabil, the alliance that kind of sums karela by

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Haberman sign and most of the time he will not talk much. And he will laugh a little.

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What kind of was horrible. And while he's sitting, like doesn't talk too much. salatu salam doesn't talk much, he will not laugh too many times and the one gathering on the gathering. So that means he last but not too much. And around him his companions, they will be talking some mentioning poetry stories and laughing and in the visa salon. He will smile.

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reports about him or her or him Allah.

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Allah and he said, an obeah salatu salam Can you help me to Hadith and look at the whole ad la saw? If you want to count how many sentence the process of him said in a gathering you can count them.

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So that means he doesn't talk what so much reportable Buhari, and I saw the alarm answered that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said three times. Allah's mercy should be given to someone when he or she speaks well

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Gain, like your words and your talk or make you gain, gain, re word gain respect, again, knowledge, friends, also so forth. It's a very general statement. I was sick at fslm. And when they don't talk, they are saved and people are saved from them.

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And that said that underlying Massoud said that he said on a sofa, sort of the library a bass said on a sofa, can say what is good you will gain remain silent, you will be saved before you regret it. This sorry that I'm not logged in Mr. Root he where he's asked about the rock man, is this something you saved from your own or your herded? He said, No, I heard the prophets of Salaam saying most of the sense of the son of Adam, it is because of his tongue. Before the bye bye happy for sharp.

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We learned from this also that it is part of the

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the characteristic of the early scholars and the early generations in Islam, that they avoid talking too much. And they remain silent. And they're not just you know, always talking, always talking, always talking like people like talk too much. Basic now said I saw a bucket or the alarm and holding his tongue and saying this tongue is the one that will cause all the trouble that aboubaker

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even Massoud said, Don't talk too much. It's enough. Learn how to speak what you need. Not beyond that.

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Even rumor of the Alliance said the thing that needs to be purified the most is your tongue. And I said

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you will not be a true mudpuppy a true taqwa a true faith until you know how to control your tongue

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and has an embosser he said I used to be among people. They will

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they will make their hands loose when it comes to giving Yanni the gift the gift but they are tight with their tongue.

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He said I used to be among people and has our bursary when he said among people who are referring to who to the companions or the allowance.

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And unfortunately these days and Hassan bosses say we are with people, they are tight with their hand and loose with their tongue is the opposite. And that's in the successors. What would he say today Ibrahimovic among the successors used to say, there is nothing bother the shape on more than a scholar who have a control over his temper.

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A person have control over himself.

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If he speaks, his speaks with knowledge.

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And when he remains silence, he remains silence with hidden also for good reasons, because he controls himself.

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tongue is dangerous. In the Hadith and evisa salam said in the morning, all your buddy Bart will say to the tongue, Fear Allah. We are following you. If you became a strict we are going straight. And if you go straight will go straight. And that's very true.

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tanks of Hannah law can lead to your destruction.

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Role model they allow and said men Catherine Baku Cala T, but you laugh too much, you will not have much of respect.

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And if you joke a lot, people will not take your series.

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And if you do something too many times you'll be known for it.

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And if you too, you talk too much, you will have too many mistakes. And if you make too many mistakes, you will have no shame. And if you have no shame, you have no fear of Allah. And if you have no fear from Allah, you have a dead heart report of all by

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Eunice la Sam,

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when he came out from the well,

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they told him why you don't speak so much. You remain silent most of the time. I guess he stayed in the inside the well, the whale for a long time talking to no one. You would assume he would like to talk to people but he was not talking too much. And they said he said I realized that talking is the one that led me to incite to be thrown off of that ship because when he gives us suggestions

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Basically, he was picked up and thrown out of the ship.

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One of the benefits of remaining silent and not talking too much. They said, either 10 mil alcohol Napa Sol cannon. They said, wise people talk to Don't talk too much.

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Solomon profits of a man, the son of David said, If talking from silver, remaining silent is gold.

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You don't regret remaining silent, as much as you regret the words that he spoke of.

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And remember the line those who speaks too much they make too many mistakes.

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What's the benefit of so one of the thing it shows it teaches you wisdom when you don't talk too much. Another thing when you don't talk too much, it should teach you to be a good listener.

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Mohammed Abdullah, have a suitcase. He said, remaining silent, may give you two qualities. Number one, it protects you from mistakes. But also it allows you to understand people and to listen carefully to people.

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You know, not talking too much. Make you also respected. Those who don't talk too much are generally respected, versus those who talk a lot of everything, people have no respect for them.

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Also talking too much, and debating and commenting and everything, you know, and just fighting and engaging and back and forth. People make people don't like you, you know, staying away from you.

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Sometimes, not saying anything, and remaining silent is the best solution to the silly things. People do it around you, your spouse say that, like a nasty comment out of anger. Nonsense thing being said by friend, if you need to comment on it, just let it go. Learn how to do that.

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It gives you very, it gives you the ability to think deep

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and to focus and to analyze things.

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Those who don't know how to speak it's better for them to remain silent because it gives you image not the moment you open your mouth you set yourself for you know for people criticism and judgment. There is a man was sitting to abusive the studio and even he doesn't talk on Masha Allah and he has a big beard, a nice looking guy, very respectful.

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And abusive always when he talks, he looks at him. And he thinking this is a big shift, you know, don't talk at all. One day you came out of the blue. This

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is scary kind of looking and scary. But like the guy who looked like you know, big share or something like that. He said, I have a question. He said Yes, sure.

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Then he said, metal you have to sign when the fasting person break his fast.

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He said

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when the sun goes down,

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and he said what if the sun doesn't go down until midnight?

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He will stay like one of the Sun stuck and didn't go down until midnight. What he's still fasting

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of will use of smile. And he said

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I said I wish I never wished that you talk. I wish I said I never I wish I never wish for you to talk. Because when you didn't talk you have like so much respect and but now after you sit down,

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not sure.

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As I said remaining silent is not always praised. Especially if you see in front of you something wrong. You should speak up. If you can teach you should speak up. If you give advice you should speak up. Okay.

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you should express your feeling when it is needed. You need to know how to do that. Sometimes we just held back. Sometimes we don't talk sometimes we don't share our feeling. Like for example, one of the biggest problem in marriage is a believe that when you say he should figure that out?

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No, he should not figure that out. You should say

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Oh, she should figure that out on her own. No, you should not you figure it out. You know you tell her what you want. You tell her what you want, or you you tell him what you want.

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Don't just remain silent. Don't hold it for yourself. If you love someone, just don't hold it as the problems that go until the person that you love. If you appreciate someone, don't just keep it for yourself, you should tell the person how much you appreciate what they did. If you like something you comment on it and say this is good because I call up that Thank you. You didn't just say or remain silent. That's not like something praised here. Okay? And in evisa Salam sanfilippo higher and

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higher Allah sunt in Nevis also let me start with saying what is good or remaining silent. So, the person put first saying what is good, so, saying what is good is higher level than remaining silent

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By the way,

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avoiding talking so much as an art because not every situation is praised.

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We have two ears and one tongue.

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So, that we would listen more than talking

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remember that two ears on one time so you can listen more than talking? also one of the thing that if you want to learn how to control your tongue and not talk too much, number one, ask yourself before you talk is that something will benefit me Is this something will be beneficial Is this something will be reward? Is that something that will not cause harm sometimes you say something it will be the reason for you to be harmed and sometimes to be even killed.

00:26:34--> 00:26:38

Talk with your mind before you talk with your tongue

00:26:39--> 00:26:53

number two all this is a struggle by the way is not an easy it needs from you to prepare yourself to fight the desire of talking more rocket engine is a 20 years I've been looking for that.

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need a mask on.

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20 years I've been seeking that. Okay, which is not to speak about things of not concern of me.

00:27:09--> 00:27:29

I shall want she heard a woman talking behind her and Mina Mina had talking talking talking to you. And then she said why don't you give your NGO angels a break? Any the angels? Right everything you've been saying? Can you give them breaks? It couldn't be any stop writing what you guys say?

00:27:30--> 00:27:36

If you want to learn how to remain silent, always teach yourself to say what's beneficial and you will find yourself reducing the amount of talk.

00:27:38--> 00:28:09

If you are in a gathering, don't just forget and just keep going keep going keep going. I think if that talk that will be beneficial. If you're gonna learn how the art of silent, remain silent. Don't hang out with people who don't care about their tongues. Don't hang out with people who like to talk too much. Okay, can I have the American abjure when he said to his son go study when they were leaving the salt center son go study the American abdomen Why? He said in the Alamo for Kufa.

00:28:11--> 00:28:19

canovee you're not going to have john Lee tan lemon something I want you to learn how he control has done.

00:28:20--> 00:28:31

So that's the people that you hang out with. Avoid arguing I'm going up there I said in a cemetery roxxor when you see people arguing people still argue with you kind of short.

00:28:33--> 00:28:36

Don't talk too much on the on the phone.

00:28:37--> 00:28:45

It's a very bad habit in today. In unlimited free talks not free. You will be hold accountable for it.

00:28:46--> 00:29:10

Also, don't meet too many people meet those who you need to talk to them for enn or reduce the amount of time that you taught. Be sincere in your talk. And one of the said one of the things make me not to talk not to say so many things in my mind, because I don't want to show off. And that's why I don't say

00:29:11--> 00:29:27

I think about the early duration. Like what was said about the prophets of Salaam, how he was described, and the companions of the alarm and marva cannot delay when Massoud said while Lyla De La La Romana and a shaman out of the chute on

00:29:30--> 00:29:37

average of an hour in a pony Sidney millison he said nothing in this earth need to be locked up more than the tongue.

00:29:39--> 00:29:52

Remember what the process of them said among your good Islam is to avoid the thing which is not of concern of you. And that will help you to control your time. Kind of Omar the Allahu

00:29:54--> 00:29:59

la empresa combi decree Nasser inaho Bella, don't

00:30:01--> 00:30:09

occupying your mind and your time about people don't think and talk about people

00:30:10--> 00:30:11

it's a disaster

00:30:12--> 00:30:19

it can be decree law. Don't mention people too much it's a disaster. But mentioned a lot a lot. It's a mercy

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sell man in fantasy wrote to

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for in new seeker basically laughed in the huddle up. Well inhaca and he couldn't necessarily know that I told told about Dada, I advise you, to mention a lot a lot. It's a healing. And I warn you from mentioning people a lot, because it's a disease. So when you see this is the companions of Muhammad Sal Salaam, and you compare them to yourself, that should help you to know how to have a good control over your talking, and a good control over your tongue. Unfortunately, we're living in a time where the social media and all those just encourage people to talk too much

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tech talk

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and all these different like new things that you hear every day about it just about talking, talking, talking and as if it has no value. Unfortunately,

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words don't mean much in modern days. But it should be it should means a lot to us as Muslims, because no matter where we live when we live, we are should be following and adopting the Sunnah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and in the following his command sallallahu alayhi wasallam. With this we come to the end of our class and the end of our chapter about zadora. And after that, he's beautiful chapter coming about a flat and manners and we will have one week break. So next Friday will be a break.

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We might have something else completely but the fall after that we'll start with a new chapter and inshallah we'll be able to select a mode from that time. We'll announce next week if we have anything Friday or not, sort of lump sum amount into being hammered saramonic