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In Alhamdulillah men who want to stay in who wanna study Ernesto Pharaoh, wanna la hinjewadi ambu cinnamon sejati Medina Maja de la hufa dama de la Houma Euclid further hodja wa shadow La la la la la hora de cara, wash Wanda Mohammed Abu or pseudo Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Anwar Ali Mohammed Camus Allah tala Ibrahim Ali in nikka hematoma de vida de la all praise due to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment, I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship. And Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is lost on Final messenger. My dear brothers and

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sisters, as we all watching the new members who newly elected taking their positions in the government, and whatever level we talk about, somebody asked me a question. And that one inspired me actually to change my talk today. To address this point, he was telling me, this is how it should be on he's kind of very impressed by the democratic process that we have in the country, for electing people and the change that happened. And I agree to certain extent, that, yes, we have a system that allow change to happen. But this system is far from being perfect. Far from being even near to what Islam have vision for society to have, or for community to achieve. Because there's so many elements

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that still exists, suppressed so many voices, and changing so many things towards what's lobbyists and what's basically people benefits and so far. So, I found that sometimes people are overly impressed by things and that basically they don't see received from all perspective. And for us, as Muslims so important always to keep in mind one of the benefits of having the Muslim connected to history not to live in the past. No, knowing the live of Mohammed's or Salaam and the stories of unqualified Rashidi were not meant to be just living in the past or living, you know, and kind of utopia, or imaginary society. No, that was a real society that was exist and can be replicated. If

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it's not 100% in many areas, or many ways it can be replicated today. While I'm thinking about how we make legislation, the point that came in my my mind, aroma rhodiola Anwar Ahmad for me was a person who really truly represents how low we're made to serve people. I'm not talking about the law that's already pre ordained by Allah Subhana Allah, but the law that basically manage every day's life that was left Allah Subhana Allah love to be able to do it. And we all know that the law is as good as the people who apply the law who practice the law. That's why Islam as a perfect religion, if you bring a corrupt leader, a corrupt government, a corrupt person, he will make that beautiful

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system very corrupt system and very corrupt country. And we saw this in history and we see it in modern days. Romano the Allah and once was attending

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a dinner and at that dinner A man was key was eating with his left hand so no matter the Allah and reach out to the person and he said the next day and he said, Yeah, Abdullah Why don't you eat with your right hand collar in Yemeni Masuda? He said my right hand occupy came, I can't use it. Then Omar said occupied with what it with your right tank. He said you hurt me. My right hand kins is occupied or it is no unable to I'm not able to use it. So mama and sister know what is he hiding? Because his right hand was hidden under his coat or garment that he had on then. And finally after he insisted the man told him

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Turn this off.

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The man told me I mean, I got hurt and the bottle of water in my right hand and it can't use it anymore became unable to move it

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he's a veteran, he's an injured and the battlefield Romana backup Come on Stop crying. Not only because he accused him or thought of him he's just being arrogant doesn't want to eat with this right and no kind of

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feminine you will be so

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feminine your

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feminine demo, who is feeding you who's taking care of you who providing for you, if you can't use your right hand, then Omar cried, he said we used

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in war, then we left you afterwards, then a model of the alarm and said he made a law. That's anyone who comes after the war injured, that the government will provide for him or he will provide for him the government provide for him I serve and that he will serve Him and will take care of him and to make sure that his disability was taking well taken care of.

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or used to go out in the night not to spy on people not to see what's the public opinion is no model they allow us to walk on the night to see what's the people's needs are how people feel what people need. And one day tomorrow the alarm passed by this house and he heard this woman talking to herself and you can imagine a very quiet Medina any voice can easily travel area talking any compensation can be easily hurt. So he overheard her she's saying or part of what she said, not the thought of how the lead was swept the journey.

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While Ronnie Allah Javi, Buddha,

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fellow lady focus somehow on our shoe who

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loves that? How do I come in how the city jolanda

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Roma was shaking when he heard that, that this woman so lonely, and she was saying that I'm this long night of the winter's cold long night, I'm by myself, no one to talk to no one to play well wasn't for Allah. The one was thrown above the heavens, this place will be so crowded, and the spec wall not be empty. But I fear Allah. Then tomorrow they allow and called her. And he said, What's wrong with you? Then she told him that her husband was drafted.

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He's in the army, and even out there for more than a year. And she didn't see him for more than a year. Then Omar said, Tell me how long a woman can stay without husband. She felt shy. And she didn't answer. He said, I'm asking you, would you please let me know. Then she said it depends. But maybe maximum four months and maybe six months.

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then are they allowed and made an order there is nobody allowed to be drafted into the army more than six months.

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So no woman will suffer. No family will suffer missing their husbands again. While Yamaha and Romani

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Romero de la and in another incident while he's in Medina, he heard a mother

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her baby crying and she is keep basically he she let him cry so much. Then Omar came back and knocked on the door. And he said Why is your baby crying? Are you missing food? Why is crying so much? Then she said Yeah. Meaning in the afternoon. I want them to stop breastfeeding. That's why the baby's crying.

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Then he said Is he two years old? She said no not yet. Then he said why you want to stop breastfeeding him early. She said because I know that you have made a rule cooler my foot the mouth. When he fella who facility near to do

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a gr met a lot of there is a baby or not breastfed anymore that you will give the mother 100 dairyman for such job and I need the money and I need the money

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and see how the loans are made with the allow and change the law

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And he said 100 Dirham for each born child. Kinda Europa Mia, liquidity will eat what they said equally, what are the news? They said, After two years to save money, you know, you can save some money to the government or maybe to increase your budget. And he said no. Now for every child, he should be give 100

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I know that the community, Medina is much smaller than modern days. But I don't think it's about the numbers because also the money were much less than what we have today.

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As I said, that comes from within from the person.

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And that don't just apply to government apply to every aspect in your life. apply this to your company, to your family, to the way that we deal with others.

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Look at the amount of the law that's the example that we should be impressed with. That we should the standard so high, when I'm in the market, and he saw the color of his most beloved person to his heart, his brother is eight. I'm on his brother the same was like you know, like his best friend and he is his brother. And that Romans brothers, he was killed by the hand of a man in the battlefield and that person was a bad one became Muslim and things change.

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Soon Omar saw him a lot and he said his eyes was boiling. And the men notice that the TC in his front of him that hilar of his most beloved person, which is Zaid, then

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he called and he approached Omar are they allowed?

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And he said

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to him, Jamar now I'm one of your citizen.

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Would you love me? Would you take me then Ramallah and con? Will la isla de to him?

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I would never love you

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I will never feel anything towards you of compassion or anything until the Earth would love that blood to spilled over it and expression and it's impossible. Then he said so what I expect from you. Then tomorrow the law said

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you expect nothing but justice.

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And he said yeah, Omar I don't care for your love.

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Only woman care for love kinda in a matter of beneatha warm and he was

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he said I don't care Do you think I care? Do you love me or I love you I don't care about that. Only woman care for love which is wrong but shows you how can a mindset that person then rama-rama and

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just leave and move on? Never arrested him? Never plot against him never did anything against because he knows that a society people have the basically the freedom to express themselves even if that expression maybe insult you

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or not the nicest thing to be said

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hermano Viola and made a law he put a limit to the dowry. He said nobody should give dowry more than this. Then a woman stopped him in the middle of the street in front of his people

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shift gift cards of IRA to Omar mean Kula she said yeah, no money no title no Mr. President nothing. She said Yeah. Omar.

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Allah said in the Quran in Tatum, who nothing Bara if you give her adoring, have a ton of goals, one ton of goals or more. It's okay. And you putting limits. Allah didn't put limit and he said if you give her even a ton of gold, then you come in to put a limit.

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Then tomorrow the alarm and put his head down. He said

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Omar is wrong, and this woman is correct.

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At shows you that people have the right to object to change the law to challenge the status quo.

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These meanings were so embedded in the Muslims society and historically known to us.

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But for some reason,

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which is I can understand this happened in certain countries in certain places where people saw a price. But if Alon gave us the ability to live in freedom, why we don't revival these concepts of standing

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You're right and speaking out and making sure that your rights is protected and the rights of others to make sure that the people who really lead the society are people are motivated by good principles in life.

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My brothers and sisters

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are the allies.

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What is the meta meta or what does the meta meta meta meta Rama, I ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless us into plus our countries in our lives and our oma with people like Omar and the people of Oman. akula masala to masala honey with

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him to rely on those salat wa salam O Allah, may Allah be about the whole,

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my brothers and sisters

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and the BSL allow us to sell I'm told us that the only money that you really keep is the money that you spend for his sake.

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Anything else that you spend, it will go away,

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you will benefited from it for a very short period of time.

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That's what I'm told to show when she donated one third of the sheep. He said that's one third is the one that you kept, what we ate, what we basically what we eating from it, as nothing is not about what you get is the real thing. What you kept is what you donated for the sake of Allah. And because of this, we thought about an interesting idea for all our community here,

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which is launching a program and I want to launch it in the beginning of the year, in this program called Keep the change.

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Everybody always have a change on his car, skids his family's home. So we made a small little box and inserts on it keep the changes. Anytime you have an extra change with you, you just put it in the box, and it'll just fill, you bring it and you empty it Here you will find a specific box for that purpose, and you empty. And every time you do that cheap encourage you this is what allowed everybody doesn't matter what your income is, we all have changed hamdulillah you know, encourage your kids to put their change there, encourage yourself, put it in your car, put it in your house, and I will highly recommend you to avoid double dipping. on that box. You put in when you need

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change, you reach out and you take the change. You know, I mean islamically you're allowed to do that. But you know, I would say you know, just don't do it.

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You know, just keep it up on when you fill it, bring it and re basically empty it and you will find out that very soon it builds up to be something very big.

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Yesterday, somebody sent me a link to a 16 floor stories in Mecca. Mecca is the most expensive land in the face of this earth, especially around the home.

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And there's 16 stories building there to hotel, guess what this hotel made off, made of the change that people used to leave at a grocery store in Saudi Arabia gobinda

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every change of the leave that they just leave it, they don't take it like it was 50, halala, whatever, you know, 10 cents, they just lifted. And over a course of 10 years or so for all the branches that they have all over the country. That's basically the money was put into the works, that this workflow will continue to serve a purpose. I forgot what was what before exactly right now. But that building was made of that little changes that people leave behind. So I encourage you that you do that. And also, there is even very soon hopefully working on that. There is even an app that we can do that to round up any expense that you do. In hopefully in a week or two. I will

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launch that as well here. So even if you buy so we are after you you buy in cash or online. So any change that is left, you also can say the left let's say it's 16 point 55 cents, the rest 45 cents, you can allocate that automatically electronically to the master. You know, these kind of methods, hopefully it you will see and hopefully we can see about them on how much we collect through that. And as you know the mustard does not only take us that money just to pay bills, which is important, but it means way more than that, helping a lot of people and a lot of projects that we are part of it. So I ask you to take one

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of the boxes, we only start with the 200 boxes. So take one for your car or if you have multiple cars or one of you in your family, that's, that's good. But make sure that only you know

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you take what you really use and you bring it back every time it is filled up you will find it in the back of the mustard new way out. To pick it up. I ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless whatever we give and whatever we keep, and to bless our lives and to make this new year and a year of blessings. A year of taqwa and a year of happiness for all of us and peace for all of us and all the people around the world, especially who are suffering, Euro freedom and dignity and saving the blood of so many people who have been oppressed around the world. ask Allah Subhana Allah yovani about you know, Martina when you have a funeral in our area come at me when you hear no Yeah, come on by Eva. When

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you meet another lady or solid material man. Pull the messenger to Morocco messenger to mostofa la de la foto Rahim a snowfield a lot of stuff here a lot of stuff it'll last a lot longer than this okay other gelato document beside it

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on top of our photo on desktop I've been on to see Hannah one to Slovenia I know a lot and I mean honestly have you know as well Jenna want to see her Have you been I mean, a law who may or July economic suddenly was certainly Mubarak Allah Mohammed Ali or Sahib. He was certainly into Sleeman kathira Babu Satya Ramkumar

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