Abdullah Oduro – Lesson #3 The Pillars of Patience

Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the pillars of patience, including gratitude to Allah subhanaw, testing faith in Allah's ridiculing of the Mahdi, and surrendering to past events. They also emphasize the importance of being patient and not giving up on past experiences, and mention a previous hadith from the Prophet sallahu about being a winner of a job and being infected by heat. The speakers also emphasize the importance of being on a trajectory of being satisfied with one's experience, rather than just being annoyed, and the need for patience and understanding of one's actions to avoid overwhelming emotions. Finally, they discuss the three main principles of Islam, including the belief that death is not a pleasure, the desire to see the beauty of life, and the desire to be thankful.
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nominal claim goes on to talk about the pillars of patience. So just covering thankfulness and maturing gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala. He goes on to talk about the second portion of the DUA that he makes in the Mocha demand introduction will either Trulia sober and if he was patient, if he was tested, then he's patient. If he was tested, then he's patient. He says there are him Allah Tala, a Thani man on Mina Lyta. Allah EBITA li B for affordable houfy has a suburb with Teslin he says it is the test from Allah subhanho wa Taala that he tests him with it.

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With it, any demand those things that the afflictions are that which will he will encounter that will be a test for him or her. He says for far too goofy as someone who testing he said in the obligation for that immune to Jehovah if Tila on man, when he or she is faced with those tests. The obligation in response is to be patient and to surrender to that or to accept what has happened now. It doesn't mean you accept and don't do anything but it means internally firstly, you accept the fact that it has happened because you cannot change back time. You understand that Allah has allowed it to happen and that is what makes you patient with the waqia with the event that has taken place

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and you accept it.

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Then he goes on and gives three pillars of patience. He says here him Allah was Cebu, Hopson FC and it's a salty Bill MK door. Well absolutely Sandy and chakra will have surgery he and in mouse here. He says here was sober patients is withholding the self from distaste, distaste or hatred with what has taken place, Macedonia and tada where it's taking place. Well, absolutely Sanjana Shukla and withholding the ton from tongue from complaining

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we'll have soldier wearing Allen Marcia and withholding or holding back or prohibiting the limbs from doing any type of sinful practice. So when one is withholding themself

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from doing something that is hateful, so have some knifes withholding your energy your self your soul from hating what Allah is predestined your father passing away from passing away, losing money, getting a sickness Hopsin FC and it to assault.

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The Promise of Allah Allah was telling me this in a hadith from honorably Allah for Allah who read The Omen socket of Allah who sought whoever is pleased, then let them have pleasure for the whole robot then then, that pleasure

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with what Allah is, mandala is predestined, will lead to more conditioning of being someone that is pleased with what Allah subhanaw taala is predestined woman Socrata and whoever hates or dislikes or feels a level of disenchantment from what has been predestined, then that is what is for them, that is what will continuously be for them if they continue on that trajectory. So the second thing he says here, perhaps will be sent on a chakra, not to complain.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a hadith the beautiful Hadith, where he was, he put his hand inside of some some some some soup and it was hot. So he shook his hand he said Has he said in a minute Adam either Asaba who are Haru Khan has or either ASABE Rahul Babu. God has he said very the say the sons of Adam, he said if they were to be afflicted by good, then they say,

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if they were to evict by heat, hot, they would say has an expression response. And if they were to be afflicted by cold, they would say has meaning that we're always complaining always have some type of response that shows displeasure, or that shows that we are not happy with the current situation. So he says here Rahimullah while I'm slowly signing on a chakra to withhold the tongue from complaining because complaining can be contagious. Willa. If someone is positive, that's what we want to be contagious. Not to complain off of a misfortune or something we didn't want to happen. He says we'll have some joy to hang on and Marcia and withholding the limbs from doing any sinful

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practice your arms, your legs, your tongue, right. All these things, your arms and your legs. Primarily, he says here, Ken loved me with Shaka VIB. When that's for Shadi, when it goes to sample, is it like slapping or to tear your your, your clothes or to pull your hair or anything that is along those lines to hit someone right? Along those lines? And then he says Amen. Okay. And he says here from adatto somebody I had the Arcana for that. So he says patience is revolves around these three, it revolves around these three. For you that comment behind Abdul

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Can my young buddy in calibre telling me not to be happy him and this is beautiful, he says so if the servant was to approach these things as as he's supposed to, as what is befitting for him or her to do, that is myth is a myth that becomes a minha the test becomes a blessing, it becomes something that is granted that is a fortune for him. It was the highlight of beleaguer to Althea and the Bollea the test, the that which is faced becomes something that is a beautiful form of being granted something right? Well sought on my crew, my booboo and that which is hated, becomes beloved, that witches hate it becomes beloved and then it ends here by giving the fifth behind it as well. And the

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reason behind it he says Rahim Allah for in the in the laws behind the one what's up? Let me give it to Li Li ulica when nama patella, who Liam Teina Sabra, who are we the data, he says, really Allah subhanaw taala did not test him to destroy him. For verily He tested him to test his patients, and servitude. So

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the summer, the patients is what is needed, but also the servitude, because the patient's is withholding something, the servitude insha Allah is a level of initiating something as well, even though there's slightly interchangeable as well, because somebody is a form of Abu Dias, this form of servitude, but here, he says here, which is going to expound on the servitude aspect of it. So just to repeat this last part, for in Allah let me let let me EBITA Li Li your liquor. This is so important, when we see what is happening around the world now, with people being you know, oppressed,

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being held beyond their will people dying, Allah subhanaw taala is not testing them to destroy them. And when we say your Nikka we shouldn't think death, we should think destroyed to where it is,

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to your misfortune in this life and in the next. So ELAC could also be an IT to con your belief in God. And that is the worst, where you die not believing in the Creator and His greatness and His Majesty. That's the worst situation. Whether you totally don't believe in a God or you believe in more than one God. Right? Those are two forms of lack as well. So he says Allah doesn't test you to destroy. And this is important for people that are young and haven't really encountered or accepted God in their life yet, or they're just in the beginning stages, to know that God is not testing you to destroy you. God is there to condition you particularly in aspects of future you training

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yourself to be patient, which allows you to experience the color of Allah to where you have content meant in uncertainty because you trust in the one who has given you life and also your booty, your servitude to him. Even though you don't know why wouldn't happen has happened. You're patient with the reality because you know who was brought it forth. And as a matter of fact, you serve Him, the more you are uncertain to show and strengthen your trust in Him. So those are the three Kennedy talked about. And what's so beautiful here

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is that the three that were mentioned with patients, Hampson Hamsun left handed to somebody how silly Santa Ana chakra and how silly jewelry on and Marcia. So to withhold one's tongue,

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hold oneself from hatred or disliking what's happening, and then also to withhold one's tongue from complaining and then not to use the limbs in Haram. It's kind of similar when we talked about what when we talked about the NAM gratitude. It's right, it's with the tongue, it could also be a mountain or

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you acknowledge it had to be have Iran which were tested if you have a female body, female Godzilla, you know you use your you use your

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you're thankful in your heart. You're thankful with talking about what he has given you. And then also you use it in a way that is pleasing to Allah subhanho wa taala. So may Allah Subhan Allah make us please what He has given us. He makes us patient what he has withheld from us, and May he make use of those that are practicing servitude, a sunnah modicum rahmatullahi wa barakato

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