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hamdulillah Hina hermeto who want to stay you know want to study he want to start Pharaoh when I was with him in Cerulean fusina amin sejati Medina Maja de la hora motoyama you will Farah hardy Allah wa shadow Allah ilaha illAllah hula Sheree cara, wash Sedona Mohammed Abdullah rosu Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar what he learned him Alhamdulillah he kathira Subhana Allah He bukata wa sila na hemudu who went to school want to start a pharaoh want to stay in one and a quarter. All praise you to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear

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witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is lost on Final messenger. My dear fellow Muslims brothers and sisters, we have

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the aid have arrived us after 30 days of fasting 30 days of praying supplicating donating reciting Quran and so many other active worship and active service. We are grateful and thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala for this great blessing, Shahada Ravana lady on Zilla v Hill Quran who deadliness this the month of Ramadan is that which was revealed the Quran, a guidance for people. It's a guidance for people to guide them to what is good for them in this life. And next, in the end of Ramadan, we say Allahu Akbar. And we also grateful to Allah, we thank him, and we say Al Hamdulillah, praising him, and we say a stone for Allah, we ask his forgiveness, we say Allahu

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Akbar, because we declaring at the end of this month, after these 30 days of fasting and praying and commitment to the command and to the religion of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We realize that Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah, He is the greatest, the greatest things in our heart. That's why we abandoned we abstain from eating and drinking, which is a simple thing, that necessity for us. But still, we stayed we stayed away from it during the daytime, to obey our Lord because he's greater than our desire and love for food and drink, abstain from intimidating with spouses during the daytime, also listening to the command of Allah. And also we have given from our money, to charity

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and to the poor, and to people even we don't know, because a lot greater into that in our heart than our love and attachment to the money and to wealth. The year long we focus a lot in our body and our materialistic world. And Ramadan, we shift focus to be on our soul, to nurture our soul. We are saying Allahu Akbar, because of all these meanings, we saying, Alhamdulillah we praise Him because we realize through the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala that he has ordained for us the best of religion, the best of guidance, and we thank him because he gives us the ability and guided us do it. And also, we ask his forgiveness from any shortcoming or any sense that we have committed during

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these days, Phantom and Nola in our high Lama was started fiddly than big, know that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and ask for forgiveness for your sins. The Andaman Allium Allah have fatty and Anima haka who wherever who Fatima taxila houfy Janabi for definitely who is still fatty. When you realize the rights of Allah Allah tala upon you, realizing also you realize that you need to ask for his forgiveness, because no one can worship Him and offer them the worship that it deserves. He deserves to pana what to Allah, we all fall short, but Allah Subhana Allah out of his mercy and forgiveness, he accepts us Subhana Allah Akbar Allahu Akbar, Allah Han Han in the Ramadan,

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madrasa, Tana Lima they say Liana young, the month of Ramadan, just not days and nights that we spend a month that just counted in our calendar. No Ramadan is a School. Ramadan is a guidance, Ramadan is an opportunity for us to improve ourselves to grow. As I said earlier, to nurture our song for anthem enough syllable just me insane. What make you a true human. It's not just your body, but it's also your soul and your character tree. Ramadan teach us to be sincere. We do this for Allah. No for not for anyone else. And I'm about to teach us to submit ourselves to the will of Allah. La yesterday, same time was formed

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Waiting for us to eat.

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And today it's forbidden for us to fast. It just a complete submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala Ramadan teach us how to control our desires not to be controlled by our desires. That self control is a very important lessons that we learned from Ramadan. Because if you learn how to serve, if you learn self control, you can master anything.

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We know that if you don't know how to control yourself, someone else eventually will control you. And I'm a man teach us to be patient. You teach us serve our patients. We have noticed that how in the beginning of Ramadan it's hard to fast but being patient practicing by the end of Ramadan, you're so ready to fast again and they became much easier the sign up for arm became much easier and praying the night became much easier. Patience is just not the ability to wait but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting. And that's what we learned through the days from our bond patients. It might be better but I can guarantee you the fruit of it's it's so sweet. Be patient

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because good things comes with patient in number nurseryman Assad and Ramadan we learned the value of time you know it's amazing in Ramadan how we look oh two days gone three days left you know tomorrow

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is that time Sasa prayers that time fragile that time I need to you so aware of time people speaks of killing time while time slowly killing them. This Ramadan is a great places for us to value every moment of our life.

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rahimullah Shelby hinnom upon the kottakkal Bill Murray, to level inherited the car.

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Your heartbeats remind you You're nothing but a collector, a collection of moments and seconds, each one of them represents part of you lack so the lack of understanding the value of time definitely lead to so many problems in life. And the way we treat time defines who we are. So I hope the trauma bond will teach us to look at time in a different lens as we start our live after the month of Ramadan and go back to the normal schedule of our life. Ramadan teaches us to be grateful. And here important point to be grateful to two time of blessings that Allah gives us the religious blessings and the worldly blessings so many times we are grateful and thankful and we thank Allah Nish guru

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Antonia Antonia, we're when you get money when you get children, you get a job. But also we should thank him for his religious blessings, when he guides you to read Quran when he guided you to make the whole entire month of Salah or making sutra or contributions or being able to help someone these all goodness things and blessings from Allah deserve from us to be thankful and grateful for him. Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions in my opinion.

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The more you express gratitude for what you have, I guarantee you, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for weather in Chicago to LA z then nikken be grateful and thankful to Allah Subhana Allah for many things, and I want to remind each and one of us that we are grateful and thankful for a lot that we were able to gather here today, I have friends not far away from us, just up north in Canada, who did not pray Tara head massages, because the massages are closed. And many, many, many cities cross the oceans, many of our brothers and sister couldn't gather for such gathering. We are grateful and thankful to Allah subhanaw taala that he has made it easy for us safe

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for us to be here together wasn't safe and nothing getting better. We wouldn't be here today. And that's by us as a community as a society at large. understanding our role because each and every one of us has a role to play to fight this pandemic. It is I think, important for someone in my position, to say it out loud and clear to everyone here that these precautions and the means that we take to fight this pandemic. It is absolutely important for each and every one to take it to do his part. wearing a mask is not a political stunt. And should not that's a sign that our country shifted that dynamic does not identify your ideologies. It's actually identify one thing that a person who

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follows science a person who

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cares about other a person who respect others and is just not focused on himself. You know, put it choosing to take your vaccination is something that shows that you care about your loved one you care about people around you. Because, as we know, being vaccinated might prevent you from getting the COVID-19 becoming seriously ill or dying due to this virus prevent you from spreading the COVID-19 virus to others. Add to the number of people in the community who are protected from getting COVID-19 make it harder for the disease to spread and contributing to herd immunity, prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading under and replicating, which allows to mutate and possibly become

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more resistance to vaccines is something that we don't want to have. Ramadan have taught us that the beauty of praying in the night the beauty of reciting the Quran, listening to the drought and fasting Don't let the the end of these beautiful acts of worship and by the end of Ramadan.

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Charity should continue that's why you must give a cattle photo on behalf of every single member of your household and make sure that you also try to fast the six days of chawan the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said as a Muslim reporting hallelujah you that enemy sallallahu Sallam said whoever first Ramadan and follows it with six days of chawan it will be as if he or she fasted for the whole entire year. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar already lined him up. Chordoma Sameer Tomas don't fear Allah you want to confess to Pharaoh

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah happen haka when hamdulillah hater Buddha.

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Allah Subhana. My dear brothers and sisters, today is a day of joy, a day of happiness, the day of eat a day of celebration. We're smiling and happy, big not because we're done over it's over. No. It is because we made it. We did it. You know, we smiling and happy because it happened that allows for that give us the ability to witness another month, a beautiful month from Yvonne in our life. It is because of the grace of Allah and the mercy of Allah. We were able to fast and to pray and to donate and to do all these great things to toward ourselves and to others. Yes, we celebrate and we are happy today with smiling with all the things that happen around us in the world. Yes, in the end

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from Yvonne. And we still continuing and watching with worries and sadness, the images and the pictures and the videos the circulating around the world, in social media and on the media about what's happening in Palestine. It is so disturbing, so alarming, to see places of worship and innocent people, children, men and women being killed by police forces and by military machine that don't discriminate. Unfortunately, it is so sad what we're seeing on the news these days, and it really hurts us. But in the same time, we're an oma of balance. In Hua Apakah aapka and the tea the Almighty Who makes one laugh and weep. We should keep that balance in our life. Same thing, it's a

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balance with the issues that and the wounds that we have in the Muslim ummah. pastimes is the goo that is in the center of the heart. It doesn't mean that there is no other open wounds and, and calamities and disasters happening in Kashmir, with the Rohingya with the refugees in Syria, the civil war in Yemen, the civil war in Libya, and so many places in the Muslim world, it hurts what you see,

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it hurts when you know, the level of ignorance and the level of poverty that people going through. It hurts its balance we keep in mind as well. That amount of injustice that we experienced here in our country, as well as we're many community of marginalize, and, you know, dealing with so many incidents of police brutality, especially against our brothers and sisters in the African American community, you know, that, again, Palestine is different. It's the place where the messenger upsize. It's the place where almost most of prophets and messengers that we believe in as Muslims lived there.

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We have a heritage as Muslims. No, I have to be more Sami No, no, no I have community Seminole, Hakka canon w Salalah is under we belong to these prophets, a messenger, moose and Isa. And so a man with the wood, and all these prophets, a messenger who lived there, and before them all, Ibrahim alayhis salam, it is the first Qibla that the Muslim ever had. It's the land where we have passed, and we have future in our Guru, Masha your man shall come upon and abuse Allah, Allah yourself. What's happening today, there are several points I want to point out. Number one, it shows us that still the Muslim world is so attached to this part of the world, and it will never die. Not in the

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heart in the mind of the Palestinians, or the Arab, no, but every Muslims and every man, even non Muslim who understand basic meaning of justice, we understand that this open wound will not heal without a peace that is based on absolute justice for all a peace that recognize the Palestinians rights over their land, over their homes over there farms, a piece that recognize the rights of those people recognize the injustice that happening over decades, the brutality and discrimination that is happening over there.

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This incident shows us that there are so many neighbors and people around us don't know the reality of what's happening in Palestine. And you will be surprised, actually I read a study was made among young Muslims. were asked about basic information about the incidence of this big cases that we have today. And Palestine Kashmir, they almost know nothing about it. They just observing it from the media. And that shows that we still have work to do as a community, to educate even our own children and our neighbors and the community at large. To make sure that people see it the way it is, we have right to speak up. You know, raise your words, not your voice. The rain is the one that grows

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flowers, not thunder. Our lives as Martin Luther King once said beautifully, and the day we become silent about the the thing that matter.

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And the end of the day, we not going to remember the voices of our enemy as much as gonna remember the silence of our friends. And that's a call for all the friends of the Muslim community to speak up and to stand and to show their position and support adjust case, strong people stand for themselves. But we are oma not men just to be strong, but to be stronger, and stronger people stand up for others and stand up for justice. We should not allow to any one use the issue of Palestine for a political cheap stun.

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This way or that way, we should not allow a Muslim or non Muslim to use this issue of Palestine just to gain publicity. No, it's enough. She had enough words, big words, this need a true work to make. At least if we can do a little bit of change to help as much as we can. Everybody according to their ability, and everyone should at least give that emotional support and education to their family and to people around them should not be used also to inspire violence or inspire

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an reactions that it is forbidden in Islam, like you know taking this as justification for hurting innocent people. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, when Allah had hand, my brothers and sisters, Summer is coming. And the summer there is a lot of I asked my daughter first for those who have exams and expecting to be taking the exams next week to make it easy for all our students. allamani make it easy for them and give all children success. But summer is coming soon. Make sure during the summer you spend time with your children. Children spell love, T i m e time. Make sure that you spend some time with them. Make sure you come closer to them. Make sure that you connect them with the master,

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connect them with the activity, teach them their Deen or teach them also skills that will benefit them in their in their future. Make sure that they have good friends and in a good company. Also, I want to say something to my young brothers and sisters.

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There is another pandemic among youth which is the pandemic of drugs. And it is it is a serious issue. And unfortunately nobody me

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I'm telling parents, everybody is possible that this happened to them, no shame that if you fall into this, what shame is to stay in that dark hole? You know, from those young men and women hearing me today, make sure to understand that to say no to drugs, cheese, choose not to start not to try and be smart and don't start, I want to say to every one of us, or every young man hearing me today appelle my thrill, but also it kills. So be very, very careful. And any form of drugs is harmonists, not marijuana, any type of drugs and to mentioning this because unfortunately, there is a lot of people tried to justify, you know, share her just Arab, you know, herb is good for food, but not for

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your brain. You know, you don't do that. Ask professional female, I'll tell you, as doctors and people who will and educate about and you about that.

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My brother and sisters, let's abstain from all kinds of all kinds of indecency, adultery, you know, or anything has any any indecent Act, or indecent words, we need to purify our body, our soul, our tongue, our mind, lots abstains from bad manners and to care for one another, be more respectful and loving to our parents, to our relatives, to our neighbors, and to community around us. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah, Allah Han Han, could an end my hope about with anything, without pointing this out, as Allah my last point to my hope today,

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we as a community as a society at large, we're just getting out of a very weird

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period, it's gonna be a judge by history

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for years to come, which is the previous administrations and what is associated with it. And even not focusing on the political aspect of it. But the last four years were tough for us as a country, many things change in our country, the level of lying, the level of respecting humans intelligence, the level of discriminations, racism, the level of indecency, the level of, you know,

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you name it, you know, it's Unbelievable. Unbelievable. And I recognize something, by the way, and I think we all do, I recognize that these nothing new, we had them at certain level, but they will magnify, they have the, you know, the hub biggest microphone in the country, and the biggest media machine in the country, to magnify these things, we should not make that the norm. We should, as a Muslim community, do our role in bringing people to decency, to bringing people back to common sense, to what is to the truth, we should stand for that we understand that what we see and discriminations and racism is something historically exists and systematically exist even in some

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branches and some part of our country and society. But it's about time for us to see how dangerous this can be. It's about time to admit our mistakes, and to say no to racism, no to discriminations, no to live, no, to nonsense. My brothers and sisters, we should not just live for ourselves, but should be live as part of a society and community. We should not tolerate lies after today, by politicians, or by groups or whoever the person, we should elevate the language that when we talk to each others, we should not accept people to put people down or make fun of others. That's not funny. That's not cool. That's not being politically savvy, or being tough. That's bullying. That's bad.

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That should be rejected. That should not be something that we question. We should not ever allow someone to con us allowed someone to deceive and mislead us. While we're realizing that

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we're looking for her immunity, not herd mentality. My brothers and sisters, we should as a community, make sure we spread the message of love, respect, the love and respect for God. The love and respect for religion and the love and respect for morality. Allahu Akbar, Kabira Allahu Akbar Kabira Allahu Akbar wa adyen Allahu Akbar, Allah and ham I

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ask Allah subhanaw taala by his names to accept all our deeds and to forgive our sins and to comfort those who are suffering around the world. And we ask Allah subhana wa dyana to bring an end to this conflict with with that we see around the world specially in the area of Palestine. We ask Allah subhana wa to Allah to bless our parents and to forgive the dead and to grant us happiness in this live and the next alarm. Bell Mina Alomar Hamner still known or unknown a crimina everlywell Idina widely in our karate Nevada we are having an issue Marwan our Tanana Wal

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Mart alohomora Hamilton, Juana de Philistine, Kashmir, we're sorry you have your roof is seen of it. Oh, hang out equally McCann yahaya you along the vertical ineffability now allow me minnesotacare help him into the arena Fianna Allah homosalate minnow Alito Ahmed muslimeen alarm Muslim yado Jelani what economic alarm more Filipino yom Nicola Hi, watch America Lima Tara alhuda and Huck or sallallahu wasallam Americana Nabina Muhammad wa ala Dooku. Mubarak. Maile like said from all of you, and thank you very much was said Mr. De Kumara Mottola and in behalf of Galveston Islamic Center, and clearly Trauma Center. I welcome you to this beautiful location. Enjoy your day, and I'd

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be fun and safe. Have fun