Waleed Basyouni – Our Duties in Times of Weakness and Disputes

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The importance of learning and practicing certain principles in religion to strengthen one's knowledge and knowledge of the Koran is emphasized. It is also important to avoid distraction from social media and avoid mentioning words and phrases that do not belong to one's political groups. The speakers stress the need to create trust in one's position and respect for others, while also reminding them of the history of conflict between India and Pakistan and the importance of creating awareness for their rights.
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In 100, Ella who want to stay in who wanna study he wanna stop hero 102 Bella Himanshu, Rory and fusina men see it I'm Melina Maja de la philomel de la la. Mama you Bill Farah howdy Allahu Allah Allah illallah wa de la sharika wash Sedona Mohammedan Abu or pseudo Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam in LA Mata Sleeman kathira Murat. All praise do you do to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment, either witness at a loss The only one worthy of worship, and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is last

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and final messenger.

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My dear brothers and sisters, there is no doubt that when we look around today, on the level of community or society or as nations here as American Muslims, also as Muslim, we look at the Muslims

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at large, we see that our oma going through one of these times which is hard, where the oma has not as used to be strong. And taking its natural position, as a loss of Hannah data said couldn't to hire our own metal auditor in us, which is a loss of habitat. I said, we have made you the best of Omaha and the best of Omaha, not just because our name or title or ethnicity. Our basically

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this description being the best comes from the state that the oma and that it is in the best. It's a role model. It's a leading nation to other nations. It's a beacon it is basically a light of hope and guidance to others. Rock metal an amine as Allah Subhana Allah said about Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and his oma and also following his teaching as a mercy to mankind. We see weakness in so many areas and dispute and we see that this ummah is not unified as Allah Subhana Allah said, Well, I know how he met to come on. mattawa Haider, this is your nation and this is your Ummah and that should be one and unified. What will be our role as Muslims today

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in regard to this weakness that we see in our own men, our nation as Muslims

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and what can we do to change this situation?

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And do I am I responsible for what's the I'm facing and suffering today? The answer is simple. Yes, we all like one buddy

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the week family or the injustice or that wrong practices than done by some stain the rest we can the rest, as in Nabi Salatu. Salam said, Kevin just said the law had like one body, Allah either steca Bapu esta karasuma v ye the stick original h takamasa. He said, so Salaam, it's like your body. You know, one part of your body hurts, but you see that the rest of your body respond to the pain. And that's how the oma is and realizing this fact is one step toward that change that you see whatever positive change that you do in your own life and in your family's life. And in your communities level. It's one step changing the situation of the Oman state situation of the nation.

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And here are the few points that I want to share today. Number one, it is so important in a time like this that really might remind one another of what Allah Subhana tada order us.

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Well, it does seem to be heavily Lucha Jamia that Allah Subhana Allah order all of us to hold tight to the rope of Allah.

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And it's very interesting. It's like when you say the rope of Allah, it's like, I don't know if you ever been situation like that. I hope not. But let's say you drowning or you see somebody drowning, and you throw a rope to the person. What will the person will do? Well hold so tight to it. You think he will just you know, just to hold like you know, with one hand or just the tip of his fingers? No, he will hold on to that rub very tight, or you hanging on the mountain and you're holding to the rope and if you let it you know it gets a freefall or you will be swept away by the current. You will be holding so strongly to that truth. That what Allah Subhana data auditor us, and

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not individually jemena all of you. There is nobody exempt there is nobody can feel safe.

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When a time of weakness and, and tribulations and confusion that everybody needs to go back to hold into the robe of Allah, what's the rope of Allah? Who a dean of a shadow, it is his religion. It's a Quran and Sunnah. And these are the words that this basically metaphor was

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interpreted with by the early Muslim scholars, or hemo Malala. To add, is to hold to the principles of Sharia, to hold to the teaching of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And to as illusio Rahim, Allah said, Who wouldn't want to see me be heavily law who was in a law before he bought, well must have bought that the one who seek nearness on nearest dollars to be come near to Allah azza wa jal by doing and fulfilling the obligations and doing the recommendations. Allah Subhana Allah said, well may yell at us in Billa faqad hoodia in our setup and misstep in the result of holding tight into the trope that I like guide you in a time of calamity, in a time of confusion in a time of

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weakness than in order for you to strengthen yourself.

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Holding into the robe of philosophy, Pentagon and our time today means many points. One of the most important point to be pointed out today is the importance for all of us, regardless of your age, if your gender if your level of education is to make sure that you have good understanding of your religion, to seek and to seek knowledge. I Rahim Allah I've lived in robotic. He is one of the great scholars among if you want to call him among the successors, he will be among the youngest among them. He said rahima Whoa, la la la palabra de la la

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medicina de la giant Karna at Alamo Atlas river alumnus. He said if I was asked if you would have, you know, if you die, then you brought back to life. Why would you go back to do he said to seek knowledge and to teach the knowledge.

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And that's a great Imam Rahim Allah tada Miranda Jebel

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who may be so solemn said cardiac demilune ama to a hedge of use.

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He's the head of all the scholars and

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he said the only thing that make me love to live longer in this life is to be able to learn more knowledge of the Koran and send and Shia

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that's the that's basically the main reason for him that he would love to live longer. So you will be able to go and seek more knowledge unfortunately with all what we see happening around us Muslims by the day it basically became more ignorant of their Deen more ignorant of the principles of their Deen of their to hate of their Akita

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you will hear things that amazed amazed me How can things and I'm not talking about someone who became Muslim a week ago talking about people who all live Muslims and simple principles simple you know things in Sharia either a basically people don't know about it, which is bad, but I can live with that. But what's worse than that, that those people so easily to shake the foundations anyone say any nonsense thing on YouTube or in a you know, in a post, he willing to shake your foundation, shake things that it is part of your principle of faith and Eman and practicing over the Philip COVID is now

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that's why it is so important for us to Revival the concept of learning and ask yourself how much time how much effort how much basically even money that you put in seeking knowledge. Knowledge is not going to come just because your last name is Mohammed or your last name is Han or your last name is Odie. Your first name is Abdullah. Now let's call him in the middle and move in tandem. l knowledge is by seeking knowledge. And he know that we are very educated community. But I would love to see as we are educated in our career and area. I would like to see us also educated on religion.

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And maybe I share with you the story of this simple fisherman who was like having a boat and he has like a fishing trip with three arrogant professors. Ah one of them saw showing off one of them said, Oh, I'm professor in chemistry, and the other one in physics and the third one, he said he's a professor

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And biology and everybody showing off and talk about their degrees of blah, blah, blah. Anyway, whatever reason the start of the boat starts sinking. And this Yeah, and is simple fisherman doesn't know much about anything of this things that he thought he talked about. So when it starts sinking, because he kept asking, do you know this? Do you know that? He said, No, I'd never heard of it. So when the boat starts thinking, he said, Do you know how to swim?

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They said, No, is it good luck, let your physics and biology and chemistry help you.

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What I'm saying here, are as one knowledge will save you in your grave,

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which is an Billa your knowledge of a lot your knowledge of your deen your knowledge of Mohammed salatu salam.

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And that's where the boat sink. So make sure that you spend time and effort to learn. It's a shame that I'm a Muslim all my life, and I can't read the Quran.

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I can't understand it. I can't relate to it.

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And then don't put any effort. That's the shame, the shame that I don't put effort towards it.

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Also, among the thing that has to do with holding into the, the the habit of law, so again, in these days, and this time, it is so important for us to focus on the principles

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and to focus on the things that's so clear in the religion. On the main things, I don't think it is, we have the luxury to put our focus on things which is controversial. With things which is considered a secondary use issues. We don't have anything not important in Islam. But definitely we have things are more important than others, noted internet, Islam, * Muslim, lack an internet, a ham woman, I do believe in our time today, it is so important to focus on these principles, foundations, and investments. And I'll say among the most important principle that we should focus on the appeal of the Muslim, the to hate the issue of, you know, the principles of a

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man. These are things today, we might be some think that we take it for granted. But even if you do your children or not,

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it's so easy for them for their face to be shaved. It is so important that we focus on in my cam, when he said with the shop me that I can that principles and the rules that is well established so clear, because there's so many fittings.

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And it seemed to me that holding to the robe of Allah means holding also unfollowing them I had a sinner, the scars who follow the sinner who follow the tradition of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and his companions.

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I do believe that we have to be extra sensitive in this modern days towards innovations and better.

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Why? Because people so receptive. Any bidder either is minor or major, but in our time because of the ignorance, just a minor small one can easily magnify it can easily multiply it can easily be basically lead to one and three and four, and you end up very far away from the religion. Because you don't have any resistance. You don't have any education or anything that you know will keep that you're not going to be going too far.

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So it is so important that we have extra even sensitivity, in my opinion, towards anything has to do with bigger and innovations and religion. And to keep it on the side. Let me stick to the principles and simple way of Islam. Not to complicate the religion.

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Also, anything that's its introduce, you know, a change into the core message of Islam under the banner of modernizing Islam, americanizing Islam, westernizing, Islam, 21st century Islam, you know, all these titles, so, I'm not saying that's all wrong.

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Some of these things has definitely correct points. But my point is, in this time, in this stage of the oma, it is so dangerous to be exposed to stuff like that, unless it is handled definitely by people while stablishing Sharia otherwise you will have many versions of Islam.

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Another duty that we should always remember is in such time, we try to eliminate anything can lead to split in our community, in our society in our own we should not magnifier or put fuel to anything that's Korea.

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dispute and disagreement and disunity among the our among our community in our nation will allow our sudah one our tenors that

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do not fight one another, do not, you know,

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dispute with one another in a way that it will lead to separation will lead to basically dividing The Omen to the community into the nation. That's not diversity

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as fighting one another, diversity is a strength. But finding one another losing losing, lose lose situation is a weakness is not a winning. One are takuna Kela. Deena tarraco telefoon member, the manager will be not what will that he can adapt one of him adapt one of the input dunya billfishing fish and we'll see why that was a lien from Allah subhanaw taala threaten that the result of dispute and division is a great punishment. And that's applied to the dunya before the ARCA to this life before the next anything that can divide us racially Oh, this is Arabs, this is back stani this is Bengali This is no Turkish This is all these basically

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calls to refer people have identified you by their ethnicity is unacceptable. Oh, white people, white people, black people, Latinos, all these types of talk and way of talking as if all black people are all white people black or all Latinos that are all Arab this are all in this kind of language should be eliminated. We should not allow it to have a place in our community.

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And we should not you know tolerate such thing.

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Also, this

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anything that it can divide us like, you know, an intima and his Bill mcpeet, Sawa and CRC. Without Dini, you when you consider yourself parts of cults, or a group that this group will see itself separate itself from the rest of the oma is unacceptable politically. And that's something interesting to see. Chef Java shudras once said something interesting. He said something that he noticed among activist Muslims. He said the activist Muslims, sometimes they forget that they are activist Muslims and the word Muslim suffer. It's a description to distinguish what kind of activist you are. So he said they act like any activists. So for example, if you have a Muslims who belong to

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one particular political group, he will be with this group 100% right or wrong, became like the jelly days. You know, in the old days when you have a tribe, it doesn't matter your tribe right or wrong. I am with this tribe. And it became like that doesn't matter though. If he does the right thing if he prays if he makes the right thing he's wrong because he's not from my political group.

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That's unacceptable. That's a division in the oma

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and division in any weaken any nation.

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Also, when it is, you know, because I belong to certain dour groups or or movement, it doesn't mean that I don't recognize the others doesn't mean that I completely x and exclude the others.

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It doesn't mean because I follow religiously a certain method or opinion. So I curse every other method. And I started dividing the oma into those. We are in a good situation now, but we're not far away 100 years ago,

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a little bit than 100, maybe 110 or 20.

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in Mecca we used to have 40 imams for a van for Juma

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in Mecca

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not include Academic Center,

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and muck and heroin.

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They don't pray behind each other.

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The oma can easily fall into that trap again, if we don't be careful how we deal with these hit f5 what it means to be part of a method or a group or a tower or an institute or whatever organization you belong, you always remember this our means never were goals.

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Also, that's lead that it is so important if we want to eliminate dispute and division among our own, that we should not take me versus you.

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We should think about me and you.

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It's not my

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Way over the highway. It's I'm 100% wrong and 100%. Right, right. Or I'm right. 100%. And you're 100% wrong. No, like what to Shafi said, I do believe I have the correct opinion. And I might be wrong. And I do believe that you did not. What are you saying is not something I believe is correct, but you might be right.

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And we can live with that, man, just less this week, I was teaching in the main center, and somebody was after Salah asked me questions about a specific issue, which is I do believe it's been intelligent. But I said, I think it's not allowed to be practiced, and it is wrong. But I recognize that those who practice it, I will never attack them or never saw you are wrong, or you're out of our mood, or anything, but I think that's a long practice. And I might advise you about it. But still, that's it will take 10 seconds for me to make a comment, and I'm happy. You know, I'm not be part of it, but I'm not gonna, you know, enforce my opinion in you. And somebody gets like he has

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his opinion has to be the conductor, I have to say it's correct. Now, just recognize that it is not correct. It doesn't mean not recognizing you.

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Don't be too stubborn that your opinion has to be correct. You take your position, because also in the other hand is not right, that everything is correct. We don't have anything it's allowed on either side, it's allowed or not a lot. But even if you take a position, you have to be considerate of others. You have to be respectful of others, you have to show acceptance for others, you're not judging people you do your best that he's doing his best. And there are so many other areas when you we can work together.

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A third point that I want to mention it is so important in such time and no album has not been Billa it is so important that we have trust in Allah

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It's so

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that sometimes I feel that there is some people believe in you doing a youth Fionnuala he be a fly him, actor, men will lahoma to munari

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there is people put so much focus on what Allah said but they try to take away the lights of Allah. But he forgets or she forgets the end of the verse what our last one I said Allah will make his new his light prevail

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some people so much they make it so big you keep doing a Qaeda but a mecca lately when the plot against you, they hate you they do this and he sees is so big, but in the same time he seemed so small what Allah said in the other side when he said and I plot against them, and I will mislead them and I will protect you and a salami Kevin

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Why don't we see these verses as well as a source of tranquility and peace and trust in Allah subhana wa tada that his religion is also protected by him you're not going to have more jealous and more care and more love of the religion more than Allah for his religion

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in the deen in the other direction Eva me I was panicked Allah protect this religion, all what we try and to be to be just a tool as a means of making sure that this religion is protected. What are the law Hola, Dina. Amen. Amen. Kumamoto sunny hat. Let's definitely phenom. Phil camasta halophila Dean, I'm in public him. What are you MacKinnon Dina homi Leger Tabata home What do you

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do for him now? Yeah be doing any live Shrek una bisha woman cassava Danica homosassa *. Allah made a promise on these verses, that he will replace your fear with safety and security. And he will give you a stick laugh, which is means power on earth.

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When you read the moon allatheena stupid when

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I asked the last panel to add to any cool our eyes with,

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with seeing such a result and fruit and promise that the Las panatela have made for us and to make us among those who contribute to such things to seek to be to be part of promoting justice and freedom and, and goodness and morality and, and high standard of living that allows us us to be tool to make things happen. Make things make these things happen. Our society and our nations and our community. Follow Masato mostofa rolandi local stuff

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hamdulillah salat wa salam Ala Moana Viva La

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I would like to use whatever two minutes left for me in this hotbar.

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And to just highlight something that a lot of people don't know much about it because not many people speak about it, which is the issue of Kashmir.

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As you all heard what's happening in Kashmir with the Indian government changing, you know, their position and the law that establish in the 60s or the 50s. Actually, where are they give some type of independence to Kashmiri to rule themselves, and to have, except in three areas, the defense, the foreign ministry, and in the communication that they are basically oversight by the Indian government. But other than that, there's a lot of rules and regulations for the Kashmiris to maintain their independence, their ethnicities. Kashmir may be nuts, filled with natural resources for India, especially maybe more to Pakistan, because its oversight, the main three rivers that go

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to the country, but it is a very strategic place. And that's what the reason the British before the basically appointed a Maharajah or ruling Prince to rule Kashmir, and to make sure that this would be a loyal entity to them to oppose that Russian and the Chinese emperors at that time, and to maintain strength. So it's a defense, basically, it was a defense point for them. And the same thing for India considered a very strategic place. Kashmir,

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which is started with a Buddhist, you know, mainly a land, then Hindus for about three centuries. But for five centuries,

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it became a Muslim country, and a Muslim land. for 500 years, Muslims were in three different dynasties ruled over Kashmir.

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Then, by the end of the colonization of England, there were a dispute over that, basically, region, and they're the splits of Pakistan and India. And that's not a political history, you can read the global research about that. But my point was, it's interesting to know the word three states, they were thinking about being independent from India at that time, and going towards Pakistan, one majority of the people in two of these states, were not Muslims, Hindus, but the rulers were Muslims, one of them Hyderabad. And guess what? And this time, and yes, it now the majority of the people are Hindus cannot go to that Pakistan, or to the east side of India. But we Kashmir, which is

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majority Muslims, more than 65% of them Muslims, but the ruler was not a Muslim. They said no, no, they change basically their position. They said, Now since he's the ruler, he is the basically the leader is Stay with us. And since then many words took place, the famous one in 1971 72. And it's been a very * conflict and became very dangerous, because both countries are what one fifth of the population of the world of the parts of the world. It is a two nuclear powers. It's two great, you know, power in that region in South India. But a lot of people also don't know that part of Kashmir is occupied by China.

00:28:39 --> 00:28:49

Chinese actually in the 80s came, they stepped down and just took the North off of Kashmir. And there is another crisis there, but you don't hear about it a lot.

00:28:50 --> 00:28:52

Yet, so.

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Kashmir is conflict is very complicated. And it's not due right to give it a few seconds. But what I want you to be aware that there is a lot of people they're suffering for years and years and years, you know, they were asking for permanency, basically to be able to and that's something promised by the United Nations, which has never was implemented. But the new things now, which is so important for us to understand that all this through all this time, Kashmir maintain the majority of Muslims and one of the reasons for that, because they maintain their ethnicity as only Kashmiri can own land on homes and houses there. But with this new rules, you know what, now you can doesn't matter where

00:29:35 --> 00:29:45

you're from, you can go by the land, and we will create another, you know, basically crisis other than the Middle East will have now in the South

00:29:46 --> 00:29:53

Asia, working easily the demographic of the country change. And that's something really

00:29:54 --> 00:29:59

political and also for us as Muslim we feel we're worried about the oppression

00:30:00 --> 00:30:14

There's nothing to start yet and they're not allowed to speak to gather. And when the allow them even for ended up under a very strict rules, what do you think will happen tomorrow and the history have reserved for us a very *

00:30:16 --> 00:30:48

I do believe also that such conflict is the best environment for which has already been happening for years, the growth of terrorist organizations and you know, people who use wrong means for good cause or right cause or just cause but because this has been the case with these type of groups. So, it is important for us as Muslims that we care about that part of the world, Muslims lived in harmony with Hindus with Buddhist with see for hundreds of years.

00:30:49 --> 00:31:37

And we want this to continue. But as Muslims, we are so disturbed. But what the new government of India is doing today. And it's not only in Kashmir, but in many other areas as well. So that's why I hope that at least we create a sense of awareness about the issue. And we know about read about it, we make it out for our brothers and sister see what can we do to contribute to it, we're a great nation, America is a nation that have influence on on others, and they hope that we, through many organization work on town and nationally, that you can have a role to voice the concern that you have as Muslim for what's happening there. And also to make sure that you include them in your app.

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And may Allah Subhana Allah give them safety and give the people of Kashmir a safety and guide the leaders of the countries around them to do the right thing that the the just thing and we asked also the leader of the world is to stand up for those who are oppressed for the people of marginalized people who have no loud voice and we asked our last panel to Allah to improve the state of our own man, the state of our community, the state of our country as well. I asked last pantalon yellowfin tuna hola como homina yaku is no yakata potty Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad, Allah ma Valentina, Valentina. Alina

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solomo Selena Vina Mohammed Omar

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