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When is the Hour? | Friday Khutbah | Jan 18st, 2018 | Sh. Abdullah Hakim Quick | Islamic Institute of Toronto

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The importance of trustworthiness and faithfulness is emphasized in difficult situations, as it is crucial for personal success. The Herod of Manna, a central characteristic of the Prophet hood, is also emphasized. It is also important to avoid false accusations and avoid false false arguments during the time of the year. It is also important to remember Allah's teachings and remember the importance of practical advice.

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100 la hora de la the mean.

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Edwin La ilaha illallah wa de Sala he was shadow under Mohammed Abu what a Zulu Hata Milan BIA, he will mousseline Allahumma salli, wa sallam, other Abdi cavada seleka Muhammad wa ala alihi wa was happy woman da da da what he was telling me suniti illa Yomi Deen Salaam Sleeman kathira Amar bad for SQL will not see the top of Allah azza wa jal for some evil.

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While you're cool hug suparna I was a biller administrate on a regime. Yeah, I do. Hello Medina, Armando, taco la workqueue numa sotp.

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All praises are due to Allah, Lord of the worlds.

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And surely Allah is the friend and protector of the righteous.

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And I've been witnessed alaris one, and has no partners and dead Mohammed, the son of Abdullah is a servant, his last messenger, the seal of the Prophet hood, may Allah always constantly send peace and blessings to Mohammed, to his family, to his companions to all those who called his way and establishes sooner to the Day of Judgment. As to what follows I begin by reminding myself reminding you of the critical importance of taqwa, the consciousness of God.

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The fear in the punishment of Allah, but the hope in the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that taqwa will shield us

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if we culture this into our lives, that all the decisions we are making. The projections we have for the future, are connected with our understanding of our relationship with the Creator of the heavens in the earth.

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And in these confusing times, that we are living in,

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with the rise of mass media,

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the deception that is going on the so called fake news. It is difficult sometimes for people to know what is true and what is false.

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And so also part of what Allah has given us, divine device advice, in telling us and informing us are you who believe, have the consciousness of Allah,

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and be with Assad to pin, the truthful.

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And the Saudis in are those who are truthful not only in their words, but they believe in what they are saying. They don't just say to say,

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and they implement these words into their life.

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So the solder is the one whose words translate into actions. And this is so critical for us in the times that we are living in, when we are in an age of advanced information.

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We're information numbers, sight, sound, constantly bombarding our minds. And in many cases, this information is this information. It is given to us so that we won't really understand what is going on.

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And so in these times, a said truthfulness,

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complete trustworthiness is a crucial factor in our lives. And we need to culture this in ourself, and try as much as we can to be around people who do what they say,

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who hold to their words,

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and our beloved Prophet Mohammed Sol sallam. He was an example of this for us and he gave us living proof of the importance of truthfulness, trustworthiness, and how critical it would be in the times that we are actually living in right now.

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And it is said in authentic tradition.

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That one day Prophet Muhammad Sal Salah

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was sitting in a measureless he was at a gathering of people, and he was speaking to the people

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and a better one Arab came in that lobby. He came in and the Bedouin Arabs are very straightforward.

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With their words, not having conventions and etiquettes of other people and he came right in. And he said to the Prophet Sal, Salaam matassa.

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When is the hour?

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When is the last day?

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So this is a serious question. When is the day of judgment

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in the Prophet Muhammad so seldom, as reported, continued to talk to the people in the modulus.

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Those who saw this had different opinions Some said that maybe he didn't respond to the bedroom because he hated this question. He didn't like this question. Others said no. Maybe he didn't hear

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what the person actually said.

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And the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him continue till he finished his discussion. And then he turned and he said Where is the questioner?

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And the bedroom came

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and the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him said to this person

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that if trust is lost, either do II at Amana fantabulous Ah, he said that if Amana trust is lost, then wait for the hour. Now the words you will be close to their judgment.

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But the better when continued k for a DA to her. He said How will this be lost? And the prophet SAW suddenly respond and said either Lucy del amo la Li fantabulous Ah,

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if authority is given to people who are not suitable for it,

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then wait for the hour.

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Now the words that day of judgment would be very close.

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And in this the prophets of Salaam Not only is prophesied when the day of judgment will come, but also he is teaching us and warning us about this characteristic of Amanda.

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And Amanda is a very crucial word it is many times translated as trust, but it has deeper meanings. A manner can mean reliability,

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trustworthiness, faithfulness,

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and confidence. These are important characteristics. So the prophet SAW Selim is saying if these things are lost, integrity, reliability, honesty, trustworthiness, then you'll be right before the day of judgment. So try to avoid try to stay out of this.

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And this Amanda is so important that from the same verb, comes the word el amin

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lF meme unknown, el amin, and the prophet SAW, Selim was known even before the message, as I mean. So this is a central characteristic of the Prophet hood. And it's a central characteristic of the true believers, to the Day of Judgment. When we hear

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we say our mean, that's the same verb.

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we certify this.

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We believe in this. We trust this.

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And we ask a lot to accept this. So this concept of America is a crucial concept throughout our lives. Can these times we can see with deception on the rise, and when not sure we listen to the news. Is it true or is it not true?

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We listen sometimes even to our friends. And we question Did he tell the truth or not?

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This loss of a manner has reached all levels within our society. And it is critical for us

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to do a type of

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spiritual housekeeping, a housecleaning

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to spiritually clean ourselves.

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Our concept of Islam

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the very direction that we are going in. So we are not caught in any extremes.

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And we are not caught in a situation

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of insincerity.

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So one of the crucial parts of Amanda

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Is sincerity. If the person is sincere,

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that trust is there, then there is a relationship. If there is no trust,

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there is no friendship.

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If there is no trust, there is no marriage between husband and wife, if they can't trust each other, if there is no trust, then there is no relationship, in a Masjid with the leadership, or in a community or in a country with its leadership.

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So this balanced understanding this sincerity is critical for us. And at this time of the year, that many people still believe is the new year. But it's actually not the New Year.

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Because we are not in spring season when a new season comes. We're in the dead of the winter.

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March is when it really happens. So this is the month of Janice,

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that the Romans designated as the two faced hypocrites.

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One face is spiritual, and the other face materialism.

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And so hypocrisy. So in this month of Janice, we need to do a spiritual housecleaning.

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And for this Allah subhanaw taala has blessed us with luminaries with people who shone the light that came from Allah azza wa jal, and through His Beloved Prophet Mohammed alayhi salaatu wa Salaam.

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From these luminaries was one

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whose designation

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was like no other scholar, maybe in the history of Islam.

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And this scholar

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whose name was Abul Fadl, Abu Fadel. She happened Dean, Abul abas, Ahmed Eben Ahmed, Ibn Mohammed Ibn Isa, Al bodensee, el fassi, Allah roof bc the admin zeldo.

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This great scholar from the city of face in Morocco, who was known as Artemisia Roop

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was one of those great scholars that Allah subhanaw taala blessed who could deliver his message in a powerful way with a few words.

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So I want to share with you his thoughts

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that we do a spiritual housecleaning with ourselves at this critical point.

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I've met de rukh Rahim Allah was born on Thursday 1426 ad 1426.

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He was born on Thursday, and his mother died on Saturday.

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And the next Tuesday, his father died.

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So he was raised by his grandmother, see the importance of the mother and the grandmother.

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His grandmother was a woman by Albanian alpha t Ha.

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They know they knew her as a scholar of Islam.

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And so she took the child

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and she trained the child. And by 10 years old, he had memorized the core and

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then he had a solid base in Islamic knowledge. And then he was turned over to the Lama.

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And he spent the rest of his life learning and then teaching.

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Till he reached the point where he was given the title more tested. Allah Allah ma was early on.

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He was the quality control manager

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of the scholars and the spiritual ones, the SU fees. These are what today for us as extremes.

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He was the pinnacle on all sides. He was the pinnacle of knowledge in the Maliki fick.

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And he would make sure that the Obama had spirituality because many times the old Ummah, lose their spirituality, they just look at the book and give you the Hadith, but they don't have the spirit of that.

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And he went to the Sophie's who put him on the top level. And he made sure that they stayed within the limit of Sharia

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that they would not go outside.

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Islamic law and so he was given this title and given this unbelievable respect.

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And in one of his texts that is a deep text and I will give you the main points that we think about this Some of it may affect our lives.

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And the senior tokar Cafe the man has a whole lot.

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He gave a complete advice.

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And he quoted from the Prophet Sal Sal the dino naziha

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kona lieben Yara Sula, la columella he will lead assumedly he will he will he kitabi he will the amateur Muslim muslimeen Mufasa. He quoted from the Prophet so seldom when he The Prophet said,

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religion is sincerity.

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That's the word sincerity. And they said for who? Or messenger Allah and he said your sincerity is for Allah for his messenger for his book for the general body of Muslims, and the leadership.

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Now, this is a worldview. This gives you a complete picture and we need this now. We need something to stabilize ourselves and see the Ahmed Rahim Allah. He said, What is sincere sincerity to Allah? Allah see how lilla

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you may know sincerely not see her as advice.

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But there's more meaning to nothing. How can you give advice to Allah? No.

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It's sincerity to Allah.

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And so he said sincerity to Allah is it about it's about our many he was Dini he was tasleem they hooked me

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that you follow Allah commands

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and that you aid his religion.

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And that you submit to Allah cause judgments. This is sincerity to Allah is not just saying Allahu Akbar, there's more to it. If we say Allahu Akbar, we have to follow just like when we make salad, and the Imam says Allahu Akbar, and he goes down, we all have to go down. You can't say, Well, my opinion is, I'm going to stand up.

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No, you follow, allows commands.

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And we aid the religion of Allah. In that sense, we take steps to preserve the religion, preserve the master, give to those who are striving, and we call to the good and we forbid evil. And we submit to Allah judgment.

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If a lot judges and Wills that somebody would die,

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we don't question a lot we take we say in the law, he were in LA where do we come from Allah we returned to Allah Submit.

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But those things that we can we have power over. Then we submit to the will of Allah. If Allah has blessed us with wealth, we show gratitude and we give back.

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If we are in a test if we are doing wrong, we make Toba number two on the Sega

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Lisa Sue Lee, how are we sincere to the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him? See the admins Rahim Allah Allah said it kromm kerrobert karate, when it's bad, so naughty, he was Shaka Allah Almighty.

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He said you are sincere to the messenger by

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giving respect to his family.

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And by following his Sunnah, that sincerity to the Prophet, follow his Sunnah and have compassion on his Roomba.

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So if there are Muslim suffering in China, Muslim suffering and Philistine wherever it is, we have to feel this a chef aka Allah Almighty. Number three. How are we sincere to the book of Allah? Sidi Ahmed Rahim Allah said tahseen tilawat he was the doctor it was

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that we read it with beautiful Tajweed. We think about what we are reading and we follow the commands.

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Next, how are you sincere to the general body of the Muslims, you defend their honor.

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You establish the limits

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and you come to their assistance. If they are calling out come to their senses, assistance. This is sincerity. And finally the leadership. How are you sincere to leadership CDR met with his penetrating mind

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he broke

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The leaders into three paths Amara, or dharma.

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And for Parag,

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he said your leaders are the oma dm is. These are your presidents, these are your princes with power. And see the Ahmed said, you follow them as long as they obey Allah.

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If they obey Allah, you will obey them.

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But if they do not obey Allah and he quoted the Prophet Latta, Alma fluke fimasartan, Holic, you do not obey the creation when the creation disobey Allah, how it is said with the other man with the other man, you should confirm what they say. But the condition is, as long as the olema have proof, they must show you proof.

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And finally, the spiritual ones many call themselves to Southworth. He said, you as you accept them, as long as they stay within shadia. If they go outside the limits of Islam, don't follow them. This is a man who was on the highest level of spirituality. Don't follow them, if they're outside of the law of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And so we are so much in need of this wisdom. And I leave you finally with some of the wisdom of Omar Abdullah Katara de la one. And we are so much in need of wise statements to affect our lives, and it is attributed to him. I have never regretted my silence. As for my speech, I have regretted it many times.

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And then he said, rhodiola one, the less attachment to the world, the easier is your life.

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And then he said rhodiola one, remind yourself of Allah, for it is a cure.

00:22:03--> 00:22:08

Do not remind yourselves of people, for it is a disease.

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And then he said rhodiola hawan A man should be like a child with his wife. But if she needs him, he should act like a man.

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May Allah subhanaw taala give us this wisdom. May Allah subhanaw taala purify our hearts and give us sincerity. In these critical confusing times, are colloquially held well stocked for lolly welcome, Melissa in a Muslim medium in Kuala Lumpur istockphoto in Nauvoo.