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In the hamdulillah Hinata, who want to stay in who wanna study he wanna Stouffer ohana Bella Himanshu rhodium Pacino Mensa, Tia Melina Maria de la who Fernando De La Hoya you will further ahead era who are shadow Allah Allah Allah Allahu la sharika wash. Mohammed Abu hora pseudo Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallim ala hamata Sleeman kathira all praise Do you to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that was the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his

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last and final messenger.

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My brothers and sisters, one of the greatest blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon us is the blessings of guidance on Allah subhanaw taala many times in the Quran tells us about this blessings. And he said subhana wa tada Yama noona alikhan Assalamu culatta minoura Islamic kamberi La Jolla mundo la caminhada community a man in quantum sadiya team, Allah is the one who has the favor upon you by guiding you to Eman to faith. Work and article hanaa la Kuru Hammond Marina ma contento de melki tabula Li man, what I can jalna who neuron na de Manisha mini minivan Idina are in Nicoletta de la serata Mr. Hakim, Allah subhanho wa Taala said we have sent to you and Mohammed, a revelation

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from us you didn't know what is Al Kitab. You didn't know what is faith before. But we have given you we the one who guided you to this light, we have guided you to this revelation. Also Allah subhanaw taala among the earliest verses in the Quran, he said to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or whatever the Kabbalah hada he found you, no confuse, he found you searching

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couldn't find your way couldn't recognize your way.

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And Allah Subhana Allah guided you and so many verses like this, did in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said one stone unsought. An image into como la hobo lol and fetida can be didn't Allah Subhana Allah find you all misguided then he guided you through me

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and this Nima, the blessing of guidance, it does not stop at one form or manifested in one scenario in your life. It continues with you all your life in many aspects of your life. Until you intergender and let me summarize this concept in three words, that assets are more until he died I

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know it remembered contemplate on it. Three points. Allah He Daya to Isla Perea that Allah guide you to the straight path guide you to the path of Islam.

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Well, he Daya to fit Perea that Allah guide you while you're in that straight path.

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guide you while you are in the path, and the road thummell hedaya to ilani Hayato Perea then Allah guide you until the end of the road.

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These are three concepts. summarize the concept of hedaya summarize the concept of guidance and the morality the levels of guidance that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah guide you to the

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path or to the road or to the robe of Islam, to the way of Allah subhana wa tada Lola will la Hello will Allahumma Dana y la tasa de now what a Celina wasn't for Allah would not be guided wouldn't know what the Sunnah, what is fasting? How many around you people don't know what Juma prayer is how many people around you don't know what is Islam is who's Allah is or who's Mohammed Salim is or what is an or what is an Islam

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for and Zealand Sakina tener la now with a bit of Dharma in la pagina

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the guidance to Aslan Islam to Allah guide you to be a Muslim that's in itself a great blessings.

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And a great thing that Allah Subhana Allah have provided you with

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karlyn w sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, LEM Mattila in DOS and satara Baha

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dose disobeyed its Lord. So pray for them. in Ibiza Salam said, Allah who met the dose to be him, yeah Allah guide dose and bring them to Islam and they were surely guided. So he guides you to the slot to the way of philosophy. Then when you enter Islam, there is another type of guidance. Another type of guidance is what he does in Islam. After you be a Muslim and you accept Islam, Allah Subhana Allah guided you in this road and your journey to so many things. One of them there are lots of Hana data guide you to follow the sin of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam

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that Allah Subhana Allah will guide you to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and many people will enter Islam and they will not follow the footsteps of Mohammed Salah. They will worship Allah subhanaw taala according to their desires according to innovations VEDA you name it, but almost rather than a guide people to follow the Sunnah of the prophet SAW Salah that's why it's been said in a minute Mattila and Jimmy the Islam, one had a theory that in a sec and you saw him sooner. It's one of the great blessings of on upon the person who enter Islam or the person who stopped practicing Islam, to practice it and to enter according to the way of the Sunnah, to the

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way of that when Mohammed Salah Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam. Among the guidance in the road while you are on the road,

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is an indica la Hill in Napa and I'm an assignee that Allah guide you to beneficial knowledge and to righteous deeds. There is a lot of people who will not be guided to beneficial knowledge, they will waste their time and their effort and knowledge that there is no benefit of look at, for example, the philosophers in Islam. And I mean by the one who mix theology with philosophy, and philosophy is an ambiguous word because I am, I have my major, my, you know, after graduate in philosophy, and I understand the concept and philosophy as a bigger concept, but what I'm talking about using wrong methods to recognize God, which is a lot of philosopher debt, one of those people who entered

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theology and a sort of looking and searching and knowing about a lot through that method, he would say, I spend all my lives collecting all this knowledge, and in the end, I can tell you, all what I collected Caleb upon, had a ton of heresy.

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Arise he said that he said, I collected just he said, he said,

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you know, Eleazar he spent most of his time in the beginning of his time far away from the Sunnah of the prophet SAW Solomon the Hadith, until Allah Subhana Allah guided him in the end Can you imagine of that person and his intelligence and his beautiful work if you from the beginning

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was searching for the beneficial knowledge?

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hetero Islam or a gym and who fee work to mineral part in a Makita aroma Jean lemmya

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such social Buhari What if Sahil Buhari

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it when he wrote his book ahead there isn't this man didn't know what it is.

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So here we say that guiding you to a beneficial knowledge is another is another thing and somehow like you don't know how I like it to this I share with you an interesting story

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there is a man his name Alka phallus surreal ultra family and the listener a fan. A fan is the one who makes no

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luck locks Okay, you know so this person who makes locks and fixed locks has named a bucket a fan and model was he the junior one there is another a fan lived in his time who was senior very older and much older than him. So the younger one has no interest in

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he was a very good man and making these locks and we managed in the old days like over 1000 years ago. Making a lock is like you know something of value and it's worth good money and people really appreciate the skill. So this man hurt of another person his name a file a Shashi. This the older one son aka Flan was no danach

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he made a lock and that lock was so amazing because it was heavy and big.

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Let's say it the weight of it. It's like let's say 10 ounces. Wow 10 ounces. No lock. So our men the younger man, he said I'm a better person than him I'm a better you know a lock maker than him from Santa Allah He was new soldier any son of our hidden was no password. Yeah, and he let's say a pound

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10 ounces versus a pound and it was an amazing thing at that time to make a lock that you know whether like a pound and it was like big and beautiful and a masterpiece. Well,

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nobody cared for it. And everybody talks about how amazing oh my god 10 ounces. You know

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luck. any sense of how long is 10 ounce album pound I'm a much more like almost to double the size of the other one

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for Tila Jada, in LA so it's not the Lockwood made its famous in Elmo had an amount of shush is that verse is a scholar

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is a knowledgeable person because he's a scholar, and he does this on the site to make money to spend on his family. That what made his work famous. So our man decided to start seeking knowledge. Can little Anna back that time was 40 years old, can urbane center

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your call jealous Alba insana, je

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la foto Kubina

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la hostel, one a hostile

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and he

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kind of

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he said the basic Arabic I don't understand because he's not from the Arab country the time he was north of Iran in Iran area north of Iran. So he is not familiar with the Arabic language is Arabic was so bad that he said the basic Arabic I don't understand are the pronouns how it works men, he she, they He mixed between them.

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So he said, and I was 14 years like this ignorant. And at that moment, I decided to start not seeking knowledge. And for the next 40 years of his life, he became one of the most recognizable scholar in the shaft. today. If you today, Sir shaffir if he is among the top five or 10 people in the cafe felt

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Ashton insana, he died in the age of 90 or himolla 40 years ignorant and 40 years scholar and a student of knowledge, what guided him. It was that incident, Allah open his heart to basically learn that out.

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So this is another blessing. where Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to guide you to a beneficial knowledge guide you to a beneficial actions guided you to love the Quran to be involved it to love salata, jamara, Allah Subhana Allah love, guide you to donate love to donate to help, and Soho Allah guide you to understand the religion and to practice it. Allah subhanaw taala also part of the guidance to guide you while you're on this path is to guide you to repentance. Every time you send, you've been guided to repent. There's a lot of people they send them they don't think about repentance, they even forgot their sense. They don't remember what they have done wrong. But there

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is people are lost with an old guide their hearts to go back and almost like guide them to repentance before they die, guide them to change the course of their life as they come closer to the end of their life. lived very different life in their youth, but almost like guide them in the end at something from a las panatela and that's the guidance while you're on that path and that road, malice carrot Allah to guide all of us, according to Mostafa Romani, welcome

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then the guidance to the end of the road

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the guidance to the gates of Paradise

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the guidance to stay on this course until you die

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about Allah that Allah give you stood fast as in the beast of Salaam said to a man when he said yes Allah give me an advice. He said, say amen to be less mistaken. Say I believe in a lot faster.

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That's the last one. I'll give you that guidance to stay always in the course. No changing no flipping

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Know, you know, a changing the course of your life.

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That's in itself a great a great blessings. We know or we heard we've seen in our life, people used to be with us. People used to be, you know, very active, very religious. And I also believe he left the religion.

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People wrote books, like Abdullah have assumed me the famous men who about about 100 years ago, he wrote a book, and they said, Heather keytab, Mahara infigen. This is the Dory for offshore oil in agenda, or how the book was very famous.

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And he ended up lifting, leaving Islam and became atheist include Islam.

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That's the bat that net method, Allah guided to the end of the road, it's a great thing.

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That's why the people in general would say, will say Alhamdulillah. And they said, Allah he had done and he had

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done a lot. It's a lot of the one who got us to be here in general, in this particular place.

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This is something we should all keep an eye on it. And I would say, my brothers and sisters, that the guidance of Allah does not stop at this area, which is the religious area, which is I think it's so important. And now you understand why you say every time when you pray, a dinner Serato Mr. yarby Guide to the Serato stocking why I'm Muslim, I'm praying so why audibly guide me, you guide you to know more about Islam to give you that open the gates of knowledge, beneficial knowledge and beneficial action, to guide you to steadfast and to stay in this path until you meet Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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But also, there is another type of guidance, which is the guidance that is related to the worldly matters. Allah decree moroka dunya.

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And it's an amazing thing that are like guide you to things to discover things, those who discover medicines, those who discover machines, those will discover at you know, almost to guide you to put the right trade in I remember some people were making fun of Bitcoin, and I know a guy who made a millions of bitcoins, how on earth Allah obon Turman, he made it and he sold in the right time, somebody Allah guide him to start the business when there is nobody interested. You know, I'm sure you every one of you knows that. That at one point you chew, you have multiple choice and Allah guided you need to look back and said, Wow, hamdulillah that I chose that path.

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Allah guide you to the right spouse, Allah guide you to the right way of dealing with your challenges or problems guide you to the right solutions. How many people

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have seen the apple falling from the tree?

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Millions, but not every one of them was Newton

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has a difference. Allah guides some people to find and to figure out things that's in itself it's a blessing and a loss is the one who opened the heart and mind for it. That's why Allah Subhana Allah the blessings of Medina it is something that we needed in every steps of our in our life. It doesn't matter it's a worldly matter or religious matter. You need that guidance you need to beg the last panel to order for it to make the right decision. That's why I never saw Salim said lotta kill Nila FC Papa tie your up Don't let me rely on myself even for in a blink of an eye.

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If you want that guidance, make sure that you have the attitude that you always rush to good deeds. Because the last panel with Allah said, when an unknown value may well want to be the kind of higher hire a loan or a shed death beater or either Latina who Mila Luna Java. Well I had a noun Serato Mr. Prema. Allah promised guidance to those who will commit will commit to goodness those who commit to the Quran and hold into the Quran and read Quran in a daily basis. Allah promised them guidance. Yeah, db luminita Juana who Subarus Sarah, those who follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam are in the calidad de la serata. Mr. Payne, you guide your Mohammed the way of Mohammed guide

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you to the straight path. Those who are pursuing guidance, they don't give up. They don't quit. They willing to pursue their what is right when levena jahad oficina de nom sabudana we will guide those who struggle who and who basically pursue guidance. Those who always engage in

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those who always engage in the app and mentioning Allah subhana wa tada Allah

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Subhana Allah to Allah with hope well guide them to,

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will guide them to, basically to the right course of action, the right choice. Allah ma'am a little aloof, a bit kalbi. denecke And finally, this

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this heart,

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this soul,

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purified don't fill your heart with anger, hatred, jealousy,

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frustration, negativity,

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is superstitious, all these negative things, take it out and see how Allah Subhana Allah will guide you

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in how unfit to

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be him was a Buddha.

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Whereas it Allahu levena, the Buddha,

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guide your heart, fill your heart with great with goodness, with righteousness, and see how a Lost Planet Allah will guide you. I'm saying this because we need this guidance as that as we living in this midst of this pandemic. And as we go into the long summer vacation, we need that guidance. So our time will be used wisely. Make sure that you deliver this message to your kids at home.

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finally, I asked a las panatela by his names and attributes to forgive our sense and to guide our hearts and to always guide us to what is beneficial from knowledge and actions and to make a loss to make the best of our deeds at the end of our life. Alarm often bizarrely. hatakeyama not well for learners lubaina laughing offline now what Hamner hambach Anya derived from the company nosara Molina

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Molina Ramadan al mundo salia Melina Ramadan wolfenden Emma kind of even toxie the other Jelani when it comes to problem in the Countess Amir Ali.

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Baba him, Allah Subhana Allah Allah undershelf alumnus of undershot llama, sir no ambiguity, no animosity, no and you know there are no shockula da da da da da da da da

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da da da da Matta. Mohammed Diwali, you was so happy he was suddenly Mohamad Sleeman kathira Akuma Surat, Johan comala.