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Good day

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Salam Alikum rahmatullah wa barakato

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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

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Allah long

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as head one no motion

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s Madeline

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Rasulo All

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right y'all

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right y'all

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hamdulillah the whole salatu salam ala Milena via by the horn of Vienna Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam Allahu Mehta, Sleeman kathira. And my bad

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I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, his last and final messenger.

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My dear brothers and sisters,

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one of the

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incidents that took place in the time of the Prophet salallahu Salam.

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Maybe that particular incident is not unique, because similar ones

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happened to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam with his companions

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but this one in particular were last month revealed the beginning of sorrows outside.

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Were in Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told his people

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I do look Amanda Kelly Martin Teamliquid Ebihara Aramoana John

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Doidge tell you just one word if you say

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that not only because his people were proud to be the leader of Arabia that time.

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Then he said you not only be the the leader of Arabia, the leader of the whole entire Arab world and the non Arab world

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that Allah subhanaw taala will reward you so much and will elevate you so much.

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Because at that time they wouldn't worry if they would accept the call of Mohamed Salah Salem and accept Islam and accept religion that they will lose.

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Maybe they will lose power, they will lose the status that they were at.

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They will be equal to the rest of the world because no special treatment for you being a qurayshi or Arab or whatever.

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But when the NABI SallAllahu sallam was trying to tell them what Allah had promise that those who adhere to the religion except Allah accept the message of Allah that will never lose. Yes, he might lose something. But what he or she will gain in return is way way much than whatever you're gonna lose.

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And he said no. When he now first Is it okay, what is it? Then he told them c'est la ilaha illallah

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they said no.

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That incident always make me reflect

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why did they say no?

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I mean if I say to anyone if asked today, say Lila and you're going this and this he'll say 10 times.

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But for them water words matters.

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word means something.

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That testimonial Lila in Allah means a great responsibilities.

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And I'm wondering today for us as Muslims do we really realize what this words that we say that we declare that we claim that we are the people of Lyle Allah really means.

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The moment you say La Ilaha illa Allah

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you declaring that you submitting yourself completely to Allah

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you submitting your will, your wishes, your desires, your way of thinking your whole entire life

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to Allah subhanaw taala

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and there is another Quran expression it says woman ISON Amin Allah has Cymbala

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simpler had like dying like when you take a cloth and you dip it in a coloring, then it became a new color. That new color will be observed by the material will go through the fabric.

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And that would sing Lila in Lola means

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that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and his religion and what he loves and what he wants and what he orders you to do, will be something will be part of you.

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It will not be something temporary,

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tend to be something occasionally

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it will not take some part of your life, not the rest of your life. Now, the moment you say Lila in Allah that accept Allah Subhana Allah data, not to be only someone that my forehead goes down to, but before that my heart completely submitted to him.

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That means I love him more than anything else.

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That means he has the highest level of love.

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highest level of fear, high level of trust,

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relying on him

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more than anything else.

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It means that I feel the most comfort when I'm near him.

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When I'm obeying Him

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that means

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my culture,

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my desires.

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My own ideas, has to be judged based on what he says

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That means my life has to go according to his Why

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not mine

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but human beings have so much egos arrogance

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feels that this is something they don't want to submit

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but the Arabs in the term of the process salaam were more honest than us today in all modern world today

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they said it now

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but if you look and by the way don't misunderstand me

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when I say that that what Lila really means

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it doesn't mean that you will live a perfect life

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doesn't mean that but it means that you know what? Yes I do this and I know it's not right but in my heart I know it is not right

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yes I disobey yes I don't pick up for Fajr Yes, I miss Salah yes I didn't wear hijab properly yes I put the makeup that I'm not supposed to do in public yes I wear the tight clothes as a man yes i i put a tattoo yes I date yes I talk to a man and a woman not allowed for me to talk to yes I touch someone that I'm not supposed to touch Yes I did the business transaction that is haram for me

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Yes, I know that this is why but that's how we do our weddings. That's how we do things that's our culture you know it's a fun day

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is a big difference when you do this and you know this is not right.

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I know but inside my heart I never feel content with it.

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So my heart I know that this is wrong and I know that the right course of action is 123

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but those people who you know what? arrogant enough that they tried to change the religion to meet their desires

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there is people even want God to act and to do things according to their wish and to their Well

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I remember telling you once somebody was like telling me with full surprise yeah he and I may do and nothing happened

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Allah did not answer my mic my door I said maybe he did. He said it didn't happen. So maybe the answer is no.

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He This is not even an option for him.

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Him feeling that I demand God has to say yes sir.

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We never you let Allah go inside your heart. Take over your heart.

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Took over your desires

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even when you have the still the struggle but inside you know that in the end of the day that this is the right way to do

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when you make Islam is the knee Zahn the skill

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when you make Allah subhanaw taala is that what determine that's right or wrong? It's wrong. That's correct or that's not right. That's the right thing to do or not.

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When Islam became that's basically that's the way

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that's when Lila and Lola truly into your heart.

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May Allah subhanaw taala make us among 100 La ilaha illa Allah because in Ibiza Salam said Those who truly say light and Lola truly believe in Lila just not words.

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It's much deeper than that. It's a full submission.

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A lot of people think that this religion is this religion is just not you know, an artificial actions.

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People think for example, I commit a sin and repent to Allah subhanaw taala my repentance is by what? By just praying to rock out giving zakat going do Hajj or Umrah or knowing this, no, no. Your true repentance to Allah Subhana Allah comes from your heart

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that pain

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and that's not a temporary thing the Sahaba the Allah and the prophets and the the prophets and the messengers.

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Until the day of judgment, they will say them be them be my sin my sin

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at require from the person to have a sense of humility, not a sense of arrogance.

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So in the case of Saddam Hussein not men cannot ever be are arrogant

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men is always have that sense of humility

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because submit himself there not to Allah

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not to his own desire not to his own egos

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many things we don't want to do we don't like to do a revenge that we want to take an anger that you want to release

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but because I know what Allah wants from me I control it

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hold it down

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now let's find out I give us success in this dunya and akhira Paloma semester was still good Allah have you

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the reliable devil Salatu was Salam ALA and Milan Have you ever dealt with that?

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When Lila Halal Allah into your heart

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when this religion truly take over your heart

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you understand the whole entire reason for your existence. Allah did not created you for making money or graduating or having family your that's all good to have. But the main thing that you will be asked about is your booty and illustrator your submission to Allah subhanaw taala that's the main thing

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when you realize that towards Allah have said

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what Allah have told you

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is the Huda is the guidance is the light

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versus what is darkness and haram and misguidance

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one sister wants told me Shall I love her job? I said Excellent.

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She said but there is one thing in her job I don't accept

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I said what he said the red nail polish

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I can't imagine myself getting out of my house without you know my nails like all like flashy red, and the red lipsticks I just love that.

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I said to her sister,

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you know one thing to wear hijab and you still struggling with these two things because of how we used to go out.

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And another thing to say, except hijab, but not this

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saying I accept hijab but not this means that you did not accept hijab

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period. Doesn't matter in sha Allah, you cover everything in your body.

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But to accept hijab and to say I still have a struggle with these areas that I understand.

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At least you're doing better you're doing progress.

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But for you in your mind, in your heart, you just make you the exclusive to things based on your howa and your desire.

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You know not in the divorce cases not in that marriage. Not in this not in business. I make my own choices. That's not accepting Lila to take over your heart

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when Lila and Lola really took over your heart, you'll be so happy by doing what is right.

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And to feel sad. No joy, no true joy. There is a temporary joy and haram I'm not going to exaggerate. You might do something somewhat fun. But there is still a pain inside. This is something Allah does not happy with.

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When you think this is something if Allah sees musi happy with me or not.

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The more you will be conscious of this. The more you fulfill Laila in the law, the more that lie, lie Lulla wouldn't be the reason for you to interject now without being touched by hellfire. And the less you fulfill the meaning of Lila Illallah the less of the promise that you will receive in the Day of Judgment. May Allah subhanaw taala make us among those who do their best. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah make us those who love Allah subhanaw taala more than anything else. metalsmith Allah make us those who submit themselves and their wealth to Allah and Allah Subhan Allah make it easy for us to overcome our desires. Now Allah Subhana Allah make it easy for us to cold into his

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religion, almost 100 Allah make it easy for us and for our children to hold into Islam and to the Sunnah until we die and protect us

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From all the Phaeton Mahara minha baton me on last month Allah bless all of your wealth and your family in your lives. May Allah subhanaw taala make it easy for our brothers and sisters and was ALLAH who man Subhan Allah,

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Allah, Allah Subhan Allah may Allah give them victory over those who transgress against them. Or Allah subhanaw taala I asked you for them protections and those hold protect them. Now Allah subhanaw taala unified them under the leadership that it will bring nothing but peace and progress and prosperity to them. And may Allah subhanaw taala and usually I do humbly unfussy him or dal Diodati. So era him hola Houma and even if you hit him up with rhotic Aloha Maria Hey, are you from La hawla wala Quwata Lana Lubbock. Hola. Hola. Hola. Muslimeen fer Ramadan home sharara home, Ali Elena Fiorano Nisha Rana, over the 100 feet and if you handle Bella the other jewelry Karim, Allah

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homens Rama Takata hit and miss Mr. Dua. Aloha muscle body human has also been soapbar Allahumma Salli humara hurry him the other Jaleo Crom what is opener Houda took our FF our Lena masala Humala sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa Ernie, welcome