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In Al Hamdulillah Nigel homeowners Torino homeowners still fiddle on our older villa, Himanshu Rudy and fusina woman, Dr. Marina Mejia de la HuFa la mobila. Warmer yielding HuFa la da da da ye shall do Allah Illa Illa Allah who either hola Shetty, Kayla washer do Anna Mohamed and Abba do who are pseudo? Yeah, you hola Gina. Manu taco la haka. toccata. Walter Mutanda Illa. Anta Muslim on? Yeah Johanna SUTA ora Docomo lady de Hidalgo comin FC Wahida wahala caminhadas Jaha Wahba Theremin Houma de Jalan Cathy wrong one is what Tapachula her lady Tessa Aluna b He will or ham in Allah her Karna IDE Kamala Yuba you hola Dena Mundo taco la How are Kulu Conan Sadie the useless Armada como yo

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feiyr.com with an Uber comb, woman filter illa huwa Rasulullah who forgot the first Fosun Alima America for in stock and Hadith Nikita Bula wa Hydra de had you Mohamed in sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wash Sharada more than what data to her what cooler more data timbi will call me to it and Allah wa Kula Bala Tim Finn now some very dear Muslims. If you look at the Quranic discourse about the color of the heart, one finds that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada mentions the reality of the heart and the stages of the heart and the different types of heart and soul many verses. In today's brief chutzpah, I want to shed some light about some of the Quranic realities of the world. Because if you

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look at how ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada describes the culture. For example, Allah azza wa jal mentions one type of oil which is the best type of oil and that is the Kalb Saleem, the pure heart. Allah says on the Day of Judgment, nothing will help anybody yo mela young Pharaoh modern water balloon in Attalla Bill Calvin Saleem, neither your wealth nor your power nor your children, nothing will benefit you what will benefit you on the Day of Judgment, the one who comes to Allah with the good hearts, the good hearts will benefit. Notice how Allah describes this. In another verse, Allah mentions about those who reject Islam, that Toba Allahu Allah kuruva him their hearts have been covered up in

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another verse I love to be him the shower, their hearts have a seal in another verse Hashem Allahu Allah Kluber him Allah has locked their hearts look, locking, sealing it yet another verse cannibal Rana either Hubei him their hearts are rusting. What is this rusting of the heart locking of the heart ceiling of the heart? What is this pure heart and yet another verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions describing the believers from Metaline who do to whom localu Bone Illa decorilla Their hearts become soft at the vicar of Allah. So you have the hard heart, you have the soft heart, you have the sealed heart, you have the covered heart, you have the pure heart, look at all these

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different hearts. So here the question arises, what then is the state of your heart and how should your heart and my heart to be again only so much can be given in one holds up, but the point I want to really cause us to think about is just like there is a physical heart that is important for the body. There is a spiritual world that is important for the soul. You know, the most important organ of the body is the club. We know this right? If your heart is good in the physical sense, then generally speaking, the rest of your body is going to be good. If your heart is not good, then Subhanallah doesn't matter the rest of the body Halas there's nothing that can be done. The heart is

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the most important organ we all know this. Similarly, for the sole the cold is the most important for the spirituality. It is the culture and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said this explicitly in the Hadith. He said in the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari Muslim, in FL just said the Buddha he does try to add soil just to do cooler way the faster that faster just to do Kulu Allah He'll calm. He said, There's one organ, there's one organ in the body. If that organ is good, the whole body is good. And if that organ is bad, the whole body is bad pause here, this hadith, it applies in the physical sense and in the spiritual sense. This is the beauty of the kalam of the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he's speaking in the medicinal physical and he's also speaking, speaking in the spiritual in the reality of being prophethood. So in the physical sense, the Prophet says I'm saying if your heart is good Alhamdulillah generally your body will be good and in the spiritual sense if the spiritual calvess Good, then generally the rest of your Eman will also be good. So my point today are one of the main points I want to for us to think about just like

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When we do our annual checkup, we go into to do the annual checkup. The first thing the doctor checks is what he checks your heart, he checks your pulse, he checks your blood pressure, he listens to the oil. This is the first thing that the doctor does. So I remind myself when you when was the last time we did a spiritual checkup of our club, when was the last time we checked to the state of our club? Because the club the spiritual called, is much more important than the physical called Wallah, he this is the case why? Because the physical called How long would it last? How long would we live? It's all of us. Our lives are finite, every one of us will return to Allah, the physical,

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it is temporary, but the spiritual caliber that is what will dictate our eternal akhira this spiritual culture, that is what is really going to decide the fate of our eternal life. So here we are so obsessed with the physical color. Here we are monitoring our blood pressure monitoring or cholesterol monitoring this and that which is good. I'm not saying we shouldn't do that. But 100 times more important, a million times more important, monitoring the spiritual world. And when was the last time we even bothered to check up on our spiritual culture? When Allah is telling us we have so many different types of Kullu so many different types of hearts, and Allah wants us to have

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what type of bulb CALB Salim, Allah wants us to have the good heart the pure heart Allah wants us to have what type of hope the cold the cold that is soft Tallinn Kulu boom, their hearts are soft hearted. Allah does not want us to have hard hearts, Allah azza wa jal curses those who have ArtsQuest Lana home what Jana kuruva home harsh away we curse them and we made their hearts hard hearted or with a biller Allah's Lana is on those whose hearts are hard. We don't want to have hard hearts we don't want to have sealed hearts. We don't want to have rusted hearts and most And worst of all, we don't want to have locked and chained hearts Baba Allahu Allah columbium we don't want to

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have locked and sealed and shut no so today's hot button how do we monitor the heart? What is the blood pressure? What is the the the the stethoscope that we're going to put to figure out what is the spiritual state of the world number one and number two, once we analyze then what do we do together better calm? Because in the physical sense the doctor will tell you exercise more the doctor will tell you monitor your cholesterol The doctor will tell you don't eat sweets don't do this and not eat good exercise healthy. This is the physical call. What is the spiritual equivalent? What is the the counter dog for when your spiritual column is battling? What do we do in brief

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sisters and brothers in brief, one of the ways to monitor the state of the culture there are many ways one of the ways one of the most important you can call this the blood pressure. The equivalent of the spiritual blood pressure is the following. Ask yourself how often do I do vicar and think of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. This is the spiritual pulse of the cult. The more powerful your cult is, the healthier your child is, then the pulse will be stronger. And what is I say the pulse is the pulse is the vicar of Allah. The pulse is remembering Allah the pulse is contemplating Allah subhanho wa Taala the more you are thinking of Allah that is literally with thicker Allah is the more you are

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reflective of Allah, the more spiritually strong your heart is. And the less you think of Allah, well, that is a danger. That is your weak blood pressure. That is the doctor cannot feel a pulse, where's the pulse? Because you're not doing what needs to be done another mechanism to monitor the spiritual state of your culture. So were there a number of litmus tests right one of them is you monitor and you see how often do I think of Allah and do thicker? Another symptom of a pulp a healthy versus a sick? How do you know? Do you find satisfaction and pleasure in the worship of Allah? Do you find spiritual fulfillment in your Salah? Do you enjoy listening to the Quran? Do you

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find comfort when you're surrounded by people of piety or whatever you have the biller, we seek Allah's refuge. The prayer is a chore and you don't like doing it because that is the symptom of a diseased heart sisters and brothers Wallahi it is a diseased heart if the salah becomes a nuisance and irritation. If you don't like listening to the Quran, if you don't like being in the company of the pious people, then this is a symptom that there is a bigger problem and that problem is inside of you. The problem is right here. Allah azza wa jal mentions in the Quran with regards to the munafo own the worst category of mankind, the lowest of the low, Allah says were either como ella

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Sarathi, como Husar Allah. When they stand up to pray, they start

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Hands up and they are lazy. They don't want to pray. They don't want to pray. Your aunt Luna nurse they're doing it because they have to do it. They're doing it because they want to show off Subhanallah when a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was under stress was under pressure, or mother ash or the Allahu Anhu says, Whenever something troubled the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he had a difficult day when he was surrounded by stress and tension, what would you do? Pause here what do we do? What do I do? What do you do? We just log on to the internet. We plop in front of the sofa and turn on the television we find comfort that way. How did the process of do it?

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Our mother I should have the Allahu Anhu says he would rush to stand up in Salah when he was troubled when he had a difficult day. What would bring him comfort. He said in the admittance I Buhari wear jewelry that aura to irony for Salah the comfort of my soul has been made in the Salah. I find comfort and peace when I stand in front of Allah subhana wa taala. Now obviously this is the highest of the highest and the lowest of lows, you hate Salah in the middle or most of us, we know we have to pray and we pray and we're happy we pray. There's nothing wrong with that. But I'm going to be honest here. If you don't find comfort in Salah if you're not rejuvenated in Salah then this

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is a sign the heart is not as healthy as it needs to be. Many of us most of us we pray and we're happy we pray Al Hamdulillah that's good. That's the sign the heart is alive. At least we're praying. But I'm saying honestly, if we don't find happiness in our search this if we don't find the Sakeena coming in. This means we have some work to do. Because salah should bring comfort Allah be decree law, he taught my general Kulu was a chemist, Salah tele Vickery, the highest form of vicar is the Salah, and the Salah is done, and one finds comfort in it when one's heart is good. So these are two basic symptoms of how you know your spiritual state. How much are you thinking of Allah?

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Number one? And number two? What is the state of your own spirituality? When you're worshiping? Do you find comfort? Do you look forward to the salah or in the Quran and religiosity or are you turned away from it? So there are other symptoms as well. But time is limited. So let us move on. When we look at the physical, the doctors will tell you number one cause of bad heart is you're not exercising and you're eating unhealthy food right? So what is the equivalent in the spiritual side? What is the number one cause of the spiritual club going on the decline? The number one cause of your culture going down is that a person does not care about the Shetty out of Allah in their lives.

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They don't care about applying the Sharia of Allah. They don't wonder what is haram. What is halal. They're not bothered is that my it is halal or haram. They're not bothered. Is my food halal or haram? They're not bothered is my lifestyle halal and haram. It's simply gone from their lives. They do what they please the halal is what they want, and the Haram is what they don't want. This is the number one cause of the weakening of the heart. Allah azza wa jal says that the bare knuckle the hem Mitaka home will call for him the Atilla because they broke the commandment of Allah that I know how much I noccalula home Casia because they broke the commandments of Allah for the man Nakoda him Mita

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calm they didn't follow Allah's commands. They didn't follow haram and halal. They didn't care about the lifestyle they should live. Allah says that we curse them. He's talking about another group of people, we curse to them, and we made their hearts hard. Notice how Allah causally linked they didn't follow the laws, they didn't follow the Sharia. If we want to come closer to Allah subhanaw taala want to have a good culture then we monitor with our lifestyles with our daily routine Am I living my life according to the Sharia of Allah is my values my ethics my judgment my waking my sleeping? What enough Salah to do Sookie wanna hear your Mattila here a bit I mean how Islamic is my

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entire life and if you find that your lifestyle is under slumming, don't be surprised this is going to lead to high cholesterol is going to lead to weak heart is going to lead to bad blood pressure is exactly what we're doing when a person does not care about one's physical lifestyle, the color is going to be affected similarly the when one does not care about the spiritual lifestyle, the spiritual color will be affected and again other things can be said but time is limited. The final point inshallah Tada for the first football, the final point. So when you go to the doctor, you have a weak card, whatever the doctor will say, call us that's it, you're gonna have to stop all of this

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bad food you're gonna have to get into healthy exercise. He's gonna give you the routine what needs to be done. Similarly on the spiritual side, what is the routine, if you self acknowledge if you see for yourself my club is weak, my spirituality is low. Then what is the regiment that must be prescribed? The number one regiment that must be prescribed

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For the heart to become stronger is to increase in the quality and quantity of your of God. To increase in the quality and quantity of your vicar of Allah. Allah be zicatela he talks about in nulu verily through the vicar of Allah will the hearts find tranquility and peace now, vicar doesn't just mean Subhanallah hamdulillah Allah Allah Allah but this is one type of vicar in reality. zikr encompasses anything that reminds you of Allah. The Quran is the ultimate vicar. Allah says ones that need to configure well We have sent down the vicar Allah calls the Quran vicar. The Quran is the ultimate vicar dua is a type of vicar Salah is vicar or acclaim is salata decree, the ultimate

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action of vicar is set up so that could doesn't just mean that you sit with a spear and say Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Subhana Allah that is one type of vicar and that's healthy and good, but all actions of worship, reciting the Quran and praying sunnah and being involved in anything that reminds you of Allah, it comes under the ticker and Allah says explicitly that the righteous are those who their hearts become soft through the Dhikr of Allah that the needle gluco Judo Kuru boom Isla de que Allah, Allah links the softening of the heart, the purity of the heart, Allah links it to the concept of vicar, this is explicit in the Quran. And of course, other things can be said

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here, but for today's hobo will only mention this one point. So if you analyze yourself that your heart needs to get a boost, your heart needs to get a a strengthening, then one of the most important know the most important way to strengthen one's own heart is to increase the quality and the quantity of vicar and this means salah, this means Quran and this means just the ADKAR Subhan Allah will hamdulillah Well, La ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar. These are the four of God that are the queen of all other of God. So many ADKAR are mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah. But the Queen's Of Them the ones that all that do occur, go back to Subhan Allah will hamdulillah wa la ilaha

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illallah wa Allahu Akbar say these cough read the Quran, be involved in your Salah and you will find your heart will slowly but surely inevitably begin to enjoy the worship of Allah your heart will become softer your your life will become filled with meaning and purpose, you will attain an inner tranquility and this is of the greatest blessings of having a good good calm when your heart is strong. When your heart is spiritually high that an hamdulillah life becomes worth living life becomes noble you find a sense of Sakina and tama, Nina a sense of tranquility that nothing will bring you and most importantly when you live your life with the spiritually pure art this is

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ensuring that in the ark era you will live the eternally pure life on that day Allah says in the Quran nothing will benefit you except the one who comes with called Salim so we want to call up Salim won't have the good heart want to have the best heart the only way to guarantee will have upset him on the day of judgment is to die with a club setting in this world that's the only way you cannot attain club send him in the cover. You cannot change your heart and the era so we need to work on the spiritual called right here and now we need to start emphasizing our spirituality come closer to Allah subhana wa Tada make sure our clubs are soft, there is no rust on it. There is no

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hardness of the heart makes her purify the heart or the F Lucha Menza ka the one who purifies the heart is the one who will be successful this is in the Quran. The only way to be successful is to skier to the curb. There's no other way. So let us begin purifying the curb now so that on the Day of Judgment, we will meet Allah subhana wa Taala we don't need wealth we don't need and children that's not going to benefit us what will benefit us the one who comes with a surname vertical a vertical for current I'll name one a fatty welcome my familiarity with decretive hakim a holder with Mata Simone was tough for a lot of the Emily welcome what he said was to minigrid the manifesto in

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the halls of food or Rahim.

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hamdulillah HillWalker that I had a summit a lady named Maria Willa Mueller who local foreign ahead what I do during Muslim is one other point before we make dua and finish our football for today. Subhanallah there's so much happening in the Ummah right now. And here we are, Allah has blessed us to live in a land of relative peace of comfort Allah has given us every amenity we can one for what in total, do number two, Allahu Allah. So if we could count the blessings of Allah, Allah says, if you tried to count the blessings that I have given you, you cannot even count them when Allah has given us so many blessings. And yet we look around the world and our brothers and sisters around the

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world and especially right now unless they fell asleep, but not just They're everywhere we look Subhanallah there is a wound there is a bleeding taking place. We are

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One Ummah, where one body it is as if we have been stabbed in so many places. And yes, right now the worst stabbing that is affecting us the most is that in the USA and fellow Steen, but around the world, what is happening amongst the Uyghurs what is happening amongst so many if I mentioned any countries, somebody's going to come and say you forgot that country, that's the state we are in. I don't want to start a long list because otherwise we cannot even finish. But Subhanallah My message to me and you is very simple. How can we not be affected? How can we not have a sense of compassion, a sense of relationship? We are one OMA and honest, blunt question. I don't want to offend anybody.

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But the fact of the matter is, it is Allah's blessing me and you are sitting here and not over there. I didn't choose where I was born. I didn't choose my life. Allah chose it for me, Allah bless me. If Allah had willed you, and I would have been born on the other side of the wall in Huzar. You know this, if Allah had willed, We would have been brought up in a concentration camp, we were brought up in a open air prison, but Allah blessed us to be over here. So with that blessing, we thank Allah but with that blessing comes what responsibility with that privilege comes what responsibility? So if Allah has blessed us to have these freedoms to have these luxuries, well, then

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even more incumbent on us that we do something to thank Allah for these blessings, that we demonstrate to Allah that we are truly thankful for all that He has given us? And there are so many people, they're not even able to worship Allah in peace. Do you understand how many millions of Muslims would love to be where you are right now, to be able to pray five times a day to be able to worship Allah in peace, to be able to raise their families, Allah has given this to me and you on a silver platter. I didn't ask for it. I didn't ask where I was born. Allah gave it to me. Allah gifted me and you without asking. And Allah gave us all of these blessings. How then how can we have

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such a hard heart that we turn away from the plight of the Ummah and don't care about them? How can we not demonstrate thankfulness to Allah in all that we do? And so what are some of the ways to demonstrate that thankfulness first and foremost in your own personal life, make sure you are striving to have the excellence the highest level? How can people are being tortured because of their Kenema? In China, they're not allowed to pray five times a day they're in concentration camps. Muslims are not allowed to practice Islam. How can we see this and then have the luxury to practice Islam and not practice Islam? It is a shame Allah, He I'm sorry to be blunt here. It is a shame we

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have all of these freedoms, and we are not taking advantage by worshipping Allah subhana wa taala. Well, Allah, He, our brothers and sisters would love to be here so that they can pray. And yet here we are the dunya dunya dunya. We're not even praying regularly. So point number one and your personal life, make sure you are the best of the best. Be the best you can be in your business in your engineering or medicine, but be the best Muslim as well be the best you can be in the deen and duniya. combine them together. This is point number one. Point number two. Do not ignore the plight of the people around, give public awareness to them raised in a wise manner. Nobody's saying be

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unwise, there are laws there are controversies be wise, but raise public awareness, be active, be a part of the process of change, bring about a whole intellectual revolution, people don't understand what's happening there. It's your job in my job to educate, to teach. So learn what is happening. And then lobby rally campaign, public awareness. And then point number three last but definitely not least, nothing trivial in this regard. Make dua for them. Wherever possible, fundraise and give something Allah has given us so much a little bit of percentage of wealth to help the people around the world support these causes so that on the Day of Judgment, we can say Oh Allah, I couldn't

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change the whole situation. But I did what I could, Oh Allah, I'm not in charge of everything. I can't just snap my fingers and solve the the Palestinian problem, but I made to offer them I lobbied for them. I changed public awareness for them. I gave whatever I could, whatever small things you do in sha Allah, that is where Allah's blessings will come. We're not being asked to change the whole world. We're all being asked to change ourselves. We're being asked to change our family and friends to impact our community. If we do so, if every one of us did so, what would happen Subhanallah sisters and brothers so much can be said here, but I have to mention one point here. I just found

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out today mashallah Tabata Cola, your community in the city is 10% of the city. This is a statistic that is mind boggling as somebody who travels the world, somebody who is very active across the hemisphere, for Toronto to have 10% Muslims 10% To understand one out of 10 people in the greater city is of our faith tradition. Well, Allahu Allah has blessed you yet that one person that died 10% is not seeming to be effective. How come the Masters don't understand the Palestinian conflict properly? How come we're not having a bigger impact on our society? I think the issue is we need to be more involved. We need to be more engaged. We need to show who we are and show people of our

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faith. So Allah

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has blessed you. Allah has given you so much take advantage of those blessings rise to meet your potential. Be the best you can be in the dunya no problem but also be the best you can be in the deen be a role model Muslim, be an activist, be somebody who embodies the prophetic message so that when your colleagues when your friends when your neighbors see you, they see the beauty of Islam do what you can with whatever you have and if you do so, on the Day of Judgment, you would have done everything Allah wants you to do, you can earn the highest place of Jannah just being the best you can be May Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless all of us to rise to that level and grant us Caliban

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Salim allah how many died for amino Allahu Allah did I fail to meet them and in love of Allah? Allah Herman Illa for Raja whether they call data whether Medina Alicia feta whether I Sierra Illa yourself to Allah Allah fildena Well, if one Annalisa Mokona Bill Iman wala Tetra cubanelle Hillel Amano Robina in Nicaragua Rahim, Allah Houma is Islam and Muslim in Allahumma Islam Islam and Muslim in Allahu Islam are one Muslim in Allah Muhammad Aradhana a lot more than Islam Allah missinaibi So if you're a little bit of say, without admin off it'd be the Jacobi Aziz are about Allah and Allah to Allah and Morocco Ave in bed that'd be he'd be enough within the maloca who to say with a letter

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become a you know, an engineer who will insert football as an umpire in Idema in Allahumma localu Soluna other Nebby Yeah, you will Adina Amanu Sallu Allah He was selling him with a steamer Allama suddenly we're selling them robotic. We're allowed to cross with Mohammed while early he was IBH marine Roberto Allah in Allahu Allah mobile idly while you're 74 at the quarterback while you're in Halifax Shatta Wale Mancha, you are building your intercom Lila come to the Quran. Oh the Quran Allah had an email come wash Kuru Yes, it did not come What did they call lie to Allah Akbar? Wa, Themis, Salah

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Anjali jelly either call

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me Mr. Heaton doll Seanie when she

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told me what to feed my

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