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In Al Hamdulillah Hinata who want to stay in who want to study you wanna stop euro? 102 Billahi min surely I'm fusina min c rt Imani Anna Maria de la hora, Mo De La Hoya Euclid Farah javiera. Wa shadow Allah Allah in La la hora de cara y shadow Anna Mohammedan Abu or a pseudo Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Anwar Ali Mohammed camisa Lita Ibrahim Ibrahim in Naka, hamidah Majeed,

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Eva de la. All praise Do you to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon all prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment, I bear witness that allows the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger, my brothers and sisters,

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hair come to us again as every year of Hamdulillah, the month of Ramadan, the month of good deeds, the month of righteousness, it's less than three weeks and more all of us inshallah tada will be enjoying the month of Ramadan. And one thing about Ramadan that we all are aware of it is the month where you do a lot of good deeds, a deeds that you might not do regularly, like a regular fasting, or making the MLA or reading a lot of Koran giving a lot of setup, doing a lot of social work and helping one another. And the mustard providing a thought, and all these good deeds are highly appreciated by Allah subhanho wa Taala. And what I want to talk to you today to is about what you're

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about to doing and what you've been doing and hamdulillah all your life long, which is these good deeds that we do. And sometimes we don't appreciate the impact of it in our soul, and how valuable they are in our life. And how much are appreciated by Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Senate, his new her, our him or her blowhard, aloha Kevin. Well, I thought aloha alima I don't know if we'll rule while curry obey.

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The impact of these deeds are not only in the era, in our record in the era and it is enough impact but also in our life today. And one of the first thing that you notice when you commit yourself to the obedience of Allah subhanaw taala to do what is right. Whenever you have this attitude, when you see an opportunity of doing something good and you rush to it, or ideal to La kuraby retardo Yala, I rush to this date, I rush to do that, only because I want to please you one of the first thing that the moment fine. It starts from within his soul from within heart. It is a Sakina to N del Bella was Sakina to Intel Phaeton. That sense of serenity, calmness, that sense of satisfaction that you feel

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rest from insight. To the extent that some of the LMS said that sweetness that the person find in his or her heart, while they're doing the good deeds, they feel so calm, they still feel feel so relax, they still feel their heart filled with serenity, something cannot be described. And they said that these are moments of genuine worry the other part about that RFP, Phil dounia Jenna mela Mutola Lamia, aka some of the amount of human lives to say that in this dunya there is agenda if you never enter it sounds like if you never entered you never experienced it. It's very hard to see how you would experience the next one which is then thereafter. Which one is that? This is the agenda of

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serenity that that feeling that moment of a be feeling surrendering yourself to Allah subhana wa tada and enjoying being in contact with him during your Salah during the Zika giving Zika giving of South Africa that few moments that comes after doing good deeds and you look back to yourself and what you have done and you're very happy with yourself that you have defeated your own desire and your own shared bond and you pleased man loxy movie hadn't valid well and the hidden behind and valid well why didn't why my wallet Natasha panel insanity cupboard. Allah subhana wa tada have made an out the tea have created the human beings in covered which it means struggle. Nothing comes easy.

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interesting how the studio works today. I was I wrote actually something online about how the nature of this dunya

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It takes away from us everything beautiful in our life.

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If you think about it, this dunya every day takes away some from the beautiful thing that you one thing or a part of the beautiful things that you possess, every day goes by, take away a little bit from your health, take a little bit from your wealth, take away from your life, which is basically decreasing by the day. It takes away from us every day, something that we love.

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While the after I give you everything that you love, if you think about it, every if in the aka is increasing all the things that you love, and we'll have more and more and more and more of it. But still, we're so attached to the dunya and not attractive to the ACA.

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So, this covered this a struggle that we live in delivering this dunya this Hello, honey can insano Hello. This fear is something natural and nothing can nothing can counter that. enable you to control your feelings like elemental sonny. You said to LaHood Latina amanu bill Coley thurb it Phil hayati dounia Akira Allah gift to give support to the believer in the dunya and in the

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it's amazing how an abuse Allah love audio Selim feel so calm when it is in the most difficult moment. Like for example when he told Abubakar the allow analog

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my battery bajo Kabira julaine Allah Jose de filma What do you think of two men a lot is the third one. And by the way, Mo Makoto, the allow on his fear was not for himself. I'm a worker of the line. His fear was for the prophets of Allah to be found and captured by the machine. And he feels the responsibility that you traveling the process of them choose a worker from all the companion to travel with him, and it would be such a shame, if he will be captured while he would only allow

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but that calmness and peace or solemn heart, it is the result of his relationship with Allah subhanaw taala that feeling that you found in the heart of the companions, Rahim Allah, Allah I know in many areas in their button the battlefields when they are outnumber, but still the field that string strong relationship and trust in Allah subhana wa tada one of the early amount of human law who lived in a sham May Allah Subhana Allah bring peace to

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he said he was inside jail. inside the jail shackled Islam, even Timmy Rahim Allah, and he used to be visited by his family and his friends and his students. And he would say to them, that I am I'd never felt ever as much serenity and as much happiness as I'm feeling these days. And he said, the example of me and my enemy who's outside who caused me to be in jail. It's like what Allah said in the Quran. For growing up in a home Be sure the hubbub about the movie

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room in Kibera that there is a wall between them from one side is a mercy and from the other side is a suffering. He said the inside is inside the gym. I'm very calm, very happy with what I have. And I'm not frustrated, not angry at anyone. And he used to say, miles now I doubt he be in agenda to be Stan if you saw D he ma namitha What's my enemy can do to me? My joy, my enjoyment, my agenda, it's in my heart. It is with me whenever I go in them and my boss, men who is an Robbie, when I see a man saraha the one who locked up on the one was in prison is the one who imprisoned himself in the prison of desires, the one who have been prevented from being connected to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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his desire prevented him or her from being connected to Allah Spano, Don and the prisoners is the real prisoner is the one who's imprisoned to his own desire. That's that's what it means to be imprisoned. Not nothing else because you No one can control your heart. No one can control your soul.

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People might be able to

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deal with your body but your soul It is owned by Allah subhana wa tada and you have control over it. That's why am Rahim Allah said we used to go to Jamia inside jail just to get that emotional support. Every time we visit him we go back out filled with optimistic kind of candidate either at Vienna dounia they have in a in a shift in Islam precision for sort of an Amazon Echo Rubina so quickly when we visit him a gel that you will put so much

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sense of optimism in our heart, that's the man in jail. That's when you have that strong bond with the last panel or to add one of also the benefits of the good deeds. What Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah Maryam in Medina, Amma noir middle side hat say ajar Allahumma roschmann would those who believe and did and do good deed Allah will give them would love the love from a lot to them than the love of people to them in our head below, another Jabri in HIPAA, for HIPAA, for your HIPAA breach, to me, you know, different melodica and a HIPAA for an for in the law, how you HIPAA for your hip boo,

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boo for the gender be sallallahu Sallam said when Allah loves someone, he will call upon gibreel and said, I love so and so said you will love him or love that person, then to be able to tell the angels that this person loved by Allah and the angel will love that person. And one of that is own the angels love someone. They pray for the person a lot. And they asked forgiveness for that person. And they asked the lady word that person more so after that the prophets of Salaam said to me

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he will be accepted by the people of the earth.

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Either abandon me here Allah, Mohammed of new asset aptamil Allahumma Mina in a when you bring your heart to Allah subhana wa tada and you presented to Allah, Allah will bring the hearts of people to you, in a sense that he will make them love you and respect you. And in the law, the law and when he passed by, or an agenda as passed by him, and people said that this person belonged to gender. He said indeed he is. And he mentioned an incident like this took place during the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he's heard that the process of them said, Ma'am in Muslim, yes, Chateau de la ilaha IL Jenna ra tirmidhi Well, Mama Raja new Sol de la mia, a la la hora that anyone 100 people will make

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janaza on him voluntarily. They came to prey on that person because they love that person alone forgive that person's sin. Three Muslims will testify that this person is a true believer. This person deserves gender that's what the prophets of Allah How are you it was said that's why Omar the Allahu and one send the letter two sided Nebula pass for bond in aloha inilah either have abdon have Bebo in a

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family man Zilla camino en la y lm and America in de la Mifflin Allah in the NUS. He wrote.

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He wrote to south of New York person he said, when a lot love someone, he makes people love him and return. He said to look at how people see you how people look at you. And that's most likely how Allah subhanaw taala sees you as well.

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And one of the result of that the love of your children starting with this for you, the love of your spouse to you, the love of your family to you, the love of your friends towards all this comes also as a result of many things and one of it your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala

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number three, that it gives you a sense of independence. It gives you a sense of TOEIC could Allah subhana wa tada that you rely on a lot alone and when you rely on a lot of data alone, you're the most rich person in the world. When you feel that you're not in need of any human being. I don't need anyone. I'm completely relying on Allah subhana wa Don that's what you really call Allah honey.

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And mustard honey Bella

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and nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah subhanho wa Taala said you have to add them to follow them. evocati amla Sadhguru Covina was a

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well defined manner to the cashola.

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Focus on worshiping me and I will fill your heart with Lena and he being satisfied

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and I will take away your poverty and if you don't do so, I will always make you busy. I will always make you fear poverty.

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Subhana Allah come in from Arusha Vanya will come in Rania Shapira, many people they are poor, but they live like rich people.

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Not the need of anyone. And so many people who are rich have so much

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have so much but still always look at what people have in their hands.

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Always running for more and more as they are in great need.

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That's why I never saw them said in the Medina la sanka forgotten era. being rich doesn't mean to have too much. When I came in Alina in a knifes being rich it means to be satisfied. And by the way, I always mentioned that that doesn't mean that you don't seek to increase your wealth No, but that means that you should start with being happy and satisfied with what you have. You seek more that's fine, seeking more is not against being happy, but you seek more of money, more wealth, more of gain whatever from this dunya while you still not satisfied with your what you have, you will be always hungry. You will never be

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basically feel fulfilled.

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That's why my brothers and sisters, Alina, who am Yes, come up out of Oman. And Athena. It's when you don't have interest in what people have in their hand. One of the benefits of

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good deeds in this dunya that Allah Subhana Allah promised those who don't good in this dunya to be protected. While Allah different law he knows about the humble about the festa till Kula Masada did hacer not roofie Atilla modelica wakulla, Manitoba, Canada de Beauvoir Sheikha it because of the struggle, the good versus the bad that would happen in the earth. That's why Allah Subhana Allah prevent that Allah subhanaw taala hold back the punishment the destruction of any nation. So any nation that is a struggle between good and bad, because we're never going to have a pure good that's only in general, but there is more good in the society, Allah subhanho data will hold back the

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destruction of such society. But when there is more bad, more evil, and less good been done, that's a sign that the destruction of such nation and society and community is very soon. You know, one of the amazing benefits with Mr. Aziz Rahim Allah is to say, Panama minya moved in the heavy the whole loafie activity. Well after the activity, what can what can abou Masada, your righteousness is one of the result of the righteousness of your children and offspring.

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And when a lesson the story when mentioned, adjust the story and sort of think about the two about the orphans that their father used to be a rich or righteous person. Or they said it was their seventh grandfather. The great great, the seven great grandfather, Kyla cannon did the Sabbath and the result of that righteousness that

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great grandfather appear in the seventh generation. So Allah subhanaw taala will still bless your children and the children of your children for generations to come. Just because of your righteousness. That's why Satan will say you can have your little salata fiddly way upon, voila, Hema will be a little salata. fileted when, as he up here, in lemon edge, lick Raja and philosophique used to pray long prayer in the night and he will say I only increase my night prayer just because I wish I hope that as a result of that Allah subhana wa tada will protect my children.

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It is a common thing that I have seen and witnessed firsthand. then most of the people that I have seen, memorize the Koran and finish heavily on most of the kids that I have seen. They have became a father, their parents, one of them regularly, if not both of them, but one of them at least regularly make up gammon late.

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It is someone in the house regularly makeup damningly

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the blessings of the time that the loss of Hannah data give because of the good deeds. You know, we're always catching up. Because our life is not filled with that with the hassle not with the good deeds. Those who do good to accomplish a lot in such a short period of time. Always want to speak about this. The name that always pops in my head. The great diminishingly sculler an amendment no euro Mahalo to Ana, amazing 45 years old when he died. But everybody in the world knows him. No. You know, I learned that once in Guam,

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which is somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Okay, and I google Islam and Guam. And I go into them, I found a master and I went to the master. The first thing when I went there was I think, the mobile Isha prayer. I forgot right now, but

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I found them reading from rubber siding, which is a book written by him.

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And in that in an island that does not have a single burden it can imagine an island with there's not a single bird lives in it.

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But there is a copy of an amendment. No, you're him Allah. The fourth, that

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it's amazing how this person have wrote so many books, you know, that he studied under many teachers that they said, if you could calculate the amount of things that you wrote, the amount of pages that you wrote, and divided by the amount of days that you live, you will find that you used to write every day, out of battle calories, which it means a carozza at least 10 pages. Okay? So every day he wrote that's from day one he was born, which is impossible, that you start writing the day one, you know, when you look at an American on the low died, didn't live like very long. They live even if they live a long life, but the amount of things that produce the accomplishments in their life, it's

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amazing. And today, you are 30 4050 and you look back to what you have accomplished in your life, not much, very little. And one of the reason for you to be able to do that is when you increase the relationship with Allah, even in the good deeds itself. The more righteous you are, the more you can push in the bottom. One of my teachers you're gonna show him a lot he used to was once was teaching say hottie and he come across this narration that some of the some of you studied or and in one night, so one of the students said, It's impossible. I memorized the Quran. And it's impossible to do the whole entire Koran in one night, even in the in the long nights, you know, in the winter,

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then shadowclan said, That's not impossible son. And he said, you memorize the Quran, but how is your relationship with a deity to the regular face? He said, when you come, you became more righteous, and you do more good deeds, a lot been blessing in your time anyway, just to make the story short. Three years later, the same student came to show the creative lab and he said Yeah, sure. After he said that, to me, it really hit me. And I found myself I don't care for the sinner prayer. I don't care for reading Quran rigorous base, I don't give much of sadaqa I don't make I miss my prayer in congregation. I'm not doing a lot of good deeds. And I started doing that. And he

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said, I've been doing cutman Quran in one night, almost every month, once now, that thing that they thought at one point, it's impossible. It became I don't know how that Allah Subhana Allah put so much Baraka my life, when I change my relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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You wouldn't be you understand how Rahim Allah used to pray with all this 300 truck every day, just after the sunrise, before the time comes. He would volunteer 300 Records, that's beside all the other things that he used to do. And I would assume, especially in the time when he was locked up and jelly would have even more time to do that to do so. But it is the blessing that Allah give that than the time that you'd be able to do a lot of good deeds. May Allah Subhana data and in fact, Hanna Jacobi Miss Amina, according to mostofa law

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hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam Ana Mallanna Viva.

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It's these blessings with the loss of herot Allah not only given your time, but in your wealth in your breath. You know, as we all say, we know that is not the days in your life, that not the days of your life that counts. It is the life in your days, that's really count.

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That's the good deeds that that live in your days. That's what give the meaning of your days and nights. And the Baraka that Allah give to the people when they are righteous is unbelievable in every area of their life, what I

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am and what tako left him Baraka to minister Matthew, a lot of the people have Taqwa Allah will open the door on the gates of barcard blessings from the heavens and the earth comes from above them and underneath of them.

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In the Raja Raja sila, the Torah, the Euro neuropathy, if you watch the righteous people, you can see light you can see beauty in his interface. David has an adversary why those people who have any known about their faces

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Shining color Hello burwash man if you follow Matt vacasa human notary they spent a long time with the Las panatela alone and a lot give them from his light brothers and sisters. You see, I it's it's it's funny you know example sometimes when I see these young kids who do an internship and they do an internship with like some respected company or like big you know or doctors or like stuff like that you and I see them in the mustard comes with Missy hair clothes, but the morning they start hanging out with like with a professional doctors professional office, they come with a suit and like very respect that the moment you start hanging out with people who look nice and dress nice,

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you start being like them. Can you imagine you hanging out with the last panel that you spend time with?

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If the people have dunia will give you from their light will give you from their beauty will give you from whatever they have. So what do you think Allah Subhana Allah will do to you when you spend more time with him? When you commit yourself to the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And finally, my brothers and sisters helped us out in San Isla de San.

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I was fidella when you do good, he do return good to you. And one of the things about the good deeds that every good deeds lead to another good deeds. So if you want really to enjoy the MLA, make sure that you read Quran in the morning. If you want to enjoy reading the Koran, make sure that you pray on time. If you want to have kosher in the Salah, make sure that you perfect your will. So when you do this that is old to get the other one. And that's how it goes. May Allah Subhana Allah to help us to fill our days and nights especially the month of Ramadan, which is coming soon with a lot of Nevada. And one of the things that you always can say alum, Indiana decree or sugar kearsney

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Bharati. Oh Allah helped me to remember you or Allah helped me to be thankful to you or Allah helped me to worship you in the best way. I love him. I mean, aloha melphalan our Hamner wife in awana was through Bana well for the new bear. I mean, allow me to forage and Mama mean, aloha Minnesota can to forage and in my home in a llama Federation in Malmo mean. A llama Federation is one in a few methodical ODM, arriba yada yada yada kromm alma luminor mustafina bahauddin l maharajji. And FME da da mo de ma ma ma ma. ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma Jabbar? Allah hamari cabbie him ya da da da ad campaign don't lie or Juniper, a la manera silica do Idina here Mata worry Academy now whether we

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are you know as well you know, the yaquina want to buy the Canon I mean, masala homosassa demand and Amina Muhammad Ali Akuma Sala