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Eid Sermon (09-25-2015) Shaikh Abdullah Hakim Quick – Eid-ul-Adha Khutbah 1436

Islamic Institute of Toronto

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Alhamdulillah Allah carniola Hamid al moody Elmore, eat. Dill artisanal Majeed filerun Lima you read a heart to be cliche in Elma wa who other cliche and Shahid Mehta who suparna who as

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well as Allah hooman fundly hilma xid wash Edwin La ilaha illallah wa tahu la sharika wala niddah What am we?

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Why shadow, Mohammed Abu rasuluh Abdullah di Illa Emmanuel tauheed lahoma Salli wa sallam of decoda zuleikha Muhammad, Allah Allah He was happy woman da da da was he he was 10 b Suna T. Isla yo Medina was seldom test Lehman casita,

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all praises to Allah, the self sufficient, the praised the possessor of the glorious throne, he who surrounds everything, with his knowledge, and he is a witness to all affairs. I praise Him the glorious, and I thank you. And I asked him to increase us from his grace. And I be a witness that there is no God but Allah, He is one and had no has no partners, no rivals, no assistance. And I bear witness that Muhammad is His Servant and Messenger.

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And he was the best of those who call the people to faith and to heat all our please send your salutations and peace to our beloved Prophet Mohammed, to his family, his companions and all those who call to his way and establish his son, to the day of judgment as to what follows, are you who believe

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this is one of the special days of Allah subhanahu wa taala.

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He has gathered you together in purity, and in faith,

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all nationalities all languages have come together. In this he which is rotating around the earth.

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And so more than a quarter of the earth's population in rotating fashion is celebrating the IED, all over the planet, which means that we are together, we are together despite what is happening in the politics and in the world. Allah azza wa jal

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has blessed us to be together on this IED, and to fulfill his mighty words in the head he oma to come omata and wahida will enter our booth from far Boone. Truly this nation of yours is one nation, and I am your Lord. Therefore, worship me

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glad tidings pushrod to those who fasted and the day of arafah

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Abu Qatada de la one reports.

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Su Isla de Sousa Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on Somi arafa. Carla, you cover the senator Medea. Wolbachia.

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The Messenger of Allah was asked about the fasting on the day of alpha.

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And he said it wipes away the sense of the preceding year and the coming year.

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Glad tidings Bushra to those who are on the hatch. They have spent the eighth day in Minot.

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They have gone to other fun on the ninth day.

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They are now back in Vienna. They are stoning. They are sacrificing shaving. They're here performing to waffle a father.

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Glad tidings for those who had this beautiful opportunity to stand on the mountain of edify. And I pray that all of us if we have not done this, young and old will have an opportunity to stand on that mountain. Before we pass from this world. I Isha rhodiola. Juana reported another sudo Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a call mom and Yeoman Apsara min on your Chaka la houfy abdomen are not meant to modify. He said there is no day on which Allah sets free. More worshipers from the fire. Then on the day of arafah

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glad tidings to the Hajaj

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Glad tidings to those who understood what they were doing and fulfill the rights of the pilgrimage. The Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam has told us, Allah, Allah to Allah O'Meara kuffaar the twin Lima, Bina, Houma, while huduma bra lace Allahu jazza lagenda

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he said that one camera to another one is our expiation for your sins, it wipes away all of your sins, and the reward for a proper Hodge Hodge macabre, there is nothing except paradise. It is the reward. So we pray that Allah subhanaw taala would bless all of those who judge bless them with paradise, especially those who have died while they were making their harsh. Oh you who believe

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as we celebrate here in a state of peace, as we take this moment that Allah has given to us to be all together in a state of purity, physical purity, mental purity, spiritual purity. We need to reflect upon ourselves. We need to seriously reflect because the earth today is going through tremendous changes. And what we will see in the coming days and Allah knows best are some physical calamities. Environmental calamities, like human beings have probably never witnessed before.

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We are in a tremendous change economically, societies are falling apart. People are running in the streets. We are in change, and this generation that is coming up. The young people who will live in the future, have a great responsibility. we who are alive, who have blessed today to be here to be believers. Take this as a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala because as we come close to the Day of Judgment, the chance of us remaining in a state of Islam on the face of the earth will get less and less. And the prophet SAW seldom said bad zero bill Amal phitsanulok. Calcutta in Leyland Muslim, USP, her rajala Macmillan, William C. cafetera. William C. Macmillan. calphalon ubu arducam de novo

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PR Rajan, mira dunya the prophet SAW seldom said hasten

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to perform good deeds, before the coming of turmoil, like pieces of a dark night. A man will be a believer in the morning and a disbeliever in the afternoon, or he will be a believer in the evening. And by the next day in the morning, he'll be a disbeliever and then the prophets are seldom said, you will sell your religion for small things from the dunya for material benefit, people will sell their religion

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and so it is a blessing. Take it as a special blessing from Allah subhanaw taala that in this world, with all of the crises with all of the atheism, Allah blessed us to be here, and to worship Him, and and to be believers, and pray sincerely for yourself.

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Pray first for yourself that allow would maintain this faith for the rest of your life.

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Are you who believe

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throughout the world,

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Muslims are crying for change.

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We are crying for political change somewhat in Islamic State.

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We are crying for economic change, somewhat Islamic banking or a dinar and did

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we cry for social change? We want an Islamic Society to live in socially. In some parts of the world, people cry just for halau food.

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But we want change. We want this situation to change. But Allah subhanaw taala has told us in Serato rad verse 11, in the LA holla you value Roma be Coleman Hata you yohei Rama Bian foresee him, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change that which is in themselves

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an internal change.

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And so we need to go right back to the basics. The basics is our Eman our faith. That's what distinguishes us from other people. And our faith has three

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levels to it three intertwining sections, alcohol, new beliefs and

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what has deep below code while ml Bill jawara

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you say, with your tongue.

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You say you believe in Allah with your mouth.

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you confirm it with your heart.

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And you practice it with your lips.

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alto Luba, listen,

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the best of two hours, made by Ibrahim alayhi salam, and passed on to us La ilaha illallah wa ha ha la sharika La La La La Land your he where you meet wahoo Allah condition in today that we should repeat the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala today and the next few days and the rest of our life as much as we possibly can.

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To repeat it to live by it so think it and the judge will have imprinted on their minds. Law Baker law Humala bake the baker luxury calacatta bake in Alhambra, one near Mata laka well, Mo la sharika

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it will be imprinted on their minds. And so we say it with our tongues, and the imprint, goes down into our heart into the very essence of our being.

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And when the touch deep when the confirmation reaches the heart, it should show itself in the character of the person. The Prophet so seldom said in the field just said the mitzvah, either Salah hut, Salah hell Jessa, Dooku ye de feser that festival, just a Dooku Allah Yoko, he said there is a lump of flesh, if it goes right, everything goes right. But if it is corrupted, everything is corrupted, and that is the heart. And so the character then exposes the character then comes out.

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And the example of Ibrahim Elisa.

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In the oft repeated verses from Surah Taha that we read, rahimullah is Salam was described by Allah subhanaw taala in the Ibrahima Cana omoton carnita. lilla. hanifa wallum. jacobina Mashallah ki shakin on the under homie hitch Tabasco, wha hoo, illustrata. Mr. Cain, surely, Ibrahim was a true example.

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In other words, he had the character of what he said, he was a nation unto himself, obedient to Allah, upright, and he was not of the polytheists. He was grateful. He was grateful to Allah for his favors, and a lot chose him and guided him to the straight path. And so the five qualities of Ibrahim, we need to instill this in our lives and our children. To be an example of what we say.

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We don't just say it, but we do it to be carnita, lilla, obedient, obedient to Allah, whatever Allah said, we want to do this. Honey, pure and up right? Pure on the inside, try to be a good person. That's the essence of what a Muslim is an upright good person, and a believer in one God, who did not worship idols.

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And Ibrahim alayhis salaam was Shakira, Lila, he was grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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The last quality of the three of Eman is availble djawadi. And that is to implement to practice what we say Ibrahim alayhis salam is the perfect example for us. He was born in southern Iraq. He settled in the city of earth.

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And he believed in one God and he practiced it. He opposed idol worship. And because of this, the people gathered around to burn Ibrahim alive and they threw him into a fire. They threw him in and then Allah said

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that the people first came a lot told us and it is enshrined in the court and Carlo Henrico who won pseudo Ali had to come in kuntum fat in the people said burn Ibrahim

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and give victory to your Gods if you for real.

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Then Allah said Khulna Yana Cooney burden was Salam and Allah Ibrahim. So Ibrahim was

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thrown in the fire. But Allah made the fire, coolness and safety. So when Ibrahim, practice what he preached,

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and he faced the odds, and he was thrown into a fire, then Allah subhanaw taala came to his rescue and saved him gave him security in a place, which normally destroys everything. So fire, which destroys and takes apart, became a place of Salaam, it became a place of coolness. And that is the reward for those who implement their faith. Brahim alayhis salam,

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because of the people because of his conditions, he migrated. But remember, the history of Ibrahim alayhis salaam was a migration for empowerment in submission to Allah. And so the object of migration is not to run away.

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The object of migration is empowerment, it is to be able to submit to Allah subhanaw taala even more. And so he migrated to Iran,

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to Syria, to Palestine to Egypt, and then with his second wife, hajah. May Allah be pleased with her and his son is Malay Salaam. they migrated even down to Mecca, tillamook, mocha Rama and they built the Kaaba. And so through his migration, Allah subhanaw taala empowered him for toe heat, and he empowered humanity for toe heat. So Ibrahim was an active believer.

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He was an active believer,

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and that is crucial for us as well when we think about migration because Muslims are moving.

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We're all in a state of flux, but the prophet SAW seldom said that Muslim men Saleemul Muslim Unum in the Sani he were yedi while mohajir man Hydra mana Hama

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the products are seldom said a Muslim is one from whose tongue enhance other Muslims are safe.

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He didn't say a Muslim is one with a big hat

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or the longest beard. But he said Muslims are safe from your tongue.

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You don't scandalize backbite insult, and they're safe from your hands. That's a real Muslim.

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But secondly, the prompts are seldom said on muhajir the one who immigrates is the one who's he emigrates or he stays away from what Allah has prohibited. And so the first migration is inside of ourselves to migrate from that which is prohibited by Allah subhanaw taala.

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You who believe Eagle Aadhaar is a time of action. The very nature of Aadhaar itself, the sacrifice is that people are sacrificing as Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam, with the near sacrifice of his son. He acted upon allows commandment. He didn't get weak, he acted. He did what Allah set. And then Allah bless him. And so it is an active occasion. So we need to actively pledge to make the change in ourselves. That's the first pledge, actively pledge I will make changes in myself, I will try to improve my salaat I will try to improve my fasting I will give charity sadaqa if I'm called on to give I will give of myself.

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We can change our conditions Allah told us that he would help us in the law hola euroma be comin. Allah will change our conditions if we make this change within ourselves. And so everything is in place for the world of Islamic resources are with us. Knowledge are with us. There are youth with us. Intelligence is with us. But we need to now like Ibrahim alayhis salam pledge to make the migration. And as Ibrahim alayhi salam, the migration needs to be for

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strengthening for empowerment. And so as we pledged support for our brothers and sisters in Syria, and in Iraq and Afghanistan and Central Africa, and Burma, as we pledge our support for Muslims who are fleeing from danger, this support needs to be one of empowerment. It is not charity.

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The people of Syria, pinata Sham, which includes Philistine, also, the people of beloved a sham, when they historically have been known for independence.

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And so their migration is is because of the danger that exists. But you will hear on the lips of many people, I want to go back to Damascus.

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I want to go back to my home.

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And that is the the digital or the migration of empowerment. So we need to assist our brothers and sisters, coming here to Canada, in Europe, but also don't forget the people in the camps on the borders. Don't forget those people who are there as well. We need to now pray to Allah subhanaw taala to help them and to help us in this difficult time. Are you who believe it is a time of remembrance. And so we need to remember our brothers and sisters languishing in prisons, those who are dying on the sea in the Mediterranean, those who are suffering in the deserts, those who are locked out who are discriminated against those who are suffering poor and needy. We need to pray to

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Allah subhanaw taala to bring peace and justice to our lands to bring peace and justice to Syria to Egypt to Palestine Somalia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria of hermiston Mali Indonesia Philippines Central Africa all the places where Muslims up we need sincerely to pray to Allah subhanaw taala to give us that unity to help us change our conditions to come out of this state to be in the in the proper state of Islam, which we are able to do if we make that change within ourselves in the law holla up Roma be comin hot Are you ready Roma be unforeseen. Apollo, Callie how the stock for ladi while

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Alhamdulillah Allahu Ahad alpha summit, a lady Lamia lead while I'm you lead, while I'm Yakuza, who for one I had was suddenly what was called the mother Carnival and BIA even more saline Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge my robot yeah evangelia taco la Jai Suma quantum, or worshipers and believers fear Allah wherever you are.

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And pray to Allah subhanaw taala Sealy to sincerely within your hearts always send peace and blessings to our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because the Prophet has said men so Allah Allah yawata sallallahu alayhi Bihar Asha, if you send it to me once, the prophet said Allah will send it back to you 10 times, Lama Salli wa sallam other Abdi COVID zuleikha Muhammad, Allah Allah He was happy he edge my Allahumma Islam one Muslim in Allahumma Islam one Muslim in Allahumma Islam and Muslim in Allah Allahumma la de la ilaha

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illa for Raja wala deignan illa data while Mr. Eden Illa Shia feta while I may eat and ihlara him while aha gentlemen Hawaii dunya Illa data higher out hamara Hamid Allah homage alhaja homehub genmab rura wasa Yoo hoo mush Cora, Amarillo homak Bula wa t Giada Atlanta board yah Nora na alima Murphy pseudo average now what Yahoo Minato Mati Illinois Rabbana Jr. hacer la fille accurately hasta la pinata ba na what hidden agenda malegra yeah xizhou yava durable alameen Allah homophilic Muslim minimal Muslim at well meaning minette young men who will be romantic yeah hamura he mean, we're Akka de Juana Alhamdulillah Hera Bella me eat Mubarak to you may Allah bless your families.

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May I keep you safe kulambu entamoeba here 100