Waleed Basyouni – If You Are Not Imam Ahmed Abu Al Haythem

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The history of Islam and the aftermath of the Islam bubble have led to the loss of several Muslims and the distraction of the current Islamist leaders by the new leaders. The importance of respecting one's own reputation and staying true to oneself is emphasized. The need for community involvement and support is emphasized, particularly in critical times like the current election. The importance of being a good partner and a good supporter is emphasized, along with the need for pride in one's actions.
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hamdulillah in Canada who want to stay in who want to study you wanna stop hero? When I was a villa Himanshu rhodium fusina woman sejahtera Marina Maria de la hora de La MaMa you will follow her Da Da Hua shadow Allah ilaha illAllah Juan de hula Sri cara, wash under Mohammed Abu or pseudo Yeah, you already know I'm an otaku. La haka. Takashi Mouton. 11. To Muslim on. Yeah yohanna suta Pura Bakula de Hanako camino FC wahida wahaca minha Xhosa however, amin humare, john and Kathy arowana Sir, what happened la sala de de la una de Waal or ham in the LA Hakuna de como la peba. Yeah, you have Latina Amano, Taka la waku. Colin said either useless la Kumar monokuma la comme de novo come oma UT la

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hora pseudo fossa, frozen Avi ma Allah, m abiding by the law for in the halal kurama kurama la

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or Sharon ohmori madatha Taha wakulla modesetting bidda wakulla datain Bharata. All praise do to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger.

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My dear brothers and sisters, one of the most famous figures in Islamic history. He's a great scholars effect, and a great scholar of Hadith. He master all the fields of Islamic science.

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And he was one of the four famous imams an Imam Ahmed Rahim Allah abou, Abdullah Ahmed Mohammed bin humbleness. shibani. He lived in the end he was born towards the end of the eighth century 780 and died 855. So in the ninth century, Rahim, Allah tada

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during his live time, he was very well known to be one of the figures in Islamic history not because of the knowledge that he gained, but because Allah Subhana Allah through this man have preserved Islam at one point in history. To the extent that some of the earlier Matt said luck and happy Lala holy Islam. Yo, Wilma, I'll be back Corinne Yo, Marie dtb I'll be back or feel when will it be available me humbled that Allah Subhana Allah protected Islam twice after the death of Mohammed Salah Lysander the first time through Abu Bakar Casa de karate Allah and when the people of Arabia left Islam, and tonight after Isha, I will be speaking about the legacy of Abu Bakar. And I'll be

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speaking about certain incident from the live Abubakar line. And definitely we'll touch base on the issue of the people after the prophets or Sutherland passed away, the left Islam to the extend the whole entire Arabia, only three places people praying and the rest of Arabia left Islam.

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And a lot of protected Islam by Abu Bakar. At that moment, then the set and then the time of a minor in the test, which is the test took place to the Muslim scholar during the abassi dynasty were several or several of the Muslim leaders, the columns, the cultivated the time, or the effort and the time, they tested people and became obsessed with a very strange ideology, which is has to do with Allah subhanho wa Taala the last speech they said God can talk and he never talked. And this Quran that you have in your hand is not his words. And he became fascinated by that idea, to the extent that the force people to believe this ideology. And if you don't believe in this, you will be

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jailed, you will be torture and you will be killed even.

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And at that time, almost the whole entire Muslim world. No one dare to challenge them. No one was able to stand in front of moon was one of the holophone. And after him and Mark Dawson and in worship, three of them three caliphs for more than 20 years, the be torturing the scholars, forcing and shoveling down in the throat of the Muslims that ideology and he can't oppose it. You cannot challenge it and you have to accept it regardless of your scholar or judge or whatever. And even Mohamed Rahim Allah said no, us not what we know of our of our Lord, and Orion is nothing but his speech.

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But I'm not here to talk about the story of animal as this will come in a special night inshallah to Allah. But here that I want to shed the light on a moment of that 20 years.

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It's an amazing moment.

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And it's

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it took place in a dark cell

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in the jail of the Abbas's dynasty at the time.

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And Mr. Mohammed Rahim Allah said it was so dark that I don't recognize or remember the face of the person that I conversate with.

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What the moment

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that moment when I'm at sunset, every time my father pray in the night, I always hear saying, hear him saying Aloma fiddly. I've been Haytham Allah Mohammed Haytham. He will always say Oh ALLAH forgive double Haytham. O Allah grant your mercy and shoulder mercy upon a bill Haytham. Then he said, Father, who's about Haytham

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who's the person that you always praying for him. He said it was dark that night. And I was brought to the dark cell with a heavy chain and chuckles tightening my hands on my feet. And the guard pushed me and he even kicked me color for what cuz then He will definitely he pushed me in he kicked me inside the cell. I fall on my face, exhausted, tired, scared for what will get happen tomorrow. That's today. And tomorrow basically where he will supposed to be lashed. He will be supposed to be hat with the web.

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And they will showing him how special what were brought from different parts of the world. And breath and special guards special soldiers with big muscles big guys just to torture specialized in torturing. Then in Rahim Allah said, so I was in my face on that cell. And I heard a man from one of the quarters and the root in the cell. It was dark. He said I don't remember his face. He said to me, You know me. He said, No, I can even see you who you are. He said about Haytham. He said, Man, me. I will hate him. It's even now that it's a nickname. Not a name.

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Carla, listen. Sherry Bonham Carter on the

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Mk tuban Fie deewani ameerul momineen Annie Julie to samanya Tasha alpha jilda

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he said, I'm a thief. I'm a loser drunk, who caught many times stealing and drinking and doing bad things that I was lashed and punished for all these crimes all these years, more than 18,000 lash lashes. And the old days they don't have jail. They don't use don't like to put people in jail. They just basically do a physical punishment to them, like lashing their backs and let them go. Anyway, so he said it's too hard. He couldn't do harm for many of the children feasable shavon Fosbury argument for in Akito Bora Bora them fishability la

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he said I was strong, taking all this beaten and all these lashes in my back for the sake of worshiping for the money for the drinking for the desires that I used to fulfill.

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And tomorrow when the bring you and they will beat you. You will do this for the sake of Allah. So be strong. If I was a strong and I have no cause I'm not fighting for any good cause I'm just a loser drunk thief.

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And I was able to be strong and never show them my weakness. What about you tomorrow? You standing up for your belief. You standing up for the sin of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam you standing up for the message of Islam. You standing up for the tradition of your profits will allow you it was on them. And even if it said kind of phenom Oh sakuni.

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Can akula Manasa Soto and avahi to the car to kalama I mean, Haytham were called to fi NFC is very adamant for MTV sebelah is very ultimate fantasy sebelah every time I will feel the pain of that weapon my back. I will tell myself, I am a Be patient.

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Be patient. You doing this for the sake of Allah

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My brothers and sisters,

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there are so many things that I had in my mind would like to talk and to comment on this story.

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But I will start by saying, if you're not an Imam Ahmed Rahim Allah at least be able to hide them. And I don't mean go drink and steal. Now, I mean, be able to hide them if you cannot stand like a hermit

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and to challenge the falsehood, and to pare the consequences of it, at least be like herbal Haytham who loved the truth. Who give that word of support, tell him I'ma throw him on low to

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be like him. He realized he don't need to be famous. You don't need to be a great scholar or a great chef or a famous person to contribute to what is right.

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To give a reminder to support someone.

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Yes, because greatness is never was about fame and what you gain in life. Always greatness is based on what you contribute. When you're what you offer.

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Rahim Allah and him Amma don't remember his face. But he remembered his words.

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This is very clear in the Quran. In many verses on show us this fact, the importance of everybody to contribute. It doesn't matter what your name is. We never been told the name of that believing,

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believing man from the family of Pharaoh, who can seal that his faith said, Do you kill a man? merely because he says my lord is a lot?

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Are you going to kill Musa alayhis salam and how long? Just because they said my lord is a lot

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while he has brought you clear proofs from your Lord, and if you should be lying, then upon him is the consequences of his life. But if he should be truthful, there will be strike you some of what he promised you. Indeed, Allah doesn't guide one who is transgressor and a liar. Allah Subhana Allah said which is these are, I said to the translation first and these are the verses walk on.

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Welcome to the Java

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TV room.

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This thief didn't say you know what, I'm just the thief. I'm no one. Who am I to say anything to him Allah? who I am. I'm a person who is a sinner and doing all these bad things and even caught so many times. You know, doing evil things. Who am I to do anything about the subject?

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If there is anyone has an excuse to stay in the shade, we'll be able Haytham but he didn't, Rahim Allah. He didn't ever enter an under estimated his words, nor underestimate it himself. It's not a good thing. To think less of yourself.

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It's a good thing to think less about yourself. But to think less of yourself is not a good thing. I never intend. But he said

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the person should not think less of himself. Always think good about yourself. And it is so important because if you don't have respect for yourself, it will be almost impossible for people to have respect for you. If you don't trust yourself, how can you ask other people to trust you, if you don't see yourself as a person of value, how others will see you a person of value.

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This man have seen the goodness in him, even though he may be did so many or he did something over things which is bad in his life.

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Don't ever underestimate the power of the good deeds, the good words that you pass it on.

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And don't ever undermine or underestimate any valuable thing. Any good deeds, any good thing that you can do. You know, like give us story and sort of use as sort of a scene about a village, a city, small city

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that are sent to the city three messengers, one after another. Three messengers in one city. You know messengers, prophets comes with books and and miracles and supported by Allah eloquence, very full of knowledge. You know you would see hos they do the job. They will take care of everything.

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know somebody here in the message that they are saying them something said Mashallah we have to imagine the mustard. You need nothing.

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You know what we need more than that?

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No, it's that's not the case listen to what Allah subhanaw taala said, well more

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than an Oscar at the end Java

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in Auto Center in a muthana, in effect can

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in Eco,

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and presented them an example the people of the city when the messengers came to it, when we send to them to but they denied them so we strength them with a third. And they said indeed we are messengers to you. Later on down on the verses, Allah Subhana. Allah said something very interesting. He said, Why john

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Medina de la Joe Louis,

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Tabby on mobile sending

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And they're come from the farthest end of the city, a man running.

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He said, Oh my people, follow the messengers. Follow those who do not ask a few any payment, and they are rightly guided.

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I always ask myself Who's that man as we don't know what this man's like you think will add? You might think he will not add anything that is three messengers already speaking to the people. But this man said to himself, I have to have a role to play. I still can contribute. And guess what his story and his contribution documented in the Koran and it will be recited until the day of judgment.

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Not only that, Allah give us the example and the story of Prophet Solomon. Solomon, when he said whatever.

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Amina was AB la

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shadie Ola.

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Ola de Nicola de

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su Pani ob, firma cassava.

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Sup on how to be man I'm Toshi to be to Kamiya Sabha in vena cava

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in new Tamara Tamika home. What do you mean? Misha II wanna

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watch at Omaha is judoon any Sham seeming?

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was a

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mother whom fasade de humani Sabina

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judoon illa.

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Allah de horrible haba emif is t 124. Fool now.

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This isn't so often.

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And he took attendance of the birds. And he said, why don't why do I not see the hood, the hub? Or is he among the apps

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loaded so tired of birds? He said I will surely punish him with a severe punishment or slaughter him unless he brings me clear authorization. But the hooded the bird stayed not long and said not far away from him. And he said, I have encompassed a knowledge that which you have no encompass as a challenge for Solomon with all the power the Lord giving him and he said I came to you from Shiva with certain news. Then he told him a story maybe most of you familiar with how he found this Queen of Sheba rule her people, which is something not common at that time. And he said, and she rule them, and they all of them worship the sun and they don't worship the Lord of the sun, the one who

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created the sun and the heavens under this bird didn't say you know what i have not this is like just a little bird. 100 is a weak bird. But he still found for himself a role to play by traveling to 1000s 2000 kilometers from

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from Syria to Yemen, searching and looking for opportunity for the opportunity to deliver this beautiful message of Solomon to people who don't know about it.

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And guess what that led later on for this Queen of Sheba to join Solomon enforces and became part of the Kingdom of Solomon at a center. If a bird can see for himself a role to play in the kingdom of Solomon,

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how come you and me we don't find for ourselves a role to play in our society,

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a role to play in our community, a role to play in our country, are all to play to make this place a better place.

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How can we can never think about what I'm going to leave behind me.

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And what kind of footprints that I will leave behind. And you don't know. It may be just small words, or maybe few words that you say a few contribution that you give, or you do that it will make the biggest difference.

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I always say it is so important for us as a community, especially us as a Muslim community, especially in this critical time in the history of our country today

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that we are a subject of every cycle election cycles now.

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Either brought against people use us like the punch back, you know, somebody want to shine, toughen on immigrant toughen on, you know, on the issue of identity or hide the identity of the country attacking Muslims, terrorism attacking Muslims. We saw in just a few months back

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with a terrible act with the terrible attack that took place in New York, no doubt about that.

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We're innocent six innocent people were killed. No, No, No words can be left in any order can express how evil action was was

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paid is so sad.

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That 50 plus people cold in Las Vegas, then not far away from here, head home to Texas, people killed in their church.

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And we don't see anything in reaction actually decide that you can tell the religion and the faith and the identity of the basically, perpetrator of that crimes, from the language of our president at his Twitter feed.

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Based on the tone of the Twitter, you can tell if he's a Muslim or not. If he's a mega Latino or not, if he's a minority or not, it's sad.

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But outside, we should not just blame no one except ourselves as people because we have the power to make that change.

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We have the power if we don't like something in a community, in our society, we have the power we the people have real power, if they really realize that. And if they really work towards it.

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It is an important thing for us. And I keep saying this again and again. It's not to be just fine. But to be players, not to be just consumers, but to be partners. Not to be just people who basically customers, but to be partners and consumer but to be providers and to contribute.

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Don't just be emini be among those who make things happen, not just only among those who watch things happening around them. And I always say the worst of all three, also these two were the worst than watching things happen. Those who said what happened. They're not even watching. They're just in another world.

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My brothers and sisters love the truth.

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Love the right thing. Even if you're not doing it.

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Like I bet Haytham he loves what's correct what's right even if he's not doing though to correct them, right. Love the people

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who will bring, just support them. Even if you solve maybe not the very just person. Love the people who dedicated their life to serve the dino philosophy, our love and support those who are willing to take the responsibility and to lead.

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support them. Don't just take them and leave them hanging by themselves. No matter how good or bad you are. You should always think about having a role to play. When Mr. Malik was asked, should only good people. advise people. He said if that's the case, man, that lady lashay Effie

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Who's among us is perfect? When it hasn't talked to Abdullah? He told him Yamato advisors is not normally to say something that I don't practice that hasn't said Who does? Who can claim that everything I say, I 100% I try my best. Parents don't need to be perfect. To give you a good advice to be a good supporter. That's not hypocrisy, hypocrisy when you say things you absolutely don't believe in.

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I asked a las panatela

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to hire me, potty akula Masato Mostafa Romario

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu wa sallam on the

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mighty brothers and sisters. There is one more important lessons that I want to share with you from this story

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that everybody needs support.

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Even Rahim Allah and he is a great scholar of all the Quran and the Hadith, the Sunnah and all the knowledge and all this kind of thing. But he's still appreciated a lot that support that he got from him. Sometimes we think that our leaders are just you know, so strong that they don't need my support. They don't need to tell them hey, by the way, I really enjoy your speech today hey by the way I really like you know Hamza what you have posted in Facebook that day Hey Carter, you really doing Good job everybody need wants that hey chambray my appreciate really the time that you give to the kids to teach them Come on Hey man Academy you doing great. Hey, you know what care we really

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appreciate the work that you do, hey, Massey doing good job. Everybody aid serves, everyone needs that word of support should show our appreciation to people.

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And you know what, when people ask you for your help be there for them. That's the attitude of Muslims.

00:27:05 --> 00:27:10

That vo O stands for justice. They always support those who want justice.

00:27:12 --> 00:27:13

That's what Islam teaches.

00:27:15 --> 00:27:21

Islam is not only about your relationship with the law, it's also about your relationship with the people.

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And that's an important concept to be always put an R in front of our eyes. That's why I encourage you in these days, tough and hard days, that we should almost never hold back. You know what I asked each and every one of us to double their effort to double the presence and the massage and in the in the in the programs that we have, as a fundraising today, there is an event tomorrow be there, share the head with the people.

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Because we need that support. Even just being there. It's a support that we need.

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I ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us also among those who stand up stand up for what is correct, and what is right. And I asked the last panel to Allah to bless us and to bless our community, in our society in our country. I ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive our sins and to

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enable us always to say what is right and to do what is good, and to protect us from the evils of our act, from the evil for the consequences for the evil of the evil deeds and its consequences, alarm me alarm avidly about you know, Manhattan our helina arrivati now that we all have you know, I'm a little overblown Allina stem and Avatar it can mean a lot more but Sinatra or the other general economic ensemble mean if you could Lee McCann is Islam or muslimeen alum in Minnesota. Okay, I'll hammer him in Yeah, you have a you have a local Huda took our alpha Valentina masala, Hamas Alomar and Amina Mohammed moussaka.

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