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In order to proceed,

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today inshallah we will have the station of a surah or bless. And we will start the book of etiquette for the book of inheritance or the laws of inheritance.

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First limonada

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his book monopolists 18

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double zero, or the station of a sorority chapter on sorrow, bliss. He started by saying Palazzo della

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Latif amazonica Franco, could

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be velika Faria, Franco, a lot of mighty said say in the bounty of Allah and then his mercy and that let them rejoice in the bounty of Allah and in His mercy and that let them rejoice.

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And this is in Surah An authority unison sorry.

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And the chief said was surahs moon disturb Sharon Jana was phenomenal Farah Leanna for her Obama Shabbat

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What is it cannizzaro Quran Bismillahi Africa. Dunya Fimo is Massoud from all the identificar anfi hydrolat Hara.

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He says a salute or bliss is a name for complete cheerfulness is that

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it is purer than Faraj which is joy, because Faraj may be mixed with some grief. And that is why the puranam mentioned Faraj in different occasions concerning the joy of this world. However sorrow or bliss

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was mentioned in two occasions in the Quran, in reference to the state of bliss in the hereafter.

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So the bottom line is the chef wants to say that the solute is greater pure than farahani. furusato is basically

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a name for or denotes complete cheerfulness or a snapshot. snapshot comes from the same root as Bushra and Bushra means glad tidings. lommel. Bushra there is is the globe fighting or the glad tidings? So, Bushra is about

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feeling no worries about the future feeling confident about the future. And that is when you're firing his viewer. Keep in mind that what they may know the distinction that the sheriff makes here about surrounding farrakhan terms of the puranic usage of Sauron Vera may

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is not completely accurate because the sword on fire have been both mentioned in positive and negative context in the Quran.

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inorganica de Moura that is negative context, not positive context and the Quran so surah also was mentioned in the Quran and negative context for was mentioned in both contexts in negative context in positive context, in this area that the shift cited from sorta toodles positive from the law you have to be very careful for who who highroad metamodel say in a loss favor and in His mercy let them rejoice that is better than all the hoarder all the collector or all the gather the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala and his favors.

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So, both fissara have been mentioned in positive and negative contextual operand. So it is not as bad semantics as much as it is about the implications and meanings here. The both if the source of your surah and Farah is good.

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And if the manifestation of that sword and Farah is good, the source of Sauron and vada is not the bounties of Allah has favours and the bounties of a lion his favorites do not necessarily have to do about, you know, your religious state. They could also be about the dunya you could also be happy because Allah granted you with good career good spouse or good car or good

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child, he could be happy because of lost favors in this dunya and that would be completely valid. Except that when you're happy because of that, you recognize the source. The source of the bounty the source of the favor is Allah subhana wa tada and you will not say that perone and mot Torah and Mandy

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I have been given this because of knowledge that I have, because of my knowledge because of my skin. You know, I have all this wealth Tyrone's had, you know, I have all of this wealth because of my knowledge because of my skill.

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So, you know, I don't need to listen to you preaching to me about you know gratefulness, gratitude to God and, and basically not causing corruption on earth or any of that stuff because my wealth and my thriving business is because of my skill and my knowledge, that would be certainly the condemn a bull for a horse.

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When you don't recognize that the source of this is the favor of Allah subhanaw taala. Because whatever it is, that you have, if you're intelligent, there were a lot, a lot more intelligent people that that were unable to succeed.

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And they have miserable lives and their intelligence there in terms of intelligence, they were much more intelligent than you are and and, and so on. So the fundamental gravity, you're the source should be a lot of mercy and His favor, and you recognize that source and you recognize that this is where it comes from. It does not come from your own

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excellence, or good qualities.

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And then when you do

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when you're happy,

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does not mean also that you don't recognize your strengths. We don't necessarily need to basically unlearn our strengths. I mean, if you have some strengths use it, but you have to understand that that strength itself comes from Allah subhanaw taala and be grateful for that. grateful to him for that. It does not mean that you don't recognize your strengths.

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Say Yusuf Ali Salam Sajani Allah Allah any Hafiz on any you know assign me to basically be in charge of the Treasury the house of Treasury

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because I keep good count and you know, I have knowledge you know, knowledge of this honey and I keep good count you know, so I am good at this I can you know, I have the qualities the skills that are needed for this job when you write your CV that that's fine you you say what ever since you mentioned whatever strengths that you have and also when when you go to an interview and sort of

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make yourself desirable that is also fine as long as you're not lying.

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So but you recognize the source and then the manifestation first is the recognize the source and the second is the manifestation of this father has not acheron butter. You know, butter basically is when

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is when you're rejected the truth and you feel arrogant and you feel Hardy and

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inconsiderate people.

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You don't listen and all that stuff. So that's the answer and then the butter, rejecting the truth and being too happy, you know, to anything is not good because, you know, excessiveness was not good.

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There is one thing that that too much of it. You can't he can't have too much of it.

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Faith he man, it's an absolute now.

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There is no excessiveness in email,

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because it's an absolute noun.

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Anyway, so the

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the idea here that the chef wants to make is that there is condensable and commendable types of farahan so rude if you recognize the source and you manifested this horizontal rule in a good way, by being thankful, being grateful and sharing with

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you know on how to you know, last creation as well. So you share whatever it is that the last minute that I had favored us with people, and that would be the proper way of manifesting your father or your happiness, your rejoicing in the favors of a loss of kindness

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and your rejoicing in the favorites of Allah subhanaw taala since he recognized that Allah is the source, this you will have perpetual happiness, perpetual, uninterrupted, uncorrupted. Happiness is happiness that is not monogamous that is not basically mixed with any impurities.

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If you don't, if you think that you're the source, your happiness will always be contingent, it will always be mixed with worries at least.

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Because Can anyone trust themselves that they would never get sick or they would never

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basically lose their wealth or you can really never have much confidence in yourself, because you look at the people around you and you realize, you have been around for some time, and you have some experience about life, you will see the, the ups and downs of life and you will see how

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flip flops on people all the time. And then you will never have that much confidence. So your father would always be mixed, at least with worries. If you didn't have if you don't have anything to grieve over, like in the past and the present, like you really had such a wonderful life. So far up until this point, everything has been perfect and working out very well for you. There is one thing that that you will never be able to get rid of

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worry and anxiety about the future, because you don't have guarantees, and stepchart when he says it's more or less shot in Germany, it is a name for complete cheerfulness. cheerfulness also includes your confidence about the future. And the lack of worries that

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comes from your confidence in the future and your lack of worries, because you're counting on Allah subhanaw taala for your happiness, you're not counting on anything else, you're counting on your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala being the source of your happiness and if your relationship with him is the source of your happiness and he is the supplier of that happiness, then that supplier never runs out of, you know, Rama and

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mercy and favors. graciousness

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has shifted and says he has about authority. And in this respect, it is of three levels. He said adonijah una suru, Kim Zabbix and Assa t Amazon. And we will go sort of quickly over the three different levels, because many of these concepts we have already discussed before in the previous stations.

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So we will go quickly over these concepts and

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save some time for our next lecture because we would have a lot to discuss. And so

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he says that the first type of rule is the rule of taste usually divides everything to three levels, the first level is the level of violence, the second is the level of higher. And the third is the level of fun. The first level is the level of knowledge, you know, all the good things that happen to you when you have the pure knowledge, the right knowledge, and certainly you act on it. And once you have acted on it, you have moved to you would be moving to the second level, which is the level of hardier inner state, that is basically your inner state being one of righteousness being one of devotion. And your exterior will match your interior or your interior or exterior. And that's the

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second level the level of harm. And the third level is when you recognize the reality of this world and the reality of everything and you understand how transients and insignificant it is in comparison to the the maker the creator subhana wa Taala. So your wealth vanishes into his Well, it completely conforms into his well or to his well, and then you're also you're witnessing you will not be distracted by a silver by anything other than Allah subhanaw taala and you'll be very focused on your pursuit of him as well. And these are the three levels usually so he will follow the same scheme here.

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But the first one he talked about,

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and also is part of when we talked about epistemology, it's part of the epistemology you know, that the believer will have, will need the proper knowledge but also in order for you to have the proper taste that recognize

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you know, the subtleties and intricacies of this knowledge and the proper guidance, the heart being being guided and have the proper taste.

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So that you have part of the proper understanding of the information that you collect or the information that you gather that

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It's also part of the epistemology that we've discussed before.

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And we said it's sort of like a moderate one between the extreme of relying too much on taste and, and inspiration and so on. And between completely dismissing these concepts, the guidance of the heart and the feet from Allah subhanaw taala.

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So he says about rules, rules, rules opens Abby's LSAT exam. The first level is the bliss of taste or faith based faith, which removes three types of grief. First person on our roster who come from Qatar, the first step of grief that which is brought about by the fear of desertion. The fear of desertion, or you know, to fear being cut off from Allah subhanaw taala, to fear falling behind and

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behind the caravan, the caravan of the seekers, the caravan of the travelers, the caravan of the wayfarers, your, you are in the company of the wayfarers, and then you're always afraid that they will,

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that you will be cut off from them and cut off from Allah subhanaw taala, falling behind the caravan of the righteous wayfarers travelers to Allah subhanaw taala so that hasn't that hasn't that, that

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always in the back of your mind, the fear that you will be cut off the fear that you will fall behind

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this you know pseudocode or this bliss of taste, whenever you experience that bliss of face to face the face, it will remove that hose, it will remove that hose that comes back then it gets removed and comes back. And then it would be removed by this

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bless of the face the face. And then the second type of grief that gets removed also by this the this type of bless or this type of route is was known.

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First we set precedent, hopefully in Qatar 1100, who will Metohija that which is third by the darkness of ignorance was known as shadow shadow shadow. And that which is covered by the lonesome ness of this person

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has that one Metal Jacket which is third by the darkness of ignorance. And ignorance here is not limited to ignorance in the sense of lack of information, but also ignorance in the sense of lack of

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understanding and lack of compliance because you're ignorant and you have learned and then understood properly acted upon your proper understanding. And once you have acted upon your proper understanding of the information that you've collected, then you may have cured yourself from ignorance partially in this particular respect

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or in this particular topic or this particular matter.

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Then so on. But these are basically the three steps the having the information, having the proper understanding of the information and acting on it with devotion to Allah subhanaw taala acting upon it with devotion to Allah done and that's the cure of ignorance. And then the third is that which is covered with the husband of this reef that is covered by the loneliness of dispersion and dispersion, as we said before, is the father of

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distraction. You know, you're only together your your soul, your heart, your body, your mind and your soul would be together you will be one whole, you will not be fragmented. And your soul will not live in diaspora only if you are together with a loss pinata because that that he because he is the source of that. wholeness and wholesomeness and holiness is the source. If you seek that wholeness, that togetherness,

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away from Allah subhanaw taala. You will always have this dispersion, you know, fragmentation, fragmentation of your soul. You'll always have this neck and between your body, your mind and your soul, there will be at odds, your karma desires, yours sort of spiritual pursuits and your intellect. They'll be at odds with the fighting they'll be in conflict and people who are not consistent 3d who are not, you know who, whose life does not revolve around the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala and the pursuit of Allah

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The godless life.

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And we never got this sort of times. Anyway.

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They call them anthropocentric times. anthropocentric from and through anthropic, you know, and through and through Poe, meaning referring to human beings, anthropocentric meaning putting man in the center, removing God from the center and putting man in the center center. So it is not God centric, it is anthro sin and anthropocentric.

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And for each one of us it's egocentric, you know, and

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that egocentric life will be a fragmented life, because you will have conflict between the very elements that you are made of, because you are not made of one element you are made of different elements, you will have conflict, internal conflict, that will cause you this diaspora that will cause you this unrest, and you will never be comfortable and you will never have rest. And you'll make a loss at the center. And then everything gets like you're making the offer all the time. So, you know, this vision, the thought around the cabin, the center, the house of Allah subhanaw taala, being at the center, the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala being at the center, and you never sort of

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wander away, you're always making the off you you're you're never go away, you're moving in this life.

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But that movement is around the center, you've never gone farther away from the center, even though you may have like we said before different occupations and revelations. But during the year different occupations and relations you are

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circumambulating around the center center of your life is the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala you are at different points, but those different points are never farther away from the center, there hold the same distance from the center. So when you are at work, you are from the same at the same distance from the center like when you are in your heart or your sort of togetherness with Allah when you are attending to your family. It's because the pleasure of Allah is at the center and yours is moving around.

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Being mindful of Allah subhanaw taala all the time.

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Okay. So that's that is how you remove the loneliness of dispersion and fragmentation and diaspora of the soul and you keep your togetherness and you keep your wholeness

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and holism

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Okay, so, moving on to the second level here she talks here about Surah sannyasa Rosa hood, the second level is the bliss of shoe which

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he says, through through the catchphrase,

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it is, it is the bliss of shoot and she who the year is not basically witnessing the, the journey or the appearance of the attributes of Allah are the manifestations of the attributes of Allah subhanaw taala, this is for the second for the next level. At this level, it is the shoot of the bounties and the favors of Allah subhanaw taala The truth of the actions, not the attributes, and certainly not the that or the absurdity, the essence or the absurdity of a loss.

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So the issue here is the issue of the actions of a lot of favors of Allah. And this year you're witnessing are beholding of the actions and the favors of Allah will remove the veil of knowledge, the veil of knowledge is basically knowledge of technicality that is not accompanied by a good hand, the good

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sort of the even the sort of the superb realm of technicalities, that is not accompanied by a good hand

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could be a hindrance, obstacle,

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a veil between you are lost.

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And the more knowledgeable you become, the thicker your veil becomes. Because that is knowledge that is not accompanied by a good hand. You know and didn't the prophets of Salaam said the most thing that fear for you the most is the scholars of evil or evil scholars.

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So you could amass a lot of knowledge and the more knowledge that you have mass and gather, the greater your veil grows between you and him, because the Iraq coup but your punishment for not basically using this knowledge for not seeking this knowledge for the right cause and not using this knowledge for the right cause is the major

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This very knowledge that would have been your means to proximity closeness near to him as a means of detachment from him and a means of or a hindrance between you and him, because that means in Salama right. So the compensation would be commensurate with the action or be of the same genes or the same kind of, or type of the action. So, this knowledge that would have been otherwise your means to proximity because you did not seek it for the right cause and you have not used it for the right cause becomes a hindrance and obstacle. So, when you have issued when you have issued when you really have Behold, the actions of Allah subhanaw taala the favors of Allah subhanaw taala and your

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shoe This is healthy and

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clear of the flaws

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of ego centrism and all of these laws, then that veil, that veil will be removed in your knowledge that you're knowledgeable it would be your means, to kowtow to Allah subhanaw taala to Uranus last matter. And then he says kushwaha tabula and removes the veil of knowledge that bliss absolute removes the veil of knowledge or effect cool tech leaf and it breaks the shackles of the burdens, the burdens of injunctions. We said tech leaf is the burdens of injunctions, the do's and the don'ts, you know, commands and prohibitions, they come with a certain degree of burden.

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But as long as you feel the burden, you have not basically risen to that to this level that he wants you to rise to because once you have risen to this level, you will feel that I can leave to be a carrier another burden, they carry you you don't carry them, you don't carry that you can leave the carry you they are not a burden, they are a source of joy and energy.

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The Salah becomes your source of conflict and energy, it does not become an extra chore that you have to perform

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an interruption of your schedule, your schedule will revolve around this ally and you will be waiting for this Allah basically for that extra

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boost of energy that you get from your connection with Allah subhanaw taala in your salon. So here tech leaf does not mean at all that you abandon the tech leaves that you that you have the desert that like it for the elections of Allah subhanaw taala it means that they will not become burdens anymore. That carry you you don't carry them.

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And then he said when he was about in the ER and ends the loneliness of entertaining choices one of us a lot of left er now nafion me it means ends or terminates Sagar the lowliness lftr choices meaning the loneliness of entertaining choices because as long as you're entertaining choices

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you're you're basically so far away

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from a the the proper had

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or the proper enter state or spiritual state that you should be in.

00:28:32--> 00:28:35

Because a woman can only have a couple lower

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is not befitting for a believing man or a woman when allied has messaged, decide a matter that they have a choice anymore

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about the affairs.

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as long as you think that you have choices.

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And as long as you entertain choices, as long as you think about the choices, your head is corrupted. Because when

00:29:09--> 00:29:12

when you have a pure hand, you don't have choices.

00:29:15--> 00:29:59

Whatever brings you closer to the last minute, whatever is more pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala is your automatic choice. It is even effortless. As the prophets are circumcised they opened up they're going out of our limited to be in all of you will have faith until their desire. Their internal inclination is in accordance with that which I have brought forth. You are internally inclined to that which the prophet SAW Southern Command, you find comfort you find ease in that which he commanded, which does not mean that you don't feel tired when you're praying pmla than Ramadan.

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Particularly if you pray here

00:30:04--> 00:30:12

20 Records. So it does not mean that that you're you're not going to feel tired, it just means that eventually the the

00:30:13--> 00:30:28

joy that you experience, the happiness that you experience in your life will far outweigh this, it will become a natural choice to pray, whether here at home or anywhere, it just like, you know,

00:30:30--> 00:31:18

becomes a natural choice, it is not something that you fight for. If you're not there yet, then you will be struggling to get there. Because, you know, this could take a very long time. And as long as you're struggling, you're on the right path. So if you're not having the, you know, some of the righteous predecessors, that I struggled with the night prayers for 20 years, and then I enjoyed them for 20 years. Well, in order for him to enjoy the night prayers for 20 years, he have to struggle with them for 20 years. So he had to feel the burden for 20 years. To get to the point where it is not a burden anymore. It becomes a you know where you're what we're talking about here.

00:31:18--> 00:31:20

Because Gary's you don't care if

00:31:21--> 00:31:25

it gives you energy, it does not take energy from you.

00:31:27--> 00:31:36

And then the chef said, what data to satisfy. Susannah Java, Aronian wacha wakrah Weber, moussaka, while

00:31:38--> 00:32:03

the third level is the bliss of hearing, by the receptive, somehow a jab, not not any hearing, there is a lot of hearing, but it the hearing of those who are receptive, receptive, hearing, responsive, receptive, so the hearing of those who say Savannah, often not any hearing, because everybody hears, but

00:32:04--> 00:32:05

you know, hears the voices.

00:32:07--> 00:32:53

Not everybody hears the speech, but everybody hears the voices. So by the hearing in summary, Java, it's this special type of hearing the receptive one, which was added washa eliminates the effects of lonesome This eliminates the effects of loneliness welcome, Robin Shahada knocks on the gate of Mashallah, Mashallah here is different from the shoe than the previous level. The emotional habit here is what you're beholding of the man of the jelly of the asthma and so far the appearance the appearance and Manifestation of the Names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala. In your togetherness with him and your presence with him the previous one, you're beholding his actions. His

00:32:53--> 00:33:02

favors this one, you're beholding His names and attributes. It's a higher level. We said that beholding the that the Hct the

00:33:03--> 00:33:05

the ultimate reality.

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You could be holding the snap to some extent with the eyes of your heart you'll never be hold that with the eyes of your head.

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It is a different type of beholding in dystonia. No one, as we said before the prophet SAW southerners Muslim report that said, no, that none of you will see their lower than this dernier none of you will see that lower than this.

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But this is beholding with the eyes of your heart. And then finally, she said well, he could roll

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with the heck out. So Sonali Jabba Surya masasa Baba Machado, it eliminates the effects of loneliness, it knocks on the gate of my Shahada, and prompts the soul to laugh. Because after the after you witness after you behold that generally the appearance, the manifestation of his names and attributes and you become this close to him,

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then it is time for your soul to laugh. This is basically like a,

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an X a tangible expression

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of ultimate joy and ultimate happiness, where your soul inside laughs acts as an expression of, you know, happiness and joy in that that.

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To some extent, he can't even control. Like when you laugh, it's even uncontrollable. Like, you don't make yourself laugh. You just laugh. So your soul inside will be laughing. It's uncontrollable joy and bliss. When you have reached that level, and Someone may say all of this joy and all of this bliss and all of this laughing and stuff, but does it you know, aren't we talking

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stranger notice when we talk about, you know, people, you know, in our times

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talking about godless

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sort of

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the world has been has become godless and it is not a particular sort of place versus another particular community or country are generally speaking, walking away from a loss pinata. And people have been complaining about this forever but but you know people always complain, but the degree the extent we do see this around us and we do see basically the the push

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for removing God from the center of our lives as communities and societies and as individuals. So how could you maintain that bidness that positivity that happiness, joy and bliss?

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Despite all of this, despite this horrible this feeling of strangeness, and then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say, but it's never even even come out. But what about

00:36:12--> 00:36:47

adding to the prophet SAW some of them said that Islam had started as something strange and it will go back to being strange. For tomorrow, God bless it are the strangers and if you are a stranger, how could you be happy if you're a stranger stranger are usually unhappy and anxious. Know who Luke is with the profit set for tomorrow, Baba Bless America, strangers, and this toolbar. This toolbar is not limited to that. It is also in dystonia. It is also in this linear piano who happen to you but we will give them a good life and record and I won't so

00:36:48--> 00:36:55

whoever does righteousness with our meter if you made were to say the belief or hand them to you, but we will give them a good life.

00:36:57--> 00:37:07

So that blessing is in this life. And in fact, the moment a mere human law has something to say to us, you know, people who don't

00:37:08--> 00:37:13

Don't you know, who live as minorities and non Muslim lands, he said.

00:37:16--> 00:37:23

He said, workaholic yuja to the Muslim Moana Alamo. tomasik una bdmv. Villa de

00:37:24--> 00:37:30

la Masada Kula, can attend metta masukkan, Islam.

00:37:31--> 00:37:35

Likewise, you see the the Muslims

00:37:36--> 00:37:51

that are adhering to their the, to their religion in non Muslim lands or in the lines of unbelief, he said or non Muslim lands we say and non Muslim lands, they would have complete happiness.

00:37:52--> 00:38:11

Masada happiness would be their lot or they will have complete happiness with llama and masukkan. with Islam the more they are adhering to Islam, they will be happier the more adherence the artist them the happier they are.

00:38:12--> 00:38:29

faith shall refer to him so when evil befalls them it is because of their sins, when evil befalls them. It is only because of their sins not because of the strangeness It is because of their sins. And then he said

00:38:31--> 00:38:33

hacked in Al Khattab.

00:38:37--> 00:38:54

mushrikeen Kane is our our Muslim and he may have been Islam. Even the people of the book and the policy is when they see the believer when they see the Muslim who upholds Islam who is practicing Islam and who truly upholds Islam.

00:38:57--> 00:39:09

Who was Moo hoo hoo minute Ahmed and let me Luna Bihar. Rahul Miller, Muslim Mina, Alamo Thomasina divided Islam do not normally be happy.

00:39:10--> 00:39:59

So he says that when when the when the people of the book and the policies and mushrikeen they see the Muslim majority opposes lamb, they will honor Him, they will elevate him they will honor Him and they will exempt him from the armel or the deeds that they assign to a start time for sure. And that they assigned to those who profess Islam without truly adhering to his to its essence, those who profess Islam without truly adhering to its essence. And the bottom line here is it is not your strangeness that will cause you grief you're a stranger and this will cause you bliss and it will cause you happiness, the fact that he is a stranger in this

00:40:00--> 00:40:05

And depression and negativity are not mutually inclusive.

00:40:08--> 00:40:17

Absolutely, in fact, strangeness and happiness and joy and bliss should be at least synergistic or symbiotic.

00:40:20--> 00:40:25

And they, they bring about one another and they boost one another. So if

00:40:27--> 00:41:08

And not only that, he this will be recognized about last minute and you will be rewarded. That's what he's saying. Even the people that are non Muslims, the people of the book and mushrikeen would recognize somebody who's truly adhering to the essence of Islam, versus somebody who's just professing Islam externally or exteriorly, without interiorly being adherent to the essence of the religion. So, this basically, separate between the two concepts. strangeness does not mean negativity or depression.

00:41:09--> 00:41:25

You could feel that strangeness and you ought to feel that you could end up to feed the stranger in this, but that is a concept that is different from depression different from negativity

00:41:27--> 00:41:39

and should not even produce them or cause the protocol. It has nothing to do that particular hammock Shadowlands protocol will come back in seven minutes for the purpose of inheritance